Ep #53 - Talent Strategy, with Jen Thornton, CEO of 304 Coaching
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Ep #53 - Talent Strategy, with Jen Thornton, CEO of 304 Coaching
April 11, 2022
When you start your business, developing a talent strategy may not be at the top of the list of priorities. In this episode, Jen Thornton, CEO of 304 Coaching, shares her experience of helping clients build talent strategies that complement their business strategies to ensure exponential growth, to show us why the talent strategy is, in fact, mission critical.
Jen Thornton has developed her  expertise in Talent Strategy  & Leadership Professional  Development over her exciting 20+  year career as an HR Professional. 

She’s led international teams  across Greater China, Mexico, the  U.K., and the U.S. to expand into  new markets, managing franchise  retailers, and developing key  strategic partnerships - all while  exceeding business objectives and  financial results.  

The rapid growth of her consulting  firm 304 Coaching has been largely  due to Jennifer’s unconventional  approach to building innovative  workforce development solutions  for companies who are facing  breakthrough growth and  accelerated hiring patterns.

Jen provides some great resources that will help you. You can find out more at:

Website:  304coaching.com
Email:   Jen@304coaching.com

She's also created some bonuses that you can download!