The Contently Driven Podcast
EP#1 : Stop Waiting, Do it Your Way
November 9, 2021
Often feel you’re chasing success and fulfilment, but you can’t find it? You are not alone. I get it because that was me running the success treadmill that keeps going. But unlike normal treadmills, yours doesn’t have an emergency shut off button. In this episode, you’ll meet your host Gemma Lumicisi and discover the truth behind success for high achieving people, plus learn more about Gemma and what the Contently Driven podcast will bring for you moving forward.
Are you a successful woman who feels something is missing?

Of course, you're successful. Own that shit, girl, because this is the podcast for you.

Because it teaches you how to be yourself, stop being hard on yourself and feel better. 

Plus, how to get shit done. 

For the business owners, how to be yourself. And write copy that sounds like you to connect with your clients. 

Hosted by Gemma Lumicisi, the founder of Contently Driven, who's a girl that's done all of the things. This is why the podcast is a mixed basket of goodness, knowledge and laughs.