The NOT Your Average Joe Show
Learn the sales, marketing, and mindset strategies that have helped everyday, average people go from ordinary to extraordinary.
Grow Your Business Like a Weed with Stu Heinecke
August 19, 2022 • 45 MIN
Do you want to learn how to create an unfair advantage in your business? Join Joe Soto for a special, and idea-generating interview with the "Father of Contact Marketing," Stu Heinecke, as he shares his unique W.E.E.D. strategy for creating unstoppable growth in your business.
Giant Success Strategies with Doug Wing
July 29, 2022 • 44 MIN
Doug Wing reveals the principles, strategies and tactics that his father Hal used to become a giant in the hardware industry and in life.
"The 70 second work week" with Matt Clark
July 27, 2022 • 37 MIN
You may have heard of the "4 hour work week," but my special guest, Matt Clark, will share what he means by the 70 second work week and the peak performance mindset that he's learned from being a NASCAR championship Pit Crew Coach.
Virtual Selling Psychology with Dave Dee
July 24, 2022 • 52 MIN
Join me and my special guest Dave Dee as we discuss how to close more sales, help more clients, and make more money, with his one-to-many sales psychology.
Subtle Skills with Brian Galke
July 23, 2022 • 35 MIN
If you'd like to learn the "subtle skills" of reading faces and nonverbal cues, then you'll want to join me for this special interview with Brian Galke.
Unstoppable Referrals with Steve Gordon
June 2, 2022 • 35 MIN
What’s the best way to build referral relationships? You'll find out on today's show with my special guest Steve Gordon as he shares his insights on creating unstoppable referrals.
Building Family Legacy and Generational Wealth with Rich Christiansen
April 18, 2022 • 32 MIN
What does it take to build a family legacy that lasts and generational wealth that grows? Find out in this eye-opening episode with Rich Christiansen, founder of Legado Family.
Build Long-Term Resilience with Adam Markel
February 5, 2022 • 39 MIN
When we think of resilience, we think of being able to “roll with the punches” and “bounce back” after uncertainty or change. But resiliency expert and bestselling author Adam Markel encourages you to aim higher. Join us for this special show as my guest, Adam Markel, will share his insights on how to actually embrace change—to find the creative opportunity in uncertainty, as opposed to simply riding it out or reacting to it.
Mastering Self-Motivation with Richard Brooke
December 28, 2021 • 67 MIN
Discover a unique approach to master self-motivation and as my special guest Richard Brooke states it, "Stay on fire for life."
Can You Really Think and Grow Rich? With Special Guest Ramy El-Batrawi
November 27, 2021 • 43 MIN
In this very special episode, billionaire entrepreneur Ramy El-Batrawi answers the question Can You Think and Get Rich? with a resounding Yes! You'll hear him share is unbelievable story for overcoming adversity by actively applying the principles from Napoleon Hill's classic book Think and Grow Rich.
Hypnotic Selling Skills with Dr. Donald Moine
November 26, 2021 • 44 MIN
Learn the sales approaches that are practical and action-oriented and are focused on helping you achieve record-breaking sales and profits.
Stop Asking Questions with Andrew Warner
November 24, 2021 • 34 MIN
In this episode you'll discover how to lead deeper, more meaningful conversations with people you admire.
"Increase Your Visibility and Credibility" with Mickie Kennedy
November 23, 2021 • 40 MIN
Discover a proven process to connect with industry-specific trade magazines, reporters, and bloggers, while improving your visibility and credibility in the industry you serve.
Common Sense Success Strategies with Steve Rizzo
November 22, 2021 • 35 MIN
A former national headline comedian, Steve Rizzo gets audiences roaring with laughter, but you can hear a pin drop as he shares his life-changing “Common Sense Success Strategies."
Make Your Business Unignorable with Mike Michalowicz
September 22, 2021 • 23 MIN
Mike Michalowicz says "If you don't get noticed, you won't get business." Join us as Mike shares his proven method to position your business, service, or brand to get noticed, attract the best prospects, and convert those opportunities into sales.
Customer Loyal Secrets with Shep Hyken
September 22, 2021 • 38 MIN
Renowned customer service and experience expert Shep Hyken maintains that delivering an amazing customer service experience that keeps customers coming back for more is everyone’s job. Listen in as Shep shares his latest tools, tactics, and strategies you need to get your customers to say, “I’ll be back!”
Turning Adversity into Opportunity with David Mammano
September 22, 2021 • 28 MIN
It’s not crash and burn, it’s “Crash and Learn” according to David Mammano. Listen in as David shares some of his most cherished insightful lessons from entrepreneurs who inspire us to overcome great adversity to reach great success.
Hyper Sales Growth with Jack Daly
September 22, 2021 • 35 MIN
Jack Daly shares his street-proven sales systems & processes to grow quickly & profitability. Jack is an experienced and inspirational sales trainer and sales coaching expert that inspire audiences to take action in the areas of sales planning, customer loyalty, and personal sales training. Jack draws upon 20-plus years of business experience, including several stints as CEO of fast-growing companies.
Creating Your Own Ladder to Success with Doug Wing
August 17, 2021 • 36 MIN
Listen in as Doug Wing as he shares his sales and business building secrets he learned as the former co-owner and Vice Chairman of Little Giant Ladder Systems and while leading the company to be a category leader in a market that was mature and established.
Own Your Competitive Market And Charge More with Theresa M. Līna
May 18, 2021 • 41 MIN
With the right strategy, you can be the "Go-To" person and set yourself apart in a crowded, competitive market. If you operate in a competitive market, differentiation may be your toughest challenge. In this interview, you'll learn the framework for market dominance so you can move from being viewed as a commodity to a "rare, sought-after resource for which customers are willing to pay a premium," as my guest Theresa M. Līna states. Theresa has over twenty years of experience as a recognized Silicon Valley thought leader and strategist. Watch the video to learn her groundbreaking approach to market dominance.
10 Jaw Dropping Little Known Resources to Help Your Business with Andrew Lock
May 12, 2021 • 55 MIN
Join me and my special guest, Andrew Lock, as we reveal "10 Jaw-Dropping, Little Known Resources to Help Your Business." If you've seen Andrew on my show before, you already know this show will be extremely valuable for you and your business. You'll learn of several digital marketing strategies that you haven't heard of and you’ll be taking ferocious notes along the way.
The Trusted Leader with David Horsager
March 30, 2021 • 23 MIN
Most of us are trying to solve the wrong problem. Countless trainings, hours of implementing new frameworks, and nothing produces the results we want to see. To make up for this, we keep trying to find something that will change our culture and our business. But nothing sticks. Why? Because TRUST is at the root of every challenge. Without trust, influence is destroyed. Without trust, leaders lose their people. Without trust, people and businesses fail Trust can be your most vulnerable weakness or your greatest asset. Trusted Leader provides an actionable framework that you can actually use to create an impact on your business and life.
No More Excuses! with Sam Silverstein
March 30, 2021 • 27 MIN
Join Joe Soto and Sam Silverstein as they discuss personal accountability and the ripple effect. You’ll learn the three big questions that reframe your perspective, maximize your potential and improve your life. If you’re feeling frustrated at the level of progress you’re making on your most important personal goals or you’re feeling stuck and need greater clarity on how to move beyond obstacles and challenges in your life, then this episode is for you!
A Unique Approach to Client-Centered Sales with Kimberlee Slavik
March 30, 2021 • 39 MIN
You're about to discover a unique, proven way to reduce client resistance while changing the way you sell and market to close more business, starting this week. Join me and my guest, Kimberlee Slavik, as she shares a "neuroscientific" sales approach that helped her sell and lead over $2 Billion in complex IT solutions during her 30-year sales career. Get her book here:
5 Smart Tips for Sustainable Business Growth with Don Schin
March 30, 2021 • 38 MIN
Join me and my guest Don Schin as we discuss where your focus should be in 2021 to create sustainable business growth. Don is a seasoned business coach and entrepreneur with franchise, global, and small business expertise. He's a true ‘coach’s coach,’ producing a global coach of the year, North American coach of the year twice, and over 100 award-winning coach/franchisees over 15 years.
The Common Path to Uncommon Success with John Lee Dumas
February 22, 2021 • 16 MIN
In our conversation today, John and I talk about how he scrapped everything at the age of 32 and did a complete reset in order to build a multi-million dollar business. A business that he discloses an income report on each month on his website. He shares how his 17-step system is helping people to achieve their goals, and why it’s time to start being intentional when it comes to talking about what really motivates us, “freedom to do what we want and who we want to do it with
Membership Site Secrets: How Any Business Owner Can Generate Monthly Recurring Income from a Niche Online Community with Andrew Lock
February 19, 2021 • 31 MIN
Join Joe as he interviews Andrew Lock as they answer the question, “HOW do I create and profit from a membership site - for myself or for my clients?” Andrew shares his unique system for creating and profiting from a membership site and how anyone can do it.
Selling in a Virtual World with Joe Ingram
February 17, 2021 • 52 MIN
Join Joe and Joe as they discuss sales ideas and tactics to differentiate yourself in the virtual sales world.
Turning Virtual Connections into Paying Customers with Jeffrey Gitomer
February 15, 2021 • 75 MIN
In this episode, you’ll join Joe and legendary salesman, Hall of Fame presenter and speaker, and popular online personality Jeffrey Gitomer as they discuss how to turn virtual connections into paying customers.
Moving the Needle in 2021 - Get Clear, Get Free and Get Going
February 12, 2021 • 30 MIN
Join Joe Soto and his guest bestselling author Joe Sweeney as they discuss Moving the Needle in 2021. You’ll learn how to create a winning game plan to have your best year ever by following Joe’s simple system to “Get Clear, Get Free and Get Going.”
3 New Persuasion Rules for Higher Conversions in a Jaded, Stressed, Freaked-Out and Fear-Filled Society
February 10, 2021 • 62 MIN
Join Joe as he and guest, Joshua Boswell shares the “3 New Persuasion Rules for Higher Conversions in a Jaded, Stressed, Freaked-Out and Fear-Filled Society.” Joshua is a master marketer who has helped hundreds of new copywriters find and land their first clients. The principle owner of Copywriter Marketer, he’s spent over 10 years fine-tuning a proven system for landing great clients.
The Fastest Way to Scale Your Business with Roland Frasier
February 8, 2021 • 32 MIN
Join me as I interview my friend and business mentor Roland Frasier on the fastest way to scale your business. If you're an entrepreneur (or want to be one) don't miss this incredible episode! You'll discover Roland's unique strategies for growing and scaling businesses fast.
Solving the Facebook Paid Traffic Puzzle with Dave Bass
February 5, 2021 • 77 MIN
Join Joe and Facebook Ads expert Dave Bass as they discuss how to crush your Facebook ad audience targeting so you drive the right traffic to your business. If driving traffic to your business is important to you, don’t miss this!
How to Boost Energy, Health and Wealth with Justin Benton
February 3, 2021 • 43 MIN
Join Joe as he has an open discussion with entrepreneur Justin Benton on a proven way to increase your energy, your health, and your wealth. Having experienced such a miracle in his own family, his mission now is to educate the world on the healing power of what Justin calls, “The Miracle Plant.”
How To Wow Your Customers with Kellen Fisher
February 1, 2021 • 35 MIN
Join Joe as he interviews Kellen Fisher on creative ways to “WOW” your customers.
How to Make BIG Things Happen in Your Business with Steve Sims
November 19, 2020 • 62 MIN
Have you ever imagined yourself flying in a military jet in Russia or diving deep down in the Atlantic Ocean to see the Titanic or as wild as flying into space for fun? It's this guy's business, Steve Sims, the CEO of Bluefish Concierge Services. Have you ever imagined yourself flying in a military jet in Russia or diving deep down in the Atlantic Ocean to see the Titanic or as wild as flying into space for fun? It's this guy's business, Steve Sims, the CEO of Bluefish Concierge Services. Steve Sims has worked with big names like Elon Musk, Elton John, Andrea Bocelli, and many more giving services from his company. Join Joe Soto and Steve Sims as they discuss how Steve made it BIG into the business from starting as an underground secret society in the '90s to working with the industry's biggest names worldwide. Watch out for Steve Sims' book Bluefishing: The Art of Making Things Happen. They discuss making the impossible possible, especially when you are working or leading in the service industry, and get clients to stay in business with you by continually giving value. Steve reiterated to start focusing on the ROR (Return On Relationships) Connect with Steve Sims: Website: Buy his book, "Bluefishing" Here:
Letting Go of Limiting Beliefs and Fears with John Assaraf
November 17, 2020 • 51 MIN
Join one of the leading mindset and behavior experts in the world, John Assaraf as he shares with Joe the latest mindset strategies to let go of limiting beliefs and fears that may be holding you back from achieving your goals and dreams. John has built 5 multimillion-dollar companies, written 2 New York Times Bestselling books, and featured in 8 movies, including the blockbuster hit “The Secret” and “Quest For Success” with Richard Branson and the Dalai Lama. He's appeared numerous times on Larry King live, Anderson Cooper, and The Ellen DeGeneres Show.
The Root Code for Building Authentic Brands with Patrick Hanlon
November 12, 2020 • 56 MIN
If you ask 100 people, "What is branding?" you will get 100 different answers. So if you're a start-up entrepreneur or solopreneur, the right question to ask to get yourself would be, "How do you differentiate yourself?" or "How do you show up uniquely in the marketplace?" The answer? Discover the 7 Root Codes of Primal Branding by Patrick Hanlon. Primal is the only systematic approach to building powerful and authentic brand communities. Patrick says, "It doesn't matter what you tell people about your product or service. It matters what they say about it". In this episode, Joe Soto and Patrick Hanlon will discuss the 7 Root Codes of Primal Branding, one by one, and how to leverage it to evaluate your brand, where you can improve it, and how you can keep it fresh, alive, and relevant. Check out Patrick Hanlon's book, Primal Branding here: The Primal Branding construct is required reading at YouTube because it systematically outlines how to create a personal brand. Visit for a FREE training video on Primal Branding. About Patrick Hanlon: Patrick Hanlon is recognized as one of the leading brand practitioners in the world. His “Primal” construct identifies brands as belief systems and is the root code for building authentic brands. His book “Primal Branding” is required reading at YouTube Next Labs, translated in 7 languages and taught at colleges and universities around the world. Hanlon works with billion dollar brands (and those who want to become billion dollar brands) across a swathe of industry categories, cities and celebrities. Patrick also has been a writer for Forbes, Fast Company, Inc., and has appeared CNBC, FOX, as well as popular TV shows, podcasts and radio. He has spoken at TEDx, IDEO, VidCon 2019, New York University (NYU), Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), Urban Land Institute, HP Brand Innovation Series and The Future of Media Summit in Johannesburg. Connect with Patrick Hanlon: Primal Branding (the book) -
The Silver Bullet Secret to Growing Your Youtube Channel with Evan Carmichael
November 10, 2020 • 32 MIN
Join Joe Soto and entrepreneurial expert and content creator Evan Carmichael in this episode and discover the silver bullet secret to growing your Youtube Channel. Evan shares the secret of using Instagram and YouTube hand in hand to gain and reach more audiences efficiently and effortlessly. Evan also takes some time to evaluate Joe's YouTube Channel and offers some quick tips to instantly improve the channel to show up in search. Who is Evan Carmichael? Evan Carmichael #Believes in entrepreneurs. Gary Vaynerchuck called him the DJ who inspires people and Ed Mylett called him the modern-day Napoleon Hill. At 19, he built then sold a biotech software company. At 22, he was a venture capitalist raising $500k to $15M. He now runs a YouTube channel for entrepreneurs with over 2 million subscribers and 300 million views, wrote 4 books, and speaks globally. He wants to solve the world's biggest problem, people don't #Believe in themselves enough. Forbes named him one of the world's top 40 social marketing talents and Inc. named him one of the 100 great leadership speakers and 25 social media keynote speakers you need to know. He's set 2 world records, uses a trampoline & stand-up desk, owns Canada's largest salsa dance studio where he met his wife and has a giant Doritos bag in front of him all day long to remind him that he's stronger than the Doritos. Toronto is his home. He's a husband, father, TSM Fan and Teemo main. Connect with Evan Carmichael here:
Master The Art of Public Speaking with Michael Gelb
November 6, 2020 • 61 MIN
According to a survey, 74% of Americans have a fear of public speaking. This fear is higher on the list than the fear of death. In other words, people would rather die than give a eulogy. How crazy is that! In this episode of the Not Your Average Joe Show, best-seller author, international speaker, and world’s leading authority on genius thinking, Michael Gelb, joins us to discuss the secrets in his new book, Mastering the Art of Public Speaking. Join us as we delve into numerous tips and hacks on how to make an outstanding presentation—from re-framing mindsets so we can overcome fear, to sharing stories of ordinary people becoming extraordinary speakers. In this episode, Michael tells me how to have fun and be creative during presentations. We also talk about revolutionizing them by making mind maps—and this is one thing you don’t want to miss! You can pick up a copy of Michael Gelb's latest book, Master the Art of Public Speaking, here - Connect with Michael Gelb here: Book: Master the Art of Public Speaking - Facebook: Instagram: LinkedIn: Website:
12 "Nifty Clicks" Online Resources Most Marketers Don't Know About with Andrew Lock
November 5, 2020 • 74 MIN
Join Joe Soto and his special guest, Andrew Lock, for a special episode covering 12 online resources most marketers don’t know about. Andrew Lock has been called by people "The Yoda of Marketing" and copywriting expert/consultant. He's an in-demand keynote speaker on Business & Customer Service Lessons from Walt Disney & The Disney Company, Marketing & Business Building Secrets for Entrepreneurs, WebTV, and Video Podcast Strategies. Over the years of experience, as he keeps on researching and upgrading things for his business, he’s blessed you with 12 Marketing Online Resources for Marketers to make the marketer's life easier. Visit to get all 12 resources, plus 2 bonus resources not mentioned in the episode. Connect with Andrew Lock here:
The Power of Ask with Mark Victor Hansen and Crystal Dwyer Hansen
November 4, 2020 • 60 MIN
International best-seller author, Mark Victor Hansen, co-author of the popular Chicken Soup for the Soul book series, shares the power of Ask!. Together with a transformational life coach, co-author, and lovely wife, Crystal Dwyer Hansen—the couple takes us into a deep dive into their most recent work and book: ASK! The Bridge from Your Dreams to Your Destiny. In this episode of the Not Your Average Joe Show, we explore several roadblocks to reaching success and study the science of asking as a form of technology. Mark and Crystal talk about key struggles in their lives, and how they overcame them with the right frame of mind. We tackle how to overcome stifling mindsets that limit us, and how the universe conspires to bring to us what we want and deserve—we only need to ask the right questions. We talk about how the right questions bring us to the right answers; and the phases of the process. Get your copy of their new book, ASK! The Bridge from Your Dreams to Your Destiny: Join their ASK! Book Club: Connect with Mark Victor Hansen on: Facebook: Instagram: LinkedIn: Website: Connect with Crystal Dwyer Hansen on: Facebook: Instagram: LinkedIn: Website:
The Little Way to Get a Lot Done with Michael Heppell
October 27, 2020 • 54 MIN
Connect with Michael Heppell: Website: (Use coupon code: SOTO to get a free 30 day trial of “Team 17” monthly group coaching)
Turning High Value Relationships Into Predictable Revenue with Charles Byrd
October 27, 2020 • 50 MIN
What single characteristic do successful people have in common? Just how valuable are genuine connections? Do you think you have what it takes to create and maintain relationships in business? This week, on Not Your Average Joe Show, we dive deep into the systems of an effective joint venture partnership with JV expert, Charles Byrd. Listen as Charles talks about the benefits of affiliation, the types of business partnerships; and strategies to use in cultivating one’s connections. Join us while he walks us through different tools used to make partnerships, questions to ask in conversations, and how to make small talk matters! Tune into Charles’ discussion on the importance of having value and how going out of our way to help others will generate more revenue than what we offer to sell. Learn to invest in building relationships and become a human lead magnet! Connect With Charles Byrd Website:
Life On Your Terms: Create The Life You Want with Rex Sikes
October 27, 2020 • 53 MIN
Living life on your terms is about to become a reality. In 1996, Joe Soto attended a NLP Master Practitioner certification training by Rex Sikes, a NLP Master Trainer. Rex recently published the book "Life On Your Terms: Create The Life You Want." His mission in life is to help people simplify ways of achieving their most desired ambitions in life; assisting them to start anywhere and provide a successful and resilient mindset. They only have to take full responsibility for their life. Rex explains in this episode that he does not believe in affirmations and the law of attraction; he said: "You're a creator of your life. If you want your life to work and you want everything to get better, it's up to you to make that happen.". Rex emphasizes that when it comes to taking charge of your life, it's all about responsibility and consistency—consistency in the long haul. Key Points: There is no such thing as self-sabotage. Your power is hidden right behind all those fears, worries, concerns, challenges, and resources. Affirmations can work, but you have to know how to make them work. When you ask questions, you send your mind in the search for what you want; because you know what you're going after—unless you don't. When you accept full responsibility for going on, you begin to access your inner strength and power. Get a copy of Rex Sikes’ book from Amazon here: Connect With Rex Sikes Website: Facebook :
Turning Your passion Into a Hot Business Idea with Joey Repice
October 27, 2020 • 57 MIN
This episode is the start-up story of Joey’s Hot Sauce, and how Joey Repice created an e-commerce hot sauce business that started as a love story - experimenting with his own all-natural ingredients in the kitchen for his wife, Lisa who suggested there should be a “healthy hot sauce” on the market. You’ll learn how he started, how to overcome adversity, and how Joey’s personal brand is his primary marketing weapon for selling his hot sauce. Visit Joey’s Hot Sauce here: and use SOTO20 to get 20% off your entire order. Key Points: Authenticity and truth is Joey’s brand. Funny nugget stories on how they named their hot sauce products (Joey’s Hot Sauce, Pricilla The Creeper, Hella Raiser, Lisa the Truffle Queen) Launch, list building, and brand strategies from Joe How people magically show up when you keep your vision going forward Connect with Joey Repice: Website: Facebook: Instagram:
How to go from Losing All Clients to 6 Figures in 6 Months with Alen Fejzic
October 20, 2020 • 60 MIN
The pandemic hits, businesses shut down, you lose all your clients—how do you go from zero to six figures in six months? Join me for an inspiring talk featuring Alen Fejzic, a young entrepreneur; and how he restarted and rekindled his marketing agency. In this episode of Not Your Average Joe, we look back on the initial stage of the COVID Pandemic—with businesses closing down and clients jumping ships—and how Alen got refocused, recommitted to his success—and how he pulled his agency out of the rut to set up a recurring revenue of six-figures. Alen shares some insightful and surprising tips and hacks to keep your business on track. You’ll discover some new habits worth learning, and some others that you have to UNlearn! Connect with Alen Fejzic here:
Live Streaming Secrets with Ken Walls
October 1, 2020 • 59 MIN
“If you want to make more money, you have to get more attention.” - Ken Walls This episode will teach you how to make money and organically grow your social media audience through live streaming. From the book, Go Live by Jeffrey Gitomer (which will be published on Dec 3, 2020), Joe Soto and Jeffrey Gitomer call Ken Walls, The Master of Livestream. Ken Walls was already in the tech industry even before the tech world boomed and was selling door to door. He's the CEO of Client Solution Innovations, a marketing and web development company. Ken Walls has published more than 1,000 live streams on social media using his phone. Like any other newbie who wants to market their business and be felt on different platforms, Ken started live streaming fearfully and doubtfully but did it anyway. For all entrepreneurs, CEOs, and anyone who wants to grow their following on social media, he emphasized the importance of being transparent and not hiding because "how will people do business with you if they don't know you?" he says. Listen until the end of the episode and you'll know how to get his book titled: 100 Livestream Secrets and Ideas for free! No reason not to go out and go live! Key Points: Facebook Algorithm is the secret sauce in marketing in Facebook Know the power of giveaways The Stream Yard tool in marketing Show up and be authentic then everything else will follow Connect with Ken Walls through his website here: Connect with Joe Soto online: Facebook : Instagram: Twitter : LinkedIn : Youtube : Website:
Modelling Sales Excellence with NLP Trainer Wyatt Woodsmall
October 1, 2020 • 54 MIN
What does it take to be successful at sales? In this episode, Wyatt Woodsmall, the first-ever certified Master Trainer and Master Modeler in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) will share how he modeled a top sales professional and tips on how to become a rainmaker. The Rainmaker is someone who flourishes in business development and closes sales at an impeccable rate. Or, according to our guest speaker, he is someone who carries the company on his back because he has a way of closing more deals. Fact: He’s mentored Tony Robbins and many other well known entrepreneurial leaders such as Joe Polish, Eben Pagan, and Jeff Walker. Dr. Wyatt Woodsmall is a former President and Board Member of the International Association of NLP. He is a co-founder and board member of the International Neuro-Linguistic Programming Trainers Association. Dr. Wyatt tells you that there are three types of clients you’ll meet in selling, and you must be experienced enough or at least be smart or aware enough how to deal with them according to their personalities and objectives to be able to close that sale. They are: The Affiliation Oriented. The Achievement Oriented. The Rate/Power Oriented. Learn more about Wyatt Woodsmall here: Connect with Joe Soto online: Facebook : Instagram: Twitter : LinkedIn : Youtube : Website:
The King of Sales Jeffrey Gitomer on Selling in the New Normal
October 1, 2020 • 50 MIN
The King of Sales, Jeffrey Gitomer shares his insights on selling in the new normal to make the rest of the year, your best year. Jeffrey is a hall-of-fame speaker and best-selling author of 15 books, including The Sales Bible and The Little Red Book of Selling, the best selling book on sales of all time. Visit to learn more about Jeffrey Gitomer and his programs. To learn more about Jeffrey's New Normal online sales program, visit
The NOT Your Average Joe Show Podcast Trailer
September 9, 2020 • < 1 MIN
Learn the sales, marketing, and mindset strategies that have helped everyday, average people go from ordinary to extraordinary.