Lessons From The Core
Episode 23 : The Legacy Behind Fore Essentials: A Family Story with Fadia Atme
May 19, 2023
In this podcast episode of Lessons from the Core, we hear from Fadia, Atme owner and CEO of Fore Essentials, a natural skincare company based in Ottawa which is inspired by her family. She discussed the challenges she faced when moving to Canada from Lebanon, and how she overcame them to build a successful business. The podcast also covered the importance of self-care and the benefits of having support when managing multiple responsibilities and roles. Fadia shared her own skincare tips, explaining that hydration, diet, and the products we use all impact the health of our skin. Enjoy the episode and visit her shop here: https://www.foreessentials.com/
Today's podcast episode is all about The Legacy Behind Fore Essentials: A Family Story with Fadia Atme, owner and CEO of Fore Essentials, a skincare products company based in Ottawa, Canada. 

As a Lebanese immigrant who moved to Canada after getting married, Fadia worked hard to learn English and start a new life. Her success with Fore Essentials is a testament to her dedication and perseverance. 

The podcast also discusses the importance of prioritizing self-care, especially when managing many different responsibilities and roles. Fadia suggests having support with household tasks and utilizing healthy products for the whole family.

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