Lessons From The Core
Episode 14 : Core Strategies with Jessica Bosch
March 15, 2023
On this Lessons From The Core episode, host Lisa Khera invites fellow author and entrepreneur Jessica Bosch to discuss the power of writing and tapping into intuition. Jess shares her mission to help women become "healed, heard, and whole" and emphasizes writing as a personal expression and empowerment tool. The two also touch on the importance of surrounding oneself with supportive people and pursuing creative goals. The conversation dives into Jess's retreats, which offer all-inclusive experiences focused on personal growth and development. From cold plunging in a creek to survival skills, attendees are encouraged to strip away surface concerns and tap into their inner potential. Join Lisa and Jess as they talk about the power of writing, moving the body, and personal growth on this episode of Lessons From The Core.
Welcome to the Lessons From The Core Podcast with your host Lisa Khera. 

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Passion Point Press 
On today’s show, I'm thrilled to have my friend and fellow author & entrepreneur, 

Jessica Bosch 

Jessica Bosch is a self-published author and writing coach. She is the author of Grit Matters, a 60-day gratitude journal with journaling prompts to help people on their own journeys to personal growth.

Jess is a wife and mom from Montana. She is the founder of Passion Point Press and Wilder Way Retreats. She is also an avid hiker and outdoorswoman.

Passionate about helping people find their soul's voice, and uncover their personal passion point, by tapping into their intuition and writing through hard truths of our personal stories to pull power. 

After spending a year writing her memoir, she realized that it was more of a personal healing process, and decided to create Grit Matters as a tool to help others. Last June, Jessica published her book and experienced the joy of seeing it in print for the first time at a retreat. She continues to help others through her work as a life coach and as an author.

Her focus is to help women write their own permission slips to live life on their terms on what feels good not just looks good.


- Writing can be a powerful tool to help you connect with your intuition and express your feelings without fear of judgment. Jess's goal is to help women become "healed, heard, and whole" through writing.

- Trust your gut and surround yourself with people who encourage and support you. If someone in your circle doesn't offer that support, it's okay to move on.

- Taking care of yourself, physically and mentally, should be a priority. Jess emphasizes the importance of combining inner work such as writing with body work such as Pilates to create a sensual feeling that can boost confidence and empowerment.

Tune in to the podcast to learn more about Jess's writing retreats and how attendees can tap into their true potential through personal growth and capabilities.

I’m thrilled to have you here on this podcast journey with me. I’ve taught Pilates for over 22 years, I’m a wife, a mother, best-selling author and I created this podcast to share these Lessons From The Core with you.

As you listen in each week, I invite you to think about which roads do you keep going down? 

Where have you been unwilling to change your habits - maybe now is the time to learn to self-reflect on the lessons and see those red flags faster so you can get on the right road and path. 

Sometimes we can spend years on one road or pattern and it’s all that we know until we learn the right lesson from the core. 

Highlights from the interview:

I. Grit Matters: Writing as a Tool for Healing and Growth
- How writing can serve as a personal healing process and a means to help others
- The benefits of journaling prompts and gratitude practices for personal growth
- Examples of how writing and Pilates can be integrated into a daily self-care routine

II. The Power of Retreats for Self-Discovery and Community Building
- The value of creating space to write, discuss, and process emotions and challenges
- The accessibility and inclusivity of retreats, both in terms of cost and activities
- The variety of outdoor and survival skills, yoga and meditation practices, and creative workshops offered
- Practical tips for attending a retreat, such as packing light, embracing uncertainty, and trusting your gut

III. Building Confidence and Resilience through Self-Care and Inner Work
- The connection between self-care, self-love, and feeling sexy from the inside out
- How memoir writing can help heal past wounds and empower people to create their own stories
- The importance of surrounding oneself with supportive and like-minded individuals
- A preview of an upcoming retreat in Standing Nation, Montana, featuring horses, reiki, and cold plunging

She is releasing her memoir fall of 2023, Hosting a journaling workshop March 30 - April 21st, and hosting a women's Retreat at Live Oak Ranch in St. Ignatius, Montana. July 28- 30, 2023

Journaling Workshop The Power Of Writing It Out and UNTAMED WILDER WAY WOMENS RETREAT

Get Jessica's JOURNAL here:
Grit Matters Journal
Grit Matters: A Life Worth Fighting For https://a.co/d/g28BT0n

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Writing Workshop

Contact Jessica here:

"Stripping Away the Surface": "I want to strip some of that away so that you really tap into who you are and what you're capable of, because that piece is the most powerful."
— Jessica Bosch 

Self-Care is Sexy: "There is a confidence and there's this beauty in actually feeling sexy from the inside out. And so a lot of the times that starts with that inner work, writing, doing Pilates, all of that, and it starts to show on the outside."
— Jessica Bosch 

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