Ep#46: Getting Serious about Play with Sinan Rabee
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Ep#46: Getting Serious about Play with Sinan Rabee
February 21, 2022
Looking at why and how play can benefit strategic thought in the workplace, with Lego Serious Play facilitator, Sinan Rabee.
If you want to contact Sinan, head over to his LinkedIn. Sinan runs Lego Serious Play workshops, and if you're curious about what they could do for your company, be sure to get in touch! 

Sinan is anExecutive Coach and Team Facilitator Profile Born in and raised in London, he pursued an MBA after a decade working for the NHS as he was fascinated by the consulting world, Sinan’s deep curiosity in the inner workings of corporations led him to understand that people were at the heart of everything . After some time as a financial services consultant, Sinan moved into program management for NHS England developing innovation by connecting primary and secondary care, but this only made him more desperate to continue his understanding of how people connect in the workplace, so he went back to business school to complete his studies in coaching. All of this time, in the background, Sinan had been involved in rugby coaching. First of all casually, but then gaining more and more responsibility until he received his advanced or professional certificate from the RFU, and coach trainer qualifications. Now he helps to develop a number of teams, including school, youth club, county, university and adult (boys, girls and LGBTQ+). Furthermore, he is a talent scout for a premiership side. Sinan really believes in a non-judgemental freedom to explore ideas and loves it when he witnesses new breakthrough thoughts being made. He especially loves to see new connections in, and between, teams. Sinan is an ICF Professional Certified Coach and certified in Lego© Serious Play® Method.