Lessons From The Core
Episode 28: How Loss Led to Resilience and Purpose with Elaine Lindsay
June 22, 2023
The Best Worst Gift: "Her death, although it turned my world upside down and put me on a horrifically destructive path for the next few years, it came to be the best, worst gift anyone's ever given me because she made me one of those left behind." — Elaine Lindsay On this episode of Lessons From The Core, host Lisa Khera talks with guest Elaine Lindsay about her difficult experiences with suicide ideation and her journey towards personal growth and starting her podcast, Suicide Zen Forgiveness. Elaine shares how shifting between tasks helps her avoid burnout and come up with new ideas, and emphasizes the importance of reading and learning. She also discusses her experiences with loss and trauma, and how they inspired her to start her own podcast.
On this episode of Lessons From The Core, host Lisa Khera talks with guest Elaine Lindsay about her harrowing experiences with suicide ideation, navigating medical procedures, her journey towards personal growth, and starting her podcast, Suicide Zen Forgiveness.

With a focus on mental health, Elaine shares her mission to end the silence surrounding suicide ideation and normalize the conversation on her podcast to offer support to her community. She also discusses various aspects of her life and business, including her experiences with medical difficulties and we geek out on SEO and digital integration.

Over the course of the conversation, Elaine shares her valuable insights on managing burnout, embracing personal growth, and overcoming professional obstacles.

Elaine emphasizes the importance of being flexible and finding ways to utilize strengths during times of difficulty. She shares her personal approach of doing multiple tasks in a day to avoid burnout.
Shifting between tasks allows her to come up with new ideas and approaches. Elaine credits her love for learning to her natural curiosity and recommends reading as an essential tool for continuous learning and improvement.

We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did and learn from Elaine's life lessons. Stay tuned for more insightful episodes of Lessons From The Core.

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Suicide Zen Forgiveness.

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