Social Media For Streamlined Entrepreneurs
You know social media is crucial for your business to succeed, but how often have you gotten frustrated trying to navigate the ever changing world of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and TikTok? Whether you've had your business for years or are launching your first venture, subscribing to Social Media for Streamlined Entrepreneurs will give you the proven strategies and lessons you need to market your business, without it becoming a full-time job in itself. Jerry Potter, founder of Five Minute Social Media (100,000+ Subscribers on YouTube), is sharing what he's learned working with thousands of entrepreneurs worldwide so you can streamline your social media marketing, along with the rest of your business.
#16: Should Businesses Post Reels On Facebook & Instagram?
November 30, 2021 • 12 MIN
Reels are all the rage on Instagram and are rolling out to Facebook Business Pages, but are they worth your time? In this episode I break down why they are different than Posts & Stories, and discuss the opportunity for businesses using Reels.
#15: How Do I Get More Sales On Social Media?
November 16, 2021 • 14 MIN
How do I get more sales on social media? By the end of this episode you’re going to know 4 of the most common reasons your audience isn’t buying more on social media and how to overcome each of them.
#14: How To Deal With Complaints On Social Media
November 9, 2021 • 21 MIN
Complaints on social media can throw your whole day off, but in this episode I'm breaking down how to deal with them. This includes legitimate complaints from customers and clients, as well as internet haters and trolls. Unless you believe the entire internet loves you and always will, listen now.
#13: Stop Telling People What You Do (Please)
October 26, 2021 • 9 MIN
Most business owners rush to post about what they do for a living, but Streamlined Entrepreneurs say something else instead, and I'll share that with you in this episode. By the time you're done, you'll be able to instantly attract more people toward becoming buyers.
#12: How Many Social Networks Should I Be On?
October 19, 2021 • 13 MIN
It's easily one of the top 5 questions I get asked: How many social networks should I be on for my business? And the answer is probably fewer than you think. Social media is tempts us to be as many places as possible because it's free, but we have to factor in our time as well. Listen and get help deciding how many networks deserve your valuable time and attention.
#11: Why Isn't My Audience Engaging With My Posts?
October 12, 2021 • 9 MIN
Why isn't my audience engaging with my posts? Savannah in the UK submitted this question, and in this episode I'm sharing the 4 reasons people don't engage and how to fix them.
#10: Social Media Writing Tips: My 3-Step Formula
October 5, 2021 • 10 MIN
Images on social media are hugely important, because we have to stop that scroll, right? But it’s the words, whether written or spoken in a video, that get people to take action. In this episode I’m sharing my 3-step writing formula for social media so your audience is more likely to engage and take action.
#9: Social Media Won't Work (Without These 3 Things)
September 28, 2021 • 11 MIN
There are 3 key things that have to be aligned in your business to drive sales, and social media won't work without them.
#8: Choosing The Best Social Network For Your Business
September 21, 2021 • 12 MIN
Everyone chooses their social network based on where their audience is, but most of our ideal clients and customers can be found on most of the social networks! I'm sharing 4 additional things to help you decide which network is best for your business.
#7: Why We Don't Have Time For Social Media
September 14, 2021 • 12 MIN
Ever wonder why we don’t have time for social media in our businesses? Or why it feels that way? In this episode I’m going to break down 3 reasons why that is, and how to overcome them.
#6: Engagement vs. Sales on Social Media - Do You Need Both?
September 7, 2021 • 16 MIN
Engagement is the big buzzword around social media, but do we need engagement if all we really want is sales? The short answer is yes, but in this episode I’m sharing 3 reasons why engagement is so powerful so you can decide if it’s important for your business.
#5: Is Social Media The Best Place To Market Your Business?
August 31, 2021 • 15 MIN
Is Social Media the best place to market your business? Sometimes it’s not, and in this episode I’m going to share 3 questions to consider when making the best choice for your business.
#4: Why I Was Afraid To Sell On Social Media
August 24, 2021 • 17 MIN
If you've ever felt uncomfortable selling on social media, I'm sharing how I got over that, as well as how to get away with selling more often on social media, without spamming your audience.
#3: Do I Need To Spend Money On Social Media
August 17, 2021 • 14 MIN
Is spending money on social media worth it for YOUR business? That Boost button on Facebook & Instagram can be tempting, but this episode will help you decide if it is worth your money before you waste it.
#2: Why Copying Social Media Strategies Doesn't Work
August 17, 2021 • 16 MIN
Have you ever tried to copy what someone else was doing on social media, and it failed? And if you’re like me, you may have blamed yourself. “I’m just not as good as them.” But it’s NOT your fault it failed, and in this episode I’m going to break down 4 key reasons we fail when copying someone else’s strategy, as well as how to get around them.
#1: Why Are We Posting So Much?
August 17, 2021 • 19 MIN
How often should you post on social media for your business? I'm always shocked to see people bragging about posting a LOT. While posting a lot can make us feel like we're getting things done, over-posting hurts more than it helps. This episode will help you figure out how often you should post on social media.
[Trailer] New Podcast From Five Minute Social Media
August 3, 2021 • 2 MIN
Social media can be so overwhelming, until you prioritize the most important elements and ditch the rest. In Social Media for Streamlined Entrepreneurs, host Jerry Potter helps you do that for your business, so that you can get back to more important things in life.