Ep# 28 Leadership: Jessica Tietjen's Awesome Letter to her Younger Self
The Ambition Incubator Podcast
Ep# 28 Leadership: Jessica Tietjen's Awesome Letter to her Younger Self
October 18, 2021
OMG, I LOVE this episode. What does it take to be a leader in this fast-changing world? Can anyone do it? This week, Jessica Tietjen shares with us some of the wisdom from her career in leadership and talent management. Her insights will be useful to anyone in, or looking to step into a leadership role, whether within an organisation, or as an entrepreneur. Seriously, awesome episode!
Jessica Tietjen, J.D., is a spouse, mother, leader, lawyer, talent management professional, technology enthusiast, Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, and now both a writer and consultant.
Check out her work here.

After law school, Jessica pivoted into a leader of Talent Management, Information Technology, Customer Service, Project Coordination, and Order Management. For over ten years, Jessica shaped Experitec’s Talent Management program by creating strategies for peak performance to become an exceptional workplace recognized as a three-time Gallup Exceptional Workplace. 

She wrote her book "The Exceptional Life R-Evolution" sharing key insights, learning, and practices to help individuals in any role, location, and place evolve to peak performance and live an exceptional life. 

Jessica is the owner of Evolving to Exceptional which provides training, resources and tools for individuals, and partners closely with workplaces to evolve them from good to exceptional!