Lessons From The Core
Episode 24 : Improving Social Skills After a Head Injury: Honest Reflections and Growth
May 27, 2023
Hey everyone, it's Lisa Khera and I'm here to share some insights from the latest podcast episode! In this episode, we discussed the importance of networking, being kind to yourself, and improving relationships with friends. I also touched on the significance of online friendships and shared my personal journey of recovering from a head injury. Plus, I shared some tips on how to manage our schedule, counter the effects of social media, and celebrate progress over small improvements.
In the latest Lessons From The Core episode, Lisa Khera shares her insights on networking, improving relationships, and celebrating progress.

In this episode, we are sending out our condolences to the family of Marwin Strong.
Lisa interviewed author Marwin Strong previously about his book Back From The Shadows of Death - Fulfilling Life's Mission with God's Help, check out that interview here. Marwin passed away suddenly in April 2023. His impact and legacy have touched so many hearts. We will continue to share his work and dedication to youth in his community.

Link to Book
Link to Interview

Here are key takeaways from this podcast episode:

Face challenges head-on: Lisa encourages listeners to embrace the lessons and how far they've come, especially in addressing past challenges. She acknowledges that there may be certain filters or social skills that may have been lost after a head injury and emphasizes the importance of being honest with oneself.

No matter what you're working through, it's important to recognize how much you've already accomplished.

Networking is vital: As someone who has suffered a head injury and had challenges with socializing, Lisa highlights the importance of networking and engaging in conversations. She advises attending events, having fun with friendships, and feeling carefree like a kid.

Take care of yourself and your schedule: Lisa also speaks on taking care of oneself by listening to the body and incorporating movement, meditation, and therapy into daily activities.

She also recommends assessing your schedule and seeing if there's anything you can remove to lighten the load.

Listening to this episode will make you want to celebrate the small improvements in your life.
So if you're looking for some inspiration, make sure to give it a listen!

Thanks again to my podcast support Chris Cownden for always giving me words of encouragement just when I need it!

Also, a weekly THANK YOU to the band Kojak for letting me use their song for my intro - thanks cousins!!

Long Way To Go - for my intro music. 

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