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Social media marketer and coach, Phoebe Lay will be bringing you the latest insights and marketing tips to help you elevate your personal brand whilst being inspired by the strategies and stories from experts and conscious business owners from all around the world so you can thrive and shine both in business, and in life.
Episode 32: How Gift Mindset™ Brings Success In The Business With Renée Giarrusso
June 21, 2022 • 38 MIN
Organisations who want to be limitless and live their legacy trust Renée and her team to deliver interactive, informative, thought-provoking and relatable programs that bring learnings to life that are transformational, not transactional. With her highly developed skills in the area of learning reinforcement back on the job, she has the experience and understanding of what it takes to lead a high-performing team and organisational culture. In this episode, Renée shares the story behind the gift mindset & limitless leadership and how it helped her become the person she is today. You’ll learn how it matters and how you’ll also adapt the same for your own success. ABOUT RENÉE GIARUSSO Renée Giarrusso is a highly sought-after communication, leadership & mindset expert. She is a speaker, International award-winning author, facilitator, educator and coach (PCC) who works with leaders, teams and organisations to energise mindset and accelerate communication, collaboration and leadership to lift performance and culture. Renée has published three books with her first book Limitless Leadership published in 2016 that was soon followed with the Leaders of Influence anthology. In 2021 she published her third book: Gift Mindset™ - Unwrap the 12 gifts to lead and live a life of purpose, connection and contribution. This book won the USA Living Now Bronze Award in the Personal Growth category. She regularly shares her message on radio, podcasts, TV and as a columnist for publications such as: CEO World magazine, Thrive Global, Woman’s Agenda, The CEO Institute, Retail World and many more. She is also the host of the Limitless Leaders podcast. CONNECT WITH RENÉE GIARUSSO Connect with Renée on her website - Connect with Renée on Facebook - Connect with Renée on Twitter - Connect with Renée on Instagram - Connect with Renée on LinkedIn - Listen to Renée’s podcast - Limitless Leader Podcast - Grab your copy of Renée’s International Award-Winning Book Gift Mindset™ - Learn more about Renée’s Limitless Leaders 90-Day Connection Program - CONNECT WITH PHOEBE LAY Connect with Phoebe on LinkedIn - Connect with Phoebe on her website - Join the Thrive and Shine In Business Facebook Group -
Episode 31: Change Management For Leaders To Create More Productive Teams with Sian Stephens
May 31, 2022 • 39 MIN
Many of us were burned out as a result of the rapid change in the last few years. We were taught as leaders to put the customer first and to support our staff members. What we need to start with is having authentic workplace conversations to help our team manage the changes and unique individuality that exists within the team. In this episode of The Conscious Business Podcast, Sian and I discuss about managing change in the workplace and the importance of creating safe and engaging workplaces for our team. Sian has a solid background in Human Resources, where she helped leaders in understanding how unique individuals can be a gift in achieving success in the business. CONNECT WITH SIAN STEPHENS Connect with Sian on her website - Connect with Sian on LinkedIn - CONNECT WITH PHOEBE LAY Connect with Phoebe on LinkedIn - Connect with Phoebe on her website - Join the Thrive and Shine In Business Facebook Group - ABOUT SIAN STEPHENS Sian Stephens has a solid background in Human Resources and Leadership and Management Development internationally, and a passion for learning and delivering learning opportunities to others. Sian’s experience has taught her that everyone needs support sometimes however are not sure where or who to go to that will offer that. Her role is to provide a safe confidential learning space for our clients to build knowledge skills and best practice whilst feeling respected and maintaining their anonymity and privacy. In creating The Peer Support Network, Sian was keen to provide confidential, non-judgemental platforms for business leaders and managers to develop the skills, knowledge and best practices required to achieve personally and professionally in the challenging changing work space we experience today. Sian loves the SME/B global marketplace and find it to be innovative and creative, and where customer service, adding impact, and value for money are a priority, so I work to support individuals and businesses to assess their own value, understand their potential and learn how to voice in a way that will be heard and make a difference. Sian loves to travel and with her daughter in the UK and her son in Canada there is always a friendly face when she lands.
Episode 30: Starting Right - From Corporate To Startup With Sangeeta Mulchandani
May 22, 2022 • 39 MIN
Transitioning from a corporate career into entrepreneurship is a massive shift, especially when starting from the ground up. As business changes rapidly, having a roadmap to execute is a great guide to knowing what direction you're running in or how to do things. In this episode of The Conscious Business Podcast, Sangeeta Mulchandani shares how she helps startups transition into a business that can grow and survive in any condition through her simple and light strategy. CONNECT WITH SANGEETA MULCHANDANI Connect with Sangeeta on her website - Connect with Sangeeta on LinkedIn - New book launching in May'22 - 'Start Right: How To Pick A Winning Business Idea And Make It Successful'. For further details visit - CONNECT WITH PHOEBE LAY Connect with Phoebe on LinkedIn - Connect with Phoebe on her website - Join the Thrive and Shine In Business Facebook Group - ABOUT SANGEETA MULCHANDANI Sangeeta Mulchandani is third-generation entrepreneur and a first-generation migrant to Australia. After years of leading large global teams and multi-million-dollar projects in senior management corporate roles across industries like airlines, energy, consulting and banking, she founded Jumpstart Studio where she helps early-stage entrepreneurs turn their ideas into a brilliant business reality. She is the author of Start Right: How to pick a winning business idea and make it successful which is a handbook and a guide for entrepreneurs, whether they are thinking of starting something of their own or have already started but need a bit of help. It has real-life stories from Sangeeta's journey in entrepreneurship and those of her clients, proven startup frameworks used by some of the world’s biggest and best businesses, and 40 step-by-step guided exercises that give founders a roadmap to go from idea to profit in the most resource-efficient way. She is also the co-founder of Australian Professionals of Colour which was established to leverage the collective power of community and to help people of colour maximise their potential, with the aim to create a more culturally intelligent Corporate Australia for future generations. Sangeeta is a guest lecturer and mentor at prestigious institutions such as University of Melbourne, Deakin University and RMIT. Born and raised in India, Mulchandani started her career in Africa and is now based in Melbourne, Australia. She is an avid traveller, has visited and worked across 40 countries, 6 continents and speaks 4 languages.
Episode 29: Thriving In Business Through Resilience with Carolina Montanez
April 17, 2022 • 32 MIN
It is difficult to achieve stability after being directly affected by the pandemic. We can become too comfortable in our own chairs and become afraid to try new things. However, if you have a brilliant business idea, take the step and get the assistance you need to make it work. In this episode of The Conscious Business Podcast, Carolina Montanez shares her experience on transitioning from the corporate world to business and the sacrifices made to keep it thriving. We also dive deep into how her organisation kept afloat during difficult times with the help of social media. Know about the latest updates to Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn? Reach more clients and stay relevant on social media this year. Register here: Connect with Phoebe on LinkedIn - Website: Join the Thrive and Shine In Business Facebook Group -
Episode 28: Finding Your Passion with Moustafa Hamwi
April 11, 2022 • 51 MIN
The journey to success can often leave us feeling lost. It is because we don’t know what we are thirsty for. Finding the answer to that and being consistently passionate about it helps us go in the right direction of our journey and live a life of passion that leaves a legacy and impact on people around us. In this episode, Moustafa Hamwi shares with us about… His journey behind The Passion Project (2:08) How he went from running a multimillion-dollar business to going on a spiritual quest in India (12:08) The 5-minute opportunity that levelled up his life (16:20) The beginnings of writing a book to becoming an Amazon #1 Best Seller (24:29) He is indeed Mr Passion! This episode will make you pause and think about the meaning and purpose of your life. So what are you waiting for? Tune in to hear what we have to share! You can follow Moustafa’s journey and connect with him online via the links below. ➡️ Website ➡️LinkedIn ➡️Twitter - MoustafaHamwi ➡️Facebook - ➡️Instagram - ➡️Youtube - Get free two chapters of the book “Live Passionately” by Moustafa Hamwi at Or buy the course on Udemy Know about the latest updates to Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn? Reach more clients and stay relevant on social media this year. Register here: Connect with Phoebe on LinkedIn - Website: Join the Thrive and Shine In Business Facebook Group -
Episode 27: Updates of The Social Media Algorithms
April 7, 2022 • 14 MIN
In this episode of the Conscious Business podcast, I dive deep into the current social media algorithms and how the algorithm has been updated and the modifications that have recently been implemented that you should be aware of. Social media algorithms are one of those things that most of us are either perplexed or overwhelmed by, making it difficult to navigate. However, if you've already made it and are thriving on various social media platforms, this episode may provide you with some extra insights into how the algorithm works. Connect with Phoebe on LinkedIn - Website: Join the Thrive and Shine In Business Facebook Group - Know about the latest updates to Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn? Reach more clients and stay relevant on social media this year. Register here:
Episode 26: How to Scale Your Business While Managing Your Personal Health With Paul Higgins
April 3, 2022 • 44 MIN
Paul Higgins is passionate about helping Cloud Business owners to scale. At age 18, he was diagnosed with Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD). Knowing what was to come, he changed how he approached his life. He chose to live a life where he challenged himself, was a continual learner, and helped others make more impact. He had an 18-year career at Coca-Cola before taking control of his health. He transferred his system thinking to the Cloud Industry. In 2019 he gained a new kidney from his best mate Brendan and sold his Cloud consulting business to a Google partner. Now he helps Cloud partners to scale to either exit like he did or have someone run it for them. In this episode, Paul Higgins shares with us about… Managing between helping others start-up to build their business & operating for their own corporate (3:52) System in AI Business (6:08) Sales Machine (8:52) The reality of a business owner (21:14) Overcoming the limiting beliefs & unleashing the full potential (26:22) He is a man with great integrity, passion and drive! This episode will show you the other side of business success and motivate you to look at the bigger picture including you, your health and your personal goals.
Episode 25: How to Ensure Your Brand Is Relevant for Your Ideal Customers With Christopher Melotti
March 25, 2022 • 55 MIN
Christopher Melotti is a well-established and renowned Australian Content Marketing and Copywriting Professional who lives by the motto, “Continually challenge, consistently grow, constantly humbled, confidently show.” He oozes with energy and is always a lot of fun to talk to! Christopher founded, manages and is the head Marketing Copywriter of Melotti Media Copywriting and Message Marketing Bureau, where he and his team work with a wide range of clients from Insurance, to Real Estate, Marketing, Creative Agency, Web Design, Logistics, HR, Finance and much more. Chris’ goal is not just to write words, but to demonstrate the potential words offer businesses. Everything Melotti Media does is about evolving marketing practice by providing superior, relevant value (entertainment and education) through words.
Episode 24: International Women’s Day Special Edition
March 18, 2022 • 79 MIN
In this special International Women's Day episode, Phoebe and her guests share stories of leading with courage, authenticity and influence. We celebrate the achievements of women who are rising up and raising awareness to the causes that matter to them. Whether it’s bridging the gap between men and women, showcasing the journey of women with a story to share or bringing out inner beauty through photography; this episode will leave you inspired and beaming with confidence!
Episode 23: How To Lead With Courage and Create Impact Through Your Decisions with Sarah Morse
March 7, 2022 • 43 MIN
Sarah Morse is a former New South Wales Young Australian of the Year. She has over 20 years of experience as a nurse specialising in cancer services and palliative care and also has worked with some of the world's poorest people. Through her experience of seeing first hand, global issues such as poverty and human trafficking, Sarah moved on from the medical field to continue her deep commitment to nursing the human spirit. Sarah believes that empowering people to thrive in the workplace is pivotal to a healthy work environment. Sarah has also worked as a health advisor in a safe house in Spain, for survivors of human trafficking. In her current role as director of change solutions, Sarah inspires Australians to be leaders in making an impact on modern-day slavery.
Episode 22: The Secret To Finding True Happiness with Carla Simpson
March 2, 2022 • 40 MIN
Change your mindset about happiness. Carla Simpson is a mindset coach and the author of the best selling book “Find Your Happy: Say Yes To Life”. She’s also the founder and owner of Happy Hot Yoga School and the host of the chart-topping podcast Get Happy Hour. She believes that every single individual deserves to be happy. Although most people believe that happiness is an end result. It's actually a choice that we can have at every moment. She shares golden nuggets that most people are looking for about happiness…
Episode 21: Elevating the Status of Coaches with Carla Egan
February 21, 2022 • 41 MIN
Find out how Carla created a centralised space for those qualified coaches to come together in a one-stop-platform. The Coaching Directory has various qualified coaches in the field of business, leadership, personal development, health & wellbeing, life, career and relationship.
Episode 20: Staying Intentional in Business With Anna Forbes
February 13, 2022 • 38 MIN
In this episode, Anna shares about getting out of the rut of busyness into business possibilities that can experience exponential growth and optimisation while focusing on more value-driven strategic work that focuses on team culture and leaves you fulfilled.
Episode 19: How To Lead with Diversity and Inclusion with Ela Staniak
January 31, 2022 • 49 MIN
In today's episode of the Conscious Business Podcast, Ela Staniak discusses how she has advocated for female leaders to claim their place in the entrepreneurial zone. Ela is the CEO and founder of Female Leaders, as well as a feminine leadership coach for female CEOs, executives, and business owners. She aspires to catapult women into the next level of positive trajectory, whether in their professional or personal lives. Ela's journey to self-discovery and difficult life events made her aware of the issues that most women face. Despite this, many women continue to feel pressure to succeed and perform, which compromises their boundaries, well-being, and personal life. Ela encourages women to actively practice owning their presence through Female Leaders. Being committed to the path that each woman has chosen is difficult; it requires constant intention to stay, but it is unquestionably a journey worth taking.
Episode 18: Men's Health and How To Communicate Effectively with Richard Paterson
January 23, 2022 • 53 MIN
In today's episode of Conscious Business Podcast, Richard Paterson lets us in his life passion of helping men take ownership of their health. Richard is originally a primary school teacher, he has significant experience in sales and sales management, is a single dad, and is the founder of Basix 4 Bloke - a health promotion charity. During an intense and stressful time in his life, Richard realized one thing: he didn't know how it felt to be healthy. He had to take ownership of his health for the sake of his son. He perceived that a lot of men are also like him; not bound to really care about their health and don't see it's necessary to consult medical experts about their condition. Through Basix 4 Bloke, he aims to encourage men to improve their mental literacy and talk with experts and confidants about their health. By providing personalized support, Basix 4 Bloke normalizes the discussion of health issues amongst men. Doing so transforms the lives of individuals involved and also their families.
Episode 17: Create Wealth and Establish Your Money Edge with Daniel Mangena
January 17, 2022 • 33 MIN
In this episode, Dan shares about his journey from experiencing rock-bottom twice into building a successful project that helps people build abundance.
Episode 16: Customer Case Studies to Generate Leads and Sales with Anfernee Chansamooth
January 9, 2022 • 57 MIN
In today’s episode of Conscious Business Podcast, Anfernee Chansamooth shares how customer case studies help in generating leads and sales. Anfernee is a content strategist, copywriter and a podcaster. He assists individuals and businesses in truly identifying and understanding their own uniqueness, then articulating and framing it in a compelling and magnetic manner. Anfernee creates case studies and epic posts for business owners to drive traffic so they don't have to do it themselves. In marketing, authenticity and core values are critical. It is not necessary to focus solely on the results, but also on the simplicity of your beliefs, because at the heart of any brand, person, or business is a core set of beliefs that drives how they do what they do. Customer case studies help you to better understand yourself and your business. The more we know about ourselves, and the deeper we've gone to search within and look within, the more we're able to help others and achieve great business positioning. As a result, we outperform the competition and allow customers to see us in the same way that we see ourselves.
Episode 15: Thriving in a Business That Suits Your Lifestyle with Samantha Riley
January 3, 2022 • 38 MIN
New challenges come up as you go through business and life. As you take things to the next level, there's always new challenges that you've got to overcome. In this episode, Samantha Riley and I will talk about how to thrive in your business that suits your lifestyle. She is an authority positioning strategist, a best-selling author and has built multiple successful businesses for the past 28 years. Samantha helps coaches and practitioners put their learning together and to turn that into a business. Entrepreneurs come up against the business and their mindset or beliefs at different times. She believes that we need to be working on both of them all the time and Human Design is essential. It is our unique energetic blueprint that helps us start to understand our purpose. Samantha helps her clients to understand their human design, and then apply that to the strategies and the tactics to grow their business, accelerate their results and thrive through those depths or points of friction faster than just having to try and wade through them on their own.
Episode 14: Unleashing The Impact of Brands with May Chang
December 26, 2021 • 46 MIN
In today’s episode of Conscious Business Podcast, May Chang discusses Brand Strategy and how to unleash your brand's voice to effectively communicate with your clients. May Chang is a brand strategist who works with small and medium-sized businesses to advance their brand strategy by providing business value to their ideal clients. Start-ups, as well as established businesses, struggle to determine how to project their brands. May assists her clients in exploring, designing, and planning how to build their brand's presence both online and in person. Discovering yourself, according to May, is what a true brand is. Constant nurturing and communication help a brand make an impact and bring business into activation.
Episode 13: Building Businesses For Success with Simon Bowden
December 16, 2021 • 42 MIN
In this episode, Simon shares with us how to build your business for success. He learned very early on in his career that people tend to gravitate to those that are happy, successful, and inspiring. Hence, he aims to change people’s lives by helping them make informed decisions and fast-track them towards their personal goals. Simon believes that to achieve that people must identify their strengths and have clarity on how to create a profitable future.
Episode 12: Social Media Advertising - The 5 Reasons Why Your Ads Might Not Be Converting to ROI
December 10, 2021 • 10 MIN
In today's special episode, I'll explain what makes a good and effective Ads campaign for increasing conversions and conversations. Many entrepreneurs see Social Media Advertising as a valuable tool for promoting their businesses, but it can be difficult to ensure that your Ads are unique and worth sharing. Learn the key points for creating interesting and engaging Ads Campaigns that provide value and convert to ROI. If you’re ready to start running ads before the Christmas holidays, make sure to download a copy of our 12 Step Facebook Kickstarter Guide today! Learn more at
Episode 11 - How to Go Back to Our Natural State and Find Our Purpose Through Quantum Flow with Margaret Elise Lee
November 26, 2021 • 31 MIN
In this episode, Margaret shares how she found her purpose and Ikigai despite experiencing a lot of hardships in life. She believes that there is no right or wrong way on how you can do life. Sometimes not knowing where you want to go in life means that you acknowledge that there are various opportunities you can take.
Episode 10 - Why Personal Branding is Replacing Traditional Marketing
November 11, 2021 • 16 MIN
In this special episode, I discuss the importance of building a personal brand. In this day and age of social media, people can easily get overwhelmed with company branding. Showing up as a personal brand draws more attention because there is an evident human connection. When you build up your personal branding, you project yourself as a person that can be trusted, you become more memorable, and people know that you can deliver something of value.
Episode 9 - How Online Events Are Building Life Changing Communities For Women in Business with Josie Kearsey
November 4, 2021 • 32 MIN
In this episode, I have a chat with Josie Kearsey, an events management champion who handles all categories of events. Her line of work is probably the most affected by the pandemic, but Josie is a woman who pivots and learns how to do things differently, so her business can thrive. Despite the global setback, she’s able to scale up and cleverly design her events and still help other people - especially women in the process.
Episode 8 - Breaking Through Barriers and Doing Business Without Limits with Jordan D'Urbano
October 22, 2021 • 30 MIN
In this episode, I am joined by my sales mentor who’s currently living the dream of being a rapper and producer as he travels the world - Jordan D’Urbano. He shares his journey coming from constantly chasing life to living from his heart. Jordan states how he broke barriers by being extremely present and allowing his body to naturally surrender to emotions. Through his own process, Jordan found the courage to walk away from all the business success and start doing something that satisfies his heart.
Episode 7 - How To Program Your Mind For Optimal Performance And Success With Emmanuel Anthony
October 15, 2021 • 57 MIN
In this episode, my good friend Emmanuel shares the methods he uses that helps clients and business organisations achieve success in all 7 areas of life. He also takes us on his journey of near-death experiences and how it changed his personal relationships and his life perspective.
Episode 6 - Copywriting That Converts into Sales Versus Traditional Content Writing with Steven Lewis
October 9, 2021 • 37 MIN
In this episode, Steven shares his passion about copywriting and how he uses it to help entrepreneurs communicate with their customers better. The truth is, most businesses don’t know what they sell, Steven steps in by recognizing what the business is all about and writing this information with value and persuasion.
Episode 5 - How To Ignore The Noise And The ‘Haters‘ On Social Media With Edward Zia
October 1, 2021 • 21 MIN
In this episode, Edward lets us in his insights on why people should live their true authentic selves and how to ignore the haters on social media. He also shares his advice for younger generations who are afraid to think outside their tribe. Through this thought-provoking episode, we learn that people will always have a say on what you do, it’s clearly up to you to set boundaries and make sure that you don’t let toxic people grab the keys to your life.
Episode 4 - Changing the Industry and Overcoming Stereotypes to Stand Up For What You Believe In with Anne Miles
September 24, 2021 • 31 MIN
In this episode, Anne shares her struggles as she fights for her causes, and shares her reasons why she maintains her goal to remove negative stereotypes while still seeking her own purpose. She believes that combining ethics and business will gain a strong trust in our industry that makes each business become more successful.
Episode 3 - Giving With Purpose: How To Build A Social Enterprise with Carl Gough
September 18, 2021 • 54 MIN
I recently interviewed a disruptor, change-maker and the founder of meetmagic, Carl Gough who aims to influence business leaders to make a positive impact in the world. Carl provides jaw-dropping insights and so much authenticity and vulnerability. meetmagic global is recognised for their charitable works that have helped hundreds of thousands of sick kids around the world. To date, he has over 1100 and donated an estimated $650k to different charities.
Episode 2 - Interview with Jake Adam Davey - The Instagram Growth Expert
September 11, 2021 • 48 MIN
Creating Influence and Being Seen as The Go-To Person of Authority with Instagram Jake Adam Davey empowers speakers, coaches, and industry experts to be seen as the go-to authority in their industry by building their brand, growing a huge audience, and sharing their message on Instagram.
Episode 1 - How To Find Your Purpose To Build A Conscious Business
September 3, 2021 • 20 MIN
Have you ever wondered what your purpose is? Whether or not you're a business owner, or asked yourself this question: "What am I here for?" and "Why?" In this episode, I share how I started my first business and went from working 9-5 as a radiographer to building my digital marketing agency.