Lessons From The Core
In this weekly podcast, you will hear from authors, studios, business owners, creatives, and others willing to share their red flag moments and lessons so that you can gain that inner knowing and evolve. Join your host Lisa Khera, Pilates instructor and best-selling author, the podcast is sponsored by In Balance Pilates. Download a Sunset meditation here: https://www.subscribepage.com/r1o6i9?fbclid=IwAR2UKbUG6nV4f22EC3Y3U-z3WsdWJ0h-RuhXX8KhB0n0ggEnRloj6OjdG20
Awakening Your Potential: A Guided Morning Meditation for Success and Well-Being
August 2, 2023 • 24 MIN
Welcome back to another episode of Lessons From The Core. I'm your host, Lisa Khera, and on this episode, I'm here to guide you through a morning meditation that will help set the tone for your day. In today's episode, we'll be diving into the power of visualization and how it can energize and motivate you. We'll go through a step-by-step meditation exercise that will have you feeling ready to conquer your goals with ease. Go right to the meditation at 12:26 to return to any morning you want to revisit this guided meditation. Get more inside our meditation library. We will return with more episodes in September 2023. Thanks for listening! So, get comfortable, find a quiet space, and let's dive into our morning meditation. Remember to check the show notes for a 30-day meditation routine planner and join the Inbalance Pilates app for more recordings. And don't forget to follow the podcast and leave a review. Your feedback means the world to us. Alright, let's get started on this journey of self-discovery and mindfulness. Are you ready? Let's go!
Episode 30: Move Your Body with Lisa Khera
July 6, 2023 • 5 MIN
Thanks for being here for this Lessons From The Core podcast episode. This week is your reminder to get in your daily movement and meditation. This is your check-in to see how your daily exercise plan is going. It's also your personal invite to join our In Balance Pilates APP. Press play on various classes: Pilates, Evening Stretch, Barre, Pilates with Weights, Pilates Bands, and guided meditations to calm your mind and relax your body. Visit: http://inbalancepilates.ca/ Start the APP today for class replays you can rewatch and add to your exercise library: https://themastera.com/inbalancepilates Give the show a follow and review where you listen to your podcasts.
Episode 29 : From Private Sector to Palliative Care: A Journey of Purpose with Jeff Moat
June 29, 2023 • 34 MIN
Are you facing a life-threatening illness or know someone who is? Did you know that palliative care isn't just administered at end-of-life? This episode will help you see how palliative care can make a difference in the lives of patients and their loved ones and will give you the tools to be a better caregiver. Everyone, including family doctors, nurses, PTs, OTs, personal caregivers, and even Pilates instructors, can have a role to play in delivering palliative care. On this episode of Lessons From The Core, host Lisa Khera invites guest Jeff Moat to discuss his inspiring journey of transitioning from the private sector to a career in making a difference in the lives of individuals and communities. He is the CEO of Pallium Canada, an Ottawa-based social enterprise that enhances the quality and accessibility of palliative care. He shared that palliative care is not just about end-of-life care, but it can be administered early in the disease trajectory to control the disease and improve patient experiences.
Episode 28: How Loss Led to Resilience and Purpose with Elaine Lindsay
June 22, 2023 • 38 MIN
The Best Worst Gift: "Her death, although it turned my world upside down and put me on a horrifically destructive path for the next few years, it came to be the best, worst gift anyone's ever given me because she made me one of those left behind." — Elaine Lindsay On this episode of Lessons From The Core, host Lisa Khera talks with guest Elaine Lindsay about her difficult experiences with suicide ideation and her journey towards personal growth and starting her podcast, Suicide Zen Forgiveness. Elaine shares how shifting between tasks helps her avoid burnout and come up with new ideas, and emphasizes the importance of reading and learning. She also discusses her experiences with loss and trauma, and how they inspired her to start her own podcast.
Episode 27: Supporting Families at Play On Pediatric with Julia Reid
June 15, 2023 • 27 MIN
On this Lessons From The Core episode, host Lisa Khera sits down with Julia Reid, co-owner of Play On Pediatric, a multidisciplinary clinic for children offering 1:1 therapy and classes for parents and children. Their Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, and Athletic therapists help kids live a more active life through functional movement. Together, they discuss the business's collaborations with other local organizations to bring different types of classes and support to families and the 1 year anniversary of the clinic. Julia also shares her story of starting her business after losing her job during the pandemic and her passion for helping children prevent injuries. They delve into the business's values and priorities, including outstanding customer service, building a great team, and creating a welcoming environment for children. Additionally, they touch on the importance of supporting families with children with diagnoses and the various therapy options available for staying supported. Tune in for valuable insights and advice from Julia Reid on Lessons From The Core.
Episode 26: The Vibrant Community of Prince Edward County: A Creative Haven with Artist Rhonda Nolan
June 9, 2023 • 31 MIN
The Importance of Art in Expressing Feelings: "It's something that everybody needs, especially in this time, to sort of put your feelings somewhere." — Rhonda Nolan On this episode of Lessons From The Core, we invite guest Rhonda Nolan, an established Canadian contemporary artist to discuss her passion for expressive arts, and how it has led her to create a beautiful gallery in Bloomfield, Ontario. She offers workshops in Prince Edward County & retreats in Morocco. She is passionate about creating art all around her property using recycled materials and loves exploring new media to push her creativity in different directions. Her personal expression is evident in all her creations, and she continues to make her mark in the art world.
Episode 25 : Summer Flexibility: Working Out, Lazy Days & Retreats
June 1, 2023 • 10 MIN
It's the last month of school and things have gone by so quickly. I'll only be posting a couple of episodes in June due to work going on at my home office and studio, but don't worry - I'll be back to my regular schedule soon! If you want to get in to be a guest on the podcast, fill out the form listed below. Live classes are on hold this week so get our APP to get your body moving. Pilates, anytime, anywhere. For just $21 a month, you'll have access to all my classes. With summer around the corner, I'm prioritizing my workouts and enjoying the lazy days. I'm decluttering and planning PILATES retreats, which I invite my favorite people to join me on. And don't forget about my daily meditations where you can learn some new practices. The summer season brings about changes, so remember to prioritize yourself and your happiness. Stay tuned for more and don't forget to check out my app! #Pilates #Mindfulness #SummerGoals #Retreats #WorkFromHome
Episode 24 : Improving Social Skills After a Head Injury: Honest Reflections and Growth
May 27, 2023 • 15 MIN
Hey everyone, it's Lisa Khera and I'm here to share some insights from the latest podcast episode! In this episode, we discussed the importance of networking, being kind to yourself, and improving relationships with friends. I also touched on the significance of online friendships and shared my personal journey of recovering from a head injury. Plus, I shared some tips on how to manage our schedule, counter the effects of social media, and celebrate progress over small improvements.
Episode 23 : The Legacy Behind Fore Essentials: A Family Story with Fadia Atme
May 19, 2023 • 24 MIN
In this podcast episode of Lessons from the Core, we hear from Fadia, Atme owner and CEO of Fore Essentials, a natural skincare company based in Ottawa which is inspired by her family. She discussed the challenges she faced when moving to Canada from Lebanon, and how she overcame them to build a successful business. The podcast also covered the importance of self-care and the benefits of having support when managing multiple responsibilities and roles. Fadia shared her own skincare tips, explaining that hydration, diet, and the products we use all impact the health of our skin. Enjoy the episode and visit her shop here: https://www.foreessentials.com/
Episode 22 : Holistic Nutrition and Mindful Eating Habits with Bracken Gogolin
May 11, 2023 • 35 MIN
Today's podcast episode was all about mindful nutrition and networking. Thank you to my guest, Bracken Gogolin, RHN, who shared some amazing tips on how to incorporate healthy habits into our diet without feeling overwhelmed. Instead of trying to remove things from our diet, Bracken suggests slowly adding in healthy options like greens, protein, fiber, and fats. Also, we talked about networking and how meeting the right people can open doors to new opportunities for entrepreneurs. Don't forget to check out the podcast for more amazing insights and tips. Add health benefits to your life starting now.
Episode 21 : Honoring a Mother's Legacy Through Music with Ririn Andiana Astari
May 4, 2023 • 24 MIN
In the latest episode of Lessons From The Core, we had the honor of talking to an amazing mom, wife, singer, MC and friend, Ririn Andiana Astari. We shared some inspiring stories and lessons - ones that we're excited to share with you. Ririn spoke about her experience working at the Indonisian embassy, being on TV, producing music and being an active member of her community. What we found most inspiring was how she handled the tough times, including losing her mother, rebuilding herself after a difficult relationship, meeting the love of her life and the joys of motherhood. Through these challenges, Ririn stayed motivated and focused on her passions to produce a legacy for her mother through music.
Episode 20 : Living with Fibromyalgia: Tips and Shortcuts for Managing Chronic Pain with Krista Ranne
April 27, 2023 • 30 MIN
In this episode of the podcast, we talked about some amazing tools for dealing with fibromyalgia and chronic pain. We discussed the importance of finding the right support, sharing tips and shortcuts, and the power of community. My friend Krista Ranne was my guest and shared her journey of managing fibromyalgia with healthy living and gave us some amazing tips on coping with chronic pain and setting boundaries. We also talked about the importance of planning and organizing to reduce decision-making fatigue, adapting to find joy in work, and finding new activities to try. So, if you want to learn more about healthy living and managing chronic pain, be sure to check out the show notes for an upcoming course, and don't forget to sign up for the amazing guide that Krista has created. Enter the In Balance Pilates giveaway here. https://kingsumo.com/g/dsfd6o/pilates-giveaway-from-in-balance-pilates Stay strong and keep learning those lessons from the core! 💪🏼 #chronicpain #fibromyalgia #healthylifestyle #communitysupport #planning #organizing #positivity #selfcare
Episode 19 : Putting Your Best Face Forward with Rose Caddy Nwaha
April 20, 2023 • 34 MIN
On episode #19 of the Lessons From The Core podcast, I had the pleasure of hosting Rose Caddy Nwaha, a nurse, and owner of Roccoderm Clinic and Rocan Agency. She shares her experiences of networking and building successful businesses, and how her lifelong passion for nursing has led to the creation of a thriving medical, aesthetic, beauty, and wellness clinic. Share this out! Enter the In Balance Pilates giveaway here: https://kingsumo.com/g/dsfd6o/pilates-giveaway-from-in-balance-pilates
Episode 18 : Giving Back to the Community: Finding Fulfillment Through Volunteering with Zaeira Yakova
April 14, 2023 • 23 MIN
Join MetroCity Children’s Foundation Bowl-A-Thon presented by Mattamy Homes to raise funds for Big Brothers & Big Sisters Ottawa. April 29, 2023 1- 3 pm EST Merivale Bowling RSVP: MeteroCity Property IG Welcome to our latest episode, where we focus on the importance of consistency and accountability in our lives. Our guest, Zaeira Yakova, emphasizes the significance of developing habits, being accountable for them, and collaborating to improve our quality of life. She shares her passion for volunteering and all of the details for the fundraising event coming up. This is a free event for families to come together and bowl for a great cause.
Episode 17 : Lessons From Adventure - Growing and Filming in the Tallest Peaks with Carter Purtelle
April 6, 2023 • 28 MIN
"The Power of Sharing Your Story": "What I didn't know is that I was going to end up putting it out there for a theater release and to have so much support from the community." — Carter Purtelle, Are you ready to go on an adventure? Today's episode is all about mountaineering and turning that experience into a film. Kilimanjaro Ascending The Void. Our guest this week is my cousin, Carter Purtelle. This episode is sponsored by Cartier Productions.
Episode 16 : Empowering Entrepreneurs: The Birth of WOW Network with Carol-Chantal Seguin
March 30, 2023 • 35 MIN
On this episode of Lessons From The Core, we have guest Carol-Chantal Seguin, founder of WOW Network, to discuss her successful social networking community for women entrepreneurs. The episode delves into the story behind WOW's creation and the emphasis on heart-centered businesses, mentorship, and community building.
Episode : 15 Unlocking Success with Praveeni Perera
March 23, 2023 • 35 MIN
Episode #15 Unlocking Success with Praveeni PereraUnlocking Success with Welcome to the Lessons From The Core Podcast with your host Lisa Khera. This episode is sponsored by: The Weekend Fashionista Today, we have a special guest with us – Praveeni Perera. She's an influencer, blogger, and professor of international business at Algonquin College. She has a book titled "Cocktails and Conversations: A Guide to Networking," and she's an expert in networking, communication, and global business.
Episode 14 : Core Strategies with Jessica Bosch
March 15, 2023 • 38 MIN
On this Lessons From The Core episode, host Lisa Khera invites fellow author and entrepreneur Jessica Bosch to discuss the power of writing and tapping into intuition. Jess shares her mission to help women become "healed, heard, and whole" and emphasizes writing as a personal expression and empowerment tool. The two also touch on the importance of surrounding oneself with supportive people and pursuing creative goals. The conversation dives into Jess's retreats, which offer all-inclusive experiences focused on personal growth and development. From cold plunging in a creek to survival skills, attendees are encouraged to strip away surface concerns and tap into their inner potential. Join Lisa and Jess as they talk about the power of writing, moving the body, and personal growth on this episode of Lessons From The Core.
Episode 13 : One Year Later - Cheers To Networking!
March 10, 2023 • 17 MIN
This episode is a Thank YOU to all of the event organizers in Ottawa! Contact lisa@inbalancepilates.ca and let me know what you are hosting next.
Episode 12 : Time To Heal with Catherine Landry
March 2, 2023 • 37 MIN
Welcome to episode 12 of Lessons from The Core podcast with your host Lisa Khera. On this podcast episode, we welcome Catherine Landry, a community builder and events specialist with over 95k members within her 21 Facebook groups. Join us as we dive into Catherine's upcoming event Heal, an event celebrating International Women's Day on March 7th at the NAC in Ottawa, Ontario. Catherine has been a catalyst for bringing communities together and empowering them with much-needed knowledge, introductions, and collaborations. Get to know more about her background, events portfolio and hear more about the upcoming event Heal.
Episode 11 : Meditation - One Breath At A Time
February 23, 2023 • 29 MIN
This week's episode is a guided meditation that you can replay anytime to return to the present moment. Get comfortable and breathe, this is your time to relax. Get our entire library of guided meditations today.
Episode 10 : Lessons On Community with Kim Cullen
February 17, 2023 • 40 MIN
Welcome to episode #10 of the Lessons From The Core Podcast. Today, I’m filled with community love for my guest and fellow student from the podcast launch community. Kim Cullen is today's guest and we are talking about hosting and managing online communities! We both met inside Chris Cownden’s podcast group and Kim recently launched her own podcast called Community Over KPIs.
Episode 9 : Lessons On Finances with Ericka Ushliyanage
February 9, 2023 • 33 MIN
Welcome to the Lessons From The Core Podcast with your host Lisa Khera. This is episode #9, sponsored by: Mortgage Approvals Ottawa. On today’s show, I'm thrilled to have my friend and fellow entrepreneur, Ericka Ushliyanage, mom of two active and loving boys, entrepreneur, Team Manager, and Mortgage Agent with Mortgage Approvals Ottawa, Life Coach, and Marketing Management Consultant.
Episode 8 : Networking Nuances - Tips To Show up With Ease & Intention
February 3, 2023 • 26 MIN
Welcome to the lessons from the core podcast with your host Lisa Khera this episode is sponsored by In Balance Pilates. Today we are going deep on networking with tips to show up with ease and intention with the training called Networking Nuances from our course Pilates For Podcasters. I’m so happy to have you here on this podcast journey with me I’ve taught Pilates for over 22 years and I created this podcast to share these Lessons From The Core with you. A special thank you to my cousin Drexel Purtelle, my like-a-cousin Donny Taite, and their band Kojakmusic.com for letting me use their song “Long Way To Go” for the intro. I invite you to listen to the song and dance or sing it out with each episode from the Lessons From The Core podcast and get your own lessons from the lyrics. What roads do you keep going down? Where have you been unwilling to change your habits - maybe now is the time to learn to self-reflect on the lessons and see those red flags faster so you can get on the right road and path. Sometimes we can spend years on one road or pattern and it’s all that we know until we learn the right lesson from the core. We covered: Why network? Tips on how to pre-plan and prepare for the event. Setting Energy intentions. Triggers & tools.
Episode 7 : Writing Prompts to Feel and Heal
January 27, 2023 • 20 MIN
Welcome to this episode of the Lessons From the Core podcast. This week we are talking about using writing as a healing tool. You’ll get lots of writing prompts and ways to connect with your own inner lessons. For this week’s episode, you’ll need your favourite notebook & pen. We are diving into some writing prompts because if you are here you fully understand the need to feel your feelings. We are using writing prompts to write it to feel it and write it to heal it. Writing is such a powerful inner tool for self-growth, understanding, and success. Add your email and download the first set of prompts 1-10 and see the show notes below for another list of prompts to get you writing.
Episode 6 : Lessons On Alignment with Zaeira Yakova
January 19, 2023 • 33 MIN
On this episode, we have my friend, special guest, and Real Estate agent Zaeira Yakova, from the Metro City Property Group. Zaeira works selling homes in the Ottawa area and has a mission to remind you to back yourself up and help others. Start your day with a good morning routine and set your intention to help others and serve the community through volunteering and staying true to your purpose. As a licensed Realtor® in Ottawa, Zaeira represents homeowners and future homeowners in all regions of the city including Kanata, Stittsville, Barrhaven, and Orleans. Raised in Ottawa, Zaeira understands the infinite benefits of living in Canada’s Capital Region and is devoted to listening intently to match individuals and families to the properties and neighbourhoods that best suit their needs. Zaeira has worked as an Investment and Mortgages Advisor for Canada’s two major financial institutions where she helped Canadians in different life stages plan for and reach their financial goals. Join us as we talk about how she got into real estate, her passion for volunteering, and her key lessons on listening to your inner knowing to stay true to your alignment and purpose. I just love her energy and I know you will too.
Episode 5 : Schedule & Accountability Check UP
January 12, 2023 • 23 MIN
Join me for this episode to check in on your workout consistency and accountability. Get easy tools to make movement a daily non-negotiable. Daily tips and schedules to make movement and exercise an activity that you love to do.
Episode 4 : Happy New Year!
January 5, 2023 • 23 MIN
Happy New Year! We danced the night away and brought in the new year with our favourite people, places, and LIVE music. Join us in the episode for breathing exercises and tools to bring you into your inner calm. Check the show notes for links and all the hookups you'll need in the county.
Episode 3 : Chris Cownden Talking With Experts
December 29, 2022 • 46 MIN
Join me for episode 3 with my guest Chris Cownden AKA The Expert Whisperer is the founder and CEO of Podcast Launch Agency and The Podcast Launch Academy and is on a mission to launch 1000 podcasts for experts at all levels by October 2024. His first podcast was a success and after interviewing 52 experts in less than 4 months, he was able to take his life and business career to a whole new level. He has a Facebook group called "Podcast Launch Community" which is filled with podcasting experts, hard to reach CEOs, thought leaders, social media influencers, agency owners, coaches and serial entrepreneurs. Everyone in the community has a voice and expertise that they are invited to share. Inspiration and Empowerment is the goal. Everyone is one conversation away from reaching a wider audience, finding a co-founder or finding their next podcast guest. And our goal is to launch, grow and monetize your podcast as soon as possible. You can leverage the community, leverage our authority, leverage our contacts and more. Chris Cownden has partnered with a podcast booking agency, leaders in branding, leaders in affiliate marketing, a client fulfillment platform, a web development platform, other podcasters, other SaaS platforms, an outsourcing platform, startups, and more. In this interview, we chatted about his first career as a chef, the painful surgeries that led him to re-create a new career path, and how he became more passionate about life by helping others share their lives through podcasting. You’ll find out about his next 30-day podcast launch Challenge, Giveaway, and our partner Course, Pilates For Podcasters and so much more.
Episode 2 : Stop Putting Them On A Pedestal
December 24, 2022 • 24 MIN
Why I Stopped Nutriding I figured I would let you in on an inside joke we have in our household. The term is called "Nutriding" and essentially means putting someone on a pedestal. We all know that when you put someone else above you they immediately start looking down on you. The dynamic and energy shifts and it usually ends up in a big old pile of life lessons. If you feel like you have lost touch with your first impression intuition or have found yourself in a room where the vibe was just full of red flags but you didn't listen - this episode will help you reconnect with what's important: movement and meditation to allow you to connect with your inner knowing. Tools mentioned: 30-Day Meditation Planner: https://bookme.name/LisaKhera/30dayplanner PILATES: in-person and online https://themastera.com/inbalancepilates Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/577269179145752 Let's connect on social media: “Let the breath be your anchor.” Lisa Khera www.inbalancepilates.ca Book Pilates sessions: https://bookme.name/LisaKhera IG: @lisakhera @concussionwritingcommunity Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/inbalancepilates.ca Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/577269179145752 LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lisa-khera-a6153552/?originalSubdomain=ca Virtual Studio: https://themastera.com/inbalancepilates Enter the GIVEAWAY: https://kingsumo.com/g/rfqtcv/podcast-launch-giveaway
Episode 1 : Starting From The Core
December 12, 2022 • 21 MIN
Hi and welcome to the Lessons From The Core podcast with your host, Lisa Khera. This episode is sponsored by In Balance Pilates. Let's start at the core with episode 1. I absolutely love sharing out other businesses and just being there to help bring more attention to other people's communities and the things that they have going on. I think it's so absolutely important to have that collaboration and community and to really want to see others shine. It's such a gift to be able to help other people get a little bit more visibility on their businesses and that's where my passion really comes from wanting to continue with this new podcast called Lessons from the Core. Join me for solo sessions and expert interviews with authors, studio, business owners, creatives, and others that want to share their lessons from the core with you. Enter the giveaway here: https://kingsumo.com/g/rfqtcv/podcast-launch-giveaway
Lessons From The Core : Trailer
December 12, 2022 • 2 MIN
Welcome to the Lessons From The Core Podcast with your host Lisa Khera. I’m thrilled to have you here on this podcast journey with me. I’ve taught Pilates for over 22 years, I’m a wife, a mother, best-selling author and I created this podcast to share these Lessons From The Core with you. The name of the podcast is also the name of the chapter title I wrote in the best-selling book called Women Who Inspire. You will hear from other authors, studios, business owners, creatives, and others willing to share their red flag moments and lessons so that you can gain that inner knowing and evolve. You’ll get bonus guided meditations and Pilates class downloads, subscribe to the show so you don’t miss a lesson.