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The Sanderson Saga | Audio Is Here, But the Stores Are Closing
April 17, 2023
Authors Direct, a website that allowed authors to sell books directly to readers, is closing down. The site is discontinuing service on May 31, 2020. Book Depository, an online bookseller owned by Amazon, is closing its US and Australian warehouses. The company will no longer ship orders to those countries. Audiobooks could be the next frontier for advertising. Brands are starting to experiment with sponsoring audiobooks, and some publishers are even creating custom content for advertisers. Brandon Sanderson is a best-selling fantasy author. He has published over 40 novels, including the Mistborn series and The Stormlight Archive.
[00:00:22] "Join us for Author News Weekly's Updates"

[00:03:31] Hit piece on Brandon Sanderson sparks discussion.

[00:09:40] "Sanderson's Forgiveness: A Lesson in Grace"

[00:13:15] "Audiobook Listeners Beware: Advertisements Mid-Read"

[00:19:51] "Tech giants explore new audiobook subscription models"

[00:22:26] "Advertising in books: a potential revenue opportunity?"

[00:24:54] "Authors Direct Discontinued: Impact on Audiobooks Industry"

[00:28:17] "Streamlining Your Sales: The Benefits of Pay Hip"

[00:29:36] "Book Funnel: A Convenient Ebook Library"

[00:30:55] "Book Depository Closing: Impact on Authors?"


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