The Contently Driven Podcast
Helping you make your business and life run easier. You thought being a female entrepreneur would give you the time you didn’t have in your corporate job. But now you find yourself not having enough time to get anything done. And you're in the habit of never switching off from your business. Plus you need to look after yourself? Yeah right! Learn the strategies you need to create better habits in your business that open up time and help you do the things you keep putting off. If you're ready to stop the habit of overwhelm and overworking so you can get back your time, this is the podcast for you. Hosted by Certified Habit Coach Gemma Lumicisi.
EP#1 : Stop Waiting, Do it Your Way
November 9, 2021 • 26 MIN
Often feel you’re chasing success and fulfilment, but you can’t find it? You are not alone. I get it because that was me running the success treadmill that keeps going. But unlike normal treadmills, yours doesn’t have an emergency shut off button. In this episode, you’ll meet your host Gemma Lumicisi and discover the truth behind success for high achieving people, plus learn more about Gemma and what the Contently Driven podcast will bring for you moving forward.
EP#2 : Combat Your Brain Blocks
December 1, 2021 • 28 MIN
Run a business? If so, do you block your own wisdom? Does your mind get in the way of how you want to run your business? If you’re like most female business owners then you’re not alone. In this episode, Gemma reveals the 4 largest mind blocks you'll face when growing a business.
EP#3 : Get Clear on Target Markets
December 2, 2021 • 17 MIN
Become a target market expert by the end of this Podcast. There are so many words and phrases experts throw around, am I right? So in this episode, you'll learn about a target audience, avatar, demographics and psychographics. WTF truly is all of this? Discover it all explained here so you can create marketing that actually works for your business.
EP#4 : So You Need A Marketing Funnel?
December 2, 2021 • 20 MIN
Stuck in a rabbit hole of watching endless videos and tutorials about what the heck a marketing funnel is? Well, in less than 20 minutes you’ll discover what it is and why you need it. So you'll finish this podcast excited to create one, or three. Why? Because you'll get unstuck with your funnel and get moving to create it or more.
EP#5 : Learn How to Feel Proud
December 9, 2021 • 21 MIN
Are you a high-achiever who never celebrates what you've done? Because you already quickly focus on the next big goal. If so, you're not alone but you deserve to feel proud. In this episode, you'll discover why it's challenging to feel proud and how to do it. Because stopping to acknowledge how awesome you are and feel pleased about your achievements is priceless.
EP#6 : Always Reconnect With Your Why
December 15, 2021 • 23 MIN
Feel disconnected from your business? It's completely normal if you do. But reconnecting with your why will bring back your connection and help grow your business too. In an automated and tech world, you lose sight of what's real and what isn't. Sound familiar? Discover why reconnecting with your why for going into business makes you human again. So you can shift focus to your humans (clients), and your business will flourish.
EP#7 : How to Relax Without Feeling Guilty
December 23, 2021 • 26 MIN
Feel guilty when you take time off? You're not alone. It's common to put pressure on yourself because you think that you should be working even when it's the holiday period. In this episode, you'll learn how to relax without feeling guilty. The difference between truly resting and being lazy is how to schedule your time to work more in less time and increase your resting time. It is possible to truly rest without feeling guilty and the pressure to be doing something.
EP#8 : Reflection Perfection. No Disaffection
January 11, 2022 • 19 MIN
If you race forward without ever stopping to acknowledge your awesomeness, then this stops now. Learn how to allow yourself to see what you've achieved so far because It's essential for your growth. But do you reflect on what you've done and feel dissatisfied? You're not alone. In this episode, you'll learn why reflection is a part of your advancement and moving forward. You'll also get three action steps to take when reflecting that help you move towards your goal and make it easier.
EP#9 : How to Get Unstuck in 2022
January 18, 2022 • 12 MIN
Feel something is holding you back? No matter what you do there is something that prevents you from getting what it is you're working towards. Then it's time to learn how to get unstuck because it's easier than you think. Have you ever thought, "there's something wrong with me?" "I must be doing something wrong"? If so, there isn't and you're not. Because you're human. There's nothing wrong with you and you know what you're doing. But in this episode, you'll discover the number one thing that's holding you back from moving forward. And how to overcome it so you can create what you're ready for in 2022 and beyond.
EP#10 : Stop Giving Up So Easily
January 27, 2022 • 28 MIN
Hate hard shit? It's ok if you do because, as humans, we are wired to seek comfort and pleasure. So doing hard shit, well, it feels hard. However, extreme growth is on the other side if you can push through the discomfort. In this episode, you'll learn how to stop giving up so easily because if you keep going, trying and believing, greatness is on the other side. You'll discover how to believe in yourself, what the Three C's of Belief are and how you can use them to stop giving up so easily and create your dreams.
EP#11 : It's Only Feb, Yet I'm Exhausted
February 2, 2022 • 20 MIN
Exhausted already? You're not alone because if you're like most people you feel like you're tired yet it's barely February. If you're wondering how the heck you'll get through this year then this is the episode for you. I share my top 5 tips on how to get through 2022. The most important part of feeling exhausted is not making your exhaustion worse than it is, you'll discover how NOT to do this and how to be kind to yourself as well.
EP#12 : Stop Control Freaking
February 9, 2022 • 28 MIN
Try to control everything in your business? And life? If so, you're not alone. But listen to this episode to discover how to stop control freaking and why it's the best thing you can do. When you try to control outcomes and your environment, it holds you back from growing your business and growing as a person. This means you'll keep trying to control what you can't until you eventually burn out. If you want to stop burnout, create more time in your business, and grow, this is the episode not to miss.
EP#13 : You Shouldn't Be Better
February 17, 2022 • 23 MIN
Suppose you try to be better than you are. All the time. If so, listen in because you shouldn't be better than you are as you're precisely how you're meant to be. If you wish you were like someone else, or your business was better or like someone else's, then tune in to learn how to stop doing this. There isn't anything you should or shouldn't be, and when it comes to business, you are never the problem. This episode digs into deep business mindset blocks and teachers you steps and processes to uncover them so you can figure out your business issues the most practical way.
EP#14 : It's Not What You Know
February 23, 2022 • 32 MIN
If you're a smart, succsessful business owner who feels stuck and struggling to grow, then this is the episode for you. Because in business, it's not what you know that grows. It all starts with your mindset. And yes, I'm talking about the challenging and real work to unstick the shit in your head that's holding you back. I'm not speaking about fluffy, foofy tell yourself positive sentences, and everything will be ok. This is the real stuff. Learn what a business mindset truthfully is. And why you're struggling to grow your business without using the most powerful tool you have. Your mind.
EP#15 : Learn The Fulfilment Formula
March 2, 2022 • 22 MIN
Struggling to find fulfilment? You've got a great job, friends, family, business, dog, children, whatever.... but something is missing? Then learn about the Fulfilment Formula immediately because I can tell you you're trying to find it in the wrong places. You'll be shocked once you learn how to find fulfilment and stop aiming for the fairytale.
EP#16 : Why You Shouldn't Fear, Fear
March 8, 2022 • 29 MIN
Hiding away from something you truly want to do? You're not alone because it's a standard human response. The truth is that you're feeling fear, but you don't know it. In this episode, you'll learn why you're not doing what it is you want or why you're holding yourself back from achieving a goal or growing your business. And what to do to overcome hiding away from your goals. Guess what? It's easier than you think...
EP#17 : To Compare is To Despair
March 17, 2022 • 20 MIN
Compare yourself to others? If so, don't fret because it's compeltely normal to do it in life and business. However, when you compare, it only leads to painful feelings of despair, jealousy, and inadequacy. And feeling this way isn't helpful to keep you on track in your business, goals and life. There is only one you, and there's no need to compare yourself to others. Discover how to stop the comparison trap in this episode so you can keep moving forward.
EP#18 : How to Believe in Your Business
March 24, 2022 • 19 MIN
Struggle to sell what you offer? You're not alone. In this episode, you'll learn why you struggle and how to own your shit. So when you're selling what you do in your business, you do it with confidence because you genuinely believe that what you sell is a no brainer. It is possible to sell what you do with confidence and stand by what you charge. Not sure how? Then tune in.
EP#19 : What to do Instead of Heroin
March 30, 2022 • 29 MIN
Find you constantly seek pleasure? You're not alone. As humans, we chase great feelings because of the reward our brain gives us. This reward is the brain chemical dopamine, and dam does it feel great. Yet, it deters us from getting things done and achieving our dreams. In this episode, I speak about how critical feel-good chemicals like endorphins and serotonin are for you and your well-being. As well as how to find a feeling of euphoria. But You'll learn the safe ways to get them so you don't spiral out of the focus of your life and business.
EP#20 : Ease The Pressure on Yourself
April 6, 2022 • 26 MIN
Do you think you're not there yet? If so, then in this episode, you'll learn to stop being in a hurry and soften the pressure you put on yourself. You feel the pressure because of the unrelenting expectations you've set for yourself. You may not even be aware, but if you often feel heavy, pressured or overwhelmed, you probably have high standards for yourself. In this episode, you'll discover why you have so much pressure on yourself, where you feel pressure inside your body and how you can have guilt-free downtime. Easing pressure does not mean producing or doing less. It means it's possible to do all the things while being kind to yourself. Discover more in this episode.
EP#21 : How to Stop Putting Shit Off
April 12, 2022 • 39 MIN
There's something between you and doing stuff. Especially if it's tied to success, achievement or change. Believe it or not, the something is your emotions. It's the difference between your body and brain telling you to go or stop. It's that simple. And learning emotionally intelligence will change your life. Learn the simple secret for WHY you're putting shit off and how you can begin to change the habit of doing it. If there's something you're trying to get and you feel stuck, you'll discover why in this episode.
EP#22 : Escaping the Distraction Trap
April 20, 2022 • 29 MIN
Getting rid of distractions is the key to staying focused and creating more time. Distractions waste your time and are bad habits. But each time you get distracted, you're rewarding your brain for it. This brain reward is why distractions are habitual and so easy to do. In this episode, you'll learn 4 steps to help you understand what your distractions are and how you can begin to stop getting distracted. So you can get more done in your life and business.
EP#23 : Learn the Habit of Being Bored
April 27, 2022 • 26 MIN
Want to improve your mental (brain) health? Learn how to be bored. Discover why doing nothing is critical to your well-being. True boredom is not escaping being bored and jumping onto a device to scroll. It's letting yourself sit there with no distractions. Why? Believe it or not, you're never resting your brain or giving it a break without letting it be boring. Plus, it's an excellent way to give you the motivation to do something you've been putting off.
EP#24 : Manifesting is Madness
May 4, 2022 • 24 MIN
Ever wondered about manifesting? What it is, and how to do it? This episode isn't about that. It's calling bullshit on what you hear about it. Visualisation is crucial when you've planned a goal. But it's not the only part. Tune in to hear why manifestation is madness and the actual steps you need to create something or achieve a goal.
EP#25 : Sneaky (Bad) Business Habits
May 11, 2022 • 27 MIN
Think you have no bad habits in your business? The truth is, there are sneaky unhelpful things you do without knowing that are habitual for you. Find it’s easy not to stick to your schedule? Learn the reason why in this episode and discover how to stay focused. The secret to a successfully run business is your habits. Plus, your ability to break bad ones and create new ones that serve you and your life. If you’re ready to create more time and energy in your business and life, discover how your habits are the tool to do it.
EP#26 : The Truth About Accountability
May 18, 2022 • 22 MIN
The truth about accountability is not what you think. It has different meanings for each person I've worked with. But without accountability, there isn't action. Whether it's accountability to yourself or someone else, you won't bother doing anything if it's not there. And is that what you want? Of course, it isn't. Learn what gets in the way of being accountable for yourself and stop putting yourself second. Plus, discover that accountability comes from inside you. And how you can leverage accountability to grow your business and achieve your goals.
EP#27 : How to Stop Worrying
May 25, 2022 • 22 MIN
Learning to stop worrying is critical to your mental and emotional health and business. Over worrying affects critical thinking and lessons your emotional resilience, meaning doing necessary tasks becomes harder. Why make your life and business harder when it doesn't have to be. In this episode, you'll learn actionable strategies to help reduce your worries, take control of your energy, have more time and start to re-regulate your sleep.
EP#28 : My Evolution From Coaching, with Nat
June 1, 2022 • 33 MIN
Ever thought about getting a coach? If you're on the fence, then tune into this episode. Because coaches help you achieve what you're struggling to do independently. Even coaches have coaches. A little bit of help goes a long way. And when you're deep in your mind's bullshit, you can't see other possibilities or solutions. This is where a coach helps. Join Gemma with her first-ever guest Nat for an open and candid chat where you'll discover what 18 months of coaching did for Nat. Everyone has a different reason for working with a coach. Whatever your reason, nothing is embarrassing about hiring a coach. And change is possible when you work with one. Tune in today.
EP#29 : The Habit of Scheduling Time
June 8, 2022 • 27 MIN
Are you good at scheduling your time? If so, let's take it to the next level. I'll teach you one thing no one has ever taught you about why you don't 100% stick to your schedule. Once you can master the habit of scheduling your time AND sticking to it, you can take over the world. Maybe not quite, but you'll bloody well have the time to try and do it. Get ready to go beyond time management and master how to schedule your time and get shit done.
EP#30 : Master The Habit of Copywriting
June 15, 2022 • 21 MIN
Want to have fun writing copy? In this episode, you'll discover how to make copywriting fun. Truth bomb? If you own a business, you need to write copy. You Can't escape it, so you may as well make it fun. Said everyone ever! Ready to make copywriting fun and easy? Discover ALL in this episode. Plus, you'll learn the secret challenge life coaches are committing to so they can make copywriting fun and easy.
EP#31 : How to Stop Copywriter's Block
June 22, 2022 • 25 MIN
Struggle with copywriting? Many factors block entrepreneurs from writing. Ever thought, I don't know how to write copy, or I don't know what to say? Learn how to overcome these and stop blocking yourself from connecting with your ideal clients Writing copy is easier than you think and in this episode you'll learn how to get writing and not stare at a blank screen anymore. Truth bomb? Copywriting is an essential skill for business owners so learning how to do it now means growing your business substantially.
EP#32 : Going Insane From the Brain Drain?
June 29, 2022 • 26 MIN
Ever feel mentally exhausted? You're not alone. It's normal for you to have a tired brain. But trying to keep working with brain drain means you can't strategically think while making mistakes and poor decisions. Brain drain is a challenging time, and not looking after yourself negatively impacts your business and health. Learn how to prevent mental exhaustion from happening in this episode. So you can look after yourself and your business in the best way possible.
EP#33 : Embrace Forward Moving Shit
July 6, 2022 • 19 MIN
Hate some of the tasks in your business? Yep. You and the rest of the world. It's normal not to want to do various tasks in your business, but the reality is... you have to. In this episode, you'll learn how to make it easier to do the things you don't want to do. But need to get done. Discover forward-moving shit.... you'll feel crap doing it, but you'll feel worse if you don't do it. It's all about embracing the shit feeling but putting on your big human pants and doing it anyway. Guess what? The shit feeling will go away, but not until you be a grown-up about it. Learn how to get moving in your business and be ok with it being hard. It will change the way you work in your business.
EP#34 : Be Bold With Your Words
July 12, 2022 • 17 MIN
Be bold with your words because it's the key to persuasion. When you write copy, it's critical to sound confident. Using too many words means you're taking your clients to snore-ville. We live in a busy world, and most people are "too busy" to read. They skim copy instead. This means writing copy to the point is crucial for its success. In this episode, you'll learn what NOT to do when writing copy to sound confident with your words.
EP#35 : Ultimate Website Checklist
July 21, 2022 • 17 MIN
Your website's job is to help your business. It's critical for your success. Not sure if your website is working for you? If so, this is the episode for you. Specific aspects of your website's accessibility, usability and friendliness make a website work well. Your job is to lead your website viewers on a journey through it. Make them want to search, learn and take action. This episode gives your tips to check off and see if your website is working well for your business.
EP#36 : How to Write Friendly Copy
July 27, 2022 • 19 MIN
Think copywriting should sound formal? Nope! When you write copy, it must be friendly and sound like you're speaking. Don't know how to do this? Then listen up. Because in this episode, you'll learn three tips for writing copy that's friendlier than a puppy. You connect with new clients through your words, and humans connect with friendly conversation. This means your copy should sound like a conversation with your best mate. It's a sure-fire way to convert the reader into a new client.
EP#37: How to Evaluate in Business
August 3, 2022 • 16 MIN
Do you properly evaluate your business? Many entrepreneurs are future-focused and forget to stop and see how far they've come. Future focus is critical in business. But more importantly, is evaluating what you've done so you can factually keep planning. Many entrepreneurs get stressed because what they're doing isn't working. However, they aren't paying attention to the business facts. Attention to business facts is the key to moving forward in your business. This episode teaches you how to evaluate correctly. So you can move forward more efficiently in your business.
EP#38: How to Reuse Content with Ashley
August 11, 2022 • 19 MIN
Think you need to reinvent the wheel every time you create content? Think again. Creating content and reusing it is the key to not overworking in your business. Content is king (as the experts will tell you), which means it's a massive part of growing your business. But that doesn't mean it needs to be hard. If creating content takes up too much of your time, this episode is for you. Join coach and multiple business owners Ashley Wolfe with Gemma as they discuss how to reuse content. Get simple tips about reusing it over and over while keeping it looking fresh so you can save time and sanity.
EP#39: Become More Visible in Business
August 18, 2022 • 17 MIN
How do you publicly show up in your business? If you’re not showing up online, you risk not finding new clients. People who don’t know who you are, can’t buy from you. Being visible is an issue for most entrepreneurs, and instead of showing up, we usually hide behind our computer screens. I get it, because the more you’re online, the more likely people will judge you. But guess what else is true? The more likely people will buy from you as well. Discover tips and tricks about how to show up and show off your business and knowledge online.
EP#40: No Research, No Copy
August 24, 2022 • 19 MIN
Believe it or not, research is the key to clever copywriting. Without proper research, you risk not connecting with your clients. This means your copy won't convert. In this episode, you'll discover three tips for conducting the best research so you can write copy that converts.
EP#41: Make Your Copywriting Sparkle
August 31, 2022 • 11 MIN
Does your copy stand out? Excellent copy is about connecting with your clients and writing how you speak. But it's also the art of persuasion with words. This means adding some creating power and sparkling words. So it stands out and captures attention. In this episode, you'll learn how to transform your copy so it stand out and grabs your clients.
EP#42: Stop Relying on Motivation
September 7, 2022 • 11 MIN
This episode is for you if you get halfway through something and then lose your motivation. Believe it or not motivation runs out . If you want to finish writing copy, you can't rely on motivation to see you through. This episode teaches you three tips on for to finish writing copy easily. Don't miss it.
EP#43: How Marketing Strategy is Simple
September 15, 2022 • 23 MIN
Discover a shockingly simple strategy that helps you grow your business. Believe it or not, the strategy doesn’t have to be complicated. What if I told you that developing your marketing strategy can be simple? Discover a foolproof strategy to grow your business.
EP#44: Learn How Your Clients Buy
September 22, 2022 • 18 MIN
Believe it or not, you have behaviours associated with why, how and when you buy something. Discover what consumer behaviour is and get inside the minds of your customers when they decide to buy from you. Throughout the day, you decide to buy something without thinking about it. Understanding these behaviours means knowing your clients more.
EP#45: Inside the Minds of Your Clients
September 28, 2022 • 19 MIN
Believe it or not, your brain goes through an entire journey before making a purchase. In this episode, you’ll learn the consumer decision-buying process to help you understand the reason your clients will buy from your business. Plus, discover which types of content to use in each stage. The consumer decision-buying process helps you align your marketing and sales strategy to set your business up for success.
EP#46: The 7 Steps of Marketing
October 5, 2022 • 19 MIN
What if you had a brilliant tool that ensures your business is on track? No need to imagine because there is one. It's the 7 Ps of marketing, It's a practical structure to evaluate and create the proper steps in all areas of your marketing. So you can grow your business the right way.
EP#47: Research is Your Friend
October 12, 2022 • 20 MIN
Do you hear the word market research and cringe a little? Any word with research attached to it seems overwhelming because a lot of work is involved. It's normal for entrepreneurs to avoid research, but it makes for the foundation of your business and strategy. But in this episode, I break down the fear of market research overwhelm into bite-sized and digestible pieces.
EP#48 How to Write to Sound Like You
October 19, 2022 • 13 MIN
What if you could write copy that sounds like you're speaking? You can. In this episode, you'll discover 3 simple tips about writing copy that sounds like you. Copywriting should connect with your clients and sound like you're conversing with your reader. Writing copy that's unique to you is critical for copywriting success, so discover how now.
EP#49 Become a Problem Solver
November 3, 2022 • 21 MIN
Discover how to become a problem solver to write more compelling copy. As a business owner and copywriter, your most excellent sales tool is becoming a client problem solving machine. If you're in a service business, with the economy tightening, your copy must become more compelling to your target audience. But in the most friendly and connecting way as well. Learn how to connect with your audience through your copy by solving your client's problems. So they'll be dying to connect with you.
EP#50 Drop the Perfect
November 18, 2022 • 12 MIN
Is striving for perfection stopping you from doing stuff in your business? If so, you're not alone. Trying to be perfect is the biggest stalling technique I see from business owners. There is no perfect in business so stop trying to get there. In this episode, you'll learn how to move past perfect so you can grow your business faster.
EP#51 Emotions Solve Problems
November 23, 2022 • 12 MIN
Discover the one question to ask yourself to make your copy convert more clients. Don't make the mistake of forgetting about your ideal client's emotions. Emotions solve your client's problems and help your copywriting covert. Listen to this episode to discover how to make your copywriting more human by using the power of emotions.
EP#52 Messy Mind? Messy Copywriting
November 30, 2022 • 12 MIN
Can't get started writing copy? Maybe it's a mess getting in your way. When your mind is confused, and you've got content everywhere, you risk confusing your clients or avoiding writing copy altogether. Copywriting is critical for online business owners, so you must clear the mess. Discover 3 simple steps to stop being confused, sort out the mess and make writing copy easier.
EP#53 Ready to Roll -By Gemma Lumicisi
December 7, 2022 • 14 MIN
Feeling stuck in your business? Ready to Roll is the book for you. I launched my second book in November 2022, and I share everything about it in this episode. I'll be reading the book live on the Contently Driven Podcast for the first time. This episode and book is for you if you’re sick of working too hard without the results you want. ​​​​​​​​