Episode #56: Creative PRO Claire Tchaikowski
Fifty Hitting 50
Episode #56: Creative PRO Claire Tchaikowski
May 2, 2022
Claire Tchaikowski is a great big passionate melting pot. In this episode, we cover a lot of ground, as you'd expect from a creative who has not only written and recorded a solo album, and contributed to many of TV and cinema's most popular scores, but also founded the Human Milk movement, that snowballed into an international, independent collective. Claire shares her thinking on collaboration and co-creation, and how Human Milk is changing our perception of women's bodies and the value of breastfeeding and motherhood, rethinking business and upscaling our global societal structures to support parents and planet.
Visit Human Milk to find out more about the movement Claire founded, understand more about the science behind breastfeeding, and how the initiative is growing and evolving through collaboration and co-creation.
You can also check out Claire's very impressive music career and recordings