Ep #29: The Life Changing Power of Maths, with Special Guest, Kohila Sivas
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Ep #29: The Life Changing Power of Maths, with Special Guest, Kohila Sivas
October 25, 2021
In this episode, Kohila Sivas, founder of MathsCodes, and professional maths interventionist, talks to us about her life-affirming relationship with maths, and how it turned her life around after a teen mental health crisis. We talk about - how maths is a metaphor for many of the challenges faced by entrepreneurs - how a bad start in maths can hold us up as adults, but doesn't need to and - why Albert Einstein's problem-solving advice means so much to her.
Kohila Sivas is a parent and a lifelong learner.  She has been a classroom teacher at all levels and a Special Needs Instructor and is a Professional Math Interventionist and a Master NLP coach.

Kohila struggled with math as a teenager but she turned it all around and math became her passion.  Because of her own unique struggles, Kohila was motivated to become a math teacher, to make learning math easier, and to transform the lives of her students.

She developed the MathCodes Methodâ„¢ working one on one with over a fifteen hundred struggling math students.  Her students have always been her guides. And because she understands the fear and frustrations of her students, her holistic methods are grounded in empathy and respect.

Today, Kohila trains and certifies Holistic Math Coaches in the MathCodes Mathodâ„¢.

Her mission is to transform ALL students who fear math into students who enjoy math and become fearless learners.

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