Ep #14 Mirroring - what's going on when we start to sync up?
Fifty Hitting 50
Ep #14 Mirroring - what's going on when we start to sync up?
July 12, 2021
Mirror mirror.... Sometimes, we start to sync with those around us. What could be going on when we respond to a stranger's smile, for example? And what does it have to do with marketing or FOMO? We tend to replicate the behaviours of others, and are affected by - and affect - their energy. How can we use this more mindfully to bring our best to whatever we're doing? Well, I'll be looking at that and more in this episode. Check it out!
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Here's that article about heel study.

I mentioned the Wheel of Life, which is a very useful tool for tracking our wellbeing and self-care. Using it regularly can help to pinpoint connections between various circumstances and effectiveness. For example, if sleep is poor, it may be affecting mood, or if we skip exercise, it may affect energy. You can substitute important metrics of your own also, to start creating additional information. Click here to download yours.

Superbetter, by Jane McGonagle - a book I frequently refer to in this podcast!

Erica Dahwan's book, Body Language in the Digital Age. Again, I'm not endorsing the retailer, so please support your chosen bookseller! 

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