The Contently Driven Podcast
EP#28 : My Evolution From Coaching, with Nat
June 1, 2022
Ever thought about getting a coach? If you're on the fence, then tune into this episode. Because coaches help you achieve what you're struggling to do independently. Even coaches have coaches. A little bit of help goes a long way. And when you're deep in your mind's bullshit, you can't see other possibilities or solutions. This is where a coach helps. Join Gemma with her first-ever guest Nat for an open and candid chat where you'll discover what 18 months of coaching did for Nat. Everyone has a different reason for working with a coach. Whatever your reason, nothing is embarrassing about hiring a coach. And change is possible when you work with one. Tune in today.
Want to improve any area of your life and think a coach will help?

You're right because coaches help.

Even the top coaches have their coaches because everyone needs a little help and some clearing out of their minds to change their lives.

It is possible to make changes and do the impossible with the help of a coach.

Putting off getting a coach?

Learn how working with a coach changed everything for Nat in various areas of her life.

And her family's life too.

Need help learning how to create or break a habit?

I'm The Habit Coach For Entrepreneurs

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