Lessons From The Core
Episode 1 : Starting From The Core
December 12, 2022
Hi and welcome to the Lessons From The Core podcast with your host, Lisa Khera. This episode is sponsored by In Balance Pilates. Let's start at the core with episode 1. I absolutely love sharing out other businesses and just being there to help bring more attention to other people's communities and the things that they have going on. I think it's so absolutely important to have that collaboration and community and to really want to see others shine. It's such a gift to be able to help other people get a little bit more visibility on their businesses and that's where my passion really comes from wanting to continue with this new podcast called Lessons from the Core. Join me for solo sessions and expert interviews with authors, studio, business owners, creatives, and others that want to share their lessons from the core with you. Enter the giveaway here: https://kingsumo.com/g/rfqtcv/podcast-launch-giveaway
Hi and welcome to the Lessons From The Core podcast with your host, Lisa Khera. This episode is sponsored by In Balance Pilates

There are so many ways to increase that reach and visibility, so many ways to help other businesses shine, and bring the light on other authors, and entrepreneurs. That's definitely what I'm here to do. I always love to ask my guests about their own red flag moments and what lessons they learned from the situation.

Being able to learn from our own mistakes, experiences, and lessons, being able to sit back and listen to someone else's story and hear what kind of lessons they were able to gain and move forward to see yourself a little bit and their story to be able to move forward with growth.

We all know if we don't get that lesson right away, it's only going to keep repeating in other people, other groups, other jobs, and other business endeavors, right? We need to feel it, heal it. We're human. No more of this shutting off feelings. Face the lessons and move forward.

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