Social Media For Streamlined Entrepreneurs
#8: Choosing The Best Social Network For Your Business
September 21, 2021
Everyone chooses their social network based on where their audience is, but most of our ideal clients and customers can be found on most of the social networks! I'm sharing 4 additional things to help you decide which network is best for your business.

When deciding which social network is worth your valuable time to market your business, it is important to figure out where your ideal customers are. But whether you are targeting women or men, old or young, the truth is most of our ideal customers are on most of the platforms!

You need to consider a few other things before committing to a social network for your business.

In this episode of Social Media for Streamlined Entrepreneurs  I’m sharing 5 crucial questions to ask to help you choose the best social network for your unique business.

In this episode:

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