The NOT Your Average Joe Show
Live Streaming Secrets with Ken Walls
October 1, 2020
“If you want to make more money, you have to get more attention.” - Ken Walls This episode will teach you how to make money and organically grow your social media audience through live streaming. From the book, Go Live by Jeffrey Gitomer (which will be published on Dec 3, 2020), Joe Soto and Jeffrey Gitomer call Ken Walls, The Master of Livestream. Ken Walls was already in the tech industry even before the tech world boomed and was selling door to door. He's the CEO of Client Solution Innovations, a marketing and web development company. Ken Walls has published more than 1,000 live streams on social media using his phone. Like any other newbie who wants to market their business and be felt on different platforms, Ken started live streaming fearfully and doubtfully but did it anyway. For all entrepreneurs, CEOs, and anyone who wants to grow their following on social media, he emphasized the importance of being transparent and not hiding because "how will people do business with you if they don't know you?" he says. Listen until the end of the episode and you'll know how to get his book titled: 100 Livestream Secrets and Ideas for free! No reason not to go out and go live! Key Points: Facebook Algorithm is the secret sauce in marketing in Facebook Know the power of giveaways The Stream Yard tool in marketing Show up and be authentic then everything else will follow Connect with Ken Walls through his website here: Connect with Joe Soto online: Facebook : Instagram: Twitter : LinkedIn : Youtube : Website:
Learn the live streaming secrets and ideas you can deploy in your business to get more viewers, more buzz, and more money. 
Live Streaming expert Ken Walls shares his insights and strategies for going LIVE on social media and how to overcome the mental barriers that may be standing in your way.