Adulthood: Revisited
I dunno about y'all, but in the last few years I've been trying to figure who I am. I've asked myself who am I as a person, as a man, as a partner in relationship, who am I in business. I wonder if who I am is really who I want to be If not, when did it change, and what can I do to tap into who I really want to be. If you've asked yourself questions like these, then I invite you to join me on this journey, Adulthood: Revisited.
Episode 117: Examining Happiness
April 20, 2021 • 8 MIN
I often feel as if my dog is much happier than I am. If all life forms come from the same source, wouldn't that mean that what makes life happy is the same across life? If that's true, then maybe we should start trying to reduce what makes us happy to its simplest form - so that we can experience happiness more often and more regularly.
Episode 116: Tapping Into Your Wisdom with William Bolls
April 16, 2021 • 49 MIN
Yes or no? Go or stay? When we are faced with these decisions in our lives, how should we decide? Listen to William Bolls as he shares his experience with looking within oneself to find guidance and wisdom.
Episode 115: Why Listening Is Important
April 13, 2021 • 7 MIN
Imagine a world where we all listened to one another more!
Episode 114: Empowering Oneself Through Empowering Connections with Julia Phoenix
April 9, 2021 • 49 MIN
How can we lead more authentic lives and be more of ourselves? The answer may lie in the strength of the connections we create!
Episode 113: There's No Time Like 'No Time!'
April 6, 2021 • 6 MIN
What if doing nothing was the key to unlocking everything we want in our lives? Some of the greatest minds embraced a practice called 'No Time.'
Episode 112: Wellness and Empowerment Through Physical Movement with Janis Isaman
April 2, 2021 • 38 MIN
How often do we really listen to our bodies? As Janis Isaman shares, there's a lot more we can experience and enjoy in our lives when we start paying attention to our physical bodies.
Episode 111: Creative Consciousness
March 30, 2021 • 12 MIN
If we are one and the same as consciousness, isn't it time we start using these powers to create a life of our design?
Episode 110: Pursuing Your Inspired Life with Amy Sinha
March 26, 2021 • 45 MIN
Physical ailment. Outside voices. Money constraints. Should these things stop you from achieving your creative dreams? Listen to Amy Sinha share how she overcame tremendous challenges in her life to accomplish her goals, and her wisdom for you to do the same.
Episode 109: Are You Building Your Confidence?
March 23, 2021 • 11 MIN
If you believe that we can build and grow our confidence, are we creating the time and space to do so? What would life be like if we made it a focus to work on building our confidence even just a little bit each and every day?
Episode 108: Developing Holistic Health and Wellness with Jennifer Wren Tolo
March 19, 2021 • 52 MIN
Are you feeling completely overwhelmed in any area of your life? Then check out this episode and listen to Whole Health Educator and Wellness Practitioner Jennifer Wren Tolo encourage you to start showing up for yourself so that you can show up even more for others.
Episode 107: The Problem With Time
March 16, 2021 • 8 MIN
What if we understand our relationship to time incorrectly? What would it mean if we have a time problem?
Episode 106: Family-Focused Addiction Recovery with Judeline Galek
March 12, 2021 • 43 MIN
In this episode of the A:R Podcast, I have a conversation with Family Recovery Support Coach Judeline Galek, who helps family members become informed and empowered to help support a loved one going through recovery while reducing relapse rates.
Episode 105: Creating Room In Our Lives To Make Mistakes
March 9, 2021 • 10 MIN
Hey, yo, A:R Nation! Howdy! Let me ask you. Are mistakes inherently bad? It's something that, as a kid in school, was probably instilled me. Don't make mistakes on tests, because you won't succeed in school. Don't make the mistake of asking the wrong person out, because if you fail you'll be embarrassed. The thing about it is, as an adult, it's hard to craft a life of our design unless we give ourselves room to make mistakes. I was having a conversation with a friend about this very issue, and I wanted to share it with you. If you took a good, hard look at your life, where (if anywhere) would you want to make changes? If there are spaces, have you honestly given yourself the room to take chances and possibly make mistakes? If not, why not? Practically everyone that learned how to ride a bike fell and scraped themselves up while learning. This is the Adulthood:Revisited podcast.
Episode 104: Servant Leadership is Mialei Iske
March 5, 2021 • 51 MIN
A:R Nation! What is up! With all the discussion in the media about our leaders on the national and international level, it may be a great time to talk about leadership. Fortunately, we have a great guest on this episode to discuss the matter. She is Mialei Iske, and she coaches business owners and team leaders around servant leadership. Particularly, she helps her students focus on leaving behind the 'expert' role and stepping into leadership. In our conversation, Mialei shares her origin story, which may reflect the journey of many in the A:R Nation: graduate school, get job, plan to work there until retirement. Things don't always work out the way we plan, and it was no different for Mialei. She shares how, after years working in the corporate space, it all came undone. Not only did Mialei find herself out of work, but because her life had been so tied to her job, she found herself without an identity. She shares that one of the best things to come from that was figuring out a skill that, as an introvert, helped her express herself. Mialei found that she had strengths, from her years of experience in corporate and customer support, in helping people lead better. She shares one guiding directive that every business person should be guided by. Mialei also shares what she believes is the most powerful question someone can start asking today to become a better servant leader. You can't even tell when a good leader is leading. This is the Adulthood:Revisited podcast. Connect with Mialei Iske: Facebook Group: Ask More Questions with Servant Leaders LinkedIn
Episode 103: The Timeless Power of Conquering With Consistency
February 16, 2021 • 17 MIN
Hey, hey, A:R Nation! Que es lo que hay? Have you ever experienced hearing something that you needed to hear - right when you needed to hear it? I wanted to share with you an experience I recently had like this. As you may be aware, I've got a lot of new things going on - podcast, affiliate marketing, redesigning my law practice. With each of those endeavors, there is a lot of work that seems very mundane, almost like why am I doing this? We want big results in our lives - whether health, money, relationships. We want homeruns and touchdowns, not a one yard run, or a single. Recently, I heard a message from Joel Osteen that I've heard before, but this time it hit me in a profound way. It's the story of the People of Israel conquering the walled city of Jericho. It wasn't by fighting, or by weapons, or arms. They didn't conquer the city by conventional means, means by which we would think we would get the result. They stayed consistent, though, it what appeared to be useless, mundane work. Then what they wanted came to them. It was a lesson that I wanted to share with you, especially if you've experienced any kind of struggle in reaching your goals. You can't win the Daytona 500 without first doing a few hundred left turns. This is the Adulthood:Revisited podcast.
Episode 102: Crafting A Life You Enjoy By Choice with Todd Foster
February 12, 2021 • 44 MIN
On this episode of the Adulthood:Revisited podcast, we have a conversation with Todd Foster about life, career, and being comfortable putting what you want first.
Episode 101: What Are You Fishing For?
February 9, 2021 • 10 MIN
Hey, hey, A:R Nation! Imagine for a moment your ideal day. What would you do? An even deeper question, though, may be what's stopping you from living that right now? In this episode, I want to share with you an incredible story that I came across in an email that I received. I want to give credit to Peng Joon, an internet marketer, for including this story in an email. When I read this email, I was struck by it profoundly. The story is about a businessman that was visiting a small, waterside village who meets a fisherman. The fisherman works by himself, has a tiny boat, yet has caught some big, beautiful fish for dinner. I share the conversation between them with you in the episode, so I won't share it here. But it left me asking, what are we really working towards? And is what we're working towards something we have right here, right now? It was here all along. This is the Adulthood:Revisited Podcast.
Episode 100: Celebrating and Reflecting on 100 Episodes with Stefany Reveron
February 5, 2021 • 57 MIN
I'm so elated to share this with you. I've reached 100 episodes of the Adulthood:Revisited Podcast! What an incredible experience it's been! It hasn't always been easy - it's not easy to remain consistent for a 100 of anything! I've endured tech failures, scheduling hiccups, editing blunders, and certainly my dog and co-host, Uncle John, snoring in the background! Fortunately, I've enjoyed every moment producing this podcast. To make it even more special, everyone in my life has been incredibly supportive in this endeavor! When I launched the first episode, I shared that my girlfriend, Stefany Reveron, who was upset with me for coming back from a party in a drunken stupor, cared enough and was courageous enough to ask me whether I was happy with my life. Sure, I was content, but almost nothing in my life was what I thought it would've been. And, thus, the Adulthood:Revisited Podcast was born! In this episode, Stefany sits down with me for a conversation where we look back at that moment. We talk about her experience living and observing a "creative," and some challenges that come with that (like late nights on the laptop). Stef explores some themes she's pulled away from her 2020 experience, and what she enjoys about the podcast, as someone who's intimately connected to it, and also a listener. Come chill, hang out, and laugh with Stef and I on the 100th episode of thee A:R Podcast, and you can listen by clicking the button below. Are You Happy? This is the Adulthood:Revisited Podcast.
Episode 99: Time To Move On
February 2, 2021 • 12 MIN
Hi, friends! Maybe the opportunity for occurrence go down as we get older, but how many times have you had to ask yourself whether it was time to move on in your life? A couple of very good friends of mine recently shared that opportunities have come up in their professional lives. They're both doing well, well-established in their industries, and new work wasn't on their radar. Opportunities presented themselves, opportunities that come with some risk and uncertainty. As we talked about the opportunities, I asked them if they had really thought about why they'd make a move. What would a move - a change - in your life be about? Is it the desire for a new challenge? Is it the need for new stimuli? Is it money? Is it waking up and asking yourself what the heck you are using your life for? I've thought these things. That's why I have this podcast and a host of other projects I'm working on. A simple yet effective test may be whether you say something like, "Ugh! I've got to get up to go to work" when you get up in the morning. Or, "Ugh, I've got to get home and deal with my partner." There's nothing wrong with wanting change. We can only grow as people when we push above and beyond what we already have been. It's super critical and guiding, however, to really understand what is motivating that desire, because change for change-sake can be fruitless very quickly. Accepting that it's time to move on from something is incredibly empowering, and yet must be used with great discernment. Time goes on and on, every day. This is thee Adulthood:Revisited podcast.
Episode 98: On the Pursuit of Happiness with Sean McNair
January 29, 2021 • 55 MIN
Hey, hey, A:R-inos! What's the good word? I hope that you're doing super well on your side of the screen. I hope you've blocked off some time to take in this episode, because it's a fun one! I'm honored to have one of my best friends, and someone I admire on the show, Sean McNair. (Fun fact: Sean and I have known each other since the 1st grade!) Sean is a Cytotechnologist, and a Cytology Program Director and Educator here in the New York City area. He also has a few passion activities, like photography. I wanted to have a convo with Sean on the podcast because, being one of my best friends for such a long time, we are able to talk about anything and everything - sometimes disagreeing with each other, but always within the frame of understanding, love and respect. Sean opens up about his path to his current career in both the academic and clinical worlds of medicine. He shares some of the challenges that he faced in his pursuit of "success" - challenges of pursuing dreams and desired created by those closest to him, the chase of titles and money, and 'making it." Sean dives into the difficulties of pursuing a professional life coming from an underprivileged household, and having to figure it all out as he moved along. He talks openly about experiencing burnout - from trying to meet and surpass the expectations placed on him from those in his life. Sean reveals the surprise skill set that has helped him thrive as a professional - a skill set he thought would have the least value as he pursued his career. Sean shares with us his thoughts on the very real systemic challenges that people of color face - systemic forces that exist sight unseen, and as a result of not knowing what you don't know. Finally, Sean leaves us with some powerful parting words about making the world a better place. If you're looking to be inspired, my man Sean McNair will do just that for you. Say hello to everyone. This is the Adulthod:Revisited Podcast. Connect with Sean Twitter Instagram LinkedIn
Episode 97: Why Time Does NOT Equal Money!
January 26, 2021 • 13 MIN
Hola, friends! Welcome back, welcome back! Time Equals Money. I'm confident many of us have heard this at some point in our lives. Why is this such a popular belief, and why is it ingrained in us from early on in life? I recently got through a book, Confessions of a Persuasion Hitman by Ian Stanley. Ian is known as a copywriter, and an internet marketer. In his book, he shares some takeaways from his career in copywriting and marketing. One of his big takeaways was that time DOES NOT equal money. I've felt this way for some time, so it was refreshing to come across someone else who also feels so passionately against this construct. In any given second of our existence, millions and millions of dollars of value are being exchanged and transferred. That exchange does not operate within the construct of time equals money. You, and I, and Elon Musk, and Oprah are all human beings. No one has any greater access nor any lesser access to the Universe, so how is it that Elon Musk and Oprah don't operate within the time equals money construct, but we do? As we start picking up the pieces from the COVID-19 fallout, we all have opportunities to create for ourselves. If you've felt stuck at a job, or if you've been out of work, or maybe you are stuck in business that feels like a drain on your existence (I can sympathize), I invite you to open yourself up to something outside and bigger than trading your time for money. How much would you pay to get back an hour of your life? This is the Adulthood:Revisited podcast.
Episode 96: The Brain-Boosting Power of Detachment
January 19, 2021 • 17 MIN
Hi, there, A:R Nation! I hope that this episode finds you well. Let me ask you, are you stressed and anxious? Do you feel like the voices in your head never stop talking? I want to share with you that I feel like I'm in a constant state of stress and anxiety, and that the voices in my head have verbal diarrhea. It just so happened that I had a great experience in thee last few days, and I wanted to share it with you - some of you may find it valuable. It was a lesson in detachment from Deepak Chopra. I was outside one morning, getting angry at my dog not wanting to go outside for his walk (it's a constant battle between Uncle John and I). I decided that, rather than go back and forth, in and out of a cabin I was staying in, having to take my boots and coat off then back on because my dog doesn't know what he wants, I was going to hang outside and listen to a meditation. It was a beautiful morning! Absolutely glorious. So I sat down on a snow-covered bench nearby, pressed play on the meditation, and just stared off into the sunrise. In the meditation, Mr. Chopra talks about how many people in a state of low-level stress and anxiety. He goes on to share that this isn't the way we humans were designed to live. He presses forth that the brain has a desire to return to a state of normalcy - if we let it, and we can do so through detachment. Detachment is being able to separate our thoughts from the emotional and/or physical responses we have to our thoughts. Many of the fears we experience are simply thoughts. If we're able to catch them there, as their coming up, we can help our brain choose a different response to experience. The dog just didn't want to walk. Oh, well. This is the Adulthood:Revisited Podcast.
Episode 95: Finding Your Voice When You're The Black Sheep in the Billionaire's Family with Elizabeth Green
January 15, 2021 • 54 MIN
Hello, my friends! I hope all is well with you and those in your life! Have you ever heard someone share that you oughtn't judge someone else because you don't know what it's like to walk in their shoes? Well, saddle up, my friends, because on this episode, I'm happy to feature my friend Elizabeth Green. Elizabeth is a restaurateur here in NYC, owner and proprietor of PlantedNYC. She's also the author of her recently published memoir, "Not In The Script." Elizabeth is also sister to billionaire businessman Sir Philip Green, the chairman of the Arcadia Group. In this conversation, Elizabeth opens up about her decision to writing her book (and her decision to share very openly and transparently). She dives into her experience in her family, from feeling oft-overlooked by their mom, to being not invited at her famous brother's events. Elizabeth discusses some of the incredibly engaging stories that she shares in her book, including her decision to end her marriage, romance and sex in India, as well as an abortion early on in her life. We talk shop, and some of the challenges Elizabeth has faced operating her restaurant here in NYC (by reason of being a woman, by reason of being an immigrant, by reason of her family ties). Finally, Elizabeth leaves us with a super-powerful lesson that would improve so many relationships and so many lives if we took action on it. Walk a mile in these shoes. This is the Adulthood:Revisited Podcast. Connect with Elizabeth Not In The Script (Amazon) Facebook Instagram PlantedNYC LinkedIn Twitter
Episode 94: Lifestyle Around Business vs. Business Around Lifestyle?
January 12, 2021 • 10 MIN
Howdy, A:R Nation! I wanted to share with you something super insightful I picked up from a recent coaching call. Although the call was about affiliate marketing, this question was of agnostic application. We got to discussing why each one of us is building this online business, because we all have reasons why we do stuff. The coach took a step back and asked us, "are we building a lifestyle around our business, or are we building a business around our lifestyle?" It was a profound question to me. People who are working jobs tell the brick-and-mortar or service-based business owner, "you're lucky. You have the freedom to do what you want, when you want." The business owner tells the online e-com business owner, "you're lucky. You have the freedom to do what you want, when you want." The e-com business owner tells the course creator, "you're lucky. You have the freedom to do what you want, when you want." In all these cases, regardless of the structure of the business, many business owners live in this world where they have to build a lifestyle around their business. I know that's a fact for me. Clients wanting 24/7 access. Having to drop everything I'm doing to appear for an Emergency Order to Show Cause. Not taking risks in my video marketing because of a law license to maintain. I've had to build my lifestyle around my business, and that stops now. Have you ever thought about the things you've got going on in your life? Are they built around your lifestyle, or have you had to craft your lifestyle around those things? It's hard to make choices in full service of our lifestyle if we've never given it thought. I'm giving you the space to do so here. What would your ideal day look like? This is the Adulthood:Revisited podcast. The online
Episode 93: The United States - Is This My Country, Too, or Not?
January 8, 2021 • 18 MIN
Hey, A:R friends. At the time I'm releasing this episode (January 8, 2021), the United States just experienced something that I thought I'd never see. As I was watching the scenes unfolding on the television, I thought to myself, "Is this Narcos? Is this a tv show about some country with an unstable government?" Nope. It was live footage of criminals attempting a forceful coup of the United States government. People who are greedy, closed-minded and selfish forced their way into the U.S. Capitol building to interfere with the legislative process by force. A British newscast that I saw managed to get a word with one of the criminals that broke into the building. When asked by the Brit reporter what they were hoping to accomplish by breaking into Congress, his response was, "This is our country! They stole it from us! We're taking back our country!" These words struck me. "This is our country!" Who is we? Who is they? Are 'we' and 'they' mutually exclusive? When I heard that, I wish I could've asked this criminal, "Is this your country and not my country?" I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. This country is as much mine as it is someone that was born in Florida, that was born in California, that was born in Kentucky or Wyoming, or someone that has been naturalized. The events of yesterday shocked me, and left me wondering whether the United States' time as the fancy new car is over. If this is your country, is it also still my country? This is the Adulthood:Revisited podcast.
Episode 92: What Would Make This Year a Year Unlike Any Other For You?
January 5, 2021 • 13 MIN
Hey there, A:R Nation! (And if you're listening to this episode around the time it's released, Happy New Year!) I believe we would be hard-pressed to find someone to say that 2020 was just like any other year. As the calendar moved over into 2021, I started thinking about the last 5 years of my life. While I appreciate the changes, maturity and growth I've experienced, the bulk of my experience the last 5 years has been pretty static. Things on the fringes have changed - income, where I'm living, relationships. The experience of my day, however, has mostly remain unchanged. Wake up, get ready for work, work, go home sleep. I started to ask myself, "what would have to change in my life for 2021 to be a year unlike any other?" Not just in money, or where I'm living, but also how I'm experiencing my day, and the problems I'm trying to solve. How many of us genuinely feel like we can spend the time and energy to solve the world's clean water problem? Or how to address world hunger? I don't know if life should be any different from what it's been, but I'd surely like to give it a go, so that when I look back on 2021, I could unerringly say that 2021 was a year unlike any other (in a great and amazing way)! What do I have do, and who do I have to be to make that real? This is the Adulthood:Revisited podcast.
Episode 91: Parenting With Love and Logic with The Impactful Parent Founder Kristina Campos
January 1, 2021 • 46 MIN
Hello, A:R Friends! Here's to some good vibes to you through these sound waves. I'm not a parent. The closest thing I come to parenting is having a big ass dog here in NYC. And as a consequence of my dog ownership, I experience challenges and frustrations that my dog-less family and friends just don't understand. Kristina Campos is our guest on the podcast in this episode, and she's the founder of The Impactful Parent, an online resource and community where parents of school-aged children can get support. Kristina has been an educator for over 20 years, and observed that, while there is support for new parents and parents of young children, that support seemed to have fallen off for parents of school-aged children. Thus, she created this resource from her own experience raising her children, and also listening to the challenges that parents of her students would share. In this conversation, Kristina shares some of the questions or feelings parents may be experiencing that reveal that they may benefit from support. She dives into a framework that can help parents of school-aged children improve their communication and their relationship with their kids right now. Finally, Kristina shares, in addition to all the ways parents can find support at The Impactful Parent, one question that parents can ask to dramatically improve their understanding of their children as they enter the young adult years. Parenting, the one thing that feels like no one can ever prepare for. This is the Adulthood:Revisited podcast. Connect with Kristina The Impactful Parent Facebook Instagram LinkedIn YouTube The Impactful Parenting Podcast
Episode 90: Who Are Your 1000 People?
December 29, 2020 • 12 MIN
What's up, A:R Family?! As I've shared recently, I'm DEEP in some fun marketing books and courses. They're really challenging me to identify the kind of business owner I want to be, as well as what kind of person I want to show up as in the world. The two really aren't exclusive of each other to begin with, right? The kind of business owner I can be depends on the kind of person I am. The kind of person I am is a result of the kind of business owner I am being. A mouthful, for sure. I've been reading Seth Godin's This Is Marketing. (It's prerequisite reading in one of the courses I'm in.) The premise is interesting. Marketing to the masses, the meaty part of the bell curve, is on the way out. Creating a closely aligned community of people that share a worldview is where business and marketing are heading. Tribes. Groups. Followers. This is Us. If you're a business owner, it's a fascinating way to plan out your marketing: if you can only sell your product or service to 1,000, who would they be? What would they be like? This isn't just about business, either. It's also about who we are being in the world. If we can connect with just 1,000 people, what would that cast of characters look like? What are nonnegotiable qualities they must have (and must not have)? COVID has caused people to evaluate their priorities, and these inquiries are a really powerful way of doing so. I'd love to know your experience. Who would you lead? This is the Adulthood:Revisited Podcast.
Overcoming Victimhood Mentality with Unlucky Sperm Club Author Nelson Tressler
December 25, 2020 • 51 MIN
Hello, hello, my friend! Share the good news with me! I'm very excited to share this episode with you. We have Nelson Tressler as a guest on the A:R podcast. He's a founder of the iGotSmarter App, which is focused on helping people accomplish their goals. Nelson's story, however, isn't just about where he is today, but rather incredible from where he started and how he persevered. It's a story of triumph in overcoming victimhood. Nelson starts with sharing a story before he was born - From Murder to Millions, as he calls it. He shares that his grandfather was an alcoholic and abusive to his mom when she was growing up. After a drunken episode, his grandfather shot 2 police officers, killing one and critically wounding another. At his grandfather's trial, Nelson's mother testified that her father (Nelson's grandfather) shot at and killed the cop in a fit of rage when he learned that the cop raped her (and Nelson was the child she was carrying as a result of that). Nelson shares the challenges he faced as a child, dealing with the stigma and ostracism as a result of his family's reputation. His step-father was an alcoholic and abusive. Nelson, himself, struggled with dyslexia. As he got into his young adult years, Nelson quickly sought to find his own way. After working with uncle during his high school years, he started college but quickly realized he couldn't afford to continue. As a result, Nelson enrolled in the Air Force. After service and being honorably discharged, Nelson's entrepreneurship began. He first started a window cleaning service. Then he began a very acclaimed career in real estate for over 20 years. He also started one of the largest chains of child daycare in Las Vegas, as well as one of the largest pet resorts in the nation. He's always believed that if he can overcome his childhood to accomplish what he has - From Murder to Millions - many others can do the same. He founded and developed the iGotSmarter app to provide people access to a tool to help them readily accomplish their goals. Nelson also authored his book, The Unlucky Sperm Club, where he shares his story with the world. It's a powerful conversation about overcoming victimhood mentality, and what we can accomplish when we resolve and agree to not let our past determine our future. Change begins with choice. This is the Adulthood:Revisited podcast. Connect with Nelson: The Unlucky Sperm Club Book on Amazon iGotSmarter App
Episode 88: Doing What You Love vs Love What You're Doing
December 22, 2020 • 13 MIN
Hey, A:R Fam! What are you doing? That question forms the basis of this episode. I was reviewing one of the marketing courses I have access to. I really enjoy the courses from these creators because they aren't fleeting tactics, or aggrandized tutorials. These courses ask us students questions that get us to really think about the kind of entrepreneurs we want to be, and also the kind of people we want to be. One of the topics in a module I was reviewing revolved around passion and picking a niche. As you may have heard, the ideal is to do what you love. How many of us, however, can honestly say we do what we love each and every day? If that isn't us, the question is can we love what we're doing? This is semantics - there's nuance there. It's a really potent question that merits some time and attention. I encourage you to give it a go - do you spend your days doing what you love, or can you say you love (or tolerate) what you're doing? If you take this on, I'd love to know what comes up for you. What have I been doing? This is the Adulthood:Revisited Podcast.
Episode 87: Motion Design and Animation - Where Creativity Means Business with Sherene Strausberg of 87th Street Creative
December 18, 2020 • 47 MIN
What's up, friends?! Based on what people in my life have shared with me, I'm a pretty logic-dominant person. When I come across someone that I find to be super creative, I want to get to know more about them. I've had the pleasure of getting to know Sherene Strausberg for a while now. She's the founder and owner of 87th Street Creative, a digital marketing agency that helps business owners with motion design and animation, among other things. In other words, Sherene works with her clients to convert the idea living in their heads into something visual that's engaging and easily conveys their value. In this conversation, Sherene shares stories from her upbringing, being introduced to music at an early age. Music was her driving force, and sent her out to the West Coast to do music composition and film scoring. She shares her experience as a sound engineer with NPR, and some of the mighty lessons she learned from that experience. When family became her priority, and she found herself back on the East Coast, Sherene shares how she went into graphic design to create a life that worked for her and her family. As a motion designer and animator, Sherene discusses some of the challenges that businesses face to connect with their audiences, and some tips on how they can leverage animation to effectively engage with customers. Creativity means business! This is the Adulthood:Revisited Podcast. Connect with Sherene Strausberg: 87th Street Creative Facebook LinkedIn Instagram Sherene's Portfolio on Vimeo
Episode 86: The Responsibilties Created By 5 Year Old You
December 15, 2020 • 12 MIN
What's going on, A:R Nation?! Here's hoping all's well on your end. I had a pretty cool call earlier with Ian Stanley. If you've never heard of him, Ian is an internet marketer, and in the last couple of years, he's really been promoting the power of meditation to realize change in your life. This call was about money blocks in your life. Almost immediately, he started talking about how strong many of these blocks can be, and how many of them were unintentionally created by the people in our lives, like our parents, aunts, uncles, teachers, friends, and so on. Unwittingly, someone may have said something when we were younger that created a block in our lives. You weren't a fan of doing chores, so your parents offered you money to do your chores. Guess what? You may associate making money with doing things that you'd rather not be doing. Shifting the perspective, and really understanding the magnitude of the responsibility we carry with our words and actions, we almost owe it to our younger selves to be the best that we can be. If we don't want future generations to struggle with our struggles, we have a duty to exercise more discernment with how we are being in the world. It's a responsibility, and almost a duty to be our best self. In pursuit of that, we just might actually experience our own lives improving, as well. The power is in the doing. This is the Adulthood:Revisited podcast.
Episode 85: Money Management Mastery and Faith-Based Wealth Building with Financial Transformation Coach Elizabeth Buko
December 11, 2020 • 60 MIN
What's going on, A:R Nation?! Let's talk money! In this episode of the A:R Podcast, I'm talking with Elizabeth Buko. She is a Financial Transformation Coach, helping female professionals and entrepreneurs improve their relationship with money, and empower them to build wealth using faith-based principles. Elizabeth's journey to where she is now may not be very different from your journey. She graduated university and obtained a Master's Degree in Chemical Engineering. Her plan was to find a well-paying, secure job that would finance her life, and she succeeded in accomplishing just that. Elizabeth found a job in a big oil-and-gas company, and was there for seven years, and that's where the story threads come undone. She shares that she was suddenly made redundant (otherwise fired, as we say here stateside). At the time she was let go, Elizabeth was 7 months pregnant, and she and her husband were just closing on their first home. Although she had a savings cushion to rely on, that whittled away over a few months. Elizabeth shares how one of her most challenging obstacles was overcoming her ego, and being ok with her husband being the sole provider. She recounts her experience spending hours in their basement, reading books, and calling upon her faith to show her what her next steps are. Elizabeth reveals that, almost happenstance, the idea to become a financial transformation coach came to her, and that she had to push through even in the face of those initial entrepreneurship failures (you know, like creating a webinar with no one showing up or buying). She shares with us some of her knowledge on building with and transforming our respective relationships with money to lead more empowered and fulfilling lives. Elizabeth also has a book coming out that she co-authored, "Fiercely Faithful: Be Inspired, Find True Purpose and Live a Miraculous Life," and you can get your copy for just $1 starting Tuesday, December 15! Always have faith in yourself. This is the Adulthood:Revisited Podcast. Connect with Elizabeth: Wealth From Little Instagram Facebook Twitter Fiercely Faithful Book
Episode 84: Make Lasting Impressions Using Parables and Stories In Your Communication
December 8, 2020 • 10 MIN
Heya, A:R Homies! What's good?! I hope that's all's well with you. It seems as if the last few books I've read, and programs I've been going through, have all really recommended leverage stories in your marketing. Amplifyng your messaging by using parables and metaphors. I just finished How to Fight a Hydra by Josh Kaufman. It's a story about a man that wants to become a hero, and decides that he's going to achieve that fame and notoriety by defeating a hydra. After all, that's how all the heroes became heroes in the stories. SPOILER ALERT: The really cool thing about this story, is that it's REALLY a parable about entrepreneurship. The story, for me, was so vivid, and so engaging that I'm looking back on my entrepreneurship journey and likening myself to the hero in the book. Imagine the power of leveraging this same strategy in our messaging. If you've got a business, think about how you can create a parable where your audience is the hero on a quest to defeat a villain, and with your help they get there. What would that story be? If nothing else, working on our storytelling skills can only make us better communicators. Once upon a time, what did you do? This is the Adulthood:Revisited Podcast.
Episode 83: Passion Twist! Finding Personal Passion with Sammi Reyes
December 4, 2020 • 52 MIN
Happy day, A:R Family! Here's to wishing all is well is with you on your side of screen. On this episode, we're going to talk about the word 'PASSION.' It's something that I think may have eluded me for years. Maybe I have passion, maybe I don't, maybe I just don't recognize it. On this episode, I am happy to share Sammi Reyes. Her life has PASSION at its core. Although she's just 19 at the time we recorded this, Sammi: works 4 jobsis pursuing her studies in collegelaunched her own podcast, Fashion Your Passionis in the process of shortly launching another business venture, Sammi Beatrice Marketinghelps inspire and coach other young adults who are struggling with mental health challenges to find their passions. WOW! In the episode, Sammi shares her story, where she thought that she was destined to become a teacher, to pursuing becoming a Rabbi, to now working towards becoming an internationally recognized brand. She talks about some of the challenges that these pivots have raised, including concern and reticence from people close to her. Sammi shares a 3-step framework that she shares with the people she works with to help them find and tap into their ever-evolving passions. We talk about the frustration of not feeling passionate like some other people (something that I've experienced) and how it's ok NOT to be able to identify any passion. She leaves us with some sage advice about interacting with the world, and about taking action. It was really inspiring to have such a great conversation with someone that has so much desire, and someone that's been able to craft an impressive vision for their own life at such an early age! I cannot wait to see all the success that awaits Sammi Reyes! Passion Twist. One part life. One part curiosity. Two parts explore. Mix it up and serve the world! This is the Adulthood:Revisited podcast. Connect with Sammi Reyes IG: Fashion Your Passion Podcast IG: Sammi Beatrice Twitter Facebook
Episode 82: Demographics vs Psychographics For a More Targeted Audience?
December 1, 2020 • 13 MIN
Hello, there, A:R Nation! I'm currently working on my marketing plan for the upcoming year. I'm looking at quite a number of changes. One of the aspects of my marketing that I'm rethinking is audience targeting. Ask almost anyone about paid ads, and they'll tell you it's all about targeting. Follow-up with asking about targeting, and they'll tell you that you should know your ideal client's age, marital status, income level, children, stores they shop at, food they like to eat, music they enjoy listening to. Put another way, demographics. That's the way most mainstream marketers talk. about crafting their message and targeting their ideal audience. I invite you, however, to think about it slightly differently - zig whilst everyone else is zagging. And that's by focusing on psychographics. Psychographics goes deeper than demographics, and examines why people make the choices that they do. What are the fears, aspirations, goals, frustrations that drive people to make the decisions they make, especially when it comes to purchasing. Demographics is an outcomes-based analysis, while psychographics is a means-based analysis, and reveals a whole lot more information. So if you're like me and putting together a content marketing plan for the upcoming few months, in the battle for superior targeting between demographics vs psychographics, I invite you to check out and unleash the power of psychographics. Think about it the next time someone makes a 'silly' purchase. This is thee Adulthood:Revisited podcast.
Episode 81: Cerebral Palsy to Life Coach with A Call to Action's Paul Forchione
November 27, 2020 • 49 MIN
Hey, there, A:R Nation! Are you ready to be INSPIRED?!?! Our guest today on the podcast is Paul Forchione. I met Paul on Facebook, and was so excited to share his story and experience with you. Paul was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at birth. He shares how his doctors told his mom that he was destined to lead a limited to life, filled with physical, intellectual, and emotional shortcomings. Paul's mom refused to accept that, and knew that life had more for her son besides a doctor's label and opinion. She found doctor's that gave Paul a stronger outlook of what life could be for him. Although it didn't come with its challenges, Paul shares stories from his childhood, including some of the challenges he faced in school, when all he wanted to do is just be another kid. He talks about a huge success - finishing a lap running - and how he leveraged that success story to eventually make his high school baseball team. Paul shares getting into the workforce, finding a job in the mortgage industry, and how he tried to keep his story of being diagnosed at birth with Cerebral Palsy swept under the rug. Although he was succeeding in his career, a work-sponsored training featuring John Petz changed his life. Paul left so inspired by that presentation that he started asking himself if he could do that with his life - speak and coach people to do, be and want more of their lives. From that, A Call to Action was born, Paul's life coaching business where he helps people really explore what is it they want from their own lives, and to realize the potential that they have within them. Rather than sweeping his birth story under the rub, Paul shares that he embraces that story when he works with clients because of the critical importance of authenticity in our lives. Paul ends with reminding us of a truth that we all should keep top of mind: if you believe it, you can achieve it. Turn your setbacks into stepping stones. This is the Adulthood:Revisited Podcast. Connect with Paul Forchione: A Call to Action Facebook Actions and Limits Podcast
Episode 80: Get More Customers From Your Content Marketing With THIS Keyword Strategy
November 24, 2020 • 15 MIN
A:R Nation! What's the good word?! I hope that you are doing well! At the time I'm recording and releasing this. episode, it's Thanksgiving Time 2020. What a year it's been, challenging all of us in ways many of us had never thought we'd be challenged. I know for my own life, and maybe you feel the same way, I have so much to be thankful for, and I look forward that focused time of gratitude. With the holiday season here, that means it's also time to plan out marketing and message for the future. If you're someone that does any kind of content marketing, listen up! I'm sure you've heard by now how important keyword research is to your website and your content! For sure, it's important. There is a really important nuance, though, that I've been diving into lately. That is search-intent-based keyword research. "What are you talking about, Rich?" There's one thing to create a piece of content around a keyword that's relevant to your site. Let's say you are selling red shoes, so you create content around the keyword 'red shoes' To search engines, that could be related to "how to recycle red shoes" or "why red shoes are bad for parties." As you can see, these queries don't really translate to buying intent. For businesses, we want to know what our potential clients and customers are searching for when they're looking to buy red shoes - and that nuance makes a huge difference. I would create content around a keyword, and there is always a spike in traffic to my website, but not necessarily in new clients. In recent weeks, though, I've shifted to search-intent-based keywords, and the results are dramatic! Not only do I see an increase in traffic to my website, but more importantly, I get more phone calls about working with me. This, for me, is the metric that matters. Before you put out that next piece of content, try to build it around a customer's search-intent, particularly buying intent. I've been using a great tool, FRASE.IO, that gives me phrases that potential customers and clients use when looking for a product or service. For example, I wanted to create a post around "types of bankruptcies." After using, I realized that the search people use to get to that info is "What are the different types of bankruptcies I can file?" That question then became the keyword for my content. Ask them what they want, then give them what they asked for. This is the Adulthood:Revisited Podcast. Click here if you would like to learn more about Frase.IO
Episode 79: An Easy to Use Storytelling Framework to Strengthen Your Marketing and Have an Impactful Message
November 20, 2020 • 10 MIN
Cheers, A:R Nation! I hope all is well on your side of the screen and speakers! I have to admit, when I get excited about something, I have to share it! That's why I wanted to share this episode with you. If you follow and read stuff from successful marketers and copywriters, one thing that they almost universally agree on is that STORIES are the most powerful way to get your message across. Stories are engaging. Stories can evoke emotion. Stories are easy to remember. If you have a chance, go back and listen to Episode 50, where copywriter Kaitlin Vogel share her insights on the power of storytelling. Unfortunately, many of us weren't born as gifted storytellers. So when I recently came across this amazing storytelling framework, I knew I had to share it ASAP! It comes from the book, Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller. As I was going through this framework, it reminded me a lot of the Attractive Character MasterStory from Russell Brunson's Expert Secrets, another amazing book. Anyways, I honestly got really excited diving into this framework from Donald Miller's book, so much so that the very next day, I started redoing some of the copy on my website! I think this framework is that good, and I encourage you to try it on for yourself in the things you have going on in your life. Gather round for story time! This is the Adulthood:Revisited Podcast.
Episode 78: Unlocking Audience Insights with JBTD Theory
November 17, 2020 • 12 MIN
Hola, A:R Nation! I want to get right down to business with this episode. It's about gaining audience insights. With 2020 having upended many businesses this year (including my own), it's probably a good idea to get back to the drawing board and look at the fundamentals. I admit that one of the fundamentals I've overlooked for years was my audience. Who am I serving, and what do they want from me. I wanted to share a bit from an exercise that I came across from a marketing program I'm in. The exercise comes from the JBTD (Jobs To Be Done) Theory. This framework offers that people make buying decisions for all kinds of reasons - functional, emotional, social, intellectual. By mapping them out and then creating messaging around those 'jobs,' we can have a better message that resonates with our targete audience. The application of this goes beyond sales and also to our relationships. How often do we take a moment to think about the underlying or hidden desires or requests of the people in our lives? The next time your significant other, a family member, a friend raises an issue with you, or has a request, try to hone in on why they have that request, and what kind of need would you have to satisfy (functional, emotion, intellectual, social) so that they would be satisfied. 'Why' packs a punch with only 3 letters. This is the Adulthood:Revisited Podcast.
Episode 77: The Push for Diversity in Tech and Latinos Who Code with Gean Martinez
November 13, 2020 • 49 MIN
Greetings, A:R Nation! Greetings! I hope all is well on your side of this exchange. I'm uber excited to share this episode of the podcast with you. Not only is our guest one of my best friends, but he's someone that I admire for his intellect and who he is as a human being. On this episode, we have Gean Martinez. He's a Senior Director of Data and Technology with Silverline CRM. Gean starts the episode sharing some of his journey, being born in the Dominican Republic and emigrating here with his mom at an early age. Like many immigrants and first-generation American young adults, he shares how he spent much of his "free time" helping his mom run her brick-and-mortar business here, rather than being able to play high school sports or engage in those traditional extracurricular padding activities. Gean walks us through his first job as a software developer, and how that work experience was shaped by the attitudes and beliefs of many people of color: put your head down and do what's asked of you. He dives into that latter part of his tenure there, where he was starting to learn some of the lessons that everyone must learn to succeed, including that you won't get what you don't ask for. Gean discussess some of the shifts in priorities as he moved into the more senior and recent endeavors in his career, including the importance of reaching back and helping those young adults that, today, are attempting to walk in his footsteps. Gean wraps up the episode with some thoughts on where data and technology are heading, as well as calls for stakeholders to do more to create a more diverse and inclusive workforce. When I said the man is thoughtful, I meant it, and his thoughtfulness and compassion, both for his work and for those around him, shines in this episode. Where we go from here, we get to choose. This is the Adulthood:Revisited Podcast. Connect with Gean Twitter LinkedIn NYC COVID-19 Tracker
Episode 76: The Battle For Your Happiness: Faith versus Worry
November 10, 2020 • 12 MIN
What's going on, A:R Nation?! I hope this episode finds you well. I admit, I've been struggling a bit lately. I've been dealing with some things, mostly work-related, that have been challenging. It's the kind of stuff that leads to that automatic feeling of worry, anxiety, and stress. I've been trying to NOT experience those kinds of feelings, and then I heard a message from Joel Osteen, who I'm a big fan of. In his message, Joel shared that faith and worry cannot exist in the same place and at the same time. Setting aside any religious ties, this means that when we experience a challenge or an obstacle, we have to make a choice about how we will experience the thing - are we going to let our mind live in WorryWorld, or are we going to choose Faith and Excitement? I thought about this through the context of the Positive Intelligence program I've been going through, and it really seems like a powerful way of being in life. I'm going to try to take this on, and I challenge you to do the same. The next time you face an obstacle, whether today or some other time, if you start to feel negative emotions (which are always tied to worry, anxiety and stress), challenge yourself to exercise faith that there is an opportunity to succeed and grow in what you're facing. Nuh tek worries. This is the Adulthood:Revisited Podcast.
Episode 75: 5 Reflections After 🎉75 Podcast Episodes! 🎉
November 6, 2020 • 20 MIN
Hey now, A:R Nation! I'm so happy to share this episode with you. Why? It's episode 75, which is a huge accomplishment, and I wanted to take a moment and share this incredible success with you! In looking back at 75 episodes, it's been a really fun ride. Recording challenges. Edited errors. Conversations with guests. Sharing the podcast. Launching and publishing the Adulthood:Revisited podcast has been a great experience, and after 75 episodes, I wanted to share a few cool reflections. You must say YES to discover what’s on the other side of where you are today;Consistency is the magic ingredient to any recipe for success;Everyone has a great story to share, so have an open mind and listen;Inspiration is everywhere, so look up and appreciate wherever you find yourself; andDon’t just wait for the big ones to celebrate - celebrate all the little wins and successes in between your milestones. Time for some cake! This is the Adulthood:Revisited Podcast.
Episode 74: Quieting 🤫 Your Mental Chatter With This Exercise to 🔊AMPLIFY 🔊Your Awareness!!!
November 3, 2020 • 12 MIN
Hi, A:R Nation! This is the Election Day episode! (Or at least it was when this episode was first released!) I've had so many thoughts racing through my mind over the last few days. Between health, election, business, family, I had so many thoughts occupying my mind that I had no idea what to share here on the. podcast. Thankfully, my girlfriend saved the day! She suggested that I discuss quieting the mind, in light of all that mental chatter. It would be a great share, but also to help me quiet my own mind! Brilliant! I did want to share this exercise, though. I've recently read "Positive Intelligence" by Shirzad Chamine, as well as going through a coaching course from the book. If you've struggled with meditation, definitely hear me out. The book posits that we all already have everything we need to lead a successful, happy, joyful life in our physical, mental and spiritual bodies. It's the verbal diarrhea that flows non-stop in our minds that prevents us from leading our dream lives. If we can find ways to quiet that mental chatter, and connect to our true self, that's when life flows. The practice focuses on bringing our attention to our physical senses for just a moment. When you bring your focused attention to one of your physical senses, the mental chatter stops. If you've had issues with trying to incorporate meditation into your life, then this is a great alternative! Vote! This is the Adulthood:Revisited Podcast. Positive Intelligence
Episode 73: How Public Relations Can Help Your Business with Monique Lewis of Monique Lewis Management
October 30, 2020 • 52 MIN
What's the good word, A:R Nation?! I hope that you're doing well. I've been battling a cold of sorts the last few days. If it lingers, time for COVID-19 testing! I'm excited to share this episode with you. It's a result of simply putting yourself out into the Universe, and let it do its thing! Our guest on this episode is Monique Lewis, of Monique Lewis Management. She is a swiss-army knife of PR, marketing, and brand management. In the episode, Monique shares her origin story, including how she made the decision to go to college in Ohio. She recognized her desire to be her own boss very early on, as she shares that while she took jobs, she was always wary of relying on being employed (since one of her first jobs ended up being to close-out a store). Monique shares her desire to, one day, end up in New York City, and how her path led her there organically. Other the years, she forged connections with companies in all different industries, and found a sweet spot in brand awareness and promotions. Contrary to what it may look like from the outside, Monique pulls back the curtain on the challenges that people face breaking into the world of Public Relations (including 10 year non-compete agreements!!!). She shares some tips for business owners on how to make the most of a campaign in today's virtual world. Monique rounds out the conversation with sharing her insight on qualities that most every entrepreneur needs to have, and particularly if you're looking to thrive in the world of PR and marketing. This was a revealing conversation to me, behind all the money, glitz and glamour that I assume was the world of Public Relations and corporate marketing. Just like any and every other business, though, there are struggles, challenges and obstacles that everyone must step into and overcome. Looking for eyeballs? Make some noise! This is the Adulthood:Revisited Podcast. Connect with Monique: LinkedIn
Episode 72: Finding Inspiration on the Outside
October 27, 2020 • 10 MIN
Hello, A:R Nation! I hope that you're doing better than I am. I caught some bug over the weekend, and here I am with a serious case of wheezing, feeling blah, and maybe a mild fever.  I'm not jumping to COVID-19 just yet, I'll give it a day or so and go from there. I wanted to share with you a rather nice realization I had while reading a marketing book.  The author shares a story of talking with a friend of his who is a jazz musician.  The author asked his Jazz friend how he thinks he can succeed and make it in the jazz world, where there's so much fierce competition in that world. The jazz friend shared that as long as he is comfortable with one thing, he knows he will succeed. The author asked, “what's the one thing?”  The jazz friend shared, “Improvisation.” Whether in music, in business, in our lives, the ability to improvise can help us overcome and all obstacles that appear in our lives. In the episode, I share with you the 3 laws of improvisation, and opportunities for you to explore them in your own life. Sounds good, baby! This is the Adulthood:Revisited Podcast.
Episode 71: 💪Boldly 💪Pursuing Your Passions with Alayna Zenger
October 23, 2020 • 47 MIN
A:R Nation, what's the good word! Ever meet someone and, after talking with them a bit, you're impressed by their energy and resolve? Well, that's how I felt about our guest in this episode. I was connected with Alayna Zenger on one of my digital marketing outreach messages. There was something about her energy and attitude that was awesome. I found out a little more about her, and thought that it'd be great to have her on the podcast - and she was awesome enough to say yes! Alayna Zenger is the founder of Mastering Your Homeschooling & Helping Your Kids Love Learning, a community on Facebook. In this episode, Alayna shares some of the how-and-why she's decided to build a business around homeschooling (hint: it has to do A LOT with growing up and being homeschooled). She shares her experience and insight, contrasting her experience with homeschooling versus the tradition in-school experience. Alayna discusses some of the challenges that families have shared with her, including not feeling competent to teach their children, and the idea of creating distinct roles in the home while homeschooling. She broaches something that damn near every entrepreneur has to work through - imposter syndrome - and how she's overcome that in pursuit of her new business. In addition to her passion for homeschooling, Alayna discusses her love and passion for competitive ballroom dancing, and why she's decided to build a business around homeschooling and NOT dancing. This convo was really cool, as Alayna's setting of her intentions of what she wants her life to be, and her energy and her desire in pursuit of that vision, shine through this conversation. Set it and NEVER forget it! This is the Adulthood:Revisited Podcast. Connect with Alayna Zenger: Mastering Your Homeschooling FB Group Instagram Facebook
Episode 70: Leveraging Facebook Groups for POWERFUL Target Audience Research and Insight
October 20, 2020 • 14 MIN
Hey, A:R Nation! It's my pleasure to be with you again! I'm coming at you with another quick-tip episode! Are you a business owner that has no idea what your clients and customers may be looking for? Has your business been hit hard by the pandemic and you're wondering what you're going to do moving forward? Then listen closely. If you haven't worked with one before, then it's time you start managing your own Facebook Group! There is so much information that you can glean from managing a Facebook Group. In Episode 68, I shared with you the Facebook Funnel strategy that's crushing it as an affiliate marketer. I decided to apply some of these frameworks to my law practice, and it's paying off immensely! In a matter of a couple of weeks, I've grown my group to about 150 people (with about 10 new people joining each day - with almost no effort on my part!) While these people may not be immediate clients (since they're from all over the country), they are sharing a lot of insight and information - data that I can use to improve my products and my business. Even better, with more and more people looking to consume products and services online, your own Facebook Group can give you the answers you're looking for to understand how you can deliver your products and services online! If you're business has experienced a significant downturn because of the pandemic, this could help shed light on possibly moving your products and services online! This is the strategy that I learned from the Super Affiliate Accelerator (which you can learn more about by visiting Look to make everything into a gift and opportunity. This is the Adulthood:Revisited Podcast.
Episode 69: Designing Your Life With The Power of Manifestation with Money Mindset and Manifestation Coach Thuy Porter
October 16, 2020 • 41 MIN
Hola, Nacion de A:R! Espero que todo esta bien! I'm going to jump straight to the episode because how it came about was a great story in itself. I was going about my digital marketing daily action plan, doing some outreach, when I came across Thuy Porter. From her profile, I could see that she was involved in some sales, but I couldn't tell what. We got into a conversation and, little did I know, that Thuy is a Money Mindset and Manifestation Coach with the True Living Network. After a few minutes of chatting, I knew I had to have her on as a guest, and she graciously obliged! In this episode, Thuy shares her journey of coming from the well-settled path of having a great job, making great money, having the checklist checked off, to a place where she realized that she was not happy. She talks about the challenges that she experienced leading up to her pivotal shift: downsizing by her then-employer that led to being released, difficulties in her then-marriage, and facing the crisis of "it looks like I accomplished what I was supposed to accomplish, but why doesn't it feel that way?" Thuy shares how her upbringing in an Asian household influenced the way she viewed and experienced the world for the greater part of her life. She unpacks her "reset," how she came across mindset and manifestation content (anyone ever heard of "The Secret"?) and how that intersection appeared exactly when it needed to appear in her life. Thuy divulges how she works with clients, including some of the shifts that someone needs to make to start manifesting more in their lives, and even shares an exercise to start manifesting more today. Finally, Thuy shares words of wisdom that should would impart on her younger self, even if she wasn't ready to hear or understand that advice. This episode, I assure you, will inspire you to demand more from your life, and know that you can achieve and attain the same! Get it out of your mind and into the universe. This is the Adulthood:Revisited Podcast. Connect with Thuy Porter: Spiritual Entrepreneur Hangout FB Group LinkedIn Facebook Thuy on True Living Network
Episode 68: Using Your Facebook Profile to Generate More Leads and Traffic To Your Business
October 13, 2020 • 15 MIN
What's the good word, A:R Nation?! I want to make the most of Q4, and I want you to do so, as well. That's why today's episode is a Quick Tip episode with a strategy I KNOW will help you generate more leads and sales. Not only is it really simple to implement, but you won't have to spend ANY money on paid ads to eyeballs seeing your stuff! It's called the Facebook Profile Funnel strategy. I learned this from an affiliate marketing program that I'm a member of - the Super Affiliate Accelerator. The framework is as follows: use your FB profile as a sales funnel for your business! To get started with that, you have to overcome the biggest resistance that most people have: I use FB to stay connected with my friends and family! If you want your FB profile to make you money, then get over it! (FB changed its use of Pages a few years ago, and Pages don't appear on newsfeeds unless you use paid ads.) By converting your personal profile into a sales page for your business, you can get highly-targeted leads checking out your stuff. You can then point them to your website, or create a FB group of your own where you can nurture these leads over time. If you want to see how I'm implementing it, you can check out my Facebook Profile, and also see how've I've also used the same strategy to drive highly-targeted traffic for my bankruptcy practice. Get after it. This is the Adulthood:Revisited Podcast. If you'd like to learn more about this strategy, as well as other organic marketing strategies and frameworks, check out the Super Affiliate Accelerator.
Episode 67: Absolute Empowerment In Pursuing Your Passion with Sarah Cogan
October 9, 2020 • 53 MIN
Cheers, A:R Nation! What's new in your realm of possibility? Keep this question in mind as your listening to our guest on this episode. She's Sarah Cogan, an absolutely talented film and tv designer. In the film and tv space, Sarah has seen and done it all - costume design, lighting design, production and concept design. In this episode, Sarah shares her origin story (one that I am jealous of), where her fondness for performance as art was ignited at just 8 years old while watching a performance of Twelfth Night. She shares the challenges she faced when, after pursuing becoming a performer in her youth, had surgery that left her unable to pursue acting - and how her passion and desire for performance art allowed her to pivot in costume design. Sarah opens up about the challenges that people often face when entering the film and tv production world - gaps in communication, people having to take on extra roles and responsibilities without preparation, strong personalities. She shares with us her desire to help make the film and tv world a better experience for those working in the industry - especially so because of the enduring impact that movies and tv shows have on us. We learn about Sarah creating SetReady Garment Bags out of necessity, and the opportunities that have come from filling that need. She also shares with us her podcast, Designing the Void, where she has conversations that dive deep into all things film design, and the people behind the camera that make that happen. Sarah also shares with us a course that she recently launched, Visual Storytelling and Worldbuilding for Filmmakers. Sarah's creativity, passion and energy flow pervasively through this episode, and I'm sure you'll experience that as you listen! If you're going to step into it, step fully into it. This is the Adulthood:Revisited Podcast. Connect with Sarah: Sarah's Podcast, Designing the Void SetReady Garment Bags Sarah's Visual Storytelling and Worldbuilding Course
Episode 66: Want More Website Traffic? Boost Your Search Engine Rankings Quickly By Doing THIS Today!
October 6, 2020 • 9 MIN
Peace be with you, A:R Nation! I hope that this episode finds you well and enjoying your day! One reason why I'm pushing into digital marketing is because of all the fun experiments I run to see how to get more traffic. In this episode, I wanted to share with you a tactic that will get you better search engine rankings WITHOUT you having to create new content, or spend more money! What's this unicorn of a tactic? REFRESH YOUR OLD CONTENT! Yep, it's that simple. While there is no definitive guide or checklist that identifies specific elements that improve search engine ranking, recency of content is DEFINITELY a search signal. If you're like me, you don't want to spend a huge amount of money paid ads, and you don't want to spend a lot of energy on always coming up with new ideas for content. So one surefire way to improve your website's ranking is to refresh and update your content. I have been doing this once a year for a few years now and it's such a great way to get more traffic without having to do much. Just head to your website, comb through content you've released, and update! Just like fashion - REPURPOSE THE STUFF YOU ALREADY HAVE! While you're in there updating the content, use an app like Hemmingway to help with the readability of your piece, as well as any number of keyword tools to integrate the right keywords into your content! This is a no-brainer for anyone that has a website and pushes out content. If you take this on, I'd love to know what results you experience, so email me at Use what ya got, baby! This is the Adulthood:Revisited Podcast.
Episode 65: Who Are You REALLY Being in the World? The Impact of Screen and Social Media Addiction (and How to Overcome) with Johan Versteegh of
October 2, 2020 • 57 MIN
Hey, hey, A:R Nation! As I'm putting this episode together, my dog is laying on the floor, growling and barking at the cat, but not moving from his spot. What a life! He works really hard. I have a question for you: do you think you have a healthy relationship with social media and your devices? When I observe people on the street - and ESPECIALLY on the train - I'd say that most people have some sort of compulsory relationship with social media and their devices. I didn't think I may have - until I spoke with my guest on this episode. His name is Johan Versteegh, and he's the founder of, where he helps people become aware of their compulsory relationship to social media and their devices, as well as helps them transform those relationships into healthier ones. Johan shares the origin story of - and the name sort of tips it off (he shares that an ex of his prioritized the social media presence of their relationship wayyyy too hard, where things were being done just to post on social media, and NOT in service of the relationship). He dives into the real tensions created by so much time and attention spent with our devices and social media - often prioritizing what people see about us rather than living our lives. If you're like me, you may think that you don't have a problematic relationship with social media or your devices. That was until Johan shared some questions we should ask ourselves to bring awareness to a potentially corrupt relationship with social media and devices (ummm, like taking my phone to the bathroom while doing a number 2!). Finally, Johan shares with us his 6 step framework that he coaches people around developing a healthier relationship with their devices and social media. This is such a fascinating conversation that touches on a subject that any of us probably aren't aware may exist. And if that wasn't awesome enough, Johan is making one of his courses available to A:R Nation - FOR FREE! Just send an email to Johan ( and let him know you heard him on the Adulthood:Revisited Podcast and he'll hook you up with his iPhone Addiction Course (regularly $94.99) FOR FREE! Get out there and enjoy this world! This is the Adulthood:Revisited Podcast. Connect with Johan: Social Media Breakup Email: LinkedIn Instagram Facebook
Episode 64: Strengthening Your Mental Fitness By Talking More?!?!
September 29, 2020 • 11 MIN
Hey, hey, A:R Nation! I hope that you're doing well! Today's been a great day on this side! While summer is winding down, it's given us a final few days to enjoy with warm weather, and I've been making the most of that sun and heat! I have a neat strategy I invite you to check out. Have you ever read a self-improvement book, or taken a peak performance seminar? A common thread throughout many of these materials is the idea of mental chatter, and that if we want to lead more productive and more fulfilled lives, we want to work on quieting that mental chatter. For me, that mental chatter often starts as soon as I wake up. I think about all the things that I want to get done that day. I start getting anxious when my dog doesn't want to get up for his morning walk, because that will delay everything I want to tackle that day. Then comes the onset of thinking about work, clients, health, food, bills, sex - everything! If you're like me, that express train of thoughts leaves me feeling overwhelmed and exasperated almost as soon as I begin my day. I'm about to start a 6 week mental fitness program (led by Nesreen Mahmoud). As I was going through the initial pre-work materials, the suggestion of quieting mental chatter came up again. Not sure why this resonated, but it reminded me of a convo I had with someone who shared how they read books aloud. They shared that they are better able to focus on reading when reading aloud as opposed to quietly doing so. So I gave it a whirl - and read the pre-work material aloud! What a marked difference! I then thought about chatting with myself in the mirror. Same impact! So much more clarity, and no bottleneck of thoughts while doing so! I am going to try and implement this in my life - speaking my thoughts more - and I encourage you to do the same. Talk to me, baby! This is the Adulthood:Revisited Podcast.
Episode 63: Powerful and Emotional Storytelling Through Jewelry and Product Design with HyeJun Park
September 25, 2020 • 52 MIN
Hey. now, A:R Nation! Let's talk powerful and emotional storytelling. Do you feel that you have issues sharing your thoughts and emotions in word? Ever thought about using a physical medium to express those thoughts and emotions? Well, that's what our guest helps people do. HyeJun Park is a talented designer here in the NYC area. She owns and operates two companies: Luxitune, where she creates and designs elegant accessories for classical string instruments; and Hi June Parker fine jewelry and custom designs. In this episode, HyeJun shares her fascinating story of ending up learning metalsmithing in college (in the face of her family wanting her to pursue other careers). She shares how the idea of Luxitune, her first company and endeavor, came about from a chance meeting and conversation she had after attending a recital of Metropolitan Opera violinist Katherine Fong. HyeJun shares insight on working with a custom jewelry designer, and how she works with her clients to use jewelry to express and share stories and emotion through custom pieces. She even shares some quick tips about how to use pieces of jewelry that you may have laying around, as well as why it may be worthwhile to work with a custom jeweler to bring new life to old jewelry that you may have. This is a really fun episode that embodies "creating by your design." This is the Adulthood:Revisited Podcast. Connect with HyeJun: LinkedIn Facebook Instagram
Episode 62: Want More Website Traffic? Get Some Quick SEO Wins With This (FREE) Tool!
September 22, 2020 • 10 MIN
Velkommen, A:R Nation! Thank you for checking out this installment of the Adulthood:Revisited podcast! Today's episode is going to be more of a technical, get-a-quick-win episode. Although I've been running my law office website for the last decade, I've had the chance to revisit much of what I've done with that anew as part of my new digital marketing endeavors. Getting a website up alone can seem like a monumental accomplishment, though the next question is how to you get eyeballs on it. That's where today's tool and tactic come into play. If you weren't aware, Google offers a whole host of tools for website owners. One of these tools is called GOOGLE SEARCH CONSOLE. Google Search Console provides website owners with a ton of information, like clicks, clickthrough rate, average position on Google searches, issues with your website and more! If your website isn't already connected to Google Search Console, get that done ASAP! One of the biggest challenges business owners face is determining what content should I create. This is where Google Search Console can make your life super easy. If you click on the 'Performance' tab, in the middle of the page will be some metrics. One of those columns will be labeled "QUERIES." Queries reveals to the website owner the top search terms people used that resulted in clicking on your website. Why is this powerful? Now you know the kind of content and keywords t double-down on as you create content. Also, by focusing on the search terms that aren't doing as well, you can create content that focuses on strengthening the results for those keywords. Don't dismiss this tactic because it seems too simple! It's really powerful, plus now you have content ideas for awhile! If you haven't played around with Google Search Console, I'd love to know what you think of this tactic, as well as any change in traffic you see! If I'm going to do something, might as well make it worth a damn. This is the Adulthood:Revisited Podcast. Google Search Console
Episode 61: On Resiliency - Thriving As You Roll With The Punches Life Throws with Michele Danna
September 18, 2020 • 56 MIN
Cheers, A:R Nation! I have good vibes I want to share with you! What do you get when you combine New Jersey, soccer, Shakespeare and resiliency? You get our guest on this episode of the A:R Podcast. I'm super excited to introduce and share Michele Danna with you. Michele is a friend and fellow networker I've come to know from our networking group. I know her as a Payroll Consultant with Paycor, though her story is so much deeper and so much more amazing. Michele starts her sharing with becoming a teacher - a career that she saw for herself for years doing the thing that she loves. For reasons out of her control, she was let go from that teaching job, and she was left having to figure things out. There was acting and bartending, but then the teaching world called her back in. But that was just a peak before she was sent back into the valley and let go. At this point, she found herself doing freelance marketing for small businesses. As circumstance would have it, the Universe wanted Michele elsewhere, somewhere entirely foreign to her - the world of payroll and HR, where she's been thriving and succeeding through the present. In this conversation, Michele shares many of the intense struggles she faced. The silent struggle of being a teacher. The struggle of having a traditionally safe career - one that her mom still has - pulled out from underneath her. Michele shares the challenges that many business owners face - getting into freelancing or starting a business with no prior business experience. She goes deep into the challenge of navigating a crapload of life problems hitting her at the same time - money problems, relationship problems, personal wellness problems - and how she managed to stay focused on pressing on. Michele shares with us how she's managed to achieve success in a brand new industry in really short period of time. Every business owner will want to pay attention to what she shares as one of her biggest keys to achieving success in sales - something we all likely learned very young in our lives. If you're looking for an invigorating and inspirational listen - a conversation that reveals that you can overcome anything life throws at you, this is one of those listens. You are resilient. This is the Adulthood:Revisited Podcast. Connect with Michele: Email: LinkedIn
Episode 60: Dramatically Improve Your Visualization Abilities With This Crazy Simple Exercise!
September 15, 2020 • 16 MIN
Hello, hello, A:R Nation! I hope that you're doing incredibly well, and I'm so glad that you're spending time with me again! Since you're being so awesome spending your time me, I hope this episode serves as a little treat and gift to you. Have you tried meditation and visualization but struggled with it? I'll share that, as much as I've wanted to incorporate visualization exercises into my life, I've struggled. I've shared that I'm currently in a meditation class hosted by Nandar Matari. While I'm by no means a buddha, I think I've seen some improvement in my meditation. The classes, though, made me realize that I still struggle with visualization - seeing things with my mind's eye that are wrapped in experience and emotion. For whatever reason, this reminded me of an exercise I found in a book some years ago. It was a powerful visualization exercise then, and when I tried it anew, it's just as powerful now. In this episode, I share that exercise with you. I invite and encourage you to take a few moments to go through the exercise and experience it for yourself. When you're done, I'd love to know what you think - good or bad. I seent it! This is the Adulthood:Revisited Podcast.
Episode 59: Navigating the Silent Challenges of New Motherhood with Lactation Consultant and Infant Feeding Coach Ellen Ellingsworth
September 11, 2020 • 47 MIN
Bienvenidos, querido A:R Nation! Say it with me: I am blessed! I am happy! I am thankful that I have another day! That's how I've been feeling, and I wanted to share that energy with you! I'm super excited to share this episode with you. Our guest works in an industry and niche that I knew nothing - or at best, very little - about. Her name is Ellen Ellingsworth, and she is a lactation consultant and infant feeding coach. I met her as I'm moving along in my digital marketing journey, and thought that sharing what she does would be hugely valuable. As a coach, Ellen works with expecting and new mothers to navigate the challenges of feeding. Ellen shares that some of the more immediate challenges she faces when speaking to new and expecting moms is the oft-outdated, and sometimes straight misinformation, that people are given when it concerns feeding (and she knows this, because she's also a registered dietitian). In this world dominated by social media and people often sharing "only their best self," Ellen shares the challenge of 'Mom-guilt,' something that many new and expecting moms experience when they find themselves having issues when it comes to feeding their baby. Finally, Ellen shares some very practical tips and perspectives that new and expecting moms should examine as they figure out and learn how they and their child will navigate feeding. I will share that (at least at the time of this recording) I don't have children, so this conversation was really insightful and instructive for me, and I learned a lot from it about an experience I didn't even knew existed. There is no greater magnitude of responsibility and respect than motherhood. This is the Adulthood:Revisited podcast. Connect with Ellen: Instagram Facebook LinkedIn
Episode 58: A Parachute Can't Save You Unless You Do This!!!
September 8, 2020 • 12 MIN
Hi, friends! How are you? What's the good word? I hope that you're doing well wherever you are, and doing whatever it is you might be doing. If you're wondering what's holding you back in life, why the things that you want in your life seem to be just out of reach, then this episode is for you! I wanted to share with you a powerful metaphor that was recently shared with me. It came from Nandar Matari, who joined me on the A:R Podcast over on Episode 22. Here it is plain and simple: a parachute can only save your life once you jump out of the plane! Take a moment and really think about that. There are things in our lives, forces at play, that can only affect us once we take action. A parachute, on its own, is just cloth wrapped up and tied to a bungee cord. If you pulled the cord while you're sitting in the plane, the parachute would do nada. If you take action, however, and jump out of that plane, in a few moments, that parachute will do what it's supposed to do - open up and ease your way back down to the ground. Let me ask you - if there are things that you're wanting in your life, are you taking the action to realize it? The parachute requires our faith - take the action and jump out of the plane. Life demands the same. We have to take firm action in service of our dreams and desires. I truly believe that once we do that, just like that parachute, life will open up and carry us to our intended destination point. Get off of the bench and into the game. This is the Adulthood:Revisited Podcast.
Episode 57: Increase the Room for Growth In Your Conversations By Doing THIS!
September 1, 2020 • 14 MIN
Hey, Hey, A:R Nation! I hope you're doing well! As summer is winding down (at the time of this recording), I hope that you're enjoying it as much as I've been! With the change in season (as well as NYC trying to resume more and more operations after COVID shutdown), my law office phone has been ringing more and more. Sure, most business owners would say that a ringing phone is music to their ears. For me, that's not a hard truth. I'll no longer work with people that have to have everything their way, that don't respect my boundaries, people that are limited in their thinking. It's some harsh commentary, but it's been evidencing itself in quite a few of the phone calls I've received in the past couple of weeks. These potential leads have contacted my office hoping to get some "questions" answered, but I've come to the conclusion that they just want someone to tell them what they WANT to hear, and not what they NEED to hear. What I mean by that is these callers go into their conversation with me with preconceived judgments and expectations. For me, that's not a conversation because there's no room for me to share my thoughts and ideas. When a party to a "conversation" will only accept what they want to hear, that's dictating the dialogue. Many of these clients called with "questions," but when my answers didn't align with their preconceived decisions and judgments, their response invariably was, "so there's nothing I can do." Those words never came out of my mouth. Yet because the caller's questions was framed by a preconceived outcome of what they wanted to hear, my responses somehow equaled "there's nothing I can do," although there's plenty that they could do. This reminded me of an argument a good friend and I got into years ago over (of all things) an iPad stand. For me, looking at these conversations helps me to realize that, when engaging in a conversation, I MUST leave room for the other parties to be able to freely share their thoughts and ideas. As a listener, I can try harder to get the person I'm speaking with to see that other, different perspectives exist.
Episode 56: On Being A Teacher - The Truth and Reality That We Don't Recognize with Kaitlyn Davis
August 28, 2020 • 45 MIN
Well, howdy, there, A;R Nation! Welcome back to another episode of the A:R Podcast! I like playing games with friends (like board games and trivia), and I've found that teachers make amazing teammates. Feel the same way? It might be because of how dynamic and versatile teachers have to be to do their job. I'm super fortunate and excited to have my friend, Kaitlyn Davis, on this episode of the podcast. Kaitlyn has been a public school teacher in Brooklyn for over a decade. Not only is she teaching in a NYC Public School, but she teaches students where english is generally NOT the primary language of the student, or their family. Talk about taking on a challenge! In this episode, Kaitlyn shares some of her background, and the journey to becoming a public school teacher. She shares with us some of the unique challenges that she has to navigate in her classroom, including language and resource barriers. She carries us into the ups and downs of teaching - and the strength that relationship building gives her to continue pressing forward. Kaitlyn gives us an in-depth look into the shift in teaching as a result of COVID, and all the audibles teachers, schools and families have had to call. In light of the heightened actions we are seeing right now in America around racial equality and the treatment of Black people, she shares how teachers have had to navigate those challenging talks, and how a student helped to open that dialogue. This is a really great, poignant, and revealing conversation, pulling back the curtain on a profession and industry that is generally overlooked and underappreciated - especially as so many parents have had to recently learn and experience what teachers do day in and day out. To all of my teachers, thank you. This is the Adulthood:Revisited Podcast.
Episode 55: Solve More of Your Problems More Easily with THIS Strategy!
August 25, 2020 • 13 MIN
Howdy, A:R Nation! I hope this episode finds you in good health and good spirits! I don't watch a lot of TV. I did happen, though, to catch the premiere episode of a show called, "The Vow." The show takes a look at the NXIVM program that was in the news in recent years for alleged crimes. This isn't what got my attention, though. As I was watching the show, it dove into the curriculum, and explained how one of the sections in the course was called Rational Inquiry, and that reminded of some courses and books I've gone through. A few years ago, when I was searching for coaching and training to help me improve my businesses, I had come across NXIVM, as well as a few other programs. I actually attended the Landmark Forum, which, to my understanding, shares some similarities to the NXIVM program. Many of these peak performance/development programs focus on removing judgment and subjectivity from one's analysis of events, and just look at the absolute facts that occurred. That's what this reminded me of. Generally (and at least this is how I operate), things don't just happen. A cranky client kept me on the phone for 20 minutes. I wasn't able to make my sales quota because COVID has made things too tough. I fought with my partner last night because they leave the toothpaste cap open just to infuriate me. Usually, when things occur, we add our lenses of judgment and subjectivity to the occurrence. When, in fact, things just happen. I had a 20 minute call with a client. I had x sales. My partner left the cap off the toothpaste. When we reduce things to the bare and absolute level, free from judgment and subjectivity, possibilities for action open up really quickly. This reminded me of my mom when I was recovering from surgery. She wanted to see me every day if she could. Unfortunately, the hospital I was at was a little far from where my mom lives. But when she reduced the problem she was facing (traveling to see me in the hospital) to the absolutes that exist (I live here, hospital is there), the possibilities that existed were readily apparent. Taking action, and going from A to B was easy. This applies to so much more in our lives. You make X dollars today, you want to make X dollars in 30 days. How can you get from A to B? What possibilities exist for you to get from A to B? You want your relationship to improve in some capacity - more sex, more conversation, whatever. Identify, without judgment, where you are at, and where you want to be. Then brain-dump any and all possibilities to get you from where you are to where you want to be. Engaging in these kinds of objective, rational inquiries helps to make problems more manageable, as well as help us to identify actions we can take now to solve the issues we're facing. I am going to try to deploy this in my life more, and I encourage you to try the same. This is the Adulthood:Revisited Podcast.
Episode 54: How to Embrace the Pivot When Life Pulls the Rug from Under You with Kristina Lucia Andrews
August 21, 2020 • 54 MIN
Hello, A:R Nation! Here's to you being, feeling, and doing well! I'm incredibly excited to share this episode with you. On this episode, I have Kristina Lucia Andrews. She's the founder and head creator at Kristina Lucia Teddy Bears. I met her through a networking group that I'm a part of. I wanted to know what would be behind someone creating a teddy bear company. I'm glad Kristina and I connected, because her story is incredibly powerful, and I know lots of people will draw inspiration and courage to act from it. In our conversation, Kristina shares some of her journey , including how she was succeeding and thriving in a traditional finance role. She also shares how she managed to maintain her passion and enjoyment for dancing. Kristina then goes on to share some of her most trying moments - moments where she realized she had to pivot and forge ahead, including the passing of her mother, as well as a serious dancing injury that almost took that away from her. She shares how, from those orders of pain, her current endeavor, Kristina Lucia Teddy Bears, was born. Finally, she leaves us with a very thoughtful vision of what she hopes to accomplish with her business, as well as words of encouragement and support for anyone feeling as if they're at a crossroads in life. This is a supremely inspiring and fun conversation that I know you'll get a lot from! Be bad and be better. This is the Adulthood:Revisited Podcast. Connect with Kristina: Kristina Lucia Teddy Bears LinkedIn: Kristina Lucia Teddy Bears Instagram Facebook Email:
Episode 53: How to Improve Your Communication With a Board Game?!?!
August 18, 2020 • 10 MIN
My A:R Family, welcome back! Los dias son mejor contigo!!! I'm super rejuvenated and excited for what's coming ahead with the podcast and some other projects I've got going on. That mini-break I took did the body good, and I encourage you to do something similar! Getting to today's episode, what if I told you that a simple board game can improve your communication skills manifold almost immediately? This lesson came from this mini-trip I took. Some friends brought a game called, "Codenames." In this game, a series of cards with a word on the face are placed on the table. Someone is then designated to call out one word clues to help your team guess the card they are alluding to. While the game is super fun, what's really interesting is, literally, seeing the different thought processes and interpretations going on at the same time. Five people heard the same one word, one number clue, yet 5 different inferences are reached. What's really cool about this, and how I found it applies more readily in my life, is to see how people in my life think. I played this game with my girlfriend, and almost immediately, I could see how she was thinking, how she was creating associations between the target card and her clues. Armed with this kind of information can really help to reduce miscommunication, conflict and tension. Think about it in business. If you can understand how someone thinks about a proposal, how they make associations, you can create better offers or communicate much more effectively. What's also really revealing is self-awareness: my communication makes sense only to me. Knowing that, though, I can put more effort into understanding how the person I'm talking with communicates, receives information, and processes it. Play more, grow more! This is the Adulthood:Revisited Podcast. Codenames on Amazon
Episode 52: I Needed a Pause
August 14, 2020 • 15 MIN
Hey, A:R Nation! I hope you're doing well wherever you are in the world listening to this episode. I want to be honest and vulnerable with you for a moment. This episode is generally scheduled to be an episode that features an amazing guest. I was feeling overwhelmed and exhausted recently. Between this podcast, my digital marketing endeavors, my law practice, I needed a pause. While I love all the things I'm doing, and I know how blessed I am to be able to doing all these amazing things, I've been feeling tired. This podcast has really grown, and that's incredible. I've seen my digital marketing endeavor really start to pick up steam. And things with my law practice are picking up, as well. With all that I was experiencing, I wanted something more than just a weekend, or a vacation. Many of us grind day in and day out, whether at a job or our own business. We tape off the weekend as our personal time, though that often gets mixed in. Weekends, though, aren't free of hurry and that feeling of needing/wanting to get stuff done. Vacations are the same way. Rope off a week or so, go ham before, check you emails intermittently while you're away, then come back to go ham. I wanted something different. Similar to how many places around the world had to experience a hard interrupt, that's what I wanted and needed. A pause. A pause to just be me, without the feeling or anxiety of something to be done. A pause to just experience, wherever I was, whoever I was with, whatever I was doing. I invite you to try something similar. Not to plan to be away. Not to plan to tackle as many errands that you can over the weekend. Just take some time for yourself and just be. Take a break. This is the Adulthood:Revisited Podcast.
Episode 51: Are You Struggling with Marketing? Use THIS Tool to Help You Create Messaging and Ads that Your Ideal Clients Will Love!
August 11, 2020 • 15 MIN
Buenos dias, querido A:R Nation! I hope that you're well, wherever you are and whatever you find yourself up to. I think today's episode will be a nice little surprise. I've shared about my pivot from lawyering to digital marketing. In sharing that with people, a question I tend to get often is, "what does that mean?" After generally sharing that digital marketing is sales, the curiosity heightens. Why? I'm not sure. I'm willing to wager that everyone would love to make money online, since It's sooooooo easy! (::wink wink::) So in this episode, I want to peel the curtain back just a bit. I share with you one of my favorite market research tools and how to use it. If you've ever wondered what kinds of ads or messaging you should use to reach your ideal client, or you've tried ads or messaging in the past that simply fell flat, then this episode is for you! This episode is a very practical episode, and I encourage you to try out what I share as soon as you're done listening to it! Marketing your business shouldn't be a game of chance. This is the Adulthood:Revisited Podcast.
Episode 50: Empowerment and Transformation Through Storytelling with Kaitlin Vogel
August 7, 2020 • 53 MIN
Season's Greetings, A:R Nation! This season (at least at the time of this recording) being fun in the sun season! I hope you and the people in your life are doing well. Let me ask you - what's the best way to enroll a kid into doing something? How do you get a client to listen to you? What's the best way to share you offer to your prospects? STORYTELLING. And on this episode, I'm pleased to have on Kaitlin Vogel. Kaitlin is a content creator and copywriter here in the NYC area. In this amazing conversation, Kaitlin shares her journey becoming a copywriter, including some of her vivid and fond memories from childhood influencing why she became a copywriter. She also dives deep into her thoughts as to why storytelling is such a powerful way to communicate, whether for personal or commercial reasons. Katilin gives us several tips to make our marketing and our messaging more powerful and aligned with our audiences desires. Being big into self-development and personal growth, Kaitlin also shares her thoughts on how to get "un-stuck" if you're feeling a bit held back in life, and leaves us with an incredibly emotional and powerful story that she uses as inspiration in her everyday. So saddle up and get comfy, because it's storytime with your pal, Richie! This is the Adulthood:Revisited Podcast. Connect with Kaitlin: Maybe It's Just Me Blog Instagram
Episode 49: Living In The Present Because We're Too Old To Avoid Difficult Conversations
August 4, 2020 • 9 MIN
Hi-dee-ho, A:R Nation! I hope that you're doing well. I have to admit, I'm a little banged up. My back stiffened up recently because I busted my a$$ while rollerblading. My shoulder is killing me. This episode (or at least the circumstances that led to this episode) might be a result of those pains. Maybe I was crabby, but my girlfriend called me out for pouting. This isn't the first time someone has said that I pout. What I was pouting about doesn't matter, the lesson, though, does. She suggested that I try to live more in the moment - if something bothers or upsets me, don't let it linger but address it right then and there. Oddly enough, earlier in the day, I gave that same advice to a friend of mine. He was dealing with an issue, and he was planning on addressing it later in the evening when he got home. I suggested that he tackle it right then and there. He responded with a golden quote - "I'm too old to be avoiding difficult conversations." And that's why I tend to pout. For whatever reason, I avoid difficult conversations. When we avoid difficult conversations, we cause issues and friction in relationships. When we avoid difficult conversations, we let thoughts linger and create stories that aren't true. When we avoid difficult conversations, we miss out on opportunities to create the dream life that we want. My girlfriend had good advice for me, and I will pass that on to you. Live in the present, and address things, right then and there, in the moment. This is the Adulthood:Revisited Podcast.
Episode 48: Making the Law Work for Your Business with Anand Kapasi, Esq., Partner at Jones, Wolff and Kapasi, LLC
July 31, 2020 • 55 MIN
Queridos amigos, hola! I hope you're doing well, A:R Nation! Many of the podcast listeners are business owners and entrepreneurs, so I know you're going to love this conversation! I have my friend and colleague, Anand Kapasi as a guest on this episode. Anand is a business attorney here in tri-state area where he, among other things, helps business owners and start-ups get their business right. This includes everything from incorporation to dissolution, and all that goodness in between. In the episode, Anand shares with us his journey from growing up in New Jersey to becoming a partner at a law firm across the Hudson River. We dive into why and how he became an attorney (including how a mock trial years ago left a lasting impression on him). He shares with us some thoughts and feelings around diversity in the practice of law, and how it frames his attitudes and approach with his clients, as well as other lawyers. Anand also shares some thoughts and advice as it relates to his wife, who's also a lawyer, and the communication they maintain to keep their work separate and apart from their home life (including one skill that Anand says has been SUPER important for him to work on). I hope that you find this convo as fun and thoughtful as I felt having it. Final remarks, counselor? This is the Adulthood:Revisited Podcast. Connect with Anand: Jones, Wolff & Kapasi, LLC LinkedIn
Episode 47: The Transformational Powers for Impact In Your Sharing
July 28, 2020 • 12 MIN
Howdy, A:R Nation! How's it going on your end?! I'm glad that you're here sharing your time, energy and vibes with me. Speaking of sharing, that's what this episode's about. Have you ever done or said something to someone, maybe you thought of it as a random comment, but sometime later, the person you shared that comment with says it really got them thinking? Or maybe even your little comment got them to take action in some area of their life? That's what I was reminded of recently. As I've been spending more and more of my time in the digital marketing world, I've been having more and more people react to my content. Some are just likes and thumbs up. Others are great comments. Still others are direct messages, telling me that my sharing really impacted them, such that they want to take massive action in their lives. That, to me, is incredibly amazing - merely sharing a thought or a video can lead to someone you may not even know to experience a massive realization and/or shift in their life! Which then brings me to my call to action - are you sharing enough of your life with the world? If you accept as true that your thoughts and your stories can have tremendous impact on someone In the world, isn't it your duty to share your thoughts and stories? If you don't have a blog, start one (email me and I'll help you get started). If you're not a fan of social media, maybe it's time to accept that it's part of our lives, so might as well join the party. If you have the power to positively impact a life in your sharing, it's almost criminal if you didn't. Sharing is caring. This is the Adulthood:Revisited Podcast.
Episode 46: The Business of (Buying and Selling) Business with Eric Mendelsohn
July 24, 2020 • 42 MIN
Hello, hello, A:R Family, como esta? I hope you're well, and I hope you're ready to talk business. On this episode, we have my friend and colleague, Eric Mendelsohn. Eric is a business broker with Transworld Business Advisors, and in his role as a business broker, he helps both sellers and buyers navigate business transactions, whether buying or selling a business. Eric shares with us his journey to becoming a business broker, starting off in the financial services space and then moving into the real estate world. He dives deep into the thoughts he wrestled with going from the stability and security of his FinServ job to uncertainty and volatility in the realm of real estate sales. Finally, Eric shares with us why he believes he's experienced the success that he has in real estate and in the business broker world (hint: it's communication), and what he would do if he could go back. It's in the data if you're willing to listen. This is the Adulthood:Revisited Podcast. Connect with Eric: Eric's Website LinkedIn Twitter Facebook Instagram Youtube
Episode 45: The Super Power of Enrollment To Improve Your Conversations and Your Outcomes
July 21, 2020 • 13 MIN
Welcome, friends, to another episode of the Adulthood:Revisited podcast! I'm glad and grateful that you're spending your time and energy checking out this podcast. Today's episode is all about conversations, and a strategy to keep in mind when in conversations with others, particularly difficult or challenging conversations. I was introduced to the idea of "enrollment" a year or two ago. Used in this context, it refers to the creation of a realm of possibility for another. This came up for me in a sales conversation I was having with someone. Their guards were up, and one of the objections raised was that he believed the offer I was peddling was just another shiny object. Traditionally, in sales conversations, the strategy is to heighten the pain, and then present your offer as a way that pulls the prospect away from pain and towards pleasure. In other words, your offer is the bridge to transformation. A to B. Enrollment is about breaking down the walls of mutual exclusivity. Enrollment is creating the simple possibility that something else could exist. I did that in this conversation, and it worked wonders. Not only was the conversation much more dynamic and filled with energy, but it also became more enjoyable. The next time you're in a conversation, especially a difficult one, think about enrollment. Create a new possibility in everything. This is the Adulthood:Revisited Podcast.
Episode 44: Discovering Your Purpose with Professional Certified Coach Nesreen Mahmoud of Harbor Light Coaching
July 17, 2020 • 50 MIN
A:R Nation, how've you been? Grab a chair and get comfy because we're in for a treat. On this episode, I'm excited to have my friend and colleague, Nesreen Mahmoud. Nesreen is a Professional Certified Coach, and the founder of Harbor Light Coaching. She helps her clients identify the blind spots that are holding them back, and she really excels with helping them get out of their own way and discover their purpose. In this episode, she shares with us one of the most challenging moments in her life that led her to becoming a coach. She shares what the experience of working with a coach is like, and why EVERYONE should seriously consider working with a coach. Nesreen also shares with us some really sage advice to be more, do more and have more in your life - and from exactly where you're at. Don't live a little, live a lot. This is the Adulthood: Revisited Podcast. Connect with Nesreen: Harbor Light Coaching Email: LinkedIn
Episode 43: Since Virtual Meetings Are Our Normal, Here's a Quick Tip - Matching and Mirroring
July 14, 2020 • 8 MIN
Hey there, friends, what's up! I hope that this episode finds you well. I'm willing to go on a limb here and say that, in the last few weeks, you've been having more virtual conversations than you were having this time last year. I think you'd agree that having conversations isn't the way I'm used to doing things. There are ways of listening and being in virtual conversation that many of us had never had to learn or think about. My attention was drawn to this recently after having a conversation with someone online. So, I thought it'd be worthwhile to share a little quick tip that came from that awareness. This tip has immediately helped me have better conversations online, and I know it'll have the same effect on you. Next, we have to work on the virtual handshake. This is the Adulthood: Revisited Podcast.
Episode 42: Discovering The Hidden Joy In Our Spaces with Lara Apelian
July 10, 2020 • 45 MIN
Greetings, A:R Nation! I hope that this episode finds you well. I'm super excited to share this episode with you. I think it's overflowing with inspiration and creativity. I have my friend and colleague, Lara Apelian, founder of Lara Apelian Studios here in NYC. Lara is an architect. She sees beauty, and thoughtfulness, and stories in what we see as just buildings and spaces. In this episode, she shares with us her journey in professional architecture, how she didn't even know it was a thing in college to now running her own design studio. Lara reveals to us the relevancy and importance of architecture in our world, especially from a resource-conscious lens. She also gives us some tips and insight to spot the hidden beauty and joy both in our personal spaces, as well as in the spaces we share and call public. Go outside and "look up!" This is the Adulthood: Revisited Podcast. Connect with Lara Apelian: Lara Apelian Studios IG: @laraapelianstudio
Episode 41: Why! Why? Why?! Discovering Your Values With Why
July 7, 2020 • 10 MIN
A:R Familia, que es lo que hay!?!? I hope you're doing well. I wanted to share an experience and exercise that I got into this week with my girlfriend. It involves finding your why. A digital marketer friend of mine, James Bartram, recommended a book authored by another internet marketer, Dean Holland, called The Iceberg Effect. In the book, Dean shares his story. There's one chapter where he discusses the moment his business shifted course, and it's when he worked on figuring out his why - why he's in the business, and why he's pursuing money. My girlfriend and I got into a conversation about her career, and what matters to her. I decided to try the exercise, and ask why down to about 4 or 5 levels. It provided a heck of a lot of insight and clarity. It just so happened that I found some notes on something called the Hierarchy Elicitation Process. This methodology (I'm pretty sure I got it from some sales book or course) suggests that the first response to why is always at the conscious level, reflecting a person's beliefs. Keep asking why, and you get to their values. So if you're out there doing things, whether it's for you, the people in your life, a business - whatever - listen to this episode, grab a friend, and try out the exercise. But, why?!?! This is the Adulthood: Revisited Podcast. Click Here for info on The Iceberg Effect
Episode 40: Solving Problems Right In Front of Our Eyes with Thomas Robb
July 3, 2020 • 58 MIN
A:R Family, what's the good word?! I hope that you are doing well wherever you are listening to this episode. I hope the sun is shining on you and your dreams! If you've ever felt like you are being called to do more in your life, or that you want to help more people than you already are, then I encourage you to enjoy this episode. I am talking with Thomas Robb. He's the founder of, an organization committed to empowering individuals and communities that, traditionally, have had little to no access to financial education and literacy. Prior to Greenboost, Thomas spent several years working on Wall Street in corporate equity research. It just so happened that one day, he noticed an otherwise common scene here in NYC - the flow of traffic in and out of a check cashing place. If you've lived in NYC for any period of time, you know that check cashing places are a staple of NYC culture - they're just there. He was curious, and started to ask questions. Once he realized that the people that were using the check cashing place were essentially throwing money away, he came up with an idea - to bridge that financial education gap. In this episode, Thomas shares with us how he was able to leverage his experiences in the capital markets to create curricula for the target audience. He discusses the challenges he faces as he tries to connect the large financial institutions with the poor and underprivileged - the haves and have nots. He shares with us a few of the mindset shifts he's experienced, as well as book recommendations that have helped him enroll himself, as the necessary stakeholders required to make this project come to life. It's a fascinating and enjoyable conversation that, really and truly, involves almost every intersect of life. You don't know what you don't know. This is the Adulthood: Revisited Podcast. Connect with Thomas Robb Greenboost LinkedIn email:
Episode 39: How Checking Your Cell Phone Service Can Lead To Your Growth
June 30, 2020 • 7 MIN
Hello, hello, A:R Nation! I'm sending good vibes and thoughts your way! First, I have to give props where props are due. My girlfriend has supported me with this podcast, and really was one of the driving forces for its launch. Our conversations often are the basis for the thoughts I share. Today's episode comes from her as well. You see, she and I were hanging out recently at our table. She tells me that she just ordered a new phone to replace her current phone that has a cracked screen. That prompted me to ask a few other questions: how much did you pay? what perks did you get? did you negotiate your bill down? Her responses to these questions were a little puzzling as they were automatic objections to changing the status quo. She didn't realize how she was operating until I pointed it out to her. I'm willing to gamble, moreover, that many of us operate similarly. Taking the action that we're familiar with. It takes an acute awareness to pause and ask, "why am I doing this? why am I doing this in this way?" If we want to change our lives and grow to new heights, we have to ask ourselves these kinds of questions regularly. Let's see what she does with this phone. This is the Adulthood: Revisited Podcast.
Episode 38: Surfing the Career Waves with Ronan Henderson
June 26, 2020 • 44 MIN
Ladies and Gentlemen, it gives me great joy to welcome you back to the A:R Nation! This episode is a first for the show: we have an international guest! What the generations before us would say if they can see someone sitting at home in New York being able to chat with someone over in Ireland! On this episode, I'm happy to have on Ronan Henderson. Ronan has been in the media business for much of his adult life. As he shares, he started off in actual printing (the bound stuff). After that, he found his way into the newer printing businesses. Making for a smooth transition, he's been in the digital marketing space for awhile now, helping businesses with their SEO and paid ad strategies. I met him and have gotten to know a bit about Ronan in the affiliate marketing space, which is where this next phase of life seems to be heading. Along out convo, Ronan shares with us some of his thoughts looking back at his first job - and working in the same company that his father worked at. He dives into those seminal moments in life where you're unsure what it is, but you know something's got to be done. As we chat about digital and affiliate marketing, we talk about what is really driving him today to pursue this new endeavor. He also shares some great advice for anyone ever wanting to start something, but never getting around to doing it. This was a really cool and fun experience for me, and I hope that you feel the same way. Pull up a chair and kick your feet up. This is the Adulthood: Revisited Podcast. Connect with Ronan: Facebook LinkedIn Learn more about Ronan by visiting: eadigitalproducts
Episode 37: The Power In Your Tongue
June 23, 2020 • 6 MIN
My A:R Familia, I hope that you're well! At the time of publishing this, summertime is here! When you look back on your life, do you have any memories where you experienced a seismic shift In your life as a result of what was, at the moment, a seemingly insignificant conversation? This came up for me with a few people this weekend, who shared their experiences with the understated power of our words. Seemingly small conversations and statements can have HUGE impacts on others, and that impact could be for either the positive or the negative. Those same impacts aren't just outward, but could be inward towards ourselves. Suffice it to say, it's really important for us to be aware of the power of our words. We can use our words to build others and ourselves up, and that takes awareness and effort. Or we can not pay attention, and let our words possibly do the opposite. Choose wisely. This is the Adulthood: Revisited Podcast.
Episode 36: Living a Life of Balance and Fulfillment with Michael DeSimone
June 19, 2020 • 37 MIN
Cavalry greetings, A:R Nation! What's the good word?! At the time of publishing this episode, I'm coming off of my birthday. I experienced so much love for my birthday, and it made me realized how blessed and grateful I am for the life I have! Making it even more serendipitous was when our guest offered to come onto the show. His name is Michael DeSimone. He holds the esteemed title of Vice President of the Office of Corporate Counsel for Prudential Financial. He's also someone that I met back in my undergrad days, and it was so amazing to catch up with him on the show. Mike shares with us his path from working with a corporate firm to moving in-house, and all the factors that guided his decision. He shares how that life change almost didn't happen if it wasn't for this one little experience (that ALL OF US can learn from). Mike dives into the challenges that many people are facing - navigating the new kind of family life and parenting in a work-from-home and virus-dominated world. Finally, Mike shares with us what his guiding principle is, and what's helped him achieve so much success, happiness and fulfillment in his life, both in his career and in his family life. Grab your cup of coffee or tea, and catch-up with Mike and I. No amount of spreadsheets can account for everything. This is the Adulthood: Revisited Podcast.
Episode 35: Don't Be the Doctor that Smokes
June 16, 2020 • 7 MIN
Howdy, A:R Fam! I hope you're doing well! In this episode, I wrap up what turned out to be a mini-series in the cast that, I genuinely hope, spoke to those of you thinking of doing your own thing as we figure out life moving forward. A few weeks ago, I urged you to examine your unconscious competencies - the things you are naturally good at and that you enjoy, to start considering doing that for profit. We then turned to what you need to have to make money - just a 10% edge over your potential audience. That is, if you were teaching a class, just be one chapter ahead of your students. Next, I suggested that you don't overlook the simpler ideas that you may have. Just as no two servings of white rice I've ever had have been the same, you can take a concept that's already existent, add your spin to it, and that's your product! Finally, in this episode, I suggest that you don't be the doctor that smokes. If you're the type that dishes out advice, make sure that you follow it. If you want to teach and share a skill, make sure that you've tried it before. Also, and maybe most importantly, if you told yourself that you're going to do something, don't make promises to yourself that you won't keep. I hope that this little mini-series encourages many of you to strike out on your own and do something that makes you really happy. I share this with you, with love. This is the Adulthood: Revisited Podcast.
Episode 34: Amplifying Yourself and Your Story with Visual Storytelling with Judith George
June 12, 2020 • 42 MIN
Salutations, A:R Nation! I hope this episode finds you and the people in your life doing well. To all my business owners, listen closely to this one. If you've wondered how to create greater impact with potential prospects, you've probably heard how powerful video can be. It's one thing to grab your phone and start creating a TikTok. It's another thing to share how you will make your prospect feel when they work with you. The ramifications of this goes beyond business owners, as well. This episode's guest is my friend Judith George. She runs her video production company, To Be Reel, and is a visual storyteller, working with business owners to create digital video assets that create connections with prospects. Judith has been in front of the camera for quite awhile, and has a really fun and fascinating story to share. Her and her sister formed a professional dance team early on and had their own show. Thereafter, Judith put dancing aside and went into the production business side of things. After that, she found a role handling the digital media for the Martha Stewart Empire. After her time there, she realized that she wanted to combine her skills in video production with her enjoyment of telling stories, and started To Be Reel. In this cast, Judith shares with us what kept her in and around the visual arts, as well as that constant swing many of us experience between working for someone and doing our own thing. She shares with us why she finds visual storytelling so engaging, as well as why it's critical for business owners today to add video to their assets. Finally, she reveals a HUGE insight that any and EVERY business owner should keep top of mind in their marketing and advertising. Come, take a seat and enjoy the banter between Judith and I! Smile! You're on camera! This is the Adulthood: Revisited Podcast. Contact Judith George: To Be Reel Facebook LinkedIn
Episode 33: Don't Underestimate the Power of Your Seemingly Simple Talents to Create Massive Profits
June 9, 2020 • 8 MIN
What is good, A:R Nation! Verily, I hope that this episode finds you well. I ended up deciding to piece together a string of episodes to form a mini-series within the show. This came about as a result of having more and more conversations with people looking to start their own business, and to take their business online. A couple of weeks ago, I shared a talk on examining and discovering your unconscious competencies. Last week I shared that, to create a profitable business now, all you need to have is a 10% edge over your potential audience. In today's episode, I share how we should be sure not to underestimate the power of seemingly trivial talents that we have to create a successful and profitable business. This came to me one day when I was talking with someone about starting an online business. Their reluctance (or, rather, limiting belief) was that the idea had already been done, that it's not entirely brand-spankin' new and unique. "SO WHAT?!?!" I responded. That got me to talking about white rice. What are the cooking instructions for white rice? No matter which brand you use, or where you go, or who you ask, the recipe is usually going to be 2 cups of water for each cup of rice, maybe a dash of salt if you'd like. 2 ingredients. Yet, each and every time I've ever had white rice in my life, it tastes completely unique and different. Why? No one can cook white rice like I can, just like no one can cook white rice like my grandma did, just like no one can cook white rice like you can, just like no one can cook white rice like that person halfway around the world. In business, we don't need to be entirely new and never been seen before. (In fact, there's an argument that you don't want that!) The fact of the matter is our spin and influence on something is unique and cannot be recreated. So if you have an idea for a business, no matter if there are 100 other people doing it, if someone tells you, "Why would you do that? It's been done before," tell them, "White Rice, my friend, white rice." I made this episode with love just for you. This is the Adulthood: Revisited Podcast.
Episode 32: Listening to Yourself and Taking Action to Be Happy with Alexander Houser
June 5, 2020 • 53 MIN
A:R Nation, here's to your well-being. I appreciate you taking the time and energy to spend with me. I've shared that one reason I love doing this podcast is because, well, I love it. I get so much enjoyment from learning and sharing peoples' stories, as well as sharing my own stories and vision of the world. Sure, it takes time, energy and resources to put this together, but I am fulfilled by the experience. With that, I'm really excited to share with you a conversation I had with Alexander Houser. Alex is a digital marketer and is experiencing tremendous success in that arena. He didn't start there, though. He came from coaching, and then personal training, as well as some corporate hours put in. Alex shares some of the obstacles and challenges that he's had to overcome (and still working on) to get to where he is today. He shares how he felt that his gifts and talents weren't being used best in some of those older positions, and how that shaped his pursuit of something more fulfilling. He also dives intimately into how he found his way into digital marketing, why he believes it's a great fit for him (and for many dissatisfied 9-5 workers), and what his goals are moving forward. This conversation was really powerful for me because Alex experienced much of what I felt to get me where I am today, and I'm sure many of you may be feeling similar things. If it's been done before, it can be done again, and you can do it. This is the Adulthood: Revisited Podcast. Connect with Alex: Facebook
Episode 31: All You Need Is A 10% Edge
June 2, 2020 • 9 MIN
Hello, A:R Nation. I hope that you are doing well. I don't say that in passing, I really mean it, and encourage you to take some time to wrestle with your thoughts and feelings. We have had to deal with much in 2020, and especially here in the US in this last week, it's been emotionally volatile after the murder of George Floyd by police. I did want to use this episode to continue on from last week's 'unconscious competencies.' As people continue to find ways to work from home, and figure out life and making money moving forward, I've had the pleasure and opportunity to talk with a few people about their plans. That conversation often ends up in the person saying that they want to be more ready and prepared before taking action. I was recently at a private wine tasting event with friends where this came up. The person leading the tasting was learning the wine business on the side. At the end, I asked her what her plans were with this, and why she doesn't dive headlong into it, because I think she'd be great at this. Her response was that she wants to be in a place where, if some more experienced wine professionals asked her a question, she would be able to answer it. I encouraged her to think about that differently. Why? She had a 10% edge over the people that matter most - us, the paying customers. So if you're thinking about starting your own business, no matter the type, think about in what areas do you have a 10% edge over people in your life. Please take care of yourself and your loved ones. This is the Adulthood: Revisited Podcast.
Episode 30: En Passant! Using Chess to Empower You in Business and in Life with Evan Rabin
May 29, 2020 • 28 MIN
A:R Nation, what's the good word?! The sun is out, we have another day, so let's enjoy it. Speaking of the sun being out and enjoying the day, have you ever been to a park and seen people playing chess? I don't know why, but to me, it's so fascinating. With all that's going on around them, the players are sitting there, quietly focused on this game. I wonder what they're thinking about, and I also wonder how much they reveal about themselves in their matchplay. Fortunately, we are lucky to have Evan Rabin on this episode of the podcast. Evan is a chessmaster. He fell in love with chess at a very early age and never looked back. For a while, he held roles in the corporate world, then realized that the work and that world didn't align with his values. After leaving corporate, he went back to what he loved - chess - and started Premier Chess, where he works to bring the game of chess - and all the lessons it teaches about life - to children across NYC and beyond. In this episode, Evan shares with us why he fell in love with chess, and he wants to share it with the world. He shares with us why he believes chess can provide valuable lessons, not just to children, but also as adults as we navigate business, relationships, and beyond. Evan gives us insight into sales - how he approaches organizations like law firms and schools - and enrolls them into bringing on chess classes as a benefit. This conversation was a really fun one that got lots of creative juices flowing - and also took me way back in time to when I played chess in school. I always lost track of the bishops on the board. This is the Adulthood: Revisited Podcast. Connect with Evan Rabin: Email: Facebook LinkedIn
Episode 29: Level Up Your Life By Taking Inventory of Your Unconscious Competencies
May 26, 2020 • 10 MIN
Hi, A:R Nation, what's the good word? If you search trending keywords right now, you'll see terms such as "work from home," "start a business," and "career pivot." I wholeheartedly encourage everyone to bet on themselves, including if that means starting their own business. What I've learned, though, from my time running a law practice that has, to some extent, burned me out, is that moving forward, I will only use my time, energy and resources on things that flow naturally for me, and that I take enjoyment in. In other words, I want to do things that I am naturally skilled at. I recently heard someone (I think it was Russell Brunson) use the term 'unconscious competencies.' This refers to those skills and activities that approach habits for us. The thing is, we may think that we're good at something, when we may not be. What I encourage is to ask the people in your life, family and friends, to identify skills and activities that you are especially good at - things that others ask you for help with. This list probably identifies your unconscious competencies. If you start thinking about building a new business, or managing your business, around these skillsets, I'm willing to bet that we'll see dramatic improvements in every aspect of our lives. Make each day better, and make each day count. This is the Adulthood: Revisited Podcast.
Episode 28: Simple Nutrition to Live Your Best Life with Brigitte Zeitlin
May 22, 2020 • 35 MIN
Verily, A:R Nation, I hope this meets you well! What's up, everyone! Richard here. I'm excited about sharing this episode with y'all. Shutdown and quarantine have made (at least for me) working out and eating right very challenging. Put plainly, I haven't been good. But it's ok, and moving forward, I can make choices that empower me. Especially when it comes to food and nutrition, there isn't just one way. And that's sage advice from my friend and colleague, Brigitte Zeitlin. She's a Dietitian and Nutritionist here in NYC, and her passion is to help people make healthy choices that work for them. In this episode, Brigitte shares her path to becoming a Dietitian in private practice, including a lot of the struggles that came with that, and her decisions to trust herself. She gives us insight to what it's like to work with a dietitian, and some things you can expect In doing so. Brigitte dives into a few of the narratives around healthy eating, and, thinking about her own experiences growing up, shifts in perspective that families may welcome to make balanced and enjoyable nutrition a way of life rather than a thing to strive for. It's a really fun episode that I'm excited to share with you! Over the lips, through the gums, look out A:R Nation, here it comes! This is the Adulthood:Revisited Podcast. You can contact Brigitte Zeitlin at: IG: bznutrition LinkedIn
Episode 27: Why Rock Tumbling Could Be The Key To Your Fortunes
May 19, 2020 • 13 MIN
Hola, A:R Nation, como esta? I hope that this episode finds you well. The idea behind this episode came to me from an ad that appeared on one of my feeds. Then, I noticed the principle operating all over the place. And that fascinated me, which is why I explore it on this episode. What was that ad? It was for a rock tumbler. What's a rock tumbler? That's the same thing I asked when I saw the ad. It's a device that one can use to smoothe out rocks. Why would anyone smoothe out rocks? There's nothing valuable about rocks. It's not on the top of my list of hobbies, but people do it. And on the other side of rock tumbling, people create beautiful art, some even sell it and make great money doing so. It got me to thinking about ideas. Similar to rocks, ideas of all shapes and sizes exist all around us. Often, our first reaction might be to dismiss it - it's already been done, that niche is too crowded, whatever. Put a rock in the hands of the right person who's patient and committed, and you'll get something that's valuable. The same with ideas. Your ideas are just as potentially valuable as the next person's. The question is are you patient enough, and committed enough, and willing to take action to get handsy and physical with those ideas to bring it to life? On the other side of rock tumbling comes beautiful works. Imagine what awaits you on the other side of your idea. This is the Adulthood: Revisited Podcast.
Episode 26:The Power of Questions and Coaching to Level Up Your Life with Bryan Winston
May 15, 2020 • 39 MIN
What is up, A:R Family?! I'm not sure how the weather is in your parts of the world, but Lawd Ooh Lawd the sun came out to play today! As it appears that many places are getting closer to reopening, many people are probably asking, "what will be the new normal? what will I be able to do in and with my life after quarantine?" We couldn't have had a more appropriate guest for a time such as this, where there is so much uncertainty and questions being asked. Our guest is Bryan Winston. He is a Performance Coach to business owners and corporate leaders, helping them level up their lives through potent and provoking conversations. The conversation we had on this podcast truly was exactly that - potent and provoking. There are lots of reasons we can come up with to explain and/or justify why our lives aren't exactly what we want them to be. As Bryan shares, once you accept that thoughts are nothing more than just thoughts, you can empower yourself to start building the life of your dreams. Have you ever said something along the lines of, "why is running a business so hard?" While many people may share your sentiment, if you tell that to Bryan, he'll guide you to putting thoughts like that onto the proverbial witness stand. When you take the time to cross-examine this thought, and thoughts just like these, that "difficult reality" that you call your experience can come crashing down. Verily, it's powerful stuff. Creating a life of your choice is your responsibility - no one is coming to save you. This is the Adulthood: Revisited Podcast. You can reach Bryan Winston below: LinkedIn: Bryan Winston IG: bmarcwinston
Episide 25: Be Transformed By The Renewing Of Your Mind
May 12, 2020 • 18 MIN
Hello, A:R Nation! Doing well I hope you are. This episode found its genesis in some indignation I felt about myself these last couple of days. Personally, I haven't been eating right during quarantine. I haven't been exercising. Sure, things are a bit different right now but why have I let that stop me from being the kind of person I want to be in certain areas of my life? I've been very active in doing some new business things during this time, because I saw, in my mind, me undertaking these new business endeavors. Why, though, am I not letting me see those same transformations in my dieting? In my fitness? I've heard these words in used in the context of the Bible, "be transformed by the renewing of your mind." They also run throughout a book I've recommended time and time again to people, "Psycho-Cybernetics." You have to see your result, then align your actions in service of that result. This take a lot of work and energy, to be aware of the sights you hold in your mind. As I was thinking about it, though, I shouldn't be letting a change in circumstances or my environment let me lose sight of the person I want to be. From conversations I've had with people in my life, I think other people are sharing in this idea that, "it's ok to take a break in everything during quarantine." Is it? Who do you want to be? What kind of life do you want to be leading? What kind of relationships do you want to have with the people in your life? It all starts with the sights we hold in our minds. Right now, maybe more than ever, we have to be strong and steadfast in keeping those our goals and dreams in our minds, and let that vision wander to something random. For me, it was a little indignation that set me straight. What is it for you? See it, then do It. This is the Adulthood: Revisited Podcast.
Episode 24: The Opportunity for Our Education's Future with Enrique Noguera
May 8, 2020 • 40 MIN
Howdy, A:R Nation! I hope you and the people in your life keep on keeping on, because that's what we need more than ever. We especially need to keep on keeping on for the youth in our lives. As a consequence of this public health pandemic, education, as we know it, has been disrupted around the world. I couldn't be more fortunate at a time like this to have our guest on the show. He's Enrique Noguera. He's a community educator, as well as a self-described A.I. enthusiast. He also has spent much of his professional time examining how school districts around the country can better deploy education curricula to their students. It's work that requires a delicate balance between the different needs of individuals and families, the communities in which they live, political issues, access to resources, socioeconomic inequities, and just plain old caring about seeing people succeed. In this conversation, Enrique shares with us how this pandemic has opened up the need for educational professionals to rethink what constitutes educating our youth. We talk about the opportunities to increase access to education, particularly to traditionally underserved populations. He shares with us, like many people are experiencing. the struggles of parenting and educating during this time. Finally, he leaves us with a call to action not just to improve access to education, but for all of us to inquire of ourselves what our responsibilities are to our communities and to future generations. Sit down and snuggle in. This is the Adulthood: Revisited Podcast. You can reach Enrique Noguera by visiting Email to
Episode 23: If You Have THIS, You Can Achieve Anything You Want In Life
May 5, 2020 • 10 MIN
What's good, A:R Nation?! I hope you're doing well. The sun's been out the last couple of days here in NYC, and people - myself included - are being tempted to forget quarantine and enjoy the beautiful weather. With news headlines sharing that some places are already moving towards reopening, there's a call for things to "return to normal." While I've been feeling for a while now that I want changes in my life, that sentiment has become super prominent right now, during quarantine life. As a result of talks with people in my life, including my family, friend, girlfriend, mastermind group, etc., I've realized that I want to start and run a new kind of business - and scale back my operations as a lawyer. My girlfriend recently attended a virtual summit that was hosted by Rachel Hollis and Dave Hollis. She shared with me that there were some pretty powerful conversations about this thing, that if you learn how to marshal and use this one thing, you can achieve anything in your life. What is this one thing? Courage. I'll paraphrase a quote that she shared with me: "Everything that you don't have in your life that you want exists outside of your comfort zone." I agree with that, and felt that way for some time. It got me to thinking about what I'm doing. I'm looking to pivot into some new endeavors, one of them being online marketing. I recently posted something, and almost immediately, my brother sent me a text asking if I'm alright. It's almost as if when we act in courage, and we step beyond our comfort zones, you can expect judgment, resentment, ridicule. I invite you to ask yourself whether there are things that you want in your life, or whether you wish your life were different. If the answer is yes, where does that life that you wish you had exist? I'll bet you a smile that it exists in a place where only courage can take you - beyond your comfort zone. Imagine where you could be in a short period of time if each and every day, you took some uncomfortable but courageous steps outside of your comfort zone in service of your goals and dreams. Anything and everything we could want would be ours. Bet on yourself. This is the Adulthood: Revisited Podcast.
Episode 22: The Power of Meditation to Get Out of Your Own Way with Nandar Matari
May 1, 2020 • 39 MIN
Bienvenidos, A:R Nation! If you've been feeling some kind of way, you're going to love what you're about to hear. Why did you wear what you're wearing today? Why do you like the people you like? Why do you enjoy working out? Or not working out? Have you ever thought about where those choices come from? Sure, you may have heard that the adults in our lives when we were younger framed much of that. That's cool Knowing that, however, how do you start to learn to recognize what we really want in our lives? That's where my friend, Nandar Matari, comes in. Meditation has been a part of Nandar's life from back in the day when she was growing up in Myanmar. Like you and I, she went about her life doing the things she believed she was supposed to go: diplomas, successes and awards at work, relationships. For her, it was good, but she always felt this inkling for more (I know I can relate!). A few years ago, she decided to fully throw herself at and pursue something that she's relied on her whole life: meditation. And don't fret, this isn't going to be a suggestion to wake up an hour earlier and get your yogi on for 2 hours to set your day. Personally, I've struggled with meditation, and Nandar shares with us some tips to help even even the most restless of us. Why does this matter? Because when we connect with what we're really about, we can be really happy, and I truly believe this. Om, homies. Om. This is the Adulthood: Revisited Podcast. Connect with Nandar: YouTube: Nandar Matari
Episode 21: You Can't Go Forward By Looking Backwards
April 28, 2020 • 12 MIN
Como esta, A:R Nation? Here's to hoping you and the people in your life are doing well. As I've shared with you, I've been spending much of this Quarantine Time trying to figure some things out about myself, like what do I want to do in the coming years, where do I want to go, who I want in my life. While it's nice to think about those things and plan for them, I always feel the back half of my brain reminding me of all the things that are and used to be. That is, as much as I try to envision my future, my mind keeps my tied to my past. I was reminded of this idea, though, that you can't drive to your destination by staring at your rear view mirror. When you constantly focus on what's behind you, you could easily cause an accident, swerve out of your lane, or never get to your destination. I don't want to be robbed of the journey to where I want to go by spending so much time thinking on my past. It's there for me to learn, and that's it. So, A:R Nation, as you journey in your life, and things "get back to normal," will you be stay looking at the rear view mirror, or is it time for us all to enjoy the drive ahead while staring out the front windshield. Buckle yourself in. This is the Adulthood: Revisited Podcast.
Episode 20: Discovering the Power of Your Fashion Style with Juliet Ragaishis
April 24, 2020 • 37 MIN
Hello, hello, A:R Nation! Don't go anywhere (as if you could) because you're not going to want to miss this conversation. I'll be honest with you. Fashion isn't my strong suit. I've always believed that people will like me for me. I think when people get to know me, they generally do come to like me. The thing I never accounted for is the step before - what people think of me BEFORE they get to know me. One of the first things that people see and analyze when they see you is your fashion. Since fashion is a weakness in my armor, I was so happy when Juliet Ragaishis agreed to sit down for a conversation. Juliet has been a personal stylist for a high-end menswear brand for the last decade. She knows what she's talking about when it comes to the power of your fashion style. In this episode, she shares some of her guiding principles about fashion. She also shares some really great reasons why you should reconsider whatever objections you may have to engaging a personal stylist (like RECAPTURING TIME). She also shares great actionable tips that anyone can implement today as you walk out of your home. This episode is filled with to the top with fun and fashion. As Juliet likes to say, "Style is a way of speaking . . . without saying a word." Time to get dressed. This is the Adulthood: Revisited podcast. Links: Web: Reach Julliet by email: Reach Juliet by phone: 917-887-7708
Episode 19: Those Who Pay, Pay Attention
April 21, 2020 • 16 MIN
Hello, hello, A:R Nation! Just another day in Quarantine Life, right? Anyways, this episode is for my fellow business owners. You put your heart, soul, energy, money, and life - literally, everything - into your business. It may not be the prettiest or the best ever, but you put a lot of you into it. This also goes for stuff that you do and give to get more customers into the door. I know how you feel because I try to do a lot to get traffic - blog posts, free downloads, free consultations. With all of that content I produce, why does it seem that no one I talk to ever took the time to read or go through that free stuff I put out? I was reading something recently where I came across the line, "Those who pay, pay attention." That was an 'aha' moment for me. My experience with giving away free - whether it's my time, something I produce, whatever - people tend not to appreciate what I put into it. As business owners plan for reopening when we come out of Quarantine Life, have you given thought to strategies you might implement to get customers in the door? If discounting your prices or fees is one of them, you may want to think that over a little more. When you race to the bottom, that's the connecting potential customers make with your business - and that's not what you should want! So, A:R Nation, I suggest you take the time to evaluate how you can charge for everything! I'd love to know what you think, and whether you believe that those who pay, pay attention. To you and your business, whatever it may be! This is the Adulthood:Revisited podcast.
Episode 18: Six POWERFUL Practices That You Can Easily Implement Today to Optimize Your Business and Strengthen All of Your Relationships with Leona Krasner!
April 17, 2020 • 42 MIN
Happy Day, A:R Nation! I hope that you're doing well. What a great episode we've got lined up for you! I was fortunate to have a friend and colleague, Leona Krasner, come on the show. Leona: (1) manages her own law practice, Krasner Law, focusing on Matrimonial matters; (2) manages Krasner Review, a tutoring service for scholars of all ages, K through Grad programs; (3) directs TunesforTotsandTeens (TFTAT), a non-profit organization that provides music concerts for underprivileged children; (4) serves as a Director/Consultant for a major networking group here in NYC; (5) is married. Leona is, simply put, someone that gets stuff done. Work, business, networking, philanthropy, family and friends. Somehow, she gets every thing done. I was super excited to bring her on to share some of her secrets and wisdom about how she manages to be so effective with her time and energy - and she did not disappoint! She shares with us 6 super powerful practices - 3 tips for optimizing your business productivity and success, and 3 tips for improving and strengthening your relationships. I came away with so much from this talk, and I know you will, too! Are you ready to level up ALL parts of your life? This is the Adulthood: Revisited podcast. Leona's contact info: Tel.: (917) 589-6519 Krasner Law Krasner Review Things mentioned: Tunes for Tots and Teens (TFTAT) BestSelf Journal Co. The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson
Episode 17: Make Your Obstacle Your Path to Success
April 14, 2020 • 16 MIN
Hello, A:R Nation! How's the quarantine life? In this episode, I want us to examine the excuses that we make in our lives, whether it's for business, personal stuff, fitness - whatever. How often do you say something like, "I can't because I don't have . . ."? Maybe it's money. Maybe it's support. I know one of my biggest excuses is that I don't have time. I complain that I walk my dog 2 to 3 times a day, about 45 minutes each walk, and that prevents me from getting done the things I want to get done. I really believe this, too. When I speak it or write it down, though, it's almost lunacy to accept that as the reason I don't get done the things that I want to get done. Are you holding yourself back because you don't have money? What resources do you have available to you? Are you not getting done the things that you want to get done because you don't have the skillset? What skills do you have? I challenge myself, and you, that if we look at an obstacle as not going anywhere, we'll start to really take stock of what we have at our disposal to get stuff done. As many of us are wondering what is going to happen in this quarantine life, there's probably no better time to examine this than now. Your obstacle is your path. This is the Adulthood: Revisited podcast.
Episode 16: How to Make Things Happen in Your Business and Your Life with Scott Rubin
April 10, 2020 • 34 MIN
Hello, hello, A:R Nation! Let me ask you. Do you have people in your life that, simply put, make things happen. There are a few people in my life that, for lack of a better way to explain it, they just make it happen. Things work for them. Life works them. Results are a expected. Maybe you're one of those people. Cheers to you! On this episode, I've got one of those people on. He's Scott Rubin. He's an incredible LREB (Licensed Real Estate Broker - this is how the law says it should be written) here in NYC. If you know real estate, you know that it's tough. Scott has been in the real estate sphere for over 15 years and doing it well. We talk about how he's deployed systems in his business to make his life easy, and his clients' life just as easy. He dives into a story (that I didn't know and glad that he shared) about owning up a situation, as well as the lack of value that often exists in wanting to "win" a dispute. This one is chock full of goodness if you're looking to level up and make things happen in your business and in your life. This is the Adulthood: Revisited podcast. If you'd like to contact Scott Rubin, you can reach him via email, or by visiting
Episode 15: You Can Defeat Worry With This . . .
April 7, 2020 • 16 MIN
What's good, A:R Nation?! I hope you're quarantine life is treating you well. On this episode, I'll share with you a conversation I had with my dad that left me feeling worried. If you're like me, worry triggers all the bad feels and emotions. Worry is something I really work hard at avoiding. Worry makes me feel less than, and it causes me to want to stop in my tracks. That's the easy path to a life where I don't make full use of all of my gifts and talents. Fortunately, millenia of human existence has equipped us with a tool to counteract and defeat worry. Sure, it takes some work and getting used to. I'm sure when you hear it, though, you'll agree. In this episode, I share how a book I've read before (and mentioned previously on this cast - Psycho-Cybernetics by Dr. Maxwell Maltz) discusses a case study that highlights the power of this tactic. We all probably use it every day, though we just aren't aware of it. I may be afraid of the proverbial gun being pointed at me, but closing my eyes won't save me. This is the Adulthood: Revisited podcast. Please rate and review, share and subscribe! If you're interested in Psycho-Cybernetics by Dr. Maltz, you can get a copy from Amazon or wherever you get your book fix from. (If you get it from this affiliate link, I will get a small commission from Amazon at no extra cost to you.)
Episode 14: 3 Hacks to Scale Your Small and Mighty Business with Will Clanton
April 3, 2020 • 49 MIN
Hi, A:R Nation! As the world has come to a halt because of the Coronavirus, business owners of all types are scrambling to figure out how to operate in this unprecedented context. What to do, where to go, who to talk to. That's why I invited Will Clanton of Precise Management onto the show. Will has almost 2 decades of working with businesses of all shapes and sizes. He's done bookkeeping and taxes for the small and solo agile businesses. He's serviced clients that operate with 100+ employees. In the last few years, Will has been working with business owners that are looking to level up from 5 and 6 figures to 7 figures and beyond. One lodestar that he shares with all of his clients: systems. I've struggled with implementing systems in my own businesses, so Will shares 3 hacks to get systems to stick in your business. We also dive into the mindset shift that many business owners need to make (and this one may surprise you). This episode is stacked with valuable conversation for business owner, but also for your life. This is the Adulthood: Revisited Podcast. Notes: Book recommendation: StrengthsFinder 2.0 Precise Management: Tel.: 877-635-6468 (Note: The links contained In here may be affiliate links, in which case I get paid a small commission when you buy through my link at no extra cost to you.)
Episode 13: If You Snooze, You Lose!
March 31, 2020 • 15 MIN
Hi, A:R Nation! This episode is a conversation about - snoozing. I don't use the snooze function on my alarm, but lots of people do, including my girlfriend. This led us to a conversation about the impact of snoozing, both on your day and on your vision for life. If you are a snoozer, you'll enjoy this episode. Even further, if you're in a relationship with someone that snoozes when you don't, then you'll DEFINITELY love this episode. Create your life according to your design by setting priorities and keeping them as priorities. This is the Adulthood: Revisited podcast.
Episode 12: What's Your Learning Style?
March 27, 2020 • 11 MIN
A:R Nation! What's up! At this very moment, lots of people around the world are staying indoors in quarantine to help stop the spread of the Coronavirus. Some people in my circle, including myself, want to use this time to dive into books and courses to help grow or start our businesses. Before you spend that time, energy and money, however, I encourage you to take this lesson I learned back in law school - and that is to stick with your learning style. With lots of apps and devices advertising the promise of making you more efficient, you have to start with how you learn best. For some, like me, it requires writing things out. For others, it could be teaching. For others, it could be touch or auditory. Whatever it may be, before you start on some course or book, try to figure out what your learning style is. In this way, you'll make the most of the effort you put into whatever endeavor it is you're pursuing with any new time that you have. Without examining the past, we'll have a hard time charting our future. This is the Adulthood: Revisited podcast.
Episode 11: If You Only Had the Time
March 24, 2020 • 9 MIN
Hello, A:R Nation! I hope that you're doing well, and that the people in your life are also safe and healthy. For me, it's an unprecedented time in the world. Here in NYC, as most everything is shut down, we're left to wonder what the heck is going on, how long will this last, and when it's over, what's going to be the new state of our lives? We could also spend this time trying to have wins and improve our lives. Many people have extra time because they're working from home or their job has suspended operations. Have you ever had any goals or desires that have been put to the backburner, and you've said that you'll get to them, "when you have the time?" I'm sure it's tempting to spend any time you may have recaptured in this time of quarantine doing things like sleeping, resting, or binge-watching shows. I invite you, though, to ask yourself whether there have been any goals or projects that you've set aside because you didn't have the time. Right now may be the time that you have the time to realize those goals. It could be starting a workout regimen. It could be starting a business. It could be learning to dance with your significant other. Whatever it is, if you find yourself with some recaptured time while in quarantine, think about what you want to do with that time. If you've ever said that you would tackle a project "when you have the time," that time could be now. Stay safe and healthy. This is the Adulthood: Revisited podcast.
Episode 10: What I learned from "Joker" about being empathetic
March 20, 2020 • 13 MIN
Hi, friends, and welcome back to the A:R podcast. I admit, I'm not a very big movie person. I rarely go to the movies. As you may be able to tell from the title, it took me a while to see "Joker." This episode isn't my review of the movie. While I think it was a good movie, there were two scenes in particular that were striking to me. These scenes, at least to me, revealed much about empathy, and how we should listen, and be in relationship with those in our lives. These scenes really got me to thinking how I've treated the people in my life, and how I should strive to treat them in the future. This is the Adulthood: Revisited podcast.
Episode 9: What the Super Mario Bros. Teach Us About Leading An Empowered Life
March 17, 2020 • 9 MIN
Hi, friends. If you're like me, you enjoy spending the time and resources in trying to lead a better life. Often, that includes reading books, taking courses and seminars. One piece of advice that I've often heard is to let your past stay in the past. This was a difficult thing for me to grapple with - until I thought of a childhood hero, Super Mario. In this episode, I share with you how the Super Mario Bros. video game helped me with this idea of letting the past be your past, so that you can create and lead an empowered life of your design. This is the Adulthood: Revisited podcast.
Episode 8: What Advice Would You Give to Younger You?
March 13, 2020 • 11 MIN
Hi, there, friends! Welcome back to the Adulthood: Revisited podcast? If you had the ability to travel through time, what would you tell the younger you? What would you share about money and business? What would share about love, sex and relationships? In thinking about this question, what comes up for you about where you are now and what you're doing with life? I'd love to know what your advice would be to the younger you! Now that the website is up (, you can send and share your thoughts (or thoughts on anything else you'd like) to PODCAST@ADULTHOODREVISITED.COM!
What Your Toilet Paper Says About You?
March 10, 2020 • 10 MIN
Hi, there, A:R Nation! Little things can speak volumes about a person. In thinking about why we do the things we do, it's interesting to start probing the ordinary and mundane. I recently discussed something truly ordinary with someone: toilet paper installation. What I discovered, though, is that thinking about this small, rote task opens the door to thinking about ways of changing and possibly improving your life, one small step at a time. I hope you enjoy, A:R Nation! And please subscribe and share this podcast with ALL of the people in your life!
Have You Ever Been Touched by the Supernatural?
March 6, 2020 • 6 MIN
Hey, friends! This episode comes about after attending an incredible Women's breakfast at a church. It was a powerful event, very moving and empowering. One thing that really struck me, though, was how moved many of the attendees were. There was music. There was worship. There was a lot of praise, a lot of standing and waving and cheering - lots of outward, physical expression of emotion! I realized that I haven't had many times in my life where I've been that moved - moved to get up and wave my arms and scream and shout in joy. As I saw these people enjoying that experience, I was curious, maybe even a little jealous. I wanted to know what was going on in their minds. What were they feeling? What were they experiencing? I want to know whether you've ever experienced that kind of out-of-body experience? What's it like? I'd love to know your thoughts on experiencing the supernatural, here on Adulthood: Revisited.
Episode 5: Have You Switched to Using a Bidet Sprayer? What This May Say About You
March 3, 2020 • 9 MIN
Hi, friends, and welcome back to the Adulthood: Revisited cast. A quality electric toothbrush changed my life. I'm a raving fan, and IMPLORE everyone I meet to get one if they aren't already using one. A curious thing is, though, why don't more people (at least in my circle) have one? In this episode, we share examples of how I've opened new experiences to the people in my life, and how a recent trip to the Philippines opened my life up to my newest love: the Bidet Sprayer. I encourage you to listen to this episode with an open mind, and really take a look at your life, and the places where you let fear hold you back from doing the things you want to do, and leveling-up your life in ALL the areas. This is Adulthood: Revisited.
Do You Fight Your Fears?
February 28, 2020 • 15 MIN
Hi, friends. In today's episode, we dive into fear. Question: have you let fear hold you back? Can you say that, on a regular basis, or in looking at your life, you've done all the things that you've wanted to do, and not let fear hold you back? I share with you how I recently conquered fear, and how you can use a past experience of fighting and conquering fear to accomplish more in your life. This is Adulthood: Revisited.
The Experience of Failure
February 25, 2020 • 13 MIN
Hi, friends. I'll be honest with you - I've been going through a rough patch. Some things at work haven't gone as planned - they can quite honestly be labeled as failure. In this episode, I share my current experience with failure events and their impact on me. I discuss the impact of contained failures versus failures that result in damages. I want to know how you've experienced failure, how it's impacted your life and the people and things around you. After all, Adulthood: Revisited is about being a more authentic you, even in the face of something unpleasant like failure.
The Experience of Overwhelm
February 21, 2020 • 12 MIN
Hi, friends! Have you ever had a day where you felt so physically, mentally, and/or emotionally taxed, that you didn't even have words to share with the people around you? In this episode, I'll share with you a day I recently had, and how it led me to experience overwhelm. For me, it's actually pretty frightening because it caused paralysis in me. I'd love to hear your experiences with overwhelm, and strategies to deal with it, here on Adulthood: Revisted.
[INTRO] Welcome to the A:R podcast!
February 18, 2020 • 12 MIN
Hi, and welcome to the Adulthood: Revisited podcast! Have you had the experience recently of waking up and really asking yourself who are you in the world? Are you where you're supposed to be? Maybe, most importantly (and the question that led me to finally creating this show), are you happy? I'm Richard Kistnen, and I've been asking myself these questions for years. Now, I want to share and have those conversations with you.