Ep#4: I Know I Shouldn't Listen to the Voices....
Fifty Hitting 50
Ep#4: I Know I Shouldn't Listen to the Voices....
May 3, 2021
Ever wonder why you've got an inner critic, but not an inner cheerleader? Ever wonder why we pay so much attention to those voices that tell us we're rubbish, or what we should do, or all the other mean stuff they say? In this episode, we look at why they have so much influence over us and some things we can do to override them - or even learn how to have fun with them!
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In the meantime, why did people get faster once the 4 minute mile had been cracked? Check this HBR article to find out. 
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And here's an article on the Inner Monitor / Inner Critic.

If you're not familiar with the mastermind principle, here's the wiki entry. 
And finally, here's an article with some info on Social Learning, to help differentiate from the Mastermind Principle, though they can interlink and overlap in practical terms.