The Contently Driven Podcast
EP#10 : Stop Giving Up So Easily
January 27, 2022
Hate hard shit? It's ok if you do because, as humans, we are wired to seek comfort and pleasure. So doing hard shit, well, it feels hard. However, extreme growth is on the other side if you can push through the discomfort. In this episode, you'll learn how to stop giving up so easily because if you keep going, trying and believing, greatness is on the other side. You'll discover how to believe in yourself, what the Three C's of Belief are and how you can use them to stop giving up so easily and create your dreams.
If you're ready to grow yourself, your business or both then this is the episode for you. I've discovered so many people give up before they've given it a red hot go. 

And I've got tips for you to stop doing this. Because with discomfort comes pleasure and your reward. 

And what if you were about to achieve your goal and you gave up that one time before? Thomas Edison failed at the lightbulb over 1000 times, imagine if he gave up? 

Learn how to not give up so easily in this episode so you can achieve what it is you want.