Ep #83 - Creative PRO: Good Vs Great Agencies with Rob King
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Ep #83 - Creative PRO: Good Vs Great Agencies with Rob King
November 7, 2022
Talking to Rob King about his work with creative agencies, and the things that distinguish between the good and the great.
In this episode, I'm talking to the pro to whom the pros go for help.  Rob King enables the work of other creative professionals through his specialised services. He's seen the good, the fgreat and the indifferent, and has shares his thoughts on what distinguishes them. 

We also talk about the generation gap that’s opened up in certain creative sectors, and we look at the reasons why a business might not be best placed to promote themselves, because of what Rob refers to as a sort of 'proximity bias,' in which they fail to see their own selling points.

If you’re in any kind of business where you need to understand the power of selling your own strengths, then this episode is for you, and if you’re in the creative sector, then double that.

You can connect with Rob on Linkedin for great content on the future of the creative sector, or visit The Client Key to discover more about his work, and download his free resources.