Ep# 45: Creative PRO with Darren C. Fisher - Why 'I Can't Draw' is a Myth.
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Ep# 45: Creative PRO with Darren C. Fisher - Why 'I Can't Draw' is a Myth.
February 14, 2022
In the first of an occasional series, I'm talking to animation lecturer and graphic communicator, Darren C Fisher about why he doesn't believe people who say they can't draw.
You can find Darren's  article that sparked this episode over on The Conversation
He also mentioned a couple of artists you might want to look up. They are Chris Ware and Ivan Brunetti
I mentioned a book called Grit by Angela Duckworth, which I strongly recommend, and it's never far from my desk.  You can watch her TED talk here.
You can find out more about Darren's work and publications on his website, including samples of the drawing style he mentioned as part of his creative self-care,  and additional articles and interviews he's done. 

Darren C. Fisher is a Drawing and Animation Lecturer with research and creative practice spanning across workplace health and safety, disability, education, psychology, tenant’s rights, and autobiography.
He's also a keen believer that drawing and graphic storytelling are accessible to everyone for positive mental health, creativity, and as a facilitator of self-exploration.
His professional activities extend to a defined community of practice in comics and graphic novels, leading and managing creative teams for exhibition and publication of projects nationally. His teaching focuses on industry readiness through producing for creative industries, animation production, and both traditional and digital drawing.