Lessons From The Core
Episode 4 : Happy New Year!
January 5, 2023
Happy New Year! We danced the night away and brought in the new year with our favourite people, places, and LIVE music. Join us in the episode for breathing exercises and tools to bring you into your inner calm. Check the show notes for links and all the hookups you'll need in the county.
Welcome to episode #4 - Happy New Year!
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We spent our New Year’s dancing til 2 am at The Cape in Picton - what a beautiful venue, check it out. 

Thank you to Kojak for the best NYE party and for letting me use your song 
Long Way To Go - for my intro music. 

Special thanks and shout out to my photographer & designer for the Podcast cover art.

Photo credit: Revelation Marketing 
Graphic designer: Lane Fortinez

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Breathing Exercises taught in this episode from the course Breathe Into Calm. 

  1. Word Breath
  2. 3D Breath
  3. Heart Breath 

Thank you so much for being here!