The Contently Driven Podcast
EP#22 : Escaping the Distraction Trap
April 20, 2022
Getting rid of distractions is the key to staying focused and creating more time. Distractions waste your time and are bad habits. But each time you get distracted, you're rewarding your brain for it. This brain reward is why distractions are habitual and so easy to do. In this episode, you'll learn 4 steps to help you understand what your distractions are and how you can begin to stop getting distracted. So you can get more done in your life and business.
You're not alone if you're like most entrepreneurs who realise they're wasting time after they've wasted it.

Nothing has gone wrong because distractions divert your attention from your current task, which happens to all of us.

Maintaining strict focus isn't easy, but it is possible to learn what's distracting you and change the habit so you can open up more time in your business and life.

Want to learn what your distraction habits are?

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