Ep #92 - The Future of Work, with guest, Jan Cavelle
Fifty Hitting 50
Ep #92 - The Future of Work, with guest, Jan Cavelle
June 12, 2023
After a much needed sabbatical, we're back with a bang, and here for this episode is the incredible Jan Cavelle. We talk about the changes in the workplace and their impact on businesses, with a focus on startups. We also discuss the importance of company culture, employee retention, and the rise of self-employment. Jan provides actionable tips for entrepreneurs and emphasizes the need for a growth mindset and resilience. Tune in to gain insights into the challenges and opportunities facing small businesses today.
This episode covers a lot of ground. Jan shares her experience and insight into what's currently facing employers, particularly start-ups, and shares some key advice to help business owners start for success. 

You can check out Jan's books at www.JanCavelle.co.uk