The Contently Driven Podcast
EP#14 : It's Not What You Know
February 23, 2022
If you're a smart, succsessful business owner who feels stuck and struggling to grow, then this is the episode for you. Because in business, it's not what you know that grows. It all starts with your mindset. And yes, I'm talking about the challenging and real work to unstick the shit in your head that's holding you back. I'm not speaking about fluffy, foofy tell yourself positive sentences, and everything will be ok. This is the real stuff. Learn what a business mindset truthfully is. And why you're struggling to grow your business without using the most powerful tool you have. Your mind.
This episode doesn't muck around. 

If you're ready to make changes to your life and business, then listen up. 

Because Gemma gets raw about the truth behind why your business isn't growing and why you feel stuck. 

So get ready to understand what's happening and how to fix it.