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When AI Speaks | When Authors Lie About Income
April 24, 2023 • 39 MIN
On this episode of Author News Weekly, we discuss the challenges indie authors face when it comes to reporting sales and income. We explore the trustworthiness of self-reported income and how it can affect financial integrity. Additionally, we touch on the concerns surrounding artificial intelligence (AI) and how it impacts the job market. We also discuss the use of AI-generated voices and its potential to spread false information. Finally, we address the idea that AI-generated literature is on the horizon and how authors can use AI tools to improve the quality and speed of their book production while maintaining professionalism.
The Sanderson Saga | Audio Is Here, But the Stores Are Closing
April 17, 2023 • 39 MIN
Authors Direct, a website that allowed authors to sell books directly to readers, is closing down. The site is discontinuing service on May 31, 2020. Book Depository, an online bookseller owned by Amazon, is closing its US and Australian warehouses. The company will no longer ship orders to those countries. Audiobooks could be the next frontier for advertising. Brands are starting to experiment with sponsoring audiobooks, and some publishers are even creating custom content for advertisers. Brandon Sanderson is a best-selling fantasy author. He has published over 40 novels, including the Mistborn series and The Stormlight Archive.
It Makes No Censorship! | Censortivity Readers
April 10, 2023 • 35 MIN
In light of recent censorship concerns, many are taking a closer look at the work of beloved children's author Roald Dahl. Dahl's books have come under fire for their insensitive and sometimes violent content. ChatGPT, a startup that uses artificial intelligence to generate e-books, has launched on Amazon. The company's goal is to create realistic, well-written stories that can be produced quickly and cheaply. A concerning trend in the publishing industry is the increasing use of sensitivity readers. Sensitivity readers are hired to flag potentially offensive content in books before they are published. Facebook has come under fire for censoring authors and disappearing their posts. The company has been accused of censoring conservative voices and stifling free speech. Don't quit social media just stop using it. Authors should consider the benefits of social media, such as connecting with readers and building an audience, but be aware of the negative effects it can have on their mental health. - - - - - -
Find Me On Blowhole | Amazon's (Terrible) Plagiarism Policy
March 20, 2023 • 35 MIN
The Authors Guild has introduced a new model clause that prohibits the use of authors' works in artificial intelligence training. This would protect authors' intellectual property and ensure they get compensated for their work. The recent trend of "sensitivity readers" censoring children's books has caused a stir in the literary world, with many arguing that it goes against Roald Dahl's legacy of writing for children. Finally, Amazon's use of automated piracy detection has led to numerous authors being wrongfully accused and punished for copyright infringement. This has caused a lot of frustration and confusion for those authors and calls for better protections.
Hugh Howey's Got A TV Series! | Does Nothing... Again
March 13, 2023 • 37 MIN
Apple TV Plus has released a trailer for their new drama, Silo. The show is set in a future where the last humans left on earth are living in a silo underground, and follows their fight for survival., an online retailer for indie bookstores, is now selling e-books and plans to publish its first print title. The company has partnered with Ingram Content Group to make its e-books available to libraries and schools. Publishers Weekly has announced their 2021 Publishing Industry Awards winners. won the award for Retailer of the Year, while Ingram Content Group won the award for Distributor of the Year. - - -
The Accidental Delay Edition | Get Your Algorithm On
February 6, 2023 • 31 MIN
The Authors Guild has announced that Amazon is changing its ebook return policy. Previously, ebooks could be returned for a full refund within seven days of purchase. Now, ebooks can only be returned for a partial refund within 30 days of purchase. In a recent blog post, publishing industry veteran Mike Shatzkin concludes that authors do not need publishers. He argues that publishers are no longer necessary to distribute books or provide editorial feedback. Book Idea Validation Mastery is a new course from Kindlepreneur that promises to teach students how to validate their book ideas and make sure they are profitable before investing time and money into writing and publishing them. - - -
Nick Still Hates Book Signings | The Top Trends for 2023
January 16, 2023 • 35 MIN
The Top 10 Publishing Trends for 2023 predicts that increased digitalization, greater diversity in publishing and more opportunities for self-publishing will be among the top trends in publishing for the coming year. It also highlights the importance of a digital-first approach to publishing and the need for publishers to stay agile and adapt quickly to changing market conditions. Amazon Book Sales Statistics provide insights into the size and scope of Amazon's book sales. It highlights that Amazon is the top online retailer for books and the majority of book sales in the US are made on Amazon. Additionally, the article states that Amazon is the biggest platform for self-publishers, accounting for 70% of their digital book sales. Sell More Books with a Booksellers Mindset provides tips on how authors and publishers can leverage the knowledge and skills of booksellers to promote their books. The article suggests authors should focus on building relationships with booksellers to increase visibility and sales, as well as paying attention to regional bookstores and small local bookstores for added exposure. Additionally, the article recommends authors to use booksellers to help build a loyal fan base.
That Sanderson's So Hot Right Now | Surprise! I'm Not Dead!
January 9, 2023 • 20 MIN
Kobo Writing Life gives advice on how to better market books by changing the mindset from that of an author to that of a bookseller. Brandon Sanderson gives an update on his current writing projects and what fans can expect in the next year. USA Today reports that author Susan Meachen-Moley is alive and well, years after she was thought to have committed suicide.
The Writing Advice You Know You Need | How to Hate Social Media
January 2, 2023 • 30 MIN
Professional authors have a lot of great advice when it comes to writing. Some of their tips include staying organized, setting realistic goals, and being willing to revise your work. Social media can be a great tool for authors, but it is not necessary for everyone. It is important to consider what platform would work best for you and your book. - - -
Book Signing Blues & Twitter Tears | Amazon's Latest Author Page Shake-Up
December 26, 2022 • 32 MIN
A new writer tweeted about a low book signing turnout and famous authors commiserate. Speech to text software can be a valuable writing tool for writers. Amazon is making changes to their Author Pages in the US. You can sell more books by thinking like a bookseller. Links: - - - - -
USA Today Bestseller List: RIP (For Now) | The Evolving Door of Authorship
December 19, 2022 • 35 MIN
Ingram Content Group is expanding its reach into the business-to-consumer market with the launch of a new online platform that will sell directly to readers. After more than 30 years, the USA Today Bestseller list is going on hiatus after the longtime editor in charge was laid off. As authors' incomes increase, they often start to focus more on writing what they want and less on writing what will sell. Links: - - - -
Your Book Sucks and it's Your Fault | Dean Wesley Smith Just Doesn't Care
November 14, 2022 • 47 MIN
1. BookBaby offers a few different suggestions for speech-to-text software that can be helpful for writers. 2. Dean Wesley Smith argues that caring too much about what others think of your work will only hinder your success as a writer. 3. According to 6 Figure Authors, book sales have been down due to a number of reasons, including the rise in popularity of audiobooks and eBooks. 4. Spotify is in the process of adding 98 million new music titles to its Prime service, which could pose a threat to Apple Music. 5. Amazon's new addition of 98 million music titles to Prime could be cause for worry among publishers. - - - - -
Penguin-Random-Simon-Schuster-House Is Not to Be | Love of Labor or Labor of Love?
November 3, 2022 • 35 MIN
1. Amazon has a number of bugs that can affect a Kindlepreneur's business, but there are ways to work around them. 2. A judge has blocked Paramount's sale of Simon & Schuster to Penguin Random House, citing antitrust concerns. 3. Book sales are down for a number of reasons, including the rise of digital media and the decline of brick-and-mortar stores. 4. Successful authors are often seen as creative geniuses, but they may actually be more like literary laborers. ### - - - -
Jim "The Poet" Heskett | Writer, Should You Quit?
October 31, 2022 • 33 MIN
In Kris' ninth installment of "How Writers Fail," she covers the topic of quitting. She argues that quitting is not always a bad thing, but sometimes it is necessary in order to move on to something better. In a blog post from Draft2Digital, the company lists 10 ways that their authors market their print books. Some of the tips include using social media, leveraging local bookstores, and running ads. Kindlepreneur covers different Amazon bugs that authors should be aware of. Some of these bugs include problems with reviews, publishing dates, and metadata. ###
Rise and Grind | Big Boxes of Books
October 24, 2022 • 34 MIN
1. The daily routines of successful authors vary, but many find that a set schedule helps them to be productive. 2. Audiobooks are becoming increasingly popular, with many people finding them more convenient than traditional books. 3. BBB Publishing, a paid anthology and boxed set publisher, is in danger of imploding due to mismanagement. ### - - -
Welcome to the Bookchain | To Edit or Not to Edit
October 17, 2022 • 0 MIN
Indie authors now have more opportunities than ever to receive recognition for their work. With the increasing popularity of self-publishing, many book awards have been created specifically for indie authors. This is a great way to get your work noticed and to build your platform as an author. NFT ebooks are going to be a reality. This means that you will be able to buy, sell, and trade ebooks like you would any other digital asset. This could have a major impact on the publishing industry, and it will be interesting to see how it plays out. Investing in your writing career is important if you want to be successful. This means more than just taking a few writing courses. You need to be willing to invest time and money into your career, and you need to be patient. ### - - - -
Genre is What Now? | Seven Deadly Sins of Prologues
October 10, 2022 • 0 MIN
This week, in "Genres Are Historical and Cultural," B.D. McClay argues that genre is a product of history and culture and not an objective category. In "How TikTok Is Changing Book Cover Designs," TikTok is changing the book industry by making book covers more visually appealing. In "Seven Deadly Sins of Prologues," Kristen Lamb lists seven ways in which prologues can be ineffective. ###
We're Proud of You, Robot | France is Doing... What?
October 3, 2022 • 34 MIN
In a recent art contest, an AI beat out human artists, leading to frustration among the latter. Amazon is changing its policy on e-book returns, much to the chagrin of the Authors Guild. Meanwhile, France is planning to institute a minimum book delivery fee for Amazon in order to support its postal service. ###
Spotify, Hear Ye, Hear Ye | "Hybrid" Is Finally Defined!
September 26, 2022 • 30 MIN
The Independent Book Publishers Association has released a set of criteria for what defines a "hybrid publisher." Spotify has announced the launch of audiobooks for US listeners. The new service will be integrated with the existing Spotify app. Books are physically changing because of inflation, with publishers using smaller fonts and thinner paper to save costs. ###
(We're Back!) B&N Facing Backlash | We're the Random House!
September 19, 2022 • 38 MIN
In the wake of a recent controversy, Waterstones CEO James Daunt has addressed the furor over the bookselling chain's policy on middle grade fiction. Daunt stated that the policy was not meant to be exclusionary, and that Waterstones is committed to stocking a wide range of titles. No, most books don't sell. Only a dozen or so books from any given year become bestsellers, and the vast majority of books don't sell more than a few hundred copies. The Freewrite AlphaSmart is a smart typewriter that connects to the internet and has an e-ink display. The device is designed for writers who want to focus on their work without distractions. ### Links in this episode: - - -
This AI is Cringe | Good Morning, 'Murica
June 6, 2022 • 22 MIN
In "K Allado-McDowell on GPT-3, Amor, and Cringe," the author interviews K Allado-McDowell, a senior engineer at OpenAI, about the development of GPT-3, a new language model. Allado-McDowell discusses the potential applications of the model, as well as the ethical concerns around its use. In "How to Fail as a Writer," the author discusses some of the habits that lead to failure as a writer. These include procrastination, perfectionism, and not seeking feedback. Also, more talk about media attention (do you really need it?) and how to get it. ###
Kill and Tell | Amazon Book Clubs?
May 30, 2022 • 27 MIN
In May of 2022, Nancy Crampton-Brophy, a writer, was found guilty of murdering her husband. She had previously written a novel in which a woman killed her husband. Amazon started a monthly book club in April of 2022. Kerri Sullivan wrote an article in May of 2022 about how working with libraries can help sell books. In April of 2022, published an article about productivity hacks. - - - -
Turns Out No One Likes Hybrid | Dead Books and Dead Twitter
May 24, 2022 • 35 MIN
The Amazon Kindle will now be able to convert ePub files to the Kindle format, making it easier for readers to switch between platforms. A UK investigation into hybrid publishing has found widespread dissatisfaction, with many authors feeling misled and cheated. Kindlepreneur provides tips on reviving a dead book, and an audit of President Biden's Twitter followers reveals that almost half of them are fake. ### On this episode: - - - -
Jim Doesn’t Like Tiki Masala | Just Don’t Write About Doctors!
May 16, 2022 • 31 MIN
Email can be a helpful tool in achieving productivity goals. It can be used to manage tasks, set reminders, and track goals. However, it is important to use email in moderation and to be aware of the potential for email to become a time-waster. There are many ways to brainstorm story ideas. Some methods include free-writing, mind-mapping, and word association. It is important to find a method that works for you and to be open to new ideas. There are several mistakes that authors make when writing about doctors. These include making the doctor the main character, making the doctor seem perfect, and making the doctor's job seem glamorous. It is important to avoid these mistakes in order to create a realistic and relatable character. ### - - -
Even More Reasons to Hate Social Media | True Sci-Fi Crime
May 9, 2022 • 29 MIN
Social media comments are important for a variety of reasons. They can help businesses understand what their customers want and how they can improve their products or services. Additionally, social media comments can help spread word-of-mouth marketing for a business. Finally, negative comments can be used as an opportunity to improve customer service. But are they important for authors? Lauren Hough's Lambda Literary Award nomination was rescinded after social media comments called her out for allegedly plagiarizing parts of her novel. The incident highlights the importance of social media comments in the literary world. Science fiction and crime fiction are often lumped together, but they are actually quite different. Science fiction is usually set in the future and deals with themes of science and technology, while crime fiction is set in the present or past and deals with themes of crime and justice. However, there are some similarities between the two genres, such as their focus on suspense and plot twists. If you're a fan of crime fiction, you might want to give science fiction a try. ### - - -
Traditional Publishers Run Out of Excuses || Don’t Kill Someone Then Write About It
May 2, 2022 • 27 MIN
In this episode: Authors often make mistakes when writing about doctors, due to a lack of understanding of the medical field. As print sales plummet, the industry blames "print fatigue." Two Charles Darwin notebooks disappeared more than 20 years ago, but have recently reappeared. Nancy Crampton-Brophy, a novelist, is on trial for killing her husband. Millennials and Gen Z are reviving chain bookstores. ### - - - - -
10 Myths of Writing || Best Practices for Best Editing
April 18, 2022 • 27 MIN
When you hire an editor, there are best practices for working with an independent editor that you should follow. First, you should be clear about what you want from the editor. Next, you should give the editor enough time to do their job. Finally, you should be prepared to accept the editor's suggestions. There are also 10 myths of writing about crime that you should be aware of. Myth 1 is that you need to have experienced crime to write about it. Myth 2 is that you need to have a law degree to write about crime. Myth 3 is that you need to be a police officer or a detective to write about crime. ### - - - -
How to Be A Dictator | Giving Away 1,000,000 Books
April 11, 2022 • 31 MIN
Dictating a book can be a great way to get your ideas down quickly, but it's important to make sure you have a good system in place. Make sure you have a way to transcribe your dictation, and that you're comfortable with the way you're speaking. It's also important to keep in mind that you'll need to edit your work, so don't worry too much about perfection. Rejection is a part of writing, but there are ways to make it less painful. First, remember that it's not personal. Second, don't take it too seriously. Third, don't give up. Fourth, learn from your mistakes. Fifth, move on. Larry Brown was a legendary writer, and his writing shack was a reflection of that. It was filled with books, cigarettes, and whiskey. He wrote every day, and his work was defined by its simplicity and honesty. The Washington Post is giving away a copy of Virginia Jennifer Williams's book, The Virginia Way. The book is a love letter to the state of Virginia, and it explores the history, culture, and people of the state. ### - - - -
Should We Hate Brandon Sanderson? | Big and Useless Words
April 4, 2022 • 31 MIN
Brandon Sanderson, a best-selling author, raised millions of dollars on Kickstarter to write and self-publish a new book series. Some other authors are upset about this, because it sets a precedent for authors asking their fans for money instead of going through traditional publishing companies. Meanwhile, a man from Portage, Michigan pled guilty to wire fraud after he and three other men sold counterfeit textbooks on Amazon, making over $15 million dollars in the process. Finally, George R.R. Martin, another best-selling author, wrote a blog post about the changing landscape of publishing. He states that the industry is moving more towards self-publishing, and that this could be a good or bad thing. - - - -
Scammers, Cheats, and Chandler Bolts | Fighting The Inner Critic
March 28, 2022 • 27 MIN
Amazon self-publishing is a great way to get your book out there, but it's not worth it if you're not willing to put in the work. Ghostwriting scams are becoming more and more common, so it's important to know how to spot them. Book advertising can be a great way to get your book noticed, but it's not the only way. The writer's inner critic is something that all writers have to deal with, but it's important to keep it in check. - - - -
The Smashening | The Art of Suspense
March 21, 2022 • 28 MIN
- D2D acquires Smashwords. Why does this matter? - More about the Iowa ghostwriting beef from last week. An in depth article on what the hell happened, and, spoiler alert, the author dismissed her lawsuit. - Along the lines of the above story (where the author might not have read the terms too well) is Wattpad’s crappy entry rules. - The art of suspense. - How many books does it take to make a home? (hint, you definitely don't have enough)
The Book Was Better | The Adaptation Game
March 14, 2022 • 27 MIN
Whsmith, the UK's largest bookstore chain, has been accused of paying publishers to feature books on their bestseller charts. — The Nelson Agency has released their end of year stats for their agency. The results are… interesting (and pessimistic for all you new authors looking for a traditional deal). — In a study of the top 100 films from 2000-2017, it was found that films based on books earned 53% more at the worldwide box office. This is largely due to the fact that books are often more in-depth and have a more complex plot than films. The article also discusses how film adaptations of books can be a double-edged sword, as they can be both a blessing and a curse. — Publishers are looking for new ways to adapt their books into other formats. The adaptation game is a way for publishers to find new and innovative ways to adapt their books into other formats. — George Saunders, author of Lincoln in the Bardo, offers advice on how to get started writing a book. He suggests that writers should start by writing about what they know, and to use their own voice. He also recommends that writers read as much as possible and to keep writing.
How to Break Rules | Turns Out Kindle is Rich
March 7, 2022 • 27 MIN
We wanted to talk about the trends in the Kindle category for 2021 and 2022. This article mentions that the Kindle category is expected to grow by $1.2 billion in 2021 and $1.8 billion in 2022. The article also mentions that the Kindle category will be dominated by romance, mystery, and thriller books. — Buffer is a social media management tool that allows users to schedule posts and track analytics. The article talks about the benefits of using Buffer for personal and business accounts. We talk about how to use Buffer as an author. — This article discusses 10 grammar rules that are often broken. We discuss the rules and provide examples of how they are broken, and why we may not care.
More Publishing Trends for 2022
February 14, 2022 • 31 MIN
The publishing industry is going through a lot of changes, and this article talks about 8 of them. The first trend is that people are reading less and publishers are looking for new ways to reach readers. The second trend is that there are more self-published authors coming out with their own work. The third trend is that the book industry is being pushed into the digital age, and there have been many new developments in this area.
Publishing Trends for 2022 | The Real-Life Book Thief
February 7, 2022 • 27 MIN
A man was arrested for allegedly stealing unpublished books from a London bookstore. The man was found to have a large quantity of books in his possession, including many unpublished titles. The police are investigating the man's motives and the extent of his thefts. — The publishing industry is going through a lot of changes, and this article talks about 8 of them. The first trend is that people are reading less and publishers are looking for new ways to reach readers. The second trend is that there are more self-published authors coming out with their own work. The third trend is that the book industry is being pushed into the digital age, and there have been many new developments in this area.
How (Not) to Use Social Media to Sell Books | Book Credits — Yay or Nay?
January 31, 2022 • 25 MIN
According to a recent study, social media followings don't reliably predict book sales. In other words, just because an author has a lot of Twitter followers doesn't mean their book will be a bestseller. This is due to a number of factors, including the fact that many social media users are not in the habit of buying books. However, this doesn't mean that social media can't be used to sell books. If publishers are willing to put in the effort, they can use social media platforms to reach new readers and promote their authors' work. One way to make books more appealing to potential readers is to include a credits page, similar to the ones found in movies and TV shows. This would list the people who contributed to the book, such as the editor, designer, and illustrator. Including a credits page would provide readers with more information about the book and could help them decide whether or not to buy it. - - - -
The NEW New (Totally New) Facebook… for Authors | Nick Hates Surveys
January 24, 2022 • 25 MIN
In a Goodreads-esque sort of move, a seemingly well-meaning person has decided to "shake up" the author and reader social game. No way this backfires, right? Also, hear why Nick hates surveys! ### - - -
Are You In the Club(house)? | The Mysterious Vague Mystery of Vagaries
January 17, 2022 • 23 MIN
All about Clubhouse, all about writing mysteries. Don't miss this — Vellum 3.0 is out! ### - - - -
New Year, New You: Writers’ Edition
January 11, 2022 • 32 MIN
Today’s episode is all about Vegas. 20BooksTo50k - Vegas, anyway. If you missed out, catch up on the best presentations and talks now! ### - - - New Years’ Goals and Such
Vegas, Baby!
January 3, 2022 • 23 MIN
Today’s episode is all about Vegas. 20BooksTo50k - Vegas, anyway. If you missed out, catch up on the best presentations and talks now! ### - Findaway acquired by Spotify - Vegas, baby! - Ghostwriting — how to set expectations
Another Day, Another Lawsuit | Three Authors in a Large Trenchcoat
December 20, 2021 • 26 MIN
Yep, another lawsuit. This time it's, well, the same sort of thing we always hear — the Big 6? 5? 4? are now become the Big 3? Also, did you hear that one about the three authors stacked up on top of one another in a huge trenchcoat pretending to be one person? Well, that's sort of what we're dealing with here... ### - - - -
How to Write a Book in 100 Years | The Next Chapter In Marketing
December 13, 2021 • 25 MIN
How long could you sit on your current WIP/manuscript? How about... over 100 years? That's what this author is doing, along with others who are taking part in the "future library" project... ### - - -
The Most Obvious News Ever | All About the Lists
December 6, 2021 • 28 MIN
Want to hit a bestseller list to ease your humbling pleas toward vanity? We didn't think so. But if you're secretly still hoping for some clarity regarding the big lists and how to get on them, listen to this one. ### - - -
The Fall of an Erotic Hero | Think Like A Horror Writer
November 29, 2021 • 27 MIN
In a twisted case of role-swapping, an erotica author is now the one binding people — to contracts that she's not reverting. Also digging into writing better villains by following the lead of horror writers. ### - - - -
Hardcover Options Through KDP | AI Audiobooks: Not If, But When
November 22, 2021 • 23 MIN
Amazon KDP launches their hardcover program (out of beta), and early reviews are good. We also cover the advent of artificial intelligence as it pertains to audiobooks. The future is now, folks! Get on board or get left behind! ### - - -
The Annual ANW Spelling Bee | The $1.5M First Edition
November 15, 2021 • 29 MIN
Perhaps the most interesting podcast episode you'll ever hear (at least today)... join us as we talk bookstores, Frankenstein, and throw down in an epic writerly spelling bee. ### - Acquisition to Bookstore: The Lifecycle - Keeping Series’ Organized Sucks: - Frankenstein: - Bonus content: Mary Shelley’s Virginity: - How to Start A Book Podcast:
Launching A Book w/ Kate Greenwood
November 1, 2021 • 39 MIN
Kate Greenwood asked a question on Reddit, and got plenty of responses. These responses ranged from the completely unhelpful to the misguided-yet-well-meaning. R.A. decided to bring her on the show, where us professionalz could try to help her out, without the BS. ### -
Should We Feel Bad for Agents? | QueryShark Doo Doo Doo
October 25, 2021 • 28 MIN
All the agents are up in arms! (Or, at least, the ones who are up in arms about stuff). Should we care? Also, let's talk queries! *shudder* ### - Big Business of LIbrary E-Books: - Craft: How to make your story longer? As in, things are plotted well, how do you actually put the meat on the skeleton? What do you concentrate on? - Follow up to the Audible return beef:  - Poor Agents? 
Personalize Everything for Better Sales?
October 18, 2021 • 28 MIN
In a world of customized ads, not-so-secret “always on” listening devices, and plenty of spy-level technology, shouldn’t our recommendations engines for entertainment catch up as well? And should books be part of that advancement? Creepy or necessary? Welcome or terrifying? ### - How to use Vellum on Windows: - Netflix artwork: should personalization win the day? - Purple prose, and why we should care:
Jimterview! - An Interview with Thriller Author Jim Heskett
October 11, 2021 • 27 MIN
Who is the REAL Jim Heskett. Author, ranter, father, man of mystery. Hear the official interview now! ### -
How to Get More Reviews | Marketing With A+ Content
October 4, 2021 • 31 MIN
You've seen the fancy new A+ content on some of Amazon's sales pages, right? Here's how to make it work for you. Also in this episode: reviews! How to get them, and when you need them! ### - BookFunnel announcing author swaps: - How to Get Book Reviews for Self-Published Authors - Amazon A+ Content for Authors - Outsource Your Weaknesses
Smarketing! (Smart Marketing) | How to Market Your Book
September 27, 2021 • 26 MIN
Marvel's paying peanuts? Anyone surprised? James Patterson writes another book... with Dolly Parton? How to win an award with your book (and does it even matter?). ### - - - VIA Passive Guy - Will a traditional publisher republish my self-published books: -
Prove Your Worth | A Novel’s Secret Ingredient
September 20, 2021 • 34 MIN
What if you had to prove your publishing rights in order to keep them? Why is this an issue? How do you write good dialogue? What are some tips and tricks to ensure that you’re writing good dialogue? What makes it good? Finally, what's a secret ingredient to a novel? ### - - 100 “Best” novels ever written. How many have you read? Any you’re dying to read? - -
100 Best Novels We Can Argue About | Good Will, Still Hunting
September 13, 2021 • 28 MIN
Podcasting to build an author platform? On writing Good Will Hunting. And here we go again: another list of "all-time greatest novels," as decided by someone who's not us. Join us as we argue about them all! ### - Every Book Lover Should Fear This Graph: - Good Will Hunting: - Will Podcasts Build Your Author Platform? - 100 Best Novels in English:
What Happened To Yer Grammar? | BookFunnel Strikes Again
August 30, 2021 • 28 MIN
Is teaching grammar racist? Is it even necessary? In a world of AI and machine learning-based editing and writing apps, will writing education be rendered obsolete? Speaking of apps, check out what BookFunnel's been up to! Finally, let's dig into what a self-publishing mainstay (Dean Wesley Smith) has been saying about the publishing industry (grains of salt recommended). Perhaps this will settle the age-old "traditional" or "indie" publishing debate once and for all. (Hint: no, it won't). ### - Dean Wesley Smith Stirring Up Stuff: - Three W’s of Scene Orientation: - BookFunnel Custom Domains: - Whatever Happened to Teaching Grammar? - Dave Berens' cover design:
Email for Authors | TikTok, BookTok, LockStockAndStuffTalk
August 23, 2021 • 27 MIN
BookFace, MyTok, TikLer, TubSpace — trying to keep all the social networks straight is, well, a job for a pre-adolescent. If that's what you want, please do not listen to this episode. (Although we're doing our best, and our best may be worth listening to...). Also other cool author-related news, so it's not just about social media... ### - David Gaughran’s email tips: - Congress going after Amazon? - Sci-Hub under attack, is freely available information also under attack? - TikTok? BookTok?
Your Favorite Conqueror | Can Novels Predict the Future?
August 16, 2021 • 24 MIN
Who's your favorite barbarous ancient conqueror? These are, of course, the topics you come here for. BUT in case they're not, we've got other topics on hand today as well — marketing tips from Amazon, writers helping writers, and more about the future... stay tuned! ### - Kindlepreneur marketing tips: - Writers Helping Writers: - Can Novels Predict the Future:
Amazon Ads Challenge | Write to Market?
July 19, 2021 • 34 MIN
Today we're dropping a new news jingle, played by our own Jim Heskett. That alone should be worth the listen. However, if you need more persuading, join us as we discuss Bryan Cohen's Amazon Ads Challenge, a new offering from Facebook, and more! ### - Bryan Cohen’s ad challenge: - Facebook entering the podcast game? - How to Write A Book to Market: - Agatha Christie’s Fans want to Turn Her Home into Literary Center: - New Wizarding World Launches free Harry Potter Hub:
The End of the Newsletter | Burnout, Schmurnout
July 12, 2021 • 33 MIN
Will Apple end the newsletter boom? What's Storytel, and why should you care? Do you remember what it was like to take a break and just relax? ### - Will apple end the newsletter boom?  - Storytel - Spotify partnership:   - How to combat burnout and take breaks. Can you even take a break? - 50 yo writes first novel. What would we tell people struggling to climb the mountain?
Of Werewolves and Men | Mo Pubby, Mo Scammy
July 5, 2021 • 31 MIN
John Steinbeck wrote a werewolf book? And in "obvious news of the day," more publishing shenanigans. Also, big changes coming to the writing/publishing space, and let's dive deep into contests! Should you enter them? ### - John Steinbeck wrote a werewolf book?! - Applying for contests: - Changes to the industry - Trad pub's take on the last ten years: 
Dave Chesson Talks Publishing | Atticus To Save the Day?
June 28, 2021 • 47 MIN
Dave Chesson, of Kindlepreneur and Publisher Rocket fame, master marketer and arms dealer (yep!), joins us this week on the show! His newest venture, Atticus, got off to an admittedly rocky start, but we discuss the future and what's in store for authors using it. - - -
The Nick Thacker-sode | The Greatest Amateur Writer You've Never Heard of
June 21, 2021 • 38 MIN
This week, it's all about Nick (Thacker). R.A. interviews our cohosts and panelists, one at a time, and this time it's Nick on the hot seat. Find out why Nick started writing, what he's working on, and how he deals with anxiety.
Their Screed is Greed | Is Jack Reacher Good Enough For Love?
June 14, 2021 • 35 MIN
Textbooks are expensive because… you know… the poor publishers have to… you know… make money. We guess? And are YOU a pretentious reader? Find out today on the show! - Ebook price fixing: - - - -
Sharks On A Plane | Old Bearded White Guy Promises He’ll Finish Fantasy Series…
May 31, 2021 • 27 MIN
“Can we start over?” “No.” Thus begins one of the most iconic (well, one day it will be. You heard it here first) episodes of any podcast of all time. ...Okay, maybe not. BUT one of the most iconic book series of all time is, undoubtedly, Game of Thrones. We’ll talk about that today, of course. (Or maybe we’re talking about someone else?) - SWFA How to write action scenes: - Flight attendant sells book for seven figures: - - -
Disney Still Hates You | Will You Pay for Podcasts?
May 17, 2021 • 37 MIN
As podcasters ourselves, we'd love to get our hands on your money! But is that how the world will work? Apple is betting big on it... - More Disney Shenanigans:  - Apple Podcast for pay:  - Book Subscription updates: - How to name characters: - More Hugh Howey:
Vella, Vellum, Voila! | Keeping It In the Family
May 11, 2021 • 39 MIN
Amazon breaks into* the short fiction game? *Not really, since Amazon pretty much makes the game... - Kindle Vella - Collaborations & Support from Partner/Family - Hugh Howey Mega List of Tips (We’ll dissect a few of these from time to time. See if they still hold up true to today’s best practices)
Amazon's A Jerk (Again) | How to Make Money with Short Fiction in 2021
May 3, 2021 • 35 MIN
Amazon's changing things up, but not really. Or maybe. We don't know. But they're kinda mean. Want to write short fiction and make more money from it? Listen to this. Links: - Amazon no longer supporting MOBI - “We listened to your feedback and are making it simpler to publish eBooks on Kindle. Starting June 28, 2021, we will no longer support files in MOBI, PRC or AZK formats when publishing new reflowable eBooks or updating the content for previously published eBooks. Instead, we ask publishers to use EPUB, KPF (Kindle Create files), or DOC/DOCX (Microsoft Word files) files for reflowable eBooks. Please note MOBI files are still accepted for fixed-layout eBooks.” - Amazon the Steamroller: - How DWS makes a living (in 2021!) with short fiction:
To Pre- or Not to Pre- | The Future of Books
April 26, 2021 • 33 MIN
The current state of the pre-order game, and the future of writing (and selling) books Links: - Preorders: - The future: - And more: -
Ol' Georgey | How to Waste Money on Book Trailers
April 19, 2021 • 33 MIN
What's George R. R. "Writes Too Slow" Martin up to? And should you invest in a book trailer? Links: -
Super-Secret KDP Stuff | Editing, Schmediting
April 12, 2021 • 43 MIN
What's going on over at KDP these days? A super-secret beta program? How to edit, according to David Gaughran. Links: - KDP Super Secret Beta Program - - - Why you should sell global (from Fussy Librarian Email) -
Be A Healthy Writer | The Noble Barnes
April 5, 2021 • 33 MIN
Is Barnes & Noble still relevant? Can they save themselves? How to stay healthy (as a writer) this year. Links: - - - - - - The Writer’s Well
The Pen Name Game | Amazon in the Hot Seat (Again)
March 29, 2021 • 38 MIN
Pen names beware - is Amazon outing you? Are they getting hit with ANOTHER price-fixing suit? What does it mean for authors? Links for this week’s episode: - - One thing you CAN do, however, is opt out of receiving physical mail via your Amazon marketing communication preferences. - - -
How to Go From $0 to $100k | Setting Goals
March 22, 2021 • 36 MIN
Can you really earn $100k from your writing? How can you approach goal setting in 2021? Find out on today's show!
What's the Deal With Disney? | Audio, ARCs, Awesomeness
March 15, 2021 • 31 MIN
Why did Disney stop paying royalties to the writer of Star Wars? How is that legal? New ideas in audiobooks, how to get more reviews from your ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies), and much more...
How to Fix Barnes & Noble | Is ACX Ripping Us Off (Probably)?
March 8, 2021 • 32 MIN
What's wrong with Barnes & Noble (and traditional booksellers)? Can these problems be solved? The ins and outs of audiobook royalties through Audible (hint: it ain't pretty). Are you healthy (as a writer)? Find out this and more today on the show!
The Gamification of Kindle | Facebook Enters the Newsletter Game
March 8, 2021 • 37 MIN
Is Amazon trying to make reading more fun? Is that even possible? What would a newsletter subscription service from Facebook even look like? Is any of this good (or bad) for authors? Find out today on the show...