Lessons From The Core
Episode 25 : Summer Flexibility: Working Out, Lazy Days & Retreats
June 1, 2023
It's the last month of school and things have gone by so quickly. I'll only be posting a couple of episodes in June due to work going on at my home office and studio, but don't worry - I'll be back to my regular schedule soon! If you want to get in to be a guest on the podcast, fill out the form listed below. Live classes are on hold this week so get our APP to get your body moving. Pilates, anytime, anywhere. For just $21 a month, you'll have access to all my classes. With summer around the corner, I'm prioritizing my workouts and enjoying the lazy days. I'm decluttering and planning PILATES retreats, which I invite my favorite people to join me on. And don't forget about my daily meditations where you can learn some new practices. The summer season brings about changes, so remember to prioritize yourself and your happiness. Stay tuned for more and don't forget to check out my app! #Pilates #Mindfulness #SummerGoals #Retreats #WorkFromHome
It's June, the last month of school and the year has gone by in a flash. For the next month, there will only be 2 episodes of the podcast due to work being done at my home office and studio. However, we've got more classes coming in a couple of weeks!

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With the changing seasons, I suggest trying new physical activities to keep your body moving. And don't forget to prioritize meditation, which can help process emotions and learn important lessons.

Speaking of summer, I’m planning 2 weekends and 1-midweek PILATES RETREAT trip to my favorite places. You can always send in a request to join me! These will be in the beautiful Prince Edward County - Pilates, movement, music, beach, and relaxation.

I love summer and embrace the lazy days of it, beaches for days! I can't wait to share my favourite places to enjoy the Canadian summer!

OUR Pilates and Prince Edward County retreat is in the cards. The retreat will be a 2-night stay with activities such as a Pilates class, breathing exercises workshop, a trip to the beach, a meal at the acoustic grill, and a show by my favorite band. Get in touch to reserve your spot!

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Check out this reel from our night out at The Regent. 

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Thank you to my cousin’s band Kojak for letting me use your song 
Long Way To Go - for my intro music. 

Spunkmire - Kojak’s song used in the credits on Carter’s film. 
Check out our favourite restaurant: The Acoustic Grill in Picton, Ontario. 

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