Lessons From The Core
Episode 11 : Meditation - One Breath At A Time
February 23, 2023
This week's episode is a guided meditation that you can replay anytime to return to the present moment. Get comfortable and breathe, this is your time to relax. Get our entire library of guided meditations today.
LFTC Episode 11 Meditation - One Breath At a Time 

Welcome to the Lessons From The Core Podcast with your host Lisa Khera.

I’m thrilled to have you here on this podcast journey with me. I’ve taught Pilates for over 22 years, I’m a wife, a mother, best-selling author and I created this podcast to share these Lessons From The Core with you.

The podcast's name is also the name of the chapter title I wrote in the best-selling book Women Who Inspire. 

You will hear from other authors, studios, business owners, creatives, and others willing to share their red flag moments and lessons so that you can gain that inner knowing and evolve. 

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I’m all about movement and meditation so I have many resources for you.

Today’s episode is a guided meditation that you can return to and replay to take you into the moment.

The meditation starts at around 13:20 - 26:00 so get comfortable and get rid of distractions - this is your time to be in the present moment.

I offer some easy breathing exercises you can do any time - to get the full training check out Breathe Into Calm here. 

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