Ep #69: When Success Doesn't Feel Like Success, with Dr Vic Manzo
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Ep #69: When Success Doesn't Feel Like Success, with Dr Vic Manzo
August 1, 2022
Dr Vic Manzo is a business coach who taps into his experience as a chiropractor to take a very holistic view of business, health and success.
In this episode, I'm joined by Dr Vic Manzo, author of Decoding the Matrix, a book he wrote to help unleash potential and accelerate spiritual awakening.

Vic’s training as a chiropractor gives him unique insights into developing effective strategies for success - and indeed unique views on what success really is.

We talk about situations when the physical elements we typically describe as ‘healthy’ just don’t add up to health, much as when some of the typical signs of success don’t feel like success at all.

We discuss how the mind makes a difference that other resources can’t. And why having a vision can change your life like nothing else.

Vic’s story will resonate with anyone who wants to extend their reach in order to maximise the impact of their experience. 

Vic has kindly made given us access to a chapter of his book, so click here to find out more! 

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