The Contently Driven Podcast
EP#13 : You Shouldn't Be Better
February 17, 2022
Suppose you try to be better than you are. All the time. If so, listen in because you shouldn't be better than you are as you're precisely how you're meant to be. If you wish you were like someone else, or your business was better or like someone else's, then tune in to learn how to stop doing this. There isn't anything you should or shouldn't be, and when it comes to business, you are never the problem. This episode digs into deep business mindset blocks and teachers you steps and processes to uncover them so you can figure out your business issues the most practical way.
This episode teaches you how to uncover some deep business mindset blocks so you can stop trying to fix a problem that's not there. 

Here's the truth, when it comes to problems in your business, they are separate from you. A business problem isn't a you problem, so stop trying to fix yourself by thinking you need to be better and not getting through the actual issue in your business. 

Join Gemma for another episode that shows you how to get unstuck in your business.