Ep #10: Visibility & Resilience, with Special Guest, Vicky Blades
The Ambition Incubator Podcast
Ep #10: Visibility & Resilience, with Special Guest, Vicky Blades
June 14, 2021
For many, the idea of going live, or speaking on stage - or even promoting their business in person - is a daunting prospect. Veteran actor and professional voice coach Vicky Blades talks to Deirdre about why it's so hard and getting over it.
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The name Deirdre couldn't remember is Chris Anderson, and his book - well worth checking out - is called TED Talks.

You can connect with Vicky in her FB group Ready for Your Close Up!

About Vicky: 
Voice and Visibility Coach Vicky Blades helps women find their authentic voice and develop the confidence to step powerfully into the spotlight; at work, in life, and online. Using her 17 years as a professional actress, coupled with Co-Active Coaching techniques, Vicky invites you to discover what is  holding you back, how to access your authentic voice, and how to step into your power, shining a light on everything you have to offer, allowing you to totally own the room (physically or metaphorically). Ready to Play Big in the script of your life? Vicky recently completed the Playing Big Facilitators Course with Tara Mohr, and uses these principles in her 1:1 Coaching Programme.  It’s time to speak up, stand out, to be seen and heard!