Making Sales Social Podcast
Welcome to the Making Sales Social Podcast featuring the top voices in sales and marketing. Join hosts Bob Woods and Brynne Tillman as they discuss the best tips and strategies they're teaching their clients so you can leverage them for your own digital, LinkedIn, and social selling.
Storytelling for Social Selling
May 16, 2024 • 25 MIN
In this episode of the Making Sales Social Podcast, we delve into the art and power of storytelling in social selling. Join us as we explore how authenticity and engagement on social platforms can break through the noise and create meaningful online interactions that pave the way for valuable offline conversations. We'll discuss how well-told stories foster trust and reliability, laying a solid foundation for building relationships in our digital-first world. Discover the impact of memorable storytelling on influencing decisions more effectively than standard sales pitches. Tune in as we share practical tips on using LinkedIn profiles, posts, and articles to tell compelling stories that engage your audience, highlight your clients as heroes, and ultimately drive sales.
Quantum Sales Growth: Empowering Entrepreneurs and Sales Professionals
May 14, 2024 • 26 MIN
Join us on Making Sales Social for an insightful episode featuring Elise Archer, founder of Superhuman Selling, the Quantum Sales Growth expert. In this episode, Elise shares her journey of achieving quantum leaps in sales and life, emphasizing the power of identity in driving success. Discover the transformative approach Elise uses to empower entrepreneurs and sales professionals, revolutionizing how they sell and achieve their goals. Learn practical strategies to infuse human connection into every sales touch, leveraging natural gifts to build wealth and create extraordinary results. Tune in for valuable insights and actionable tips to elevate your sales game and make quantum leaps in all areas of life.
Our Favorite Sales Enablement Tools and Technologies
May 9, 2024 • 39 MIN
Join us in this episode of Making Sales Social as we delve into the intricacies of crafting the perfect sales tool stack. From communication and collaboration essentials like Zoom and Google Suite to CRM powerhouses like Sales Navigator, we explore the arsenal of tools that streamline our sales process at Social Sales Link. Discover how we optimize our workflow, avoid tool overload, and even uncover hidden gems like Sybel for AI-driven sales call analytics. Tune in to glean insights that could revolutionize your sales strategy and supercharge your productivity!
Fractional CMOs: Aligning for Success
May 7, 2024 • 33 MIN
Join us on this episode of Making Sales Social as we delve into the world of fractional CMOs with our guest, Rajat Kapur. Discover how fractional CMOs offer a strategic advantage for small businesses, tackling challenges from internal communication to digital presence. Learn how to vet and leverage these seasoned professionals to align marketing strategies with business goals, ensuring success and growth. Tune in for valuable insights on maximizing the potential of your marketing efforts.
Cross-Platform Social Selling
May 2, 2024 • 30 MIN
Welcome to the Making Sales Social Podcast, where we dive into the latest strategies in virtual and social selling. In this episode, titled "Cross-Platform Social Selling," hosts Bob Woods, Brynne Tillman, and Stan Robinson Jr. explore how to leverage various social platforms to start crucial sales conversations. They discuss content teasers, platform-specific hooks, and the importance of targeting the right audience across platforms. Learn how to integrate campaigns, engage with interactive content, and drive engagement while maintaining a consistent brand message. Join us as we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of social sales.
Scaling Sales Success: Insights from Cultivize Founder
April 30, 2024 • 29 MIN
Join us for another insightful episode of Making Sales Social as we delve into the art of scaling sales success with special guest Jason Kramer, founder of Cultivize. Discover key strategies and technologies essential for building a scalable sales process. From aligning with buyer journeys to leveraging AI, Jason shares invaluable insights gained from over 15 years of experience in B2B lead nurturing and sales strategy. Tune in for actionable tips and expert advice on taking your sales process to the next level.
The Future of B2B Sales Post-Pandemic
April 25, 2024 • 26 MIN
Join us in this episode of Making Sales Social as we explore 'The Future of B2B Sales Post-Pandemic.' In a dynamic conversation, Stan Robinson, Jr. and Brynne Tillman delve into the shifts in sales strategies and tools brought about by the pandemic and how they're shaping the future of B2B sales. From the integration of digital tools into CRM systems to the rise of social selling and the newfound accessibility to high-level decision-makers, discover how sales professionals are adapting and thriving in this evolving landscape. Tune in for insightful discussions on leveraging social proximity, the changing mindset of sales professionals, and the exciting prospects of AI integration in the sales process. Don't miss out on valuable tips and tactics for navigating the post-pandemic B2B sales arena!
Stories That Sell: The Power of Primal Connection
April 23, 2024 • 19 MIN
In this episode of Making Sales Social, we dive deep into the art of storytelling in sales with special guest Geoffrey Berwind. Discover how storytelling transcends traditional sales techniques, forging genuine human connections and igniting the imagination of prospects. From the science behind storytelling to effective techniques for captivating your audience, Geoffrey shares invaluable insights drawn from his two decades of experience. Tune in as we explore the essential role of origin stories, client success narratives, and example stories in crafting compelling sales pitches. Join us on a journey into the primal essence of storytelling and learn how to harness its power to make your sales soar.
Advanced LinkedIn Networking Strategies
April 18, 2024 • 31 MIN
In this episode of the Making Sales Social Podcast, join us as we explore the dynamic world of networking in the digital age. Delving into the conversation inspired by real-life experiences and observations, our hosts uncover invaluable insights into the art of building connections and driving business growth. From the primal origins of networking to the modern-day evolution facilitated by platforms like LinkedIn, learn how to leverage digital tools effectively. Discover practical tips for making meaningful connections, including utilizing LinkedIn's QR code feature and crafting personalized welcome messages. Explore the strategy of networking through client referrals and strategic introductions between partners. Gain valuable advice on remembering key details about contacts and leveraging tools like Sales Navigator for enhanced networking capabilities. Tune in to unlock the power of networking and unleash your digital success.
Integrating AI into Personal Branding on LinkedIn
April 16, 2024 • 32 MIN
In this episode, Stan and Bob discuss the innovative ways to integrate chat GPT and AI into personal branding, providing practical advice and strategies for optimizing your content creation process. Learn about the CRISP model, a structured approach to crafting prompts for AI interaction, and how it can revolutionize your content strategy. Explore the importance of context, role, inspiration, scope, and prohibitions in guiding AI-generated content to align with your brand voice and goals. Discover how AI can serve as your "intern," assisting you in generating relevant and engaging content tailored to your audience's needs. Gain insights into how to tell your unique story effectively, whether it's in your LinkedIn profile, professional experience, or content creation.
AI Sales Mastery: Navigating the Human Touch in the Digital Era
April 16, 2024 • 48 MIN
In this episode of Making Sales Social, join host Bob Woods as he explores the realm of AI Sales Mastery with guest Jeffrey Boyle, CEO of Bomodo AI. Discover how AI is revolutionizing sales strategies for entrepreneurs and sales teams, providing them with powerful tools to scale their businesses. From content creation to personalized avatars, Jeffrey shares insights on leveraging AI while maintaining the crucial human touch in customer interactions. Tune in to learn how to navigate the digital era of sales effectively.
Building Relationships & Scaling Businesses
April 9, 2024 • 19 MIN
In this episode of the Making Sales Social Podcast, join hosts Brynne Tillman and Mark Gordon as they delve into the intricacies of "Building Relationships & Scaling Businesses." Mark shares his journey from call center work to becoming a leader in sales and community-building, emphasizing the pivotal role of genuine curiosity in creating meaningful connections. Together, they explore the power of social media in fostering relationships at scale, transforming handshakes into hugs, and accelerating business growth. From identifying gaps in businesses to providing holistic solutions, Mark offers insights drawn from years of experience in sales and entrepreneurship. Tune in to discover how to bridge the gap between personal connection and business success in the ever-evolving landscape of social selling.
Cold Calling is Better Than Social Selling (and AI is on the down turn)
April 4, 2024 • 23 MIN
Welcome to Making Sales Social! In this episode, titled "Cold Calling is Better Than Social Selling (and AI is on the downturn)," hosts Brynne Tillman and Bob Woods take a surprising turn away from their usual focus on LinkedIn and social selling. Buckle up as they dive into why they believe cold calling is making a comeback, leaving social selling and AI in the dust. From the adrenaline rush of interrupting someone's day to the mystery caller advantage, Brynne and Bob explore the nostalgia of smile and dial tactics. But don't be fooled—this episode is packed with April Fools' Day fun! Tune in for insights on the importance of personalized outreach, generating engaging social media content, and leveraging AI for dynamic product descriptions. Join Brynne and Bob as they navigate the evolving landscape of sales, reminding us all to make our sales social. Don't miss out—subscribe to the podcast and leave a review to let us know what you think!
Building Personal Connections and Overcoming Objections
April 2, 2024 • 34 MIN
In this episode of the Making Sales Social podcast, host Brynne Tillman interviews Jeff West, author and sales expert. They discuss the importance of making personal connections in sales and how to overcome objections effectively. Jeff shares his insights on reframing objections, using empathy, and creating fusion points to engage both logic and emotion in the sales process. He also provides tips for getting past gatekeepers and offers a step-by-step approach to working objections like a pro. Don't miss this valuable conversation with Jeff West on Making Sales Social.
Emotional Intelligence in Social Selling: Building Authentic Connections
March 29, 2024 • 54 MIN
Join the trio of hosts Bob Woods, Brynne Tillman & Stan Robinson, Jr in this episode of the Making Sales Social Live podcast as they delve into the transformative power of emotional intelligence in the realm of social selling. From fostering authentic connections to honing active listening skills and maintaining authenticity, they explore practical strategies for leveraging emotional intelligence to enhance sales interactions. Tune in to uncover actionable insights that can elevate your approach to social selling and forge deeper, more meaningful relationships with prospects and clients.
AI and Sales Credibility: Navigating the Digital Landscape
March 26, 2024 • 42 MIN
In this episode of Making Sales Social, join hosts Bob Woods and C. Lee Smith as they dive into the intricate relationship between artificial intelligence (AI) and sales credibility. This episode explores how AI impacts sales professionals' credibility and authenticity in the digital age. From leveraging AI as a tool to reinforcing trustworthiness, Bob and Lee dissect key insights from their conversation, shedding light on strategies to maintain credibility while navigating the ever-evolving digital landscape. Tune in for valuable tips and insights on harnessing AI effectively to build trust and credibility in sales.
7 Ways that LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator Rocks
March 21, 2024 • 29 MIN
Welcome to the Making Sales Social Podcast! In episode 277, titled "7 Ways that LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator Rocks," Brynne Tillman and Stan Robinson, Jr. dive deep into the powerful features of LinkedIn Sales Navigator. From advanced search functions to smart links, they explore how Sales Navigator can revolutionize your sales approach. Discover how to leverage features like saved searches, personas, and account IQ to streamline your sales process and close deals faster. Join Brynne and Stan as they share their expert insights and practical tips to make your sales truly social. Tune in now to optimize your sales strategy with Sales Navigator!
Social Selling Unleashed: Insights from Sales Experts
March 19, 2024 • 20 MIN
In today’s episode, host Brynne Tillman engages in a dynamic conversation with sales expert Jeb Blount Jr. Dive into the depths of social selling as Jeb shares invaluable insights on leveraging platforms like LinkedIn to authentically connect with prospects. Discover strategies for integrating social selling seamlessly into your sales approach, building targeted prospect lists, and initiating warm conversations that lead to meaningful relationships. Gain practical tips on identifying value, crafting authentic messaging, and navigating the fine line between connection and transaction. Don't miss this episode packed with actionable advice from two seasoned professionals in the sales arena.
The Sales Connection: Live Insights from Making Sales Social
March 14, 2024 • 30 MIN
Join hosts Bob Woods, Brynne Tillman, and Stan Robinson Jr. as they bring you the latest insights and strategies for mastering social selling on LinkedIn. In each episode of 'Making Sales Social Live,' dive into candid discussions, expert tips, and real-world examples to elevate your sales game. From leveraging LinkedIn features to navigating the sales process with finesse, this podcast is your go-to resource for unlocking success in the digital sales arena. Tune in for actionable advice and lively conversations that will transform the way you approach social selling.
Social Sales Accelerator: Scaling Your Independent Business
March 12, 2024 • 17 MIN
Welcome back to Making Sales Social! In today's episode, host Brynne Tillman sits down with Bradley Jacobs, founder and CEO of Milance. Milance supports independent business owners, entrepreneurs, and fractional executives in their business development efforts. Brynne is excited to explore how Bradley addresses one of the biggest challenges faced by independents: scaling their businesses. Bradley shares his insights into combining social media with productive selling techniques, emphasizing the importance of building trust and adding value before selling. Drawing from his own experience, Bradley discusses his journey of building a fractional COO business and the key challenges faced by entrepreneurs in balancing client service with business development. As the conversation delves deeper, Bradley reveals practical strategies for independent consultants and fractional executives to streamline their business development efforts. He emphasizes the significance of budgeting for sales and marketing tools that automate tasks while still delivering results. Bradley also introduces Milance's unique approach to curating targeted lists of potential clients, saving time and energy for busy professionals. Throughout the episode, Brynne and Bradley discuss personalized outreach on platforms like LinkedIn and highlight the transformative potential of leveraging tools like Milance to identify and engage with high-value prospects effectively. Tune in to discover actionable insights and strategies for scaling your independent business in today's competitive landscape. Don't miss out on this dynamic conversation between two sales experts!
Johnny Beirne - Mastering the Art of Social Sales: Strategies, Tools, and Tactics for Engaging Webinars and Video Presentations
March 8, 2024 • 37 MIN
Johnny Beirne joins us today to share his expertise on how to transform your online presentations from mundane to mesmerizing. Throughout the episode, he'll provide insights on ways to use your presentations to make people want to sign up for whatever you're selling. Johnny will also share a couple of tactics that will allow you to create online courses faster, as well as deliver a very engaging and professional live presentation. One of the highlights of our conversation is the "Pattern Interrupt" technique. Johnny believes that if your audience isn't impressed with what they see from you, they won't be impressed with what they get and are likely to spend their money elsewhere. If you're new to webinars or need some guidance to enhance your presentation skills, this episode is for you! Johnny Beirne is CEO of Digital Business Institute and the author of the book "Say it Once. Sell it Often", where he focuses on replacing relentless competition with recurring revenue. He is a webinar wizard and expert when it comes to creating compelling videos for online presentations. Johnny is not only a master at crafting unique webinars but also a visionary in utilizing video to captivate and educate audiences. He has an in-depth understanding of the visual aspect of online presentations as well as their content. Johnny works with course creators and subject matter specialists who rely on webinars to generate revenue. Learn more about Johnny by visiting his website. You can also follow and connect with him on LinkedIn.
Using the “King” For Your Buyers’ Journey
March 6, 2024 • 30 MIN
In this episode of Making Sales Social, we're discussing the importance of content in social selling. Content is the king of the buyer's journey, and it's crucial to engage potential buyers with relevant content before they even recognize their need for your product or service. Throughout the episode, we'll be exploring the three overall stages of the funnel: top, mid, and end of the sales cycle, and even beyond that. We'll also be discussing the different types of content that you can use in your social selling strategy. If you're not using content in your sales process, you're doing yourself a disservice, so tune in to learn more.
Carole Mahoney - Humanizing Sales: Navigating the Intersection of Social Dynamics and Buyer-Centricity
February 28, 2024 • 26 MIN
Carol Mahoney joins us on this episode to discuss the importance of humanizing sales and navigating the intersection of social dynamics and buyer-centricity. As entrepreneurs and executives, we often claim that our buyers are our top priority, but do our actions and systems reflect that statement? Carol helps us tackle this dilemma by diving into common mistakes businesses make and why they may not be prioritizing their buyers as they should. She also shares strategies to ensure that we stand by our goals of putting our buyers first, regardless of our industry or position within a company. Whether you're a solopreneur or in marketing, this episode is for you because, in any aspect of offering solutions to customers, their needs should always come first. Tune in to learn how to humanize your sales approach and truly prioritize your buyers. Carol Mahoney is a renowned sales expert, author, and founder of Unbound Growth. With her book "Buyer First: Grow Your Business With Collaborative Selling," she is revolutionizing the sales industry and changing the way buyers perceive it. Carol is also known as a sales therapist at Harvard Business School, where she serves as an entrepreneurial sales coach for their MBA program. She is a highly sought-after keynote speaker who inspires audiences to shift their mindset and prioritize putting buyers first in all their interactions. Learn more about Carol by visiting her keynote and blog page. You can also follow and connect with her on LinkedIn.
5 LinkedIn Changes… On-the-Way and Already Here
February 23, 2024 • 20 MIN
We've said it before, and we've said it a few times over: If there's one thing about LinkedIn that's constant, it's change. Join us in this episode as our experts from Social Sales Link break down five significant changes that are either on the horizon or already happening. From small tweaks to big shifts, we're here to simplify it all for you. Plus, we give a shoutout to Kevin D. Turner, who keeps a close eye on LinkedIn changes over on his profile. Tune in now to stay updated and make the most of your LinkedIn experience!
Andy O'Bryan - Unveiling the Future: Navigating AI's Role in Sales and Creativity
February 21, 2024 • 37 MIN
Andy O'Bryan, a pioneer in using AI for business, joins us on this episode to discuss one of our favorite topics as of late - the cutting-edge world of AI in Sales and Marketing. With his unique perspective, Andy provides insights into the transformative power of technology and AI, particularly in sales, marketing, and professional development. Additionally, Andy shares his personal experience working in Radio and how it compares to people's "copy and paste" habit of using AI. He notes that Radio has become increasingly automated and scripted, which can make it sound inauthentic. Nonetheless, we will explore the intersection of AI and sales and social selling and how one can still add the human touch to craft messages that resonate with the audience. So, join us as we delve into this exciting topic. Andy O'Bryan, known as the AI Whisperer to the Social Sales Link team, is the mastermind behind AI Copy Lab and the Co-Founder of AI Success Club. As an expert in AI copywriting, he helps entrepreneurs better understand the rapidly expanding world of artificial intelligence as it relates to their content marketing and copywriting. The club, which launched in early February 2023, has grown to over 300 members and counting. Members receive monthly live workshops, weekly prompts and tutorials, expert interviews, the latest information on AI tools and developments, and monthly live Q&A sessions. Learn more about Andy by visiting his website. You can also follow and connect with him on LinkedIn.
7 ChatGPT Prompts for Social Selling
February 16, 2024 • 25 MIN
Struggling to find the right prompts for ChatGPT? In this episode, we're sharing with you seven of our favorite prompts to use on LinkedIn for social selling, which you can also download at, so there is no need to worry about writing them down. But it's not just about the prompts; we will also guide you on how to personalize them for your authentic voice. Listen now and learn how to craft messages that reflect your style using ChatGPT.
Andy Morehouse - Building Trust and Driving Engagement in the Digital Sales Era: Insights from Talewind CEO
February 14, 2024 • 21 MIN
Andy Morehouse joins us on this episode to discuss the intricacies of buyer engagement, sales, and the problems he helps solve. During our conversation, we explored why it can be difficult to close deals even after starting conversations with potential clients and how changes in buyer behavior have impacted sales success. With insights into the preferences of buyers and the changing roles of sales and marketing leaders, we look at strategies to engage modern buyers effectively. Discover how Andy's company, Talewind, leverages AI to bridge the engagement gap in sales. This is a conversation you don't want to miss! Andy Morehouse is an experienced executive with a strong background in sales and marketing. He has helped numerous small businesses grow and succeed and has also played a key role in the success of a software company, where he spent 13 years as one of the first employees. During his time there, Andy was responsible for building the company's sales and marketing efforts and worked closely with the founders to develop and execute the company's strategic vision. Today, he is the CEO of Talewind, a sales proposal and content automation platform designed to improve the buyer experience and bring accuracy, consistency, and speed to every deal. Learn more about Andy by visiting his website. You can also follow and connect with him on LinkedIn.
Unlocking the Power of the Silent Majority in Social Selling
February 12, 2024 • 20 MIN
Are you tired of missing out on potential sales opportunities because your online audience is lurking in the shadows? Join us in this episode as we uncover the secrets to converting your silent majority into engagers on social media, particularly LinkedIn. As a salesperson or social seller, engagement is crucial to initiating those all-important sales conversations. Discover the proven strategies that will inspire your silent audience to engage with you and start a conversation, including using content and understanding why they are reluctant to engage. Join us now to unlock the power of the silent majority in social selling.
Debra Eckerling - Navigating the Path from Idea to Publication: Insights on Writing, Publishing, and Achieving Book Goals
February 7, 2024 • 21 MIN
Get ready to dive into the world of writing and publishing with an expert guide by your side! In this episode, we're thrilled to have Debra Eckerling sharing her wealth of knowledge. She's like a beacon of wisdom for aspiring authors, offering practical tips and insights to help you bring your book ideas to life. From outlining a clear plan with her DEB Method to demystifying the differences between traditional and self-publishing, Debra's expertise will leave you feeling empowered and ready to tackle your writing goals. So, if you've ever dreamt of becoming a published author or an aspiring thought leader who wants to share your life lessons through writing, you won't want to miss this enlightening discussion! Debra Eckerling is a renowned author, consultant, and workshop leader. She is the creator of "The DEB Methods" system of goal setting, which simplifies the process of personal and professional planning. With her expertise in content development, event strategy, and team building, she has been instrumental in guiding executives, entrepreneurs, consultants, and teams to achieve their goals. Along with her consulting work, Debra is also the host of "Gold Chat Live," also known as "The DEB Show," and "Taste Buds with Deb" podcast. Her book "Your Goal Guide" has received widespread acclaim for its practical and easy-to-follow approach to achieving success. Learn more about Debra by visiting her website. You can also follow and connect with her on LinkedIn.
5 Ways to Use Video on LinkedIn
February 2, 2024 • 26 MIN
In the fast-paced world of social selling, the power of showing up on LinkedIn goes beyond a mere login. It's about making a lasting impression, and what better way to achieve that than through video? Surprisingly, in 2024, a significant number are still missing out on this game-changing tool. Let's break it down: there are five dynamic ways to leverage video on LinkedIn. This medium isn't just about content; it's about connection. Whether it's showcasing your expertise, sharing insights, or simply putting a face to your name, video elevates your presence, making you more relatable and approachable. In a digital era where relationships matter, don't miss out on the power of video on LinkedIn by tuning in on this episode of Making Sales Social Live.
Chad Kaleky - Mastering Viral Video: Strategies for Organic Growth, Engaging Content, and Building a Brand Persona
January 30, 2024 • 19 MIN
In this episode, we chat with Chad Kaleky, an expert in creating viral videos. We discuss the power of video as a tool to connect with audiences and how it can be used to boost sales and engagement. Kaleky shares his insights on how to make videos that go beyond your natural network and reach business owners, influencers, and lurkers. Tune in to learn the secrets of creating a viral video and taking your content to the next level. Chad Kaleky is the founder of FTS Growth Studios and the podcast host of "Failing to Success." He has an impressive track record of scaling his previous business to $4.2 million in annual revenue by the age of 25. Now, he uses his extensive experience to help entrepreneurs achieve their full potential through strategic sales and revenue growth practices. FTS Growth Agency provides various services, including content creation, lead generation, thought leadership programs, social media management, sales coaching, and sales process development. Learn more about Chad by visiting his website. You can also follow and connect with him on LinkedIn.
Maximizing Sales Potential on LinkedIn Without the Common Missteps
January 29, 2024 • 30 MIN
Learn how to maximize your sales potential on LinkedIn without the common missteps. Whether you're in upper management or refining your strategy as a salesperson, this episode provides insights to turn your LinkedIn presence into a powerful tool for social selling. We're not revisiting old-school mistakes; we're tackling the latest challenges with new features, AI, and automated systems. Join us for a quick guide to staying ahead, elevating your professional standing, and reshaping your approach on LinkedIn. Tune in now for the keys to success that can transform your sales strategy.
Five-Minute Mastery: John J. Fenton - Transforming Stress to Success in Sales Leadership
January 23, 2024 • 32 MIN
John J. Fenton joins us on this episode for a conversation about overcoming the stress that comes with the sales leadership role and how to transform that into success by learning how to master five minutes of your time. We also talked about how to become the type of leader who can lead teams to success and how to attract people to you and recognize you as their leader. Tune in and learn how to become a successful sales leader while managing the challenges of the role. John J. Fenton is a renowned author, speaker, and coach who has been transforming the landscape of executive coaching and leadership since 2013. He is the founder and CEO of John J. Fenton Executive Coaching and is widely known as the "CEO Sensei." John specializes in working with CEOs and business leaders who are looking for more clarity, better results, and more freedom in their lives. He firmly believes that the inner game or mindset of leadership is what separates good leaders from great ones, and he is an expert in dialing into that mindset. Before starting his own venture, John was a managing partner with BDO, USA, and his recent book Five Minute Mastery was a number one new release and a bestseller in three categories on Amazon. Apart from his professional achievements, John has earned a black belt in Tai Chi and is a master of meditation in that field as well. His multifaceted approach to leadership coaching has helped numerous executives to achieve their professional and personal goals. Learn more about John by visiting his website. You can also follow and connect with him on LinkedIn.
Linking In-Person: Leveraging Digital Connections for Real-World Encounters
January 22, 2024 • 21 MIN
Ever set a New Year's resolution to step out of the office and attend more networking events? In our latest episode, we've got practical strategies to smoothly blend the power of LinkedIn and social selling into your in-person encounters. It's not just about handshakes; it's about taking your connections to the next level. Join us as we share insights on turning your LinkedIn connections into real-world opportunities. And for those who find networking energy-draining, especially introverts, uncover tips to make it an energizing experience. Tune in for a must-hear guide to enhancing your professional connections – because your next big opportunity might just be a handshake away!
Sara Murray - Prospecting on Purpose: Mastering Active Listening and Genuine Connection in Sales
January 17, 2024 • 44 MIN
Sarah Murray joins us on this episode of the Making Sales Social podcast to talk about "Prospecting on Purpose." In this insightful conversation, Sarah shares her tips on how to approach sales activities with intention and how to use active listening and genuine connection to build better relationships with prospects and clients. If you're looking for practical advice on how to improve your sales skills and achieve better results, you won't want to miss this episode. Tune in now to learn from one of the best in the business! Sara Murray, CEO of Sara Murray, Inc., is a renowned sales coach, author, speaker, and podcast host who works with sales teams and sales leaders to unlock the untapped potential in their prospecting and business development efforts. Sara is a true multi-hyphenate who wears several hats at once. Besides everything mentioned, she's also an advisor and consultant. Her expertise lies in the hospitality construction, real estate design, and technology industries. Sara empowers professionals via virtual and in-person workshops. She is passionate about enhancing communication skills, approaching prospecting creatively, and effectively affecting business needs rather than just simply pushing products. Sara is also the host of "Prospecting on Purpose," a podcast that provides a platform for discussions on prospecting sales, business strategies, and mindset. With her vast knowledge and experience, we are excited to share Sara's insights with you on this episode. Learn more about Sarah by visiting her website and tuning in to her podcast. You can also follow and connect with her on LinkedIn.
ChatGPT Prompting for Sales
January 11, 2024 • 29 MIN
Join us on this episode as we are joined by a special guest host, Gunner Hood of WSI. Whether you have been using AI for sales or you are here to learn more about using AI for sales, the first thing you need to understand is that there is an art to getting AI to give you the desired output. Our conversation highlights a key point - AI works like your clients; asking them generic questions will yield generic responses, but asking them specific questions will get you specific responses. So, don't miss out on this special episode, where we'll provide you with ChatGPT prompts for sales and show you how and when to use them.
Natalie Benamou - Empowering Women in Leadership: From Digital Transformations to Blue Ocean Strategies
January 10, 2024 • 27 MIN
In this episode, Natalie Benamou offers valuable insights on a topic that will benefit many women in sales who are looking to advance in their careers. Join us as we discuss the journey of women in leadership and how to empower and thrive in that journey. Natalie will also talk about the Blue Ocean strategy, which harnesses the brilliance of female talents and helps companies stand out. Tune in now to learn more. Natalie Benamou is the Founder and Chief Growth Officer of HerCsuite®, a women's leadership network that aims to promote and support women at every stage of their careers. Natalie is also an accomplished speaker and moderator and has delivered engaging leadership programs to companies such as Coupa, Horizon, and the Healthcare Businesswomen's Association (HBA) National Conference, among others. Her guiding principle in life is best summed up by a quote from Maya Angelou: "People will forget what you said, they will forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel." Learn more about Natalie by visiting her website and tuning in to her podcast. You can also follow and connect with her on LinkedIn or Twitter.
New Year’s LinkedIn Profile Review
January 8, 2024 • 28 MIN
Welcome to a LinkedIn Profile Review that goes beyond the basics. In this episode, we are not just going to talk about the size of your profile picture or the content of your headline. We are going to share with you a powerful mindset that will help you optimize every element of your LinkedIn profile. By doing so, you can transform your profile from a mere resume to a valuable resource for your clients and partners. This is especially important in the new year when your clients may have new problems and a different mindset. Your clients evolve just like you, and it's essential to ensure that your current LinkedIn profile addresses their concerns. Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn valuable insights from the Social Sales Link team and take your LinkedIn profile to the next level. Tune in now and go beyond the basics of LinkedIn Profile optimization.
Lisa Scotto - Mastering Sales Success: The Art of Power Questions in Client Conversations
January 3, 2024 • 44 MIN
Lisa Scotto joins us on this episode to discuss the importance of asking the right questions as a salesperson. By doing so, we can establish better relationships and expand our social network. We will also be discussing her sales approach, which considers sales as a discipline where good salespeople focus on adding value rather than just selling. This aligns with the philosophy we promote at Making Sales Social and Social Sales Link. Lisa Scotto is the founder of LMS Group Coaching, which is a consulting firm specialized in sales strategy and business development. Lisa's company provides end-to-end B2B sales strategies, making her an ideal candidate for our show. Lisa's services include pipeline development, creating presentations, refining existing blueprints, and helping companies build revenue. These are all great goals to have for any business. Learn more about Lisa by visiting her website. You can also follow and connect with her on LinkedIn.
Making Sales Social LIVE: Masterclasses
January 2, 2024 • 24 MIN
Curious about the secrets behind successful sales strategies by top industry experts? Then, join us for a special episode of Making Sales Social Live. We will unwrap the most insightful moments from our monthly masterclasses held throughout 2023. In this exclusive preview, we will bring you expert voices in sales, marketing, and business who will reveal the keys to branding, impactful messaging, pricing mastery, and more! Although you won't be able to see the faces and visuals of our guests, we guarantee that the information you will learn from this recap is valuable. And if that's still not enough, and you want to learn more, stay tuned until the end. We'll reveal how you can access these game-changing masterclasses for free. So, get ready to ignite your curiosity and improve your sales skills. Tune in now!
Best of Making Sales Social: The Interviews
December 26, 2023 • 25 MIN
Join us on a special episode of the Making Sales Social podcast, where we revisit the most insightful conversations and interviews with over 50 experts that we've had this year. Since its launch in July 2021, Making Sales Social has covered a wide range of topics, from the use of AI in sales to modernizing your CRM to the impact of digital content on the sales process. In this episode, we'll take a look back at our top episodes and highlight the most valuable insights and tips shared by our guests. Whether you're looking to improve your sales skills or simply missed some of our previous episodes, this is the perfect opportunity to catch up and learn from the best. So, tune in and discover how you can leverage AI to boost your sales, optimize your CRM, and create compelling digital content that resonates with your audience. Don't miss this chance to take your sales game to the next level!
Best of Making Sales Social LIVE
December 21, 2023 • 22 MIN
Join us for an exciting and informative episode of the Making Sales Social podcast! In this special "Wrap Up" episode, we'll be sharing some of our favorite highlights from our weekly Making Sales Social live sessions that we host on LinkedIn and other social media platforms. These sessions are always lively, fun, and full of valuable tips, strategies, and tactics for using LinkedIn social selling to drive sales and build your business. From the importance of taking social selling beyond just the initial sales conversation to strategies for maximizing the power of LinkedIn AI, we'll cover a range of topics that are essential for anyone looking to succeed in today's competitive sales environment. So don't miss this episode - it's the perfect way to get ready for the year ahead and take your sales and marketing efforts to the next level!
Lindsey Boggs - Mastering Sales Leadership: Navigating Relationships, Empathy, and Technology in the Digital Era
December 19, 2023 • 14 MIN
Lindsey Boggs joins us on this episode to share her philosophy on managing sales teams with empathy, discussing her strategy and tools for success. She emphasizes the importance of understanding and relating to her staff's struggles, both professionally and personally, and encourages vulnerability while holding them accountable. Lindsey also talks about her approach to hiring sales reps and how she's leading her team to create new opportunities for Glassbox in a new market. This episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to improve their leadership skills and build a successful sales team. Lindsay Bogss is the Vice President of Sales Development and Enablement at Glassbox. Glassbox is a company that helps organizations to deliver better digital customer experiences. They do this by providing a platform for product, UX, marketing, IT, analytics teams, and more to assess performance, prioritize projects, and optimize experiences for their clients' customers and prospects. By doing so, Glassbox helps reduce friction and create more leads for their clients. Ultimately, Glassbox's services not only make their clients' customers happy but also help their clients grow their businesses. Learn more about Lindsey by visiting her website and profile page. You can also follow and connect with her on LinkedIn or Twitter.
7 LinkedIn Strategies to Start 2024 Right
December 15, 2023 • 25 MIN
As the year comes to an end, you may be wondering how to improve your LinkedIn strategies for the upcoming year. You're eager to start new sales conversations, close deals, obtain additional business from existing clients, and connect with other professionals. Fortunately, in this episode, the Social Sales Link team, led by LinkedIn experts Bob Woods and Brynne Tillman, will share seven proven strategies that will help you exceed your goals for the new year. These strategies have been successful for their clients and are not to be missed. You won't need to backtrack through previous episodes, as everything you need to start the year off right is included here.
Marge Martin - Unlocking Growth: Leveraging AI and Social Selling for Business Success
December 12, 2023 • 20 MIN
Marge Martin joins us on this episode to share how she's using AI to run her business and help her clients run theirs. Most of Marge's clients are small business owners and high-tech companies with less than 100 employees. These clients have executives who are too busy to hire. If this resonates with you, you must listen to this episode. In our conversation, you'll learn the many amazing things AI can do to help your business succeed with social selling, and it's more than just helping you write content. Marge Martin is the founder and executive digital marketer at RareAgent, an agency that provides go-to-market and marketing consulting and support for 67 tech startups across various industries, such as music, film, fintech, and medical. She is a highly experienced senior sales and marketing leader who drives exponential growth for both startup and enterprise brands through strategic sales and marketing strategies, as well as dynamic campaign execution. With over 15 years of industry expertise, Marge has a proven track record of delivering exceptional results in sales, demand generation, marketing campaign management, account-based marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, and digital analytics. Learn more about Marge by visiting her website. You can also follow and connect with her on LinkedIn or Twitter.
Optimizing LinkedIn’s Free Search for Sales
December 8, 2023 • 27 MIN
Are you making the most of LinkedIn's free search? Don't miss out on untapped opportunities to elevate your sales approach. Join us for this enlightening conversation and discover how to maximize LinkedIn's potential without spending a dime. Listen in as we uncover often-overlooked features and show you how to optimize your LinkedIn strategy. You'll master the art of navigating the search bar and learn how to leverage second-degree connections for warm introductions. Plus, you'll delve into the impact of Boolean search techniques and gain insights into the effectiveness of video messages. Don't overlook the valuable bonus tip on searching companies through first-degree connections. This episode will provide you with the necessary tools to improve your sales on LinkedIn.
Barrett King - The Future of Sales: Navigating Partnerships and Planning for 2024
December 5, 2023 • 38 MIN
Barret King joins us on this episode to share his expert insights on how to exceed your sales goals in 2024, whether you're in the SaaS industry or not. He'll reveal the secrets to successful partnerships and B2B sales efforts and how social selling on LinkedIn plays an important role in this strategy. With the end of the year fast approaching, this is a timely and important topic you won't want to miss. Tune in closely to our conversation because we have a lot to cover. Barret King is a seasoned partnership and go-to-market strategist with over 10 years of experience in the SaaS industry. He has a proven track record of driving revenue growth, cultivating new business opportunities, and establishing successful sales channels. As the Sr. Director of Revenue at New Breed, HubSpot's top solutions partner, Barret, leads an elite team of action-oriented strategists and innovators who help customers optimize their tech stack, generate demand, and elevate their revenue performance. Learn more from Barret by following and connecting with him on LinkedIn.
Top Ten LinkedIn Activities for 2024
November 30, 2023 • 25 MIN
Are you ready for 2024? As a sales professional, it's essential to stay ahead of the game in the ever-evolving world of LinkedIn. In this episode, we bring you the top ten activities you should consider doing on LinkedIn in 2024. Our experts dive into the nitty-gritty details of refreshing your profile, optimizing your headlines, and making the most out of your banner real estate. We also discuss the importance of refreshing your profile and highlight some of the specific elements that can make a significant impact. But there's more! We have some exciting tips that will help you start those all-important sales conversations more easily than before. So, tune in and learn how to attract, teach, and engage the right buyers, and get ready to have an awesome 2024.
Anthony Iannarino - The Negativity Fast: Transforming Sales and Life through Positivity and Gratitude
November 28, 2023 • 24 MIN
Anthony Iannarino joins the Social Sales Link team to share his insights on how sales professionals can overcome stress and challenges in their field by embracing positivity and gratitude. Drawing from his latest book, he takes us on a personal journey of overcoming negativity and introduces practical strategies for cultivating a positive mindset. One such strategy is the "three blessings" practice, where individuals reflect on three positive aspects of their day. Join us as we learn how to transform our sales and life through positivity and gratitude. Don't miss out on this opportunity to improve your mindset and achieve success. Tune in now! Anthony Iannarino is a renowned international speaker, bestselling author, entrepreneur, and sales leader with a focus on the complex world of business-to-business (B2B) Sales. Over the course of a decade, we have been avidly following his work, and our very own Brynne Tillman has had the privilege of meeting him in person on a few occasions. Widely regarded as one of the world's foremost sales experts, he recently published a new book titled "The Negativity Fast," which is the basis of our topic for this episode. We are thrilled to welcome him to the show, and you definitely won't want to miss this opportunity! Learn more about Anthony by visiting his website. You can also follow and connect with him on LinkedIn or Twitter.
Sales Navigator Account IQ Review
November 23, 2023 • 16 MIN
Have you heard about Sales Navigator's latest AI feature, Account IQ? It is revolutionizing the sales game, and you can learn all about it in this episode of Making Sales Social LIVE, along with other new features that are being rolled out for LinkedIn's Sales Navigator. Account IQ is an AI-powered tool that provides an updated summary of accounts, giving salespeople insights and intelligence to act as trusted advisors for their clients. By leveraging these insights, sellers can start conversations, improve customer interactions, and stay informed about the current status of their prospects. Don't miss this Sales Navigator Account IQ review to discover how it can assist you with pre-call planning, pre-outreach preparation, and more.
Ardenia Gould - Empowering Women in Sales: Navigating Challenges, Embracing Thought Leadership, and Redefining Work-Life Flexibility
November 21, 2023 • 19 MIN
Ardenia Gould joins us on this episode to discuss the challenges faced by women in sales and how to empower them. She emphasizes the importance of work-life flexibility and offers work-life hacks for sales leaders. Ardenia also explains why companies need to look beyond compensation to attract and retain women in sales. She highlights how women want to contribute meaningfully and impact the bottom line. Ardenia offers advice on how sales leaders can mentor and nurture women in sales. Take advantage of this valuable episode to learn how companies can tap into the vast pool of female sales talent and drive tremendous success. Ardenia Gould is the founder of Ardenia LLC and the host of the Ask Ardenia podcast. She is a champion for work-life flexibility and serves as a mentor for CEO moms and executive women, as well as a thought leader on executive burnout. Her work is making a significant impact on women executives and women in business, as well as the companies that can benefit from the talents of working moms and women in business. Learn more about Ardenia by visiting her website. You can also follow and connect with her on LinkedIn or send her at email at
A Deep(er) Dive Into LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator
November 16, 2023 • 28 MIN
Join us in this exciting conversation as we have Stan Robinson, Jr. from Social Sales Link to help us take a deeper dive into LinkedIn's Sales Navigator. This episode is a unique crossover event, as Stan and Brynne also host their own podcast, Sales Navigator Insights. We'll explore the specific ways in which Sales Navigator is designed to help sales professionals and how it differs from the free version of LinkedIn. Additionally, we'll dive into the latest features and updates, including the relationship explorer, and reveal some incredible future topics related to mastering Sales Navigator. Make sure you don't let this chance slip by to level up your sales skills using LinkedIn – tune in now!
Usman Sheikh - Revolutionizing Sales: The Marriage of Psychology and AI in the B2B Arena
November 14, 2023 • 42 MIN
Usman Sheikh joins us on this episode to discuss revolutionizing sales by incorporating psychology and AI in the B2B arena. As AI becomes more prevalent in the sales and marketing space, it's crucial to understand how it can be used effectively to build relationships with customers. Usman answers questions about how generative AI can be used as a research tool and how it promotes productivity and efficiency in writing emails and content for sales professionals. He also delves into the concept of humanized AI and how it can help bring personality to a brand in the B2B space. Tune in to learn more about this fascinating topic. Usman Sheikh is the Founder and CEO of xiQ, a unique sales and marketing platform that combines generative AI, behavioral science, and Chat GPT to provide a personality-driven sales approach throughout the customer lifecycle. With a background in SAP and a wealth of knowledge on AI and B2B sales, Usman has shared his insights as a guest lecturer at top universities across the United States, including the University of Texas, the University of Wisconsin, Alabama, Louisiana State University, and Clemson. His ultimate aim is to humanize B2B sales and marketing by leveraging both generative AI and psychology to create a more personalized and effective customer experience. Learn more about Usman by visiting his website. You can also follow and connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter.
LinkedIn and B2C Sales: A Winning Combination
November 9, 2023 • 23 MIN
Join us on this exciting topic as we break away from our usual focus on LinkedIn for B2B Sales and Marketing to explore a commonly disregarded aspect: Leveraging the power of LinkedIn for B2C Sales. While we've been fervently discussing the benefits of LinkedIn and social selling in the B2B arena, it's time to shed light on its potential for business-to-consumer (B2C) sales. You might be surprised to discover the untapped opportunities that lie within the world's largest professional network. If you're a CPA or financial advisor, you're in luck because our conversation uses this profession as a practical example of how LinkedIn and Social Selling can be used in B2C sales. However, if you are not in this profession, don't worry because much of what you will learn in this conversation can still be applied to your field. So, tune in now and get ready to learn how you can leverage LinkedIn and Social Selling to engage with diverse users and connect with your customers in a meaningful way!
Chet Lovegren - The Future of B2B Sales: Embracing Content Creation and Media Focus
November 7, 2023 • 36 MIN
Chet Lovegren joins the Social Sales Link team on this episode to explore the future of B2B sales, emphasizing content creation and media. With expertise in advancing SDRs to AEs, Chet addresses the challenges faced at various career stages. He discusses his program for SDR-to-AE transformation, stressing the role of content creation in building a personal brand. The conversation covers maintaining message consistency while adapting to prospect preferences and elevating sales teams from SDRs to AEs. Tune in for valuable insights into the evolving B2B sales landscape. Chet Lovegren, The Sales Doctor, as mentioned, specializes in elevating sales teams from Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) to Account Executives (AEs) while also assisting frontline managers. His brainchild, The Sales Doctor Program, serves as a valuable resource for individuals and businesses seeking solutions to revenue challenges. As a certified keynote speaker and sales trainer, Chet’s expertise is widely recognized. He also hosts the Sales RX podcast, accessible on various podcasting platforms, ensuring you’ll find his insights wherever you're listening in. Learn more about Chet by visiting his websites. You can also follow and connect with him on LinkedIn.
LinkedIn Recommendations - Proving Your Worth
November 3, 2023 • 14 MIN
As a sales professional, are you struggling to stand out on LinkedIn? Do you want to prove your authenticity and showcase your expertise? Look no further than the latest episode of Making Sales Social LIVE, where the LinkedIn Sherpa Bob Woods and the LinkedIn Whisperer Brynne Tillman demystify LinkedIn Recommendations. Join them as they share their insights on how to leverage recommendations effectively to boost your credibility and win new business. You're not alone if you've wondered, "How can I convince others that I am as good as I claim to be?" The key to this puzzle is, undoubtedly, LinkedIn Recommendations. In this episode, we dive deep into this feature that often remains underutilized. LinkedIn Recommendations is your gateway to showcasing your accomplishments and building trust with your network. Whether you're giving or receiving recommendations, they can become a powerful tool in your professional arsenal. Join us as we uncover the magic of LinkedIn Recommendations. Learn how they provide social proof and credibility while also reducing your sales cycle time – a hidden advantage many overlook. Don't miss out on this eye-opening episode of Making Sales Social LIVE.
Phil Putnam - Unlocking Peak Performance: Navigating Work-Life Balance and Boundaries
October 31, 2023 • 25 MIN
Phil Putnam joins us on this episode to discuss the crucial topic of work-life balance and how it can impact your productivity and overall success. Phil shares his strategies for setting boundaries and engaging in open dialogues with employers, which can help optimize productivity and unlock peak performance. We'll also discuss the importance of creating a supportive work environment that leads to higher employee retention and productivity. Don't miss out on this valuable opportunity to gain insights and learn practical tips on achieving work-life balance and boundaries to take your sales performance to the next level. Tune in now! Phil Putnam is a career and life coach who helps people of all levels navigate their relationship with employment. Today, we're going to talk about how salespeople can fit into that and how salespeople can navigate their relationship with their employer. The only thing that Phil loves more than talking is listening. Learn more about Phil by visiting his website. You can also follow and connect with him on LinkedIn.
Are You Making These Mistakes on LinkedIn
October 26, 2023 • 30 MIN
Are you guilty of committing these mistakes on LinkedIn? Do you connect and immediately pitch your product or service, or perhaps connect and forget about your connections altogether? If so, it's time to hit pause and tune in to our latest episode! Join our experts at Social Sales Link as they delve into the most prevalent LinkedIn mistakes sales professionals make on the platform. In the world of B2B sales, LinkedIn remains an invaluable tool, yet many sales pros continue to stumble on this platform. In this episode, we dissect these frequent LinkedIn missteps to help you harness the platform's full potential effectively while steering clear of these pitfalls. While we highlight these LinkedIn mistakes, we'll also provide alternative strategies to ensure you achieve the desired results in your LinkedIn activities as a sales professional. Don't miss this episode!
Justin Moy - Transitioning from Sales Pro to Passive Income Investor in Commercial Real Estate
October 24, 2023 • 26 MIN
Justin Moy joins us on this episode of the Making Sales Social podcast, shedding light on the fascinating journey of transitioning from being a Sales Pro to mastering the art of Passive Income Investment in the realm of Commercial Real Estate. We're all familiar with the concept of side hustles, those ingenious endeavors that people undertake to boost their income outside of their primary jobs. However, Justin delves into a unique kind of side hustle, one strategically geared toward long-term financial growth, with the potential for an additional income stream when executed correctly. Justin Moy is the Managing Partner at The President's Club Investors, a commercial real estate investing firm that has been making waves by helping top-producing sales professionals replace their high income with passive income, mainly through commercial real estate investments. Justin brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the podcast, having successfully guided countless individuals towards financial independence and redefining their career paths. His valuable insights are bound to inspire and inform, making this episode a must-listen for anyone looking to pave their way to financial security. So, don't miss out on the chance to tap into Justin's wisdom – tune in now! Learn more about Justin by visiting his website and The President’s Club website. You can also follow and connect with him on LinkedIn.
Tenets of Social Selling
October 19, 2023 • 16 MIN
In this episode, we'll explore the "Tenets of Social Selling" to help you connect with potential clients in the digital age. You'll learn the importance of social listening, personalization, and transforming your online profile to become a valuable resource. By creating content that resonates with your audience, you'll build trust and credibility. It's time to shift your focus from prioritizing the sale to caring about the client's outcome. Detach from what the prospect is worth to you and attach to what you're worth to them. Master social selling and achieve success in the digital age - listen now for invaluable guidance.
Joe Sabatino - Unmasking Success: The Power of Authenticity in Executive Presentations
October 17, 2023 • 34 MIN
Joe Sabatino joins us on this episode, shedding light on unmasking success through the power of authenticity in executive presentations. In this engaging conversation with the Social Sales Link team, they explore the transformation of subject matter experts into captivating speakers. Discover how emotional connection, self-awareness, and creativity can enhance your presentations and captivate your audience, even when discussing repetitive topics like sales numbers. Brynne Tillman had the pleasure of meeting Joe at the recent Sales 3.0 Conference in Las Vegas. Tune in and unlock the secrets to making your presentations unforgettable. Jose Sabatino, the SVP of Corporate Affairs at The Job Helpers, distinguishes himself from typical presentation coaches and business advisors. With a high-level background in award-winning acting, writing, television production, and executive roles, he brings an innovative approach to coaching. His exceptional blend of expertise in the Performing Arts and professional athletics yields unconventional, transformative coaching principles, setting him apart as a unique and effective presentation and business coach, producing remarkable results for his clients. Learn more about Joe by visiting his website and. You can also follow and connect with him on LinkedIn and Facebook, or subscribe to his YouTube channel.
LinkedIn’s Top of the Fold and Your Bottom Line
October 12, 2023 • 24 MIN
In this episode, Brynne Tillman and Bob Woods tackle a critical aspect of your LinkedIn profile that can directly impact your sales success – the top of the fold. If you're a salesperson looking to make a real impact in your prospecting efforts, your LinkedIn profile needs to be more than just a standard resume. It should serve as a valuable resource that attracts, educates, and engages your potential clients. Now, here's the catch: if your top of the fold, that initial section of your profile, doesn't captivate your visitors, you risk losing their interest before you even get started. Think of it like the headline of a newspaper – it needs to grab attention. Join us as we explore how to optimize this crucial aspect of your LinkedIn profile to kickstart meaningful sales conversations and drive your bottom line. It's time for your LinkedIn's top of the fold to read like a front-page headline, not buried in the classifieds.
Shari Levitin - Navigating the Evolution of Social Selling: Insights from a Pioneer
October 10, 2023 • 27 MIN
In this episode, we dive deep into the art of social selling with a true pioneer in the field, Shari Levitin. Shari, a top 50 keynote speaker in sales, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the conversation. As the author of "Heart and Sell: 10 Universal Truths Every Salesperson Needs to Know," Shari shares her secrets to success, including the importance of consistency in your social media presence, the power of giving without asking, and the art of storytelling. She also reveals a simple yet effective storytelling framework that will help you craft compelling messages that resonate with your audience. Shari is on a mission to rehumanize the sales process, increasing win rates and enhancing the customer experience. Tune in to discover how to take your social selling game to the next level and achieve true success through education and hard work. Don't miss out on this insightful conversation with one of the industry's leading experts. Join us now!
Joe Ingram - Unleashing the Power of Edutainment in B2B Sales and Content Creation
October 5, 2023 • 46 MIN
In this episode, Joe Ingram joins us to talk about edutainment and how it can make a big difference in B2B sales and content creation. He explains what edutainment is and how it can be used in these areas. Joe also tells us what edutainment is not, clearing up any confusion. Plus, he shares tips on how to have a genuine conversation even if you're using a script. So, if you want to understand how edutainment can change B2B sales and content creation, give this episode a listen! Joe Ingram, CEO of Ingram Interactive, is a sales genius with over 30 years of experience and sales of 1.7 billion dollars. He has extensive knowledge of human psychology, communication styles, buying triggers, and e-commerce conversations. He is also well known for his ability to transform sales quickly. He purposely perfected edutainmnet - the fusion of education with entertainment, making learning easier and more enjoyable for those in social selling. As he famously said, "Never be normal because normal people get normal paychecks." Let's go beyond the ordinary with Joe Ingram on the Making Sales Social Podcast. Learn more about Joe by visiting his website. You can also follow and connect with him on LinkedIn, X (formerly Twitter), or grab his smart business card on Ovou. Want to get in touch with Joe? Email him at
Paul de la Garza - Mastering Leadership: Strategies for Engagement, Delegation, and Connection
October 3, 2023 • 32 MIN
Paul de la Garza joins us on this episode to discuss essential leadership strategies for those in sales and leadership roles. In a world where remote and hybrid work environments are becoming the norm, leaders face unique challenges in keeping teams engaged and motivated. Paul shares practical insights on how to adapt leadership styles to maintain high morale and commitment. He emphasizes the importance of aligning teams behind a clear mission, turning that mission into an invisible leader that drives collective purpose. Leaders in any industry can benefit from this conversation, gaining valuable tools to create high-performance cultures and lead effectively in evolving work settings. Paul de la Garza is a highly experienced mentor, coach, and dynamic public speaker. As the Principal of High Performance Business Solutions, a reputable Colorado-based firm, he specializes in fostering personal, executive, and team development with a strong focus on leadership, sales, and high-performance training. Paul's engaging and personalized speaking and training style truly resonates with his audience, leaving a lasting and impactful impression. Learn more about Paul by visiting his website. You can also follow and connect with him on LinkedIn and Facebook.
LinkedIn: What’s Next!
September 28, 2023 • 14 MIN
In this episode… Imagine being one of only 37 global Sales Insiders handpicked by LinkedIn for an exclusive peek behind the scenes. In this episode of Making Sales Social Live, Our LinkedIn Whisperer, Brynne Tillman, spills the beans on her recent visit to LinkedIn's San Francisco headquarters, where she was honored as one of the 16 new official LinkedIn Sales Insiders. During Dreamforce week, she had the opportunity to dine with marketing experts and enjoy stunning city views. But the real fun began at the happy hour. While Brynne enjoys networking with her peers, she also spent a significant amount of time talking to the product team and learning about some of the exciting new developments coming out soon. Get ready for insider insights that could transform your sales game. Brynne unveils two groundbreaking Sales Navigator features, including a Chat GPT integration that promises to simplify prospect searching. Tune in to discover how LinkedIn's cutting-edge tools can revolutionize your sales strategy and more. Don't miss this exclusive episode! Links to any sources Website: LinkedIn Apple Podcast:Apple podcasts Spotify:Spotify Stitcher:Stitcher
Jessie van Breugel - Navigating the Intersection of B2B Sales, Digital Content, and LinkedIn Strategy
September 26, 2023 • 42 MIN
Jessie van Breugel joins us on this episode to explore the fascinating intersection of B2B sales, digital content creation, and LinkedIn strategy. Jessie's entrepreneurial journey began with a passion for writing, leading to the development of strong personal brands on Twitter and LinkedIn. He emphasizes the power of content as a long-term business strategy and discusses the importance of choosing the right social platforms for your industry. Learn how LinkedIn's trust factor can make it a game-changer for B2B businesses and why Twitter still has its place in the social media landscape. Tune in to gain insights into crafting effective content for your business. Jessie van Breugel is a digital creator and a specialist in lead generation. He is the Founder of The Creator Academy and the Owner of Realigned Coaching. Despite starting his entrepreneurial career during the COVID-19 pandemic, he has become successful at what he does and loves being a content geek, copywriter, and coach. He has gained a following of over 40,000 people across various platforms, including LinkedIn, X (formerly known as Twitter), YouTube, and email. Jessie has been recognized as one of the top 50 LinkedIn creators worldwide in sales and marketing, demonstrating his expertise. Not only does he build cool products as a digital creator, but he also helps like-minded experts generate high-quality leads through LinkedIn and productize their services. Learn more about Jessie by visiting his website and check out his eBook: 3-Part Strategy to Generate Quality Leads on LinkedIn. You can also follow and connect with him on LinkedIn.
Jamie Shanks - Leveraging Sales Signals and Social Proximity for Effective Account Selection and Sales Success
September 19, 2023 • 23 MIN
Jamie Shanks joins us to reveal the game-changing potential of sales signals and social proximity in account selection and sales success. Instead of merely showcasing your client logos, he suggests using "social proximity" to uncover connections within one degree of separation from your customers. By reverse engineering these connections, you can secure valuable referrals and opportunities. Jamie's own experience, from one customer to 600, shows the power of this strategy. Tune in to this episode of Making Sales Social for these vital insights! Jamie Shanks is the CEO of three successful companies, including Pipeline Signals. The company is pioneering relationship signals as a form of buying intent by finding and teaching how to leverage customers on the move as an excellent process for pipeline creation and customer success. With a focus on helping customers "Get More at Bats," Pipeline Signals is a done-for-you (and with you) service that measures success by turning leads into SQL. This is the ultimate goal in sales: qualified leads. Learn more about Jamie by visiting his websites: Pipeline Signals and Get Levrg. You can also follow and connect with him on LinkedIn.
Sales, Sales Enablement, and AI: From the Sales 3.0 Conference
September 14, 2023 • 18 MIN
In this special episode, join hosts Brynne Tillman and Bob Woods as they break away from their usual setup, with Brynne live from San Francisco. Brynne shares her exciting journey as the closing keynote speaker at the Sales 3.0 C R. O conference. She spills the beans on her incredible encounters with industry giants like Roderick Jefferson, who left her floating on air with a bear hug. Eli Cohen and Tiffany Bova also make appearances, taking Brynne into their tribe and sharing unforgettable moments. The real highlight of this episode is Brynne's updates on the first days of the Sales 3.0 Conference. She provides a sneak peek into what's transpired so far, offering brief glimpses of the latest sales tools and the increasing role of AI in sales enablement. Whether you're at the conference or couldn't make it, this episode keeps you in the loop with the freshest highlights.
Ollie Whitfield - Mastering Webinars and Social Selling: In-Depth Insights from a Seasoned Marketer
September 13, 2023 • 27 MIN
In this episode, our special guest, Ollie Whitfield, shares his expertise on Mastering Webinars and Social Selling. With over five years of experience and hundreds of webinars under his belt, Ollie provides in-depth insights on how to make webinars more impactful and engaging. Discover his strategies for attracting the right audience, creating compelling titles, and structuring webinars for maximum value. Listen as he discusses the importance of multi-guest webinars to provide diverse perspectives and how to make your webinars engaging from start to finish. Plus, learn how to leverage the power of social selling in your webinar marketing efforts. Don't miss this episode filled with practical tips and tricks to elevate your webinar game!
5 Content Ideas for Salespeople Without Access to Marketing
September 8, 2023 • 23 MIN
Many salespeople, entrepreneurs, and small business professionals often face the challenge of lacking a dedicated marketing department. They might feel daunted by the concept of social selling, believing it requires significant marketing support and expertise. Today, Brynne Tillman, the LinkedIn Whisperer, and Bob Woods, the LinkedIn Sherpa, are here to change that mindset. In this episode, we'll share five practical content ideas that empower you to create and share compelling content without relying on a marketing department. These ideas are easy to implement and perfect for anyone looking to enhance their social selling game. So, if you've ever thought you couldn't excel at social selling without marketing resources, think again. Let's explore these strategies and equip you with the tools you need to thrive in the world of sales.
Roderick Jefferson - Unlocking Sales Success with AI and Sales Enablement
September 6, 2023 • 29 MIN
Roderick Jefferson joins us on this episode to explore the correlation between AI and Sales Enablement. He explains how AI can increase revenue by simplifying processes, automating tasks, and giving personalized coaching to empower sales reps. Learn how it improves efficiency, enabling sales professionals to concentrate on relationship building, making data-driven decisions, and closing more deals. Don't miss this insightful dive into the future of sales success. Roderick Jefferson is the CEO and Fractional Sales Enablement Leader of Roderick Jefferson & Associates, an award-winning sales enablement practitioner, global keynote speaker, and author of the bestselling book "Sales Enablement 3.0". With over 25 years of experience in sales, leadership, and productivity, our conversation with Roderick promises to offer you exclusive insights. Learn more about Roderick by visiting his website. You can also follow and connect with him on LinkedIn and other social channels.
10 LinkedIn Questions Sales Professionals Have Asked Me!
September 1, 2023 • 21 MIN
In this episode of Making Sales Social Live, Brynne Tillman, also known as The LinkedIn Whisperer, answers the top 10 questions that sales professionals frequently ask her about LinkedIn. If you've ever had similar questions, this is a must-watch for you. Brynne provides detailed answers, along with strategies and tips, to help you with the most pressing issues related to LinkedIn. Some of the questions that Brynne answers include: How can I find potential leads on LinkedIn? Is LinkedIn Premium a worthwhile investment for sales professionals? How can I approach potential leads without coming across as too aggressive or spammy? What's the best way to optimize my LinkedIn profile for sales? How often should I post or engage with content on LinkedIn to stay visible to my network? Brynne has also shared an eBook that can help salespeople get a good idea of what a day in the life of a social seller looks like. It's a step-by-step guide that salespeople can use to include social selling in their daily routine, and it comes with message templates, strategies, and tips. You can download it by visiting
Liz Heiman - Revolutionizing Sales CRM: Aligning Process, Data, and Engagement for Success
August 29, 2023 • 21 MIN
Liz Heiman joins us on this episode to share valuable insights on how sales leaders can enhance their CRM to support their sales team in achieving their goals. Liz explains how aligning CRM features with the sales process can liberate your reps from noise and boost engagement. She also highlights the significance of creating a CRM that empowers the team and transforms busy work into productivity. Liz stresses the importance of defining clear stages, prioritizing activities over proposals, and integrating rules that guide progress. Tune in to this episode and discover how to revolutionize your sales CRM for ultimate success. Liz Heiman is the Sales Operating System Architect and the Founder of Regarding Sales. Her team is dedicated to helping founders and CEOs scale their businesses by streamlining their processes and creating sustainable growth strategies that boost revenue. Liz is renowned in the sales industry for her expertise in both the sales process and seamlessly integrating it into CRM. Learn more about Liz by visiting her website. You can also follow and connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter.
5 Don'ts (and 5 Do's) for Social Selling Content
August 24, 2023 • 20 MIN
Join our Social Sales Link team for an eye-opening episode of Making Sales Social Live, where we delve into the secrets of successful Social Selling Content for salespeople. Discover the 5 Don'ts, from dodging direct pitches to avoiding robotic copy-pasting, and get ready for the 5 Do's: Crafting engaging content Using polls strategically Unleashing the power of videos Weaving personal stories into your posts Tune in now and get actionable insights backed by real stats, sharing how to educate prospects, build relationships, and leverage LinkedIn's algorithm to your advantage.
Ryan Staley - The Intersection of Sales and AI: Supercharging Success in the Digital Era
August 22, 2023 • 32 MIN
Ryan Staley joins us on the Making Sales Social podcast to explore the game-changing realm of AI in sales. In our conversation, we highlight AI's pivotal role in automating tasks and deepening customer connections. We are thrilled to explore the potential of generative AI with Ryan, particularly in terms of creating genuine interactions. As the sales industry requires a range of skills, AI can provide valuable support to professionals struggling to achieve their goals in a constantly evolving market. Learn how AI is transforming sales, enabling professionals to excel in critical areas. Ryan Staley is the Founder and CEO of Whale Boss, a company that assists Software as a Service (SaaS) founders and revenue leaders in achieving their annual contract value goals. Additionally, he hosts The Scale Up Show podcast, which has over 300 episodes and is gaining popularity. Recently, Ryan has been focusing on utilizing AI to help businesses grow. Join us in our conversation with Ryan for insights on reshaping success through AI's dynamic partnership with sales expertise. Learn more about Ryan by visiting his website. You can also follow and connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter.
7 Social Selling Activities for Sales Leaders and Their Team
August 17, 2023 • 23 MIN
In this episode of Making Sales Social LIVE, we're giving you the specifics- seven social selling activities to be exact- of what Sales Leaders and their teams need to do on LinkedIn to successfully start having conversations with your target clients. Tune in as we'll cover everything from social listening to measuring the right KPIs, from leveraging the right content to ensuring access to that content by working with the right people. And stick around until the end, when we dive into a live Q&A, answering questions from our live audience.
Robert Kennedy III - Crafting Authentic Connections: Mastering Social Sales Through Personalized Storytelling
August 15, 2023 • 21 MIN
Robert Kennedy III joins us on this episode of the Making Sales Social podcast to discuss the importance of finding your voice and connecting through storytelling. Salespeople need to resonate with their audience by telling stories that their prospects can identify with, engaging them emotionally. People make decisions based on emotions, so it's crucial to hit them in that space. Storytelling is the key to connecting with your audience and creating a conversation that can continue to build upon itself. Robert Kennedy III is the president of Kennetik Kommunications, which is a minority-owned training firm. Robert has a mission to equip 1 million leaders with the ability to impact, influence, and inspire through communication and storytelling. Tune in on this episode and learn from Robert Kenedy III how you can find your extraordinary story and tell it to the audience you want to reach. Learn more about Robert by visiting his website, and do check out his educational resources by clicking here. You can also follow and connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter.
Unleash LinkedIn Polls for Social Selling
August 10, 2023 • 20 MIN
Tired of feeling too "salesy" while trying to engage your prospects? Join Brynne Tillman and Bob Woods in this episode of Making Sales Social Live as they reveal the hidden power of LinkedIn Polls for effective social selling. Learn how to use polls strategically, creating curiosity and sparking meaningful conversations. Plus, discover how it can serve as a gateway to your prospects' inboxes and how you can craft follow-up conversations around poll insights. Tune in for a lively discussion peppered with practical tips and strategies that will transform your social selling game. Links to any sources Website: LinkedIn Apple Podcast:Apple podcasts Spotify:Spotify Stitcher:Stitcher
Amy Franko - The Power of Mindset in Sales: How Strategic Social Selling and Intentional Outreach Lead to High-Impact Relationships
August 8, 2023 • 37 MIN
Amy Franko - The Power of Mindset in Sales: How Strategic Social Selling and Intentional Outreach Lead to High-Impact Relationships
Get CRISPy With Your ChatGPT Prompts for B2B Sales
August 4, 2023 • 16 MIN
In this special episode of the Making Sales Social LIVE Podcast, Bob Woods introduce a powerful offering that leverages Generative Artificial Intelligence to transform sales and marketing processes. Listen in as they dive into the world of AI and its potential, focusing on ChatGPT as a dedicated assistant ready to help but in need of precise prompts. Bob also unveils his unique "CRISP" framework, designed specifically for salespeople, sales management, and marketers to effectively prompt Chat GPT and other AI services. The CRISP model stands for Context, Role, Inspiration, Scope, and Prohibitions, providing listeners with actionable insights to get the most out of AI-powered tools. Whether you're a salesperson looking to start sales conversations with your ideal clients or a marketer seeking engaging content ideas, this episode will help you master the art of AI-generated prompts. Plus, make sure to take advantage of the free downloadable ebook at, and remember, using AI responses effectively in your voice will enhance your credibility and impact in the eyes of prospects, customers, and partners. Tune in now to learn how to make your sales social with AI!
Jed Mahrle - Mastering Email Outreach: Strategies for Building Trust and Driving Engagement
August 2, 2023 • 27 MIN
Jed Mahrle joins us on this episode to share insights on mastering email outreach for building trust and driving engagement. He emphasizes the importance of earning trust with prospects through social content and provides strategies to make emails more engaging, personalized, and relevant. Salespeople will find this conversation highly useful as Jed discusses the power of permission-based outreach and the value of focusing on challenges that resonate with potential buyers. Jed Mahrle is an exceptional sales expert who embarked on a remarkable journey from having no sales experience or degree in 2019 to becoming the leading SDR at PandaDoc within a year. He scaled the team from 3 to 18 SDRs and 2 Team Leads, significantly contributing to PandaDoc's billion-dollar evaluation. Now at Mailshake, Jed is building the Outbound sales team from scratch. With a subscriber base of over 12k, his "The Practical Prospecting Newsletter" has become a go-to resource for sales professionals, showcasing his expertise and innovative strategies that yield tangible results and inspire success in the industry. Learn more about Jed by visiting his website and following him on LinkedIn.
LinkedIn’s Algorithm Changes… Again!
July 27, 2023 • 25 MIN
Are you struggling to keep up with the latest changes in the LinkedIn algorithm and feeling overwhelmed? You’re not alone. Luckily, our friend Richard van der Bloom has done the research for you! In this live podcast recording, we break down his updated report and answer all your burning questions. Does ringing the bell actually make a difference? Are Facebook-style posts still effective? How long should your posts be? Tune in to find out. And if you want the full report, just visit Don’t miss out on this valuable information - listen now!
Martijn Holtes - Unlocking Productivity: Personal Knowledge Management & Thought Leadership on LinkedIn
July 25, 2023 • 30 MIN
Martin Holtes joins us on this episode to share his insights on Personal Knowledge Management and Thought Leadership on LinkedIn. In this conversation, Martin explains the concept of Knowledge Capital and how it can help individuals unlock their productivity. He emphasizes the importance of collecting and organizing information that is relevant to one's goals and interests and provides practical tips on how to leverage this knowledge capital to share thought leadership on social media platforms like LinkedIn. Whether you're a content creator, a business owner, or simply someone looking to enhance your sales productivity, this episode is packed with valuable insights that you won't want to miss. Tune in now and unlock your full potential with Personal Knowledge Management and Thought Leadership. Martijn Holtes specializes in helping professionals and aspiring thought leaders in the B2B service industry and consultative selling fields to amplify their impact through the power of social and knowledge capital. We love that knowledge capital. That's better than thought leadership. We think that's awesome. He teaches how to leverage your social capital for meaningful connections, strategic partnerships, and new business opportunities. Martijn also shares his expertise on developing your knowledge capital, teaching how to turn unique insights into compelling content that highlights your expertise and establishes you as a go-to authority. Learn more about Martin by visiting her website, and following him on LinkedIn and Twitter. You can also grab his Productivity Toolkit to keep you focused and organized through out the day.
Promote Your Expertise with LinkedIn Collaborative Articles
July 21, 2023 • 24 MIN
In this episode, we dive into the exciting world of LinkedIn collaborative articles. If you're looking to promote your expertise and share thought leadership at scale, this is the episode for you. Join The LinkedIn Sherpa Bob Woods and LinkedIn Whisperer Brynne Tillman as they talk about how LinkedIn's algorithm has shifted to favor expert, insightful content and how collaborative articles allow anyone to add their perspective and have an equal voice across the platform. They also shared their firsthand experience of being part of the collaborative articles beta group and provided insights into the diverse topics covered, from marketing to agriculture, HR management to real estate research. Tune in to discover how you can use collaborative articles to showcase your expertise and connect with LinkedIn's professional audience.
Larry Silverberg- Transforming Leadership Through Authentic Relationships and Heart-Centered Leadership
July 19, 2023 • 45 MIN
Larry Silverberg joins us on this episode of the Making Sales Social podcast, where he shares his insights on how heart-centered leadership can positively impact organizations. The discussion will also touch upon professional networking platforms like LinkedIn, with a focus on the executive suite. While we'll briefly touch on sales, the main focus will center around leadership in the C-suite. So tune in now! Larry Silverberg is a renowned New York City-based acting coach and founder of the True Acting Institute. He advocates for what Larry calls heart-centered leadership to help senior executives and Emerging Leaders attract and retain the very best talent. Learn more about Larryl by visiting his website and following him on LinkedIn.
Meta's Threads - The Next Big Thing in Social Selling or a Passing Fad?
July 13, 2023 • 32 MIN
As our job is to help salespeople and business owners leverage social selling to grow their businesses, part of that is making sure we know the latest tools that can help them reach their goals. That means actively testing and assessing the effectiveness of these tools, finding out what works and what doesn't. On this episode of The Making Sales Social LIVE, we're sharing what we learned about the latest Social Media Platform by Meta - Threads. This new social media app has garnered over 100 million registered users in less than a week. We will explore its potential for improving sales performance and whether it's worth investing your time in. Join us now to find out if Threads is just a fad or an opportunity for your business to thrive.
Erica Lasan - A Journey of Self-Discovery and Fulfillment
July 12, 2023 • 30 MIN
Erica Lasan joins us on this Making Sales Social podcast episode to share the formula to joy. Erica shares her insights on the reasons why people may not experience joy, the obstacles that may hold them back, and how to overcome them. As an entrepreneur or salesperson, you may feel that joy is a luxury you cannot afford due to your busy schedule and responsibilities. However, this episode highlights how joy can help you succeed in business and better serve your customers if leveraged as a tool and resource. Erica Lasan, the founder of Journey to Purpose, is a corporate Joy strategist who helps companies promote joy, equity, and well-being for women and caregivers. Learn more about Erica by visiting her websites, and, plus follow her on LinkedIn and Twitter. If you’re up for it, you can also take a look at her Quizzes “What's Your JOYrney™ Dream Team Profile?” and “What's Your JOYGem Superpower?” to start leveraging joy into your business activities.
Maximizing Sales Conversations with Curated Content and LinkedIn Job Listings
July 7, 2023 • 22 MIN
We're halfway through 2023, and we thought it was time to reflect on the amazing insights shared on the Making Sales Social Live Podcast. Led by the dynamic duo of Brynne Tillman and Bob Woods, the Social Sales Link Team is excited to bring you the highlights you won't want to miss. From 10 LinkedIn activities to up your game to leveraging Chat GPT for curated content creation and the types of content you should be sharing on LinkedIn, we've got you covered. So tune in now to elevate your sales game and make the second half of 2023 your best yet!
Paul de la Garza - Adapting Leadership and Sales Strategies for Today's Challenges: Navigating New Avenues for Success
July 4, 2023 • 23 MIN
Paul de la Garza joins the Social Sales Link to discuss the challenges facing sales leaders in today's market. With the current economic downturn and unprecedented market conditions, Paul emphasizes the importance of leadership over management and how it's earned through the team's recognition. He also highlights the pitfalls of applying old solutions to new problems and shares his recommendations for sales leaders to navigate these unprecedented times. Stay tuned for an insightful conversation on how to prepare and thrive in the current sales landscape. Paul de la Garza is a Principal, Business Coach, Speaker, Leadership Training/ Coach, Sales Training, and Coach at High-Performance Business Solutions. He guides sales professionals and business leaders who are responsible for revenue to shift from market trend sales to selling in any market. With his expertise and guidance, individuals and organizations can achieve their sales and revenue goals. Learn more about Paul by visiting his website and following him on LinkedIn and Facebook.
Transitioning from Face-to-Face to Online Sales
June 29, 2023 • 19 MIN
B2B selling used to be primarily face-to-face, but Online Sales have been deemed "the new normal" during the pandemic, and businesses have started shifting their whole sales process. Although we are slowly emerging from the pandemic era, sales have entered a new phase with a significant shift to remote and hybrid management. As a result, conferences and face-to-face events have become more important than ever because, ultimately, people still prefer to buy from other people. Therefore, sales leaders must find ways to enable their teams to use online sales to enhance in-person sales efforts effectively. Join Brynne Tillman and Bob Woods on this episode of Making Sales Social Live to discover the tools and strategies your sales team should use in today's Online Sales world. Learn how social selling can lead to successful face-to-face conversations and help your clients find real-time solutions to their problems. This episode will cover leveraging LinkedIn before, during, and after a face-to-face event. Don't miss out on these valuable strategies!
Erin Duffy- Embracing Your Wisdom and Owning Your Story
June 28, 2023 • 21 MIN
Erin Duffy joins the Social Sales Link team on this episode to discuss the importance of embracing your wisdom and owning your story as a salesperson or business owner so you can make the biggest impact when having conversations. A common mistake salespeople make early in their careers is trying to copy their successful predecessors. While this can be beneficial, it often leads to them suppressing their true selves. As they advance in their career, they may lose sight of who they are and continue comparing themselves to others. This can hinder their confidence and ability to make a strong impact. If you're looking to rediscover your true authentic self at any point in your career, this episode is particularly useful and can offer valuable assistance. Erin is the CEO of InspirationSQRD, a company providing career transformation and stage presence coaching. With 25 years of experience as an executive and singer-actor, she helps mid-career professionals own their unique personal stories to advance their careers. Erin's coaching develops a richer personal narrative, guiding clients to use their stories to supercharge their stage presence and career journey. Listen to this episode and take advantage of learning from Erin's insights. Learn more about Erin by visiting her website and following her on LinkedIn.
10 Ways to Leverage LinkedIn and Your Alumni for Sales
June 22, 2023 • 26 MIN
Is your college network filled with your target prospects? Or was a former schoolmate or classmate of yours now working at a company you want to sell your solutions to? Discover how to make all those relationships you made and rapport you’ve built in college help your sales efforts today by tuning on this episode of the Making Sales Social podcast. Tune in as the LinkedIn Sherpa, Bob Woods, and co-host, LinkedIn Whisperer, Brynne Tillman shares 10 Ways to Leverage LinkedIn and Your Alumni for Sales. Learn how to hack the free LinkedIn search filters to find alumni connections to your target clients, explore the power of Alumni Groups, how to run an effective referral program exclusive to your college peers, and more! In this episode, we also mentioned a previous episode where we talked about leveraging LinkedIn Alumni Page for sales. We’ve created an eBook version for a more easy consumption. You can Download it now!
Chris Goegan - From Dreaming to Achieving: Empowering Business Owners to Scale and Succeed
June 20, 2023 • 18 MIN
Chris Goegan joins us on this episode to talk about how he is helping business owners scale - those stuck and on a plateau that has been doing well enough but isn't growing. Chris also discusses in detail the 3 Core Growth Systems that separate business owners from the success they dream of. These systems represent how businesses and salespeople engage with the 3 types of prospects: cold, warm, and hot. Listen now if you're a business owner or salesperson ready to take your growth to the next level. Chris is the Founder of Engineered Growth Systems. He has helped entrepreneurs go from 6 to 7, even 8+ figures, giving them more time and more freedom with his Engineered Growth System and Engineered Marketing. He also loves sports and the outdoors and is originally from Canada. He's married and has four kids that won't stop growing up. Learn more about Chris by visiting the following websites: 3 Systems Guide | Chris Goegan Engineered Growth Systems and Engineered Marketing Consultant Chris Goegan Marketing Consultant | Chris Goegan Engineered Growth Systems and Engineered Marketing Consultant And follow him on LinkedIn and Twitter.
Who to Connect with on LinkedIn
June 15, 2023 • 20 MIN
The era of collecting connections like baseball cards has been over for quite a while now, and that’s a good thing! But to our frustration, so many people are still doing it, not knowing that growing connections without building relationships first dilutes your credibility as a salesperson or someone who can help your customers. It’s time to fix the way you look at your connections. Join Brynne Tillman and Bob Woods as they provide a different, more correct perspective about how you look at your connections and discover the three types of people you should connect with on LinkedIn and the strategies you would need to use for each.
LaTisha Styles - Strategies for Engaging Your Ideal Clients and Overcoming Introvert Challenges
June 13, 2023 • 28 MIN
LaTisha Styles joins us on this episode to share valuable insights on how to effectively create videos for personal branding that truly reflect your authentic self, even if you're an introvert. Discover the various types of videos that introverts can make to appeal to their target clients and dispel the misconception that introverts cannot be good sellers. Whether you're an introvert or not, this conversation is particularly enlightening and can help you achieve your business goals using videos. LaTisha Styles is an accomplished speaker, author, coach, and certified online marketing professional. She is the founder and CEO of You've Got Clients and has a large audience of over 88,000 followers, subscribers, and regular viewers. She is also the author of the upcoming book "Assume the Throne - 4 Steps to Unlock Your True Identity and Power as a Leader". Her work has been featured in prestigious publications such as Forbes, Fast Company, and Business Insider. This is truly impressive! Tune in on this episode to hear more from her. If you want to learn more about LaTisha, be sure to check out her website and follow her on LinkedIn.
7 Types of Content that Sales Pros Should Share on LinkedIn
June 8, 2023 • 27 MIN
Creating content can be a challenging task for salespeople, and it is often associated with negative feelings such as stress and sometimes actual physical pain. Often, this is due to a lack of knowledge and not knowing where to start. However, we want to remind you that LinkedIn is a valuable platform for lead generation and building strong relationships with your target buyers. It’s important to overcome any negative feelings and take advantage of this opportunity. In this episode of the Making Sales Social podcast, tune in to hear from The LinkedIn Sherpa, Bob Woods, and The LinkedIn Whisperer, Brynne Tillman. They discuss the types of content that can help you start sales conversations with your target audience. Keep in mind that different types of content attract different people, so listen and learn how to create content for prospects at different stages of the sales funnel - whether at the top, mid-to-late, or even post-sales.
Stephen M.R. Covey - Building Relationships of Trust: The Key to Successful Sales and Leadership in a Changing World
June 6, 2023 • 39 MIN
Stephen M.R. Covey graces this episode to help sales leaders explore a new, better way of leading teams to success - through trust and inspire. The world has changed, but most leadership styles, especially in sales, haven’t - it’s still more transactional, and it’s still more just about motivation than inspiration. So tune in on this episode and learn how you can become better sales leaders so you can help your sales team tap into their full potential and become more successful at what they do. Stephen M.R. Covey is a New York Times and number one Wall Street Journal Best-Selling Author of The Speed of Trust, which has sold over 2 million copies worldwide. He’s also the author of the newly released Wall Street Journal bestseller Trust and Inspire: How Truly Great Leaders Unleash Greatness in Others, which you’ll hear more about through this episode. This amazing book emphasizes the need for individuals to cultivate trust. By being authentic, reliable, and empathetic in their interactions with others, the future of work and leadership is moving from command and control to Trust and Inspire. And this book is about how to do it. Learn more about Stephen by visiting his website and following him on LinkedIn and Twitter.
How to Use LinkedIn’s Jobs Tab for Sales
June 1, 2023 • 11 MIN
Have you ever thought of using Linkedin's Jobs Tab to get more sales? Believe it or not, job listings can yield profitable opportunities if you know what to look for. Join Bryne Tillman and Bob Woods on this episode as they guide you on how to utilize LinkedIn Job tabs for sales. By doing so, you can efficiently make use of the tool to: * Know who's hiring to see which companies are growing overall * Look for companies that are hiring for the positions you sell to * Get intel on the products or services they use Whether you're a seasoned sales pro or just starting out, this episode has some fantastic tips and strategies you can use right away.
Wendy Weiss - The Power of Preparation: Warming Up, Rehearsing, and Performing in Sales
May 30, 2023 • 25 MIN
Wendy Weiss joins the Social Sales Link on this episode to share her three-step method that helps people increase qualified appointments in sales. As a salesperson entering a conversation with a client unprepared will hurt you. Listen in on this episode and learn how to build muscle memory for sales using Wendy's three-step method: Warm-up, Rehearse, and Perform. Wendy Weiss is the Founder of the Salesology® Prospecting Method that generates predictable sales revenue - something every salesperson should want. Having been featured in "The New York Times" Businessweek, Entrepreneur Magazines, Selling Power Inc, Forbes, and various other business and sales publications, she is recognized as a leading authority on new generation, new business development, and sales. Wendy is also the author of the sales winner's Handbook: Essential Strategies to Skyrocket Sales Performance and Cold Calling for Women: Opening Doors and Closing Sales. A former ballet dancer, Wendy believes everything she knows in life and business she learned in ballet class from warm-ups to rehearsals. Sales and ballet surprisingly have many things in common, and one of them is that they are both intricate arts that need careful planning and lots of practice so you can give your best performance. Learn more about Wendy by visiting her website,, and connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter.
How to Network in Other People’s LinkedIn Events
May 25, 2023 • 11 MIN
Don’t wait for the opportunity to network at an event to come to you. You can just find the opportunity yourself and start networking way before the day of the event! Attention all sales professionals and leaders! Join Brynne Tillman, the LinkedIn Whisperer, and Bob Woods, the LinkedIn Sherpa, in a helpful conversation about effectively finding other people’s LinkedIn events that your prospects are likely to attend. Listen in as they provide valuable tips on which events to network on and which to avoid. Plus, get tips on how to properly engage with attendees without being flagged as spam or banned from future events. Don’t miss out on this informative discussion!
Divian Mistry - Unlocking the Power of Conversational Websites: Strategies for Headache-Free Sales and Marketing
May 23, 2023 • 20 MIN
Divian Mistry joins our Social Sales Link team on this episode to share his insights about the power of crafting a website with a clear and simple message of who you are and how you can add value to the audience visiting it and shares strategies for a headache-free sales and marketing approach. It's time to let go and stop overthinking about the right copy to put on your website, the right tactic that gets the sale, and start focusing on the little bits and pieces that actually build a relationship with your audience. Divian Mistry is the CEO of Headache Free Websites. He's a marketing expert for professional brands who want to grow their business using proven, mind-tested strategies. His talent in sales and marketing goes as far back as his teenage years, when he became known as "The Ticket Master" at his university and helped clients multiply their ticket sales and registrations. Divian has also raised 5000 euros for the Make-A-Wish Foundation at a charity event he hosted with keynote speaker Kevin Green from the TV show The Secret Millionaire, and he's been featured in two business books. Listen in on this episode and hear more from Divian. Learn more about David by visiting his website and following him on LinkedIn and Twitter.
The Importance of Your Experience in Your LinkedIn Profile
May 18, 2023 • 20 MIN
Did you know that by putting relevant keywords and changing how you describe your role in your current and past job positions in your experience section can significantly benefit your social selling efforts? It's a very underutilized sales tool/feature on LinkedIn, and only a few salespeople know its power. With the right tweak, your experience section can help put your name in front of your target audience on LinkedIn and Google too! Join the LinkedIn Whisperer Brynne Tillman and LinkedIn Sherpa Bob Woods on this episode as they share tips on how to update your experience section to make it not just pleasing to the eyes but also as a tool to reach more people, attract your target audience, and trigger sales conversations. So listen now and give your experience section the attention it truly deserves.
David Henzel - How to Approach Cold Calls and Create Resource-Driven Relationships for Sales
May 16, 2023 • 19 MIN
David Henzel joins the Social Sales Link team to discuss how shifting your mindset from selling out of fear to selling out of love can give you more confidence to provide value to your prospects and create a resource-driven relationship for sales. Most salespeople sell out of fear - fear of not reaching their KPIs, fear of not making enough cold calls, and fear of not being able to sell immediately. We welcome you to join us in this conversation and change your sales mindset, so you can learn how to approach selling with love and not fear. David Henzel is a serial entrepreneur and business coach with a passion for helping startups grow and succeed. With over 20 years of experience in the SAS and Ecommerce Industry, David has co-founded, managed, and scaled multiple successful companies. David is on a mission to become a change agent dedicated to helping individuals and organizations achieve their full potential and create positive change in the world. Tune in on this episode to hear more from David. Learn more about David by visiting his website and following with him on LinkedIn and Twitter.
Write Your Powerful LinkedIn About Summary to Boost Your Sales
May 11, 2023 • 20 MIN
We get it. Once upon a time, LinkedIn catered to people looking for jobs and employers looking to fill their workforce; hence, they crafted their About Summary section like a resume. But that landscape has changed these past years. As social sellers, your goal is to help people and businesses with their problems by leading them to your solutions. And to achieve that goal, your LinkedIn Profile needs to have all the ingredients that will attract and make your target audience more curious about you and their situation - curious enough to start a conversation with you. Tune in on this conversation between the LinkedIn Whisperer Brynne Tillman and LinkedIn Sherpa Bob Woods as they give you the 101 on crafting a powerful LinkedIn About Summary for social selling and boosting your sales. Make sure not to skip the 4 minutes of this episode for some important reminders before you get too excited with the new knowledge you'll hear from them, and start giving your About Summar section a makeover.
James Stapleton - 4 Reasons Why Prospects Fall Out of Your Sales Pipeline
May 10, 2023 • 29 MIN
James Stapleton joins the Social Sales Link Team to discuss a very fascinating subject that many salespeople should be curious about: why do prospects fall out of the sales pipeline? Every industry faces this inevitable situation. Even the best salesperson can't help when prospects disappear from the pipeline. But, the problem James will help us solve in this conversation is how to prevent prospects who are NOT meant to fall out from disappearing. Tune in on this episode as we break down the four reasons why people don't buy from you - no need, no trust, no money, or no hurry. Also, discover how to turn the situation around so you can not only keep prospects in the pipeline but turn them into paying clients. James Stapleton is the Vice President Of Franchise Development for Caring Transitions, which helps families cope with the loss of a loved one or the need to relocate someone through an expert network of dedicated experts and resources. His business concept is something you would be surprised to hear. It isn't just a moving company or an estate sales company, it's a transition company that fills the gap in an otherwise crowded service industry that no one else is really addressing. Join us on this episode and hear the unique insights from James. Learn more about James by visiting his website, and www.caring, and connect with him on LinkedIn.
LinkedIn Profile Features All Aspiring Thought Leaders Should Have
May 4, 2023 • 22 MIN
Thought leadership is not just about your content and great ideas but also really about leaving an impactful presence across all channels you're in. Your LinkedIn profile can be used as a powerful tool to help create that traction with the people and industry you want to influence, and setting it up correctly according to your audience can help establish your brand as a thought leader. Tune in on this episode as the LinkedIn Whisperer Brynne Tillman and LinkedIn Sherpa Bob Woods break down Six main ingredients thought leaders must include in their LinkedIn profiles and use those to gain more traction from their audience, whether inside or outside of LinkedIn.
Amanda Abella - Sales and Marketing in Today's World: Overcoming Fear and Finding Success
May 2, 2023 • 32 MIN
Amanda Abella joins us on this episode to discuss the fear salespeople unconsciously experience surrounding sales and how to overcome it and find success. Salespeople have been at the receiving end of the hate customers feel about being "sold" to, which creates this fear in salespeople to sell. Well, It's time to face your fears and listen to this wonderful conversation between Amanda and the Social Sales Link team. For one, it helps to be curious. Amanda Abella is the Founder and CEO of Make Money Your Honey, and she’s an award-winning content creator, keynote speaker, and business coach specializing in helping business owners activate their persuasion prowess so that they can make more money and live a more affluent life. Amanda helps shift the mindset of her clients from hating sales and marketing to achieving 90% closed rates and closing multiple five-figure deals. Her work has been featured in Forbes, The Huffington Post, Business Insider, Univision, and many more. Amanda is also giving free access to her Sales Script to assist you in turning social media followers into buyers. Learn more about Amanda by visiting her website,, and connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter.
Five Steps to Get Engagement from Your LinkedIn
April 27, 2023 • 17 MIN
Did you know 90-99% of social media users are lurkers? In this episode, our resident hosts, the LinkedIn Sherpa Bob Woods, and LinkedIn Whisperer Brynne Tillman, discuss why having lurkers who remain as lurkers is a problem for salespeople and also provide tips on how to transform them into engagers. Lurkers are those people who don't engage and prefer to consume content passively - only watching their feeds instead of posting their own content or publicly engaging with other LinkedIn users. For salespeople, having a silent audience can be difficult because they don't know who they are and hence cannot start a conversation with them. You don't want to skip listening to this conversation if you're a professional who uses content daily to attract prospects to your brand.
Katrina Sawa - Maximizing Sales Through Systematized Customer Journey and Strategic Networking
April 25, 2023 • 22 MIN
Katrina Sawa joins the Social Sales Link Team to share the different strategies people in sales can implement to systematize two of the most important stages in sales - the customer journey and networking - helping you work less and make more money. Katrina is an award-winning international speaker and 12-time international best-selling author. As the CEO and coach of, she helps entrepreneurs jumpstart their businesses by finding opportunities to monetize the things they love and are passionate about. With her expertise, you would want to tune in on this episode and discover how to set the stage for your customers to know, like, and trust your brand enough to start a sales conversation. You can also connect and follow Katrina on LinkedIn and Twitter to learn more about her and visit her website at
Social Selling is Dead, Long Live Cold Calling
April 20, 2023 • 23 MIN
Is social selling dead? Like everything else under the sun, the new gets old, and the old becomes new. Cold Calling is in its redemption arc era, and we're here to discuss with Gunnar Hood the reason why every salesperson should go back to Cold Calling. Make sure to listen until the end because we're revealing 8 shocking things about social selling that many have forgotten, and that's why some people are starting to go back to Cold Calling.
Linda Cain Scaling Your Business with Personalized Events and Upselling
April 18, 2023 • 22 MIN
Linda Cain joins us on this episode to discuss the benefits of using personalized events to scale your business faster. Tune in as she also shares effective upselling strategies that fit the audience you want to attract and earn their trust. As an industry coach who helps enhance your clients' life/careers/businesses, events can put you at the forefront of your community and build personal relationships with them, even with those who might not know about you. Linda Cain is the Founder & Owner of Blu Diamond Enterprises LLC. For over 25 years, Linda has had a diverse background in planning domestic and international events. She knows all the right people to connect with and is behind many transformational and coaching events in the industry. Mapping out your full event-driven business strategy is Linda's zone of genius to help her clients be more profitable. Listen in on this episode and learn new things from her about personalized events! Like how you should only offer free events for lead gen, whether seat deposits are effective, and much more! If you want to hear more from Linda, you can connect with her on LinkedIn and Instagram and visit her website at And to help you leverage personalized events, she has an Event Success Assessment questionnaire you can answer to help you
New (and Great!) LinkedIn Features for 2023 So Far
April 13, 2023 • 23 MIN
As a social seller, it's important to be up to date with the latest changes on LinkedIn to ensure you're leveraging all the tools to help you succeed at social selling. Just this January, there have been over 20 new LinkedIn features or updates, and we understand it takes a lot of work to know them all. So in this episode, we'll help you be up to speed by sharing Five new LinkedIn features that are specifically helpful for social selling, including a feature that can help position you as a thought leader in certain topics you choose to engage with. Tune in now to this conversation! And if you want the latest updates on new LinkedIn as soon as they roll out, we highly recommend you bookmark this link in your browser Our good friend, Kevin D. Turner, tracks all the LinkedIn changes for us and puts them on that page. Not all heroes wear capes. Another fast way to learn of these changes is to check out the hashtag #NewLinkedInFeatures on LinkedIn. There's no gatekeeping here, so if anything new comes up on LinkedIn, know that we'll use that hashtag in our post.
Colin Coggins & Garrett Brown - Redefining Sales for Entrepreneurs and Future Leaders
April 12, 2023 • 35 MIN
Colin Coggins and Garrett Brown join us on this episode to destroy the preconceived notion of what selling is and help redefine what it really is, as it should, for the people in sales, the entrepreneurs, and future leaders who want to do it right. But before listening to this episode, answer these two questions first and hold on to your answers: 1. What do you think of when you hear the word salesperson? 2. Who do you think of when you think of the greatest salesperson on the planet, dead or alive? By the end of this episode, go back to your answer and check if you still think the same or if it has changed. Colin Coggins & Garrett Brown are authors, speakers, and professors known for their entertaining and unexpected approach to selling that blurs the line between sales and life. They teach the popular class that created the sales mindset for entrepreneurs at the University of Southern California's Marshall School of Business. They are also co-founders of Agency 18, a firm that helps mission-driven companies adopt the unsold mindset, which is also the name of the book they just published, "The Unsold Mindset." Tune in now on this episode, and get ready to redefine our sales mindset. You can also follow and connect with our guests on social to learn more about them. Colin Coggins: LinkedIn Garrett Brown: LinkedIn and Twitter
LinkedIn Activities You Need to Use the Mobile App For (and 1 You Can’t)
April 6, 2023 • 15 MIN
Did you know? Your prospects and the people you want to connect with are probably using LinkedIn through their smartphones. According to the latest numbers, Approximately 57% of users access LinkedIn via the mobile app. If you haven't fully explored LinkedIn mobile, you're probably missing out on great social selling opportunities. But don't fret. That's why we're here! In this episode, Brynne Tillman and Bob Woods will share with you the 4 features that you can only find on the LinkedIn mobile app and how you should leverage it. And there's more. You'll also learn a crucial feature that's not on LinkedIn's mobile version but is only available on desktop. This desktop feature allows you to respond to connection requests that don't have a message with them - you never know, that person could have connected with you because your networking partner told them to. And you don't want to decline that request accidentally. So tap the play button at the top of this page, and listen to this episode now!
Carson Heady & Jason Fry - Healthy Sales Leader
April 4, 2023 • 32 MIN
Carson Heady & Coach Jason Fry join the Social Sales Link team on this episode to discuss a crucial topic that many people in leadership positions tend to put last - becoming a healthy sales leader. According to a survey by Jason and his company, 200 educators say they only feel the energy to do their best 60% of the time. That’s like saying that most days, they don’t have the energy to give their 100%. And in the sales industry, where showing up and building relationships is crucial to getting more sales, 60% is a failing mark. Carson Heady is an award-winning author on sales and social selling by day and the Managing Director of Health Solutions at Microsoft. Grab a copy of his books “Salesman on Fire” and the “Birth of Salesman,” available now on Amazon. Our other special guest is Jason Fry, a performance coach helping sales leaders improve their impact by focusing on their health, both mental and physical. Tune in on this special episode and learn from Carson and Jason about the life-changing benefits that becoming a healthy sales leader can do to your career, your personal life, and the life of the team and customers relying on you showing up. Connect with Carson Head on social: LinkedIn & Twitter Connect with Jason Fry on social: LinkedIn & Twitter Or visit Jason’s websites at and
11 Ways to Leverage Curated Content on LinkedIn
March 30, 2023 • 26 MIN
We said what we said. Sometimes curating content is better than creating original content, especially for social selling! Suppose you or your company have the time and resources to create original content, and you send it to many people on LinkedIn to start a conversation. And the reality strikes, they don't respond because, more often than not, many people on LinkedIn will see your original content as another pitch. On the other hand, sending them curated content from reputable sources or influencers they're already following can get you a different, more positive reaction. So how do you successfully leverage curated content for social selling? On this episode of Making Sales Social Live, our resident hosts, Brynne Tillman and Bob Woods, break down 11 ways for you to leverage curated content to start more conversations, including how to incorporate ChatGPT in this strategy. So tune in, get ready to focus, and discover how to do social selling wisely using curated content. Want a summarized version of these tips? We got you! We prepared an eBook that covers all 11 Ways to Use Curated Content to Start Sales Conversations. Visit and bookmark it in your browser!
Colleen Stanley - The Importance of Empathy and Emotional Intelligence in Sales Leadership
March 28, 2023 • 32 MIN
Colleen Stanley joins us on this episode to discuss how empathy and emotional intelligence can help sales leaders inspire and instill the same skills (empathy and emotional intelligence) into their teams to help them succeed. Empathy is a soft skill that bridges the gap between knowing and doing. As a sales leader, that's a skill you want your team to have so they can pay attention to the needs of today's easily distracted society. Colleen Stanley is the author of two successful books, "Emotional Intelligence for Sales Success" and "Emotional Intelligence for Leadership for Sales Leadership." She's a sales expert in emotional intelligence & sales and sales leadership. Tune in on this episode as Colleen shares sample pre-works and discovery questions to equip your team and help transform them into empathetic salespeople. Learn more about Colleen Stanley by visiting her website: and Also, don’t forget to connect with Colleen on LinkedIn and on Twitter.
Apps for Linkedin Every Social Seller Needs
March 23, 2023 • 19 MIN
As Social Sellers, you've always been told that you must be equipped with the right skills and tools to succeed at social selling. We've covered some of them in our past episodes. For this conversation with Brynne Tillman and Bob Woods, they're putting the focus on the Five Social Selling Apps every social seller must own to thrive on LinkedIn. What are the top social selling apps for salespeople? Calendly - for booking meetings Magical Text Expander - for storing message templates Grammarly - for helping you write with confidence Listen Notes - for finding podcast episodes that experts and influencers are featured in and also find topics they're interested in Chat GPT - the hottest tool in the market today that do research and creates content easier and faster Listen now and find out how these five apps should be used for social selling success - the do's and dont's and some PRO TIPS from our experts.
Natasha Miller - From Homeless to Business Success: The Story of Natasha Miller
March 21, 2023 • 18 MIN
Natasha Miller joins us on this episode to tell us her story of how she went from living in a homeless shelter to being an Award-winning Wall Street Journal Best-Selling Author and a successful Business owner. Hearing personal stories from fellow entrepreneurs, especially those who have made it big, is not only to help inspire you but also a great way to educate yourself about what you need to have - mindset, skills, tools - to make it. As we mentioned, Natasha Miller is an award-winning bestseller. Not only that, but she's also a three-time Inc. 5000 entrepreneur and speaker, the CEO of Entire Productions, a go-to event and entertainment production company in San Francisco, whose clients include Apple, Google, and Salesforce, and also runs a program called Memoir Sherpa to help other professionals write, publish and market their own success story. Tune in and get ready to be inspired and motivated to start sharing your own journey. Learn more about Natasha Miller by visiting her website, and don’t forget to follow her on LinkedIn and Twitter. Read her #1 best-seller book: RELENTLESS
7 Ways to Use ChatGPT with LinkedIn
March 17, 2023 • 21 MIN
OpenAI's ChatGPT has created many opportunities for business owners and other professionals to free up their time from doing extensive research to writing content for practically everything they can think of. But do you really know how to maximize ChatGPT's potential for being a powerful tool for LinkedIn and social selling? Did you know there are 7 ways (currently) that you can use ChatGPT for social selling? In this episode, Brynne and Bob share their discoveries when exploring this cool new toy, from what input to feed to ChatGPT to the do's and don't; they're sharing it all. Another important takeaway from this conversation that you need to listen to closely is how to maintain your authenticity and true voice while using ChatGPT to build relationships on LinkedIn. ChatGPT sounds like a dream come true for many professionals. Still, it can take you in the opposite direction of success when your authenticity is lost because you let AI speak for you. Listen in or read the transcript below and learn how to use ChatGPT responsibly on LinkedIn.
Emma Tessler - Master Your Marketing: How Video Can Revolutionize Your Social Media Strategy
March 14, 2023 • 28 MIN
Emma Tessler joins Brynne and Bob on this episode to discuss the biggest trend in social media marketing today - and that is VIDEO. It is a misconception that TikTok, Instagram Reels, and other short-form video content are not for highly corporate industries, such as B2B and B2C companies that fall under finance, banking, and mortgages. The reality is video is being pushed by social media platforms more and more because of its impact on users. If your content strategy is not video first, it's time to reevaluate. Emma Tessler is the Founder and CEO of Ninety Five Media, a woman-run digital marketing agency that builds results-driven digital marketing strategies for scaling brands. Emma and her team help their clients connect with their ideal clients, build community, and convert audiences to customers. Listen to this episode and learn how to begin leveraging short-form video that converts.
Use Social Selling to Drive Customer Loyalty & Repeat Business
March 9, 2023 • 19 MIN
Social selling is not just for prospecting! In this episode, Brynne and Bob discuss how social selling can be used after a successful sale to boost customer loyalty and repeat business. There are many benefits in nurturing relationships with your customers (present and past) using social selling. Some of them are opening more business opportunities for internal and external referrals and repeat business with them. So listen in and discover the seven things you can do on LinkedIn to stay on top of the mind of your customers, make them feel valued, and take your relationship to the next level.
Patty Block - The SNAP System: Attracting the Right Fit Clients, Strategies and Roadblocks for Women Business Owners
March 7, 2023 • 29 MIN
Patty Block graces us in this episode to reveal shocking truths about finding the right clients using the SNAP system she created. Let's face it many business owners and salespeople come across clients/prospects who drain you of your patience and resources. It's time to put a stop to that bad cycle. In this episode, we'll help you address the things you're currently doing that are preventing you from finding the right fit clients. Here's a hint: your current pricing might be attracting the wrong clients to your business. Patty Block is the Founder & President of The Block Group Inc. She's a business advisor and one of the most innovative pricing experts in the industry. For decades she has empowered women business owners to turn up their power to price, sell, and run their businesses on their own terms. On this episode, The LinkedIn Whisperer Brynne Tillman and the LinkedIn Sherpa Bob Woods have given us front-row seats to amazing insights from Patty's book: "Your Hidden Advantage: Unlock the Power to Attract Right-fit Clients and Boost Your Revenue." Tune in closely and learn how to apply to your advantage the SNAP system mentioned in her book.
You’re Just 11 Items Away from a Great LinkedIn Profile
March 3, 2023 • 23 MIN
In just a few steps, our resident hosts Brynne and Bob will help you create a value-centric profile for your buyers! If you are in sales, whether you're leveraging social selling or not, your LinkedIn profile is foundational for anything you do in your job. This is because everything you do on that platform is designed to direct people to your LinkedIn profile. So tune in on this episode and listen closely as you'll be walked through exactly "what" you need to update on your LinkedIn profile and "how" to do each one—you won't be left guessing anything.
TeeJ Mercer - The Art of Newsjacking and Showing Up with SPUNK in Media Interviews
February 28, 2023 • 24 MIN
TeeJ Mercer joins the Social Sales Link team to give us the inside scoop on the biggest secret to getting booked in the media. If you're a thought leader, book author, coach, or sales professional whose clientele are C-Suit executives, being featured in renowned media outlets adds instant credibility to your personal brand, and knowing how to sell your expertise to producers of these big shows and websites is a must. TeeJ Mercer has spent nearly 30 years as a TV editor and producer in Hollywood. She's the Chief Noisemaker and CEO of Media Mavericks Academy and teaches authors, experts, speakers, and entrepreneurs how to book themselves on outlets like ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC without a publicist and without being a celebrity. Yes, you read right. Mercer has worked on several shows and movies, which may even be one of your favorites. Tune in on this episode to learn how to leverage Newsjacking and what it means to show up to talk the walk.
Rolling Out Social Selling for Your Sales Team, Part 2
February 23, 2023 • 27 MIN
We're continuing the conversation about Rolling Out Social Selling for Your Sales Team. Previously, we discussed the importance of correctly rolling out LinkedIn and social selling to your sales team, and we also introduced the first 4 crucial steps to proper social selling rollout. In this episode, you'll discover the final four stages to ensuring your sales team is set up for success when using LinkedIn and social selling to fill their pipelines and grow your company's revenue. Another reason to tune in on this episode is that Brynne and Bob are also sharing our accompanying guide that you can use to launch your company's own social selling program. You can listen to part 1 of this mini series by clicking the link here. Links to any sources - N/A
Richard van der Blom - Unlocking LinkedIn’s Algorithm
February 21, 2023 • 33 MIN
Digital Strategies to Grow Your Business Richard van der Blom joins us on this episode to discuss LinkedIn algorithm. We also ask him about his findings that tell us the best time to post on LinkedIn, the best post length, and what activity helps keep your post on the LinkedIn algorithm's good side. If you've been posting on LinkedIn constantly but are not getting the results you want, Richard can help shed light on what you may be doing wrong (or what's missing). Richard is one of the top social selling experts known for his eye-opening algorithm reports and brilliant customization of sales and LinkedIn and social selling training. Each year, his company publishes an algorithm report so well executed that the people at LinkedIn acknowledge and are impressed by it! In this episode, you'll hear about the 2022 edition of his algorithm report and how it affects your 2023 LinkedIn and social selling efforts. So tune in closely!
Rolling Out Social Selling for Your Sales Team
February 16, 2023 • 25 MIN
Many sales leaders look at LinkedIn and social selling and think, "Yeah, that's for my team and me." That's a good start! But there's more to it than wanting to do social selling. Especially when you're in corporate, there will be some prerequisites. If you find yourself in this position of wanting your team to leverage LinkedIn and social selling successfully, this episode is for you! LinkedIn Whisperer Brynne Tilleman and LinkedIn Sherpa Bob Woods are giving away their social selling rollout step-by-step guide. Tune in as they'll also share a workbook you can use to roll out LinkedIn and social selling to your team. Plus, tips on how to get that all-important stamp of approval from corporate leadership.
Dawn Apuan - Copywriting Can Make or Break Your Business
February 14, 2023 • 31 MIN
Dawn Apuan, an expert copywriter and funnel strategist, joins the Social Sales Link team to discuss the science and art of copywriting and how to use it in a sales funnel for customers to know, like, and trust you. Dawn has helped entrepreneurs make more money by crafting compelling copies that can sell even their most expensive offers with ease. In today's time, copywriting is what guides people to make decisions on how to interact with your brand—not just buying, but subscribing to your newsletters, downloading your latest eBook, following you on social media, connecting with you to start a conversation, and so forth. In this episode, Dawn talks about the psychology behind it and how copywriting can help you serve your customers better and ultimately help you close more deals.
7 Content Types for the Buyers’ Journey
February 9, 2023 • 24 MIN
In this episode, the Social Sales Link team will be taking a deep dive into CONTENT. Not just any content but the different types that salespeople need for each buying stage of a buyer, a.k.a. your future client. Listen in as our resident hosts, Brynne Tillman and Bob Woods, break down three types of content for selling: top-of-the-funnel content, mid-funnel content, and the end-of-the-sales cycle content—what they are, and how they are implemented for success. If you're curious, you have to listen to learn more.
Michelle Mazur - Finding Your “3 Word Rebellion”
February 7, 2023 • 22 MIN
Michelle Mazur, Ph.D., a communication strategist and brand messaging expert, joins our Social Sales Link Team to help you find your 3 Word Rebellion—a method that Michelle created to make it possible for aspiring thought leaders and entrepreneurs to find their one-of-a-kind message. Your one-of-a-kind message is your core message that you can use to build all your other messages around, helping grow your business and make a real difference. In the 3 World Rebellion, which is also a must-read book, your core message is what will position you in the industry, and make other people take action, spread your word, and even start a movement. So how do you find yours? Listen in to find out!
Are You Being Catfished on LinkedIn
February 2, 2023 • 15 MIN
On this episode of Making Sales Social Live, LinkedIn Whisperer Brynne Tillman and LinkedIn Sherpa Bob Woods tackle a crucial topic: How to Spot a Fake LinkedIn Profile or a LinkedIn Catfish. The number of LinkedIn profiles connected to automation or (worse yet) identity theft is growing. Learn how to protect yourself. Listen to this episode and discover five identifying factors of a LinkedIn catfish that will help you outsmart and avoid them.
Rahti Gorfien - Turning Your Creativity and Passion Into Business
January 31, 2023 • 20 MIN
Find a job that makes you happy, and you'll never have to work again. But for creatives who are good at what they do (and love being creative), one of the bridges they need to cross is learning how to monetize their passion and leave their current job. Rahti Gorfien, the founder of Creative Calling Coaching, joins us on this episode of the Making Sales Social podcast to share her genius and teach us how to make that shift. Rahti works with creatives to be successful entrepreneurs using their artistic ability. She also guides people who have Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) to hone in on their skills and make a living doing what they love the most. Tune in and discover how to turn your creativity and passion into a business.
Put LinkedIn to Work for Your In-Person Networking
January 26, 2023 • 18 MIN
In-person networking is back! If you want to brush up on your networking skills, this is the conversation you want to be listening to. Brynne Tillman, the LinkedIn Whisperer, and LinkedIn Sherpa Bob Woods focus on what to do before, during, and after an in-person networking event. Learn how to integrate LinkedIn into your strategy to develop relationships with potential clients and allied partners. How many times have you heard someone promise to stay in touch but never follow through? Some people have the habit of putting in a lot of effort before and during an in-person networking event but then falling short on what to do afterward. To maintain momentum, listen in and put Brynne and Bob's LinkedIn strategy into action.
Janice Porter - Stop Being Too “Corporate” Be Natural, Show Your Personality to Build Relationships and See the Result
January 24, 2023 • 22 MIN
Janice Porter joins our host Brynne Tillman to share the hybrid of online and offline methods she uses to create and nurture stronger relationships with prospects that are beyond digital. Janice is the founder of Janice Porter & Associates. She's a Relationship Marketing Consultant, a LinkedIn Trainer, a Client Retention Specialist, and the author of "Create Business Relationships that Last & Close More Sales." By her titles, it is evident that Porter is an expert in building and maintaining relationships in the business industry. Using digital to find the right people to connect with is only the first step in creating relationships. Building one that lasts requires a more natural approach. People remember the little details you remember about them. It shows that you're really interested in who they are and what they do without coming too salesy or too corporate.
Leveraging LinkedIn Company Pages to Grow Your Brand
January 19, 2023 • 19 MIN
Utilizing all the features of your LinkedIn company page can help build a strong, memorable brand and reach more prospects. It is true not only for small and big businesses but also for solopreneurs! Interested in learning all the best practices for managing a successful LinkedIn page? Brynne Tillman, the LinkedIn Whisperer, and Bob Woods, the LinkedIn Sherpa, are here to teach you LinkedIn page strategies that will help you draw more eyeballs to your products and services and, eventually, generate more money!
Walter Crosby - Critical Mistakes CEOs Make With Their Sales Organization
January 17, 2023 • 37 MIN
Author, podcaster, and CEO of Helix Sales Development, Walter Crosby joins our resident host Bob Woods to share some of the critical mistakes CEOs make with their sales organization that stops the company from scaling. Listen and understand what kind of culture an organization should have to stop the right people from living and what you should do as a CEO when your company is in a situation where you need to “tighten the belt.” Making a decision is difficult, especially during a recession. Don’t base your decision based on a “gut” feel. Look at data, Look at the rearview mirror, know what worked in the past and what didn’t work, and as you do that make sure to look at yourself in the mirror too, maybe there’s something that you need to improve in yourself as well.
7 Places To Help Inspire Your LinkedIn Content
January 12, 2023 • 19 MIN
Our resident hosts, Brynne Tillman and Bob Woods share seven places where you can get ideas and derive inspiration for creating your LinkedIn content. Discover the five elements your content should have to position yourself successfully as a thought leader in your industry. Leveraging LinkedIn for Social Selling is vital to all business development professionals. Much of our business comes from client referrals and networking partners. But it’s content that helps to attract, teach, engage and nurture new and existing connections, which helps convert them to conversations. Yet many people struggle to find inspiration and material for their content. In this episode of Making Sales Social LIVE, we’ll teach you where to get that inspiration. Some of them might surprise you, too!
Kevin D. Turner - The Difference Between Personal Blanding™ vs Personal Branding
January 10, 2023 • 41 MIN
Kevin D. Turner, a career coach and managing partner of TNT brand strategist joins our resident host Bob Woods to teach us the difference between personal Blanding™ vs personal branding and why we should stop personal Blanding™. Listen as he shared how we can build personal branding the right way. There are things in our career history that we have done but we don't want to be known for. Know how you want to move forward and where you're going, not what you've done, and start building your personal branding. Discover the one thing that you can do right now to really take full advantage of LinkedIn and start building that relationship. You can reach out to him directly by sending him an email or connecting with him on LinkedIn. You can also follow him on Twitter.
10 LinkedIn Activities for 2023
January 5, 2023 • 29 MIN
Resident hosts Brynne Tillman and Bob Woods will start to assess and reassess how we should use LinkedIn for social selling and sales activity for 2023. Listen as they share 10 LinkedIn Activities we all should be doing for 2023 to get more conversations started.
Simon Severino - Double Your Revenue in 90 Days
January 4, 2023 • 21 MIN
Simon Severino, the Author of "Strategy Sprints" also a TEDx speaker, a contributor to Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine, and a member of the Silicon Valley Blockchain Society join the Social Sales Link team with his brilliant insights and strategies on how to double your revenue in 90 Days. It's much easier than it sounds so make sure to have a pen or be “note” ready because he’ll go through it step by step. Listen as he shares how you can get out of the weeds by building three critical habits in your business and why it’s critical for you to identify your energy and time suckers. Yes, we all have them! Visit Simon’s website and download the tools that he talked about at
Brynne and Gunnar's 2023 LinkedIn Resolutions
December 29, 2022 • 28 MIN
Our host Brynne Tillman is joined by Gunnar Hood to talk about what worked in 2022 and what didn't work in 2022 and the improvements that we should implement for 2023. They will also share their LinkedIn New Year’s Resolutions. Listen and start writing down your own New Year’s Resolutions. It is important to have a plan that you can confidently manage and be consistent because it's that repetition over a period of time that's going to generate those results.
Best of Masterclass
December 27, 2022 • 27 MIN
The Social Sales Link team brings you some of the best Masterclass sessions they’ve held throughout 2022. Listen as they discuss highlights from those episodes and help you prepare for the year ahead.
The Power in Social Proximity
December 23, 2022 • 15 MIN
Listen as our Hosts, Brynne Tillman and Bob Woods as they share their own experiences about the importance of social proximity and how this will be our pathway to get to our targeted buyers. Discover the magic of social proximity and how to enter the ecosphere of your buyer, decision maker, or targeted audience at a high level of credibility because it came through a shared connection.
Making Sales Social Special End-of-Year Episode
December 20, 2022 • 23 MIN
Social Sales Link’s Bob Woods goes over some of the highlights from the Making Sales Social Live interview series of 2022. You’ll listen to impactful insights from guests Bob Burg, Harry Spaight, Bill Zipp, Kay Miller, Brent Adamson, Husam Jandal, and Nikki Rausch. You can access the full individual interviews with all of these inspiring professionals in the library of the podcast platform that you’re currently on.
The LinkedIn Algorithm, Revisited
December 15, 2022 • 27 MIN
Join The LinkedIn Whisperer Brynne Tillman as she teams up with special guest Gunnar Hood to discuss some of the significant changes in LinkedIn’s algorithm and how they could affect your social selling efforts on LinkedIn. What they will be talking about in particular, is Richard van der Blom’s much-awaited algorithm report, where he examined over 9,500 posts from more than 200 different members from 30 different countries, not to mention over 1,100 hours devoted to the research! Listen as Brynne and Gunnar breeze their way through 20 of Richard’s tips, based on the results of the report, that you can use to improve your own LinkedIn campaign.
Jeb Blount - Get Right With Reality
December 13, 2022 • 42 MIN
Sales Gravy CEO Jeb Blount joins the Social Sales Link team to talk about how to effectively sell in a crisis. Listen as he shares the importance of shifting your mindset in preparation for an upcoming crisis and what two qualities in a salesperson would be the most significant in order to withstand a challenging situation. Jeb also discusses how sales professionals can protect their “turf” in a crisis and maintain both new and existing relationships during an economic downturn. Visit Jeb’s website at You can also check out his company at Don’t forget to connect with Jeb on LinkedIn and follow him on Twitter.
Top 10 Sales Books to Buy on Cyber Monday
December 8, 2022 • 20 MIN
Resident hosts Brynne Tillman and Bob Woods share the top 10 sales books that they believe should be on every sales professional’s bookshelf. These are books that have greatly influenced them most, so make sure you check them out and gain newfound knowledge that can help you with your business. The Challenger Sale: Taking Control of the Customer Conversation by Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson The Little Black Book of Connections: 6.5 Assets for Networking Your Way to Rich Relationships by Jeffrey Gitomer Endless Referrals by Bob Berg The Go-Giver, Expanded Edition: A Little Story About a Powerful Business Idea by Bob Burg and John David Mann Whale Hunting: How to Land Big Sales and Transform Your Company by Barbara Weaver Smith Masters of Scale: Surprising Truths from the World's Most Successful Entrepreneurs by Reid Hoffman Uncopyable Sales Secrets: How to Create an Unfair Advantage and Outsell Your Competition by Kay Miller Gap Selling: Getting the Customer to Yes: How Problem-Centric Selling Increases Sales by Changing Everything You Know About Relationships, Overcoming Objections, Closing and Price by Keenan Everybody Writes: Your New and Improved Go-To Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content by Ann Handley Cigars, Whiskey and Winning: Leadership Lessons from General Ulysses S. Grant by Al Kaltman
Jeff Rogers - Stop Working, Start Playing
December 6, 2022 • 39 MIN
Professional corporate emcee, best-selling author, and award-winning creative director Jeff Rogers joins our resident host Bob Woods to share why it’s important to enter into a playmaker mindset and how impactful it was for him to lose his sense of fear and gain a sense of play. Listen as Jeff discusses why for him, making sales social is primarily about establishing the same genuine connection you make in person when utilizing social media. Discover how improvisation and innovation can help make the first step easy for your prospects and why you should lower the stakes to raise your game. Visit Jeff’s website to learn more about him and what he does. You can also connect with him on LinkedIn and on Twitter. Don’t forget to grab a copy of Jeff’s book entitled, The PlayMaker Mindset: A Radically Fun Way To Build a Culture of Teamwork and Instant Innovation.
10 Thanksgiving Gratitude Tips
December 1, 2022 • 24 MIN
The Thanksgiving holiday may be over, but the spirit of giving thanks should always be around throughout the year. Let our resident hosts and big-time holiday celebrators Brynne Tillman and Bob Woods show you 10 awesome ways to show your gratitude to your network regardless of the season.
Steve Bruce - If It Looks Too Good to Be True, It Probably Is
November 29, 2022 • 23 MIN
Renowned Linkedin marketing consultant Steve Bruce joins resident host Brynne Tillman to talk about black hat strategies that are challenging LinkedIn’s regulations. Listen as Steve shares how he spots fake profiles on LinkedIn, from doing a reverse image search on profile photos to checking out the number of connections for possible signs. You can learn more about Steve and what he does by visiting You can reach out to him directly by sending him an email or connecting with him on LinkedIn. He also has accounts on Twitter and Instagram that you can follow.
The Ultimate Inbound and Outbound Tool
November 24, 2022 • 17 MIN
Our beloved hosts Brynne Tillman and Bob Woods delve into using LinkedIn both as an inbound and outbound tool. Join them as they discuss both ends of the equation, which you can then use to take your sales campaign to the next level. Among the things they recommend for the marketing or inbound part is to endlessly curate and share content. Learn about the things you need to think about before going out there and searching for content you can curate and then share. Bob also shares the importance of listening during those discovery calls for clues on what your prospects would likely want to know about. They also point out the advantages of engaging on influencer content to make yourself more visible to your target audience. They also tackle several strategies for the outbound aspect of the social selling equation and among them are three easy-to-follow workflows that can help get those conversations with your prospects.
Christopher Carr - Anything You Can Give to Get, Give
November 22, 2022 • 24 MIN
Farotech CEO Chris Carr joins The LinkedIn Whisperer Brynne Tillman to share nuggets of social selling wisdom. Find out why he recommends giving anything you can to your prospect, so you can get them to trust you and give you their permission to start a sales conversation with you. Whatever it is you are asked for, give more than that. Tune in as he talks about what it would take to make your sales social. To him it’s earning the right to be heard and bridging that gap, to bring that connection between you and your prospect closer than when you first started to interact, and eventually, to ask for the right to be heard. He also discusses the importance of using the right language when your prospect finally gives you that right to be heard. The key, according to Chris, is to take that pressure of having to make a decision, and instead, be unassuming — to take the time to let the prospect know you are determining whether what you’re offering is actually a good fit. Chris also reminds salespeople to “thank profusely,” and one of the ways to show thanks is through giving. You will also hear Chris talk about his company, a digital marketing agency, and his process when it comes to working with clients. He even shares some pointers to solopreneurs about stepping up their marketing efforts.
10 Steps to B2C Success on LinkedIn
November 17, 2022 • 25 MIN
Social Sales Link’s Brynne Tillman and Bob Woods delve into a topic that they don’t talk about often but is something that is beneficial to a wide community of business development professionals — business to consumer (B2C) sales. Listen to them discuss ten highly effective steps that can help individuals better establish a successful B2C sales campaign on LinkedIn. 10 Steps to B2C Success on LinkedIn 1. Knowing how B2C works on LinkedIn 2. Shifting your profile from a resume to a resource 3. Identifying referral sources 4. Asking your clients for intros into their other advisors 5. Viewing clients' connections for other people like them 6. Searching clients’ connections for other people who are like them 7. Engaging with local influencer content 8. Connecting with everyone you meet 9. Holding local events and inviting your connections by location 10. Nurturing with content by adding value and education
Matt Rolnick - Leveraging Memorable Events for Better Enagagement
November 15, 2022 • 13 MIN
Matthew Rolnick, Amazon bestselling author and VP of strategy and innovation at Yaymaker, shares with the Social Sales Link team how to leverage memorable online events for better engagement with employees and teams. For Matthew, it’s all about determining what’s important to employees, asking them for ideas. Learn the types of events you can organize to help salespeople stay motivated, which according to him, does not always have to be complex or paid for. He also believes in healthy competition among teams as long as you set parameters and make it fun with little prizes for the most effective teams. Matthew also shares how he teams up with celebrities to kick off events and speakers to discuss important topics such as diversity, equity, inclusion, and mental health. Learn more about Matthew and his company Yaymaker at If you have questions or want to get in touch with him, you can email him at You may also connect with him on LinkedIn or follow him on Twitter.
Social Selling Levels the Playing Field
November 10, 2022 • 22 MIN
Social Sales Link’s Brynne Tillman and Bob Woods discuss how social selling levels the playing field in a way that allows any sales professional with a good, authentic message to go toe-to-toe with large companies that have deep pockets to spend on building brand awareness and exposure. Listen as they talk about what it means to be a microinfluencer and what you can do to start attracting your targeted audience, such as having both a personal page and a company page on LinkedIn so you can show up in a meaningful way. Discover what it means to be a resource instead of being seen as too salesy from the get-go, that it’s all about attracting, teaching, and engaging. Make sure to take note of all the excellent tips and strategies Brynne and Bob shared in this episode!
Thomas Ellis - The B.U.D. (Better, Unique, and Desirable) Sales Process
November 8, 2022 • 18 MIN
Thomas Ellis, the author of B.U.D, The Sales Process That Gets Results, joins The LinkedIn Whisperer Brynne Tillman to talk about the “Better, Unique, and Desirable” process and how it can help you win more clients and build strong relationships with them. Find out why Thomas believes in always making it about the customer and their journey. He recommends taking time to get to know your client and wow them every step of the way. The goal is to make your prospects know that you genuinely have their best interests at heart. Listen as Thomas shares that the difference between persistent follow-up and an annoying one is a conversation that not only follows up but is also adding value. He also talks about what you can do when a prospect ghosts you despite having a series of great conversations. Lastly, Thomas gives sales professionals the ultimate advice going into 2023, what you should be doing heading into the next year. Tune in to find out! Connect with Thomas on LinkedIn or visit his website at to learn more about what he does. You can also follow him on Twitter.
5 Secrets LinkedIn Doesn’t Want You to Know
November 4, 2022 • 18 MIN
Our resident hosts Brynne Tillman and Bob Woods uncover five “secrets” LinkedIn would not want its users to know, but you can fully take advantage of. Join them as they share how you can use LinkedIn’s algorithm to make your content visible to a wider audience as soon as you post them and other tweaks you can do to get better engagement. Don’t miss out on all the “secrets” they’ll be exposing if you want to get the most out of LinkedIn, such as which sections of your profile page can offer more than what it is intended for if you know what to do with them.
Alex Sheridan - Turning Your Video Content Into a 24/7 Sales Rep for Your Business
November 3, 2022 • 38 MIN
Impaxs Founder Alex Sheridan joins the LinkedIn Sherpa Bob Woods to share how you can utilize video content marketing strategies for social selling, which according to Alex is just doing a lot of the same traditional sales activities, but in a social media environment. Listen as he shares the importance of creating video content and why there are still a good number of sales professionals who remain uncomfortable putting themselves out there and making videos. He also discusses with Bob how he separates between social selling and the content creation, personal branding side, pointing out the distinct advantage of being personalized and adding video content to the mix. The good thing about creating video content in 2022 is that you only need your smartphone, Alex says. If you want to level it up, there are affordable accessories available for a salesperson looking to get started. Alex also shares his process and how he manages his time by setting up processes and systems in place, such as creating a content calendar or a content idea bank. Find out why he prefers LinkedIn among social media platforms, especially for B2B sales professionals. He also talks about edutainment and how you can incorporate that into your campaign. Visit Alex’s website at You can also connect with him on LinkedIn or follow him on TikTok.
5 Steps to Become a Micro-Influencer on LinkedIn
October 27, 2022 • 16 MIN
The Social Sales Link team shares five easy-to-follow steps on how to become a micro-influencer on LinkedIn so you can start attracting an audience of prospects with whom you can start sales conversations with. Let our resident hosts Brynne Tillman and Bob Woods guide you through the journey until you are able to reach the ultimate goal of a micro-influencer, which is to influence your identified group of people.
Kay Miller - The “Win-Win Sales” Philosophy
October 25, 2022 • 29 MIN
Kay Miller, the author of Uncopyable Sales Secrets, joins the Social Sales Link team to talk about the concept of “win-win sales” and why it’s important to avoid the sales process from becoming adversarial. Listen as Kay expounds on the idea of “win-win,” which according to her is all about understanding clients, their pain or aspiration and authentically wanting to help them truly solve or achieve that. She’ll also talk about knowing and attracting the right customers that you can sell to and make them feel happy about it. Make sure you sit through the entire episode — you’ll be rewarded with an invaluable lesson from Kay about being different and making yourself stand out.
5 Ways to Finish Q4 With a Bang
October 20, 2022 • 20 MIN
The LinkedIn Whisperer Brynne Tillman and the LinkedIn Sherpa Bob Woods join forces to discuss five LinkedIn tactics that salespeople and business developers need to focus on so they can end 2022 with a bang.
Steve Sims - Showing Up as Yourself
October 18, 2022 • 19 MIN
The Wizard of Oz of the business building world Steve D Sims joins our resident host, the LinkedIn Whisperer Brynne Tillman, to share how you can build and leverage your relationships to have a maximum impact on your business. Listen to him talk about his strategies when it comes to starting conversations and find out why he was called the real life Wizard of Oz by Entrepreneur Magazine. Tune in as Steve explains why it’s important to know yourself and show up as you are, not as a different person. It’s not about what you look like or sound like, but more about the value you bring to the conversation.
5 Templates to Optimize Your LinkedIn Sales Outreach
October 13, 2022 • 21 MIN
Our resident hosts Brynne Tillman and Bob Woods share five sales templates that you can use to improve your sales outreach on LinkedIn. They also walk you through the strategies behind the templates and discuss why it’s important to distance yourself from the traditional “sell, sell, sell” mentality to have an effective sales campaign.
Casey Jacox - Win the Relationship, Not the Deal
October 11, 2022 • 20 MIN
Sales and Executive Leadership Coach Casey Jacox joins the LinkedIn Whisperer Brynne Tillman to talk about how important it is to build authentic relationships and not focus so much on winning the deal, in order to truly grow your business. Casey, the author behind the book, WIN the RELATIONSHIP, not the DEAL: Six Common Sense Strategies to Succeed in Life & Business, doesn’t believe in faking it until you make it. Tune in as he shares steps on how to win a relationship as well as what he learned from the mistakes he made early on in his career.
Ten Top Social Sellers We Follow... and Why
October 6, 2022 • 17 MIN
Our resident hosts Brynne and Bob are back to share with listeners their top ten social sellers and why they’ve chosen to feature these folks. Find out if your favorite social seller is on their list and discover new ones to follow!
Rich Mulholland - Surprise and Delight: Hacking the Expectation Engine
October 4, 2022 • 21 MIN
Missing Link Founder Rich Mulholland joins the LinkedIn Whisperer Brynne Tillman to talk about how presenters can engage and activate their audiences. Hear Rich talk about what making sales social means to him and how he has applied that definition to how he handles his clients so a pathway is paved for another customer. Learn what bad presenters do wrong and what you can do instead to get that ovation. Rich also shares the mechanics behind the peak-end theory, where it’s not just about the content but also the delivery of your presentation. He also discusses the differences between presenting to a live audience and presenting on Zoom, as well as the importance of properly managing human attention. Visit Rich’s website at or learn more about his company at You can also follow him on Twitter or subscribe to his Youtube channel for lessons and training. Lastly, add Rich to your LinkedIn network, his favorite among all social networks, through this link here.
How to Grow a Following of Your LinkedIn (Company) Page
September 29, 2022 • 22 MIN
Our resident hosts Brynne Tillman and Bob Woods set their sights on showing how you can boost your LinkedIn company page’s following. Listen as they share extremely useful tips on how you make the most out of your company page and transform it into a magnet for potential clients. Learn how to assign admins to your page for consistent engagement and utilize various analytics within the page to further boost your sales campaign. Lastly, find out the answer to the question of where to post your content first — your personal page or company page? Brynne and Bob share their two cents on the matter, something worth sticking around to the very end.
Gerry Moran - Don't Cold Connect, Engage With Them First
September 27, 2022 • 24 MIN
Social media consultant and LinkedIn strategist Gerry Moran joins the Social Sales Link team to share his social selling strategies and tips. Listen as he explains why for him, social selling is about trying to get on your prospect’s radar in the right way so you turn it into a warm call. He also stresses the importance of having a plan and documenting the process, to start with a simple framework. Tune in as Gerry tells Brynne about a common mistake that many salespeople make, which is not knowing when to use the right sales tool at the right time. There’s also what he calls the “drive time social,” which is something salespeople can refer to when they are trying to determine the best time to post, and “triggers,” which are somewhere between 33 and 40 or so, that sales professionals can use to start conversations with their prospects. Find out whether Gerry is part of those LinkedIn sales professionals who believe you should send a connection request with a message or without. Listen through to the very end to hear Gerry’s one tip to new social sellers and (spoiler alert!) it’s all about doing the work. You can send Gerry an email at or follow him on Twitter. If you’re on Instagram, you may want to check out the other side of Gerry by following his account on beer and brewery.
Establishing a Productive Daily Routine on LinkedIn
September 22, 2022 • 29 MIN
The LinkedIn Sherpa Bob Woods and the LinkedIn Whisperer Brynne Tillman walks listeners through establishing a productive daily routine on LinkedIn without feeling overwhelmed by all the features and tools that are readily available on the platform. Don’t miss out on this highly engaging discussion, where our hosts try to prevent sales professionals from being stuck doing random acts of social that does nothing for their sales goals. Learn what to do and not to do every day as well as how much time you should be spending on each task. Brynne and Bob will arm you with various tips and tricks you can apply to your daily LinkedIn activity to boost productivity, and eventually, get more sales conversations.
Joe Apfelbaum - The Riches Are in the Niches, Not in the Pitches
September 20, 2022 • 36 MIN
Ajax Union CEO Joe Apfelbaum joins The LinkedIn Whisperer Brynne Tillman for an interesting discussion on social selling. Listen as Joe shares why he believes the secret to living is giving and explains why so many people are afraid to share their best ideas. Let his story about how he managed to break free from that scarcity mindset inspire you into sharing your best nuggets of sales wisdom. Learn about various LinkedIn strategies he uses to transform his connections into clients as well as tips on how to turn a no into a referral. Joe also tells Brynne why he thinks making sales social is all about being real and making sales a personal experience. Tune in as Joe imparts to listeners his insights on focusing within and knowing yourself first so you can get people to like you and trust you, which is a key factor in establishing business relationships with them.
Giving and Receiving Recommendations on LinkedIn
September 15, 2022 • 20 MIN
Our hosts Brynne Tillman and Bob Woods talk about the Recommendations feature on LinkedIn, which according to Bob, is often overlooked by LinkedIn users. Join them as they discuss the big advantages of having recommendations on your profile as well as how to start getting them from people in your network. Together, Brynne and Bob will go over the steps you need to take to get those valuable recommendations and also discuss tips and strategies for those instances where getting a recommendation is not an option.
Husam Jandal - Fish Where the Fish Are
September 13, 2022 • 31 MIN
Husam Jandal joins the LinkedIn Sherpa Bob Woods to discuss how digital marketing works together with sales from a business standpoint and other ways to bring those two departments together. Learn as they give tips on how to utilize your company’s marketing content and explain why consistency is better than just pumping stuff out all the time. Listen as Husam explains why you don’t have to register on all social media platforms if you’re a social seller and how it’s more effective to be targeted in your sales approach. Visit Husam’s website at or go straight to the article he mentioned entitled, Seven Tips You Can Learn From a Fisherman.
5 Ways to Use LinkedIn's Mobile App for Sales Prospecting
September 8, 2022 • 22 MIN
Our hosts Brynne Tillman and Bob Woods talk about five effective ways to use the LinkedIn mobile app for sales prospecting. Listen as they discuss helpful tips on how to maximize your utilization of various LinkedIn features from Cover Stories to Name Pronunciation and many more. You’ll also discover a feature that’s about to be rolled out that you can use for sales prospecting.
Derek Videll - Authenticity in Sales and Instagram Marketing
September 6, 2022 • 31 MIN
Social Bamboo Founder Derek Videll joins the LinkedInWhisperer Brynne Tillman to discuss the importance of having one-on-one conversations with your prospects instead of using a non-contact approach. Listen as Derek shares the story behind Social Bamboo and his unique approach to working with clients. He’ll also go over some of his Instagram marketing strategies with Brynne and the mistakes most people commit on the platform. You can reach out to Derek on LinkedIn for more information about him and his “You Can’t Possibly Mess This Up” program.
Turn a Cold Prospect Into a Warm Connection
September 1, 2022 • 20 MIN
The team at Social Sales Link tackles the philosophy and mindset behind something that all salespeople want — turning cold prospects into warm conversations. Listen as Brynne and Bob stress the importance of bringing value to earn the right to a conversation and detaching yourself from the sale. Discover why you don’t want to have “commission breath” and how it can affect your chances of getting that warm conversation. You’ll also learn why it pays to do everything in your own voice and other strategies you can implement.
Harry Spaight - Selling With Dignity
August 30, 2022 • 46 MIN
Harry Spaight joins the LinkedIn Sherpa Bob Woods to talk about how people can be dignified with their sales approach and get out of that ABC, or always be closing, mentality. Listen as they discuss whether artificial intelligence can bring dignity to sales and what its role would be in the near future. They also touch on the importance of prioritizing the results and not the metrics, because that’s where the real value in business is. Visit Harry’s website at to know more about what he does. You can also reach out to him via email or connect with him on LinkedIn and on Twitter.
Permission-Based Selling on LinkedIn
August 25, 2022 • 17 MIN
Our beloved hosts Brynne Tillman and Bob Woods are back together to delve into permission-based selling. Listen as they share with the audience why it’s an elevated way of initiating more sales conversations. Stay tuned as they answer various questions from the audience, such as whether it’s okay to use permission-based selling when you’re reaching out for the first time. Hear them discuss tactics on social selling and a particular study they conducted about the effectiveness of having a permission-based sales approach.
John Stopper - The Future of Sales is Social
August 24, 2022 • 24 MIN
Northstar8 CEO John Stopper has joined The LinkedIn Whisperer Brynne Tillman in an episode about enterprise sales and why according to John, sales leaders have the toughest job in all business. Listen as he explains the trap that sales leaders fall into, which using multiple sales tools but not focusing enough on sales training and sales strategy. Visit John’s website at http://northstar8.comn or send him a message via email: You can reach out to John on LinkedIn and on Twitter.
Engaging With Other People's Content on LinkedIn
August 18, 2022 • 18 MIN
The one and only LinkedIn Whisperer Brynne Tillman is back again with the LinkedIn Sherpa Bob Woods to teach you the right way of engaging with other people’s content and how this can be a great way to amplify your own voice and reach folks you may not have access to in your own posts. Discover the ability to get more in front of the right people simply by finding and engaging with the right people's content, and the commenters of those content.
Blair Dunkley - “Igniting the Buyer Conversation”
August 16, 2022 • 26 MIN
Founder of and author of “Ultimate Mind Hacking,” Blair Dunkley joins the Social Sales Link team to share with us the result of his research which was morphed into what he calls “mind models.” and discovered that people don't need to be sold. They need to be guided through a buying conversation. Tune in as Blair as he explains to listeners how to start a conversation and the importance of producing value that changes them.
Are Personal Posts on LinkedIn Appropriate?
August 11, 2022 • 29 MIN
Our hosts Brynne and Bob tackle a highly relevant topic on the “Facebookification” of Linkedin and whether it’s a good thing. Listen as they try to navigate through the tricky conversation of what content to share or not to share on LinkedIn. Find out whether you’re one of those people who tend to overshare and what you can do to ensure you’re only posting what’s beneficial to your professional goals. Learn to find the right balance between oversharing and being overly professional, which are both equally troublesome. Let Brynne and Bob explain the impact of sharing both personal and professional content and how it affects engagement.
Nikki Rausch - Relationship First, Rapport Always
August 9, 2022 • 23 MIN
Sales Maven Founder and CEO Nikki Rausch joins the Social Sales Link team to introduce us to her five-step sales approach called “the selling staircase,” which also happens to be the title of her book. Tune in as Nikki explains to listeners her perspective on social selling, which is something you do with people, not to them. Find out why Nikki and The LinkedIn Whisperer Brynne Tillman both agree on creating curiosity to entice your targeted audience into continuing the conversation and why according to Nikki, it’s one the most missed step in her selling staircase strategy. Visit Nikki’s website or go straight to that free gift she’s bestowing upon listeners of this podcast episode. You can also connect with her on LinkedIn and on Twitter.
Use LinkedIn Events to Attract Prospects
August 4, 2022 • 18 MIN
Our hosts Brynne Tillman and Bob Woods are back to discuss LinkedIn Events and how they work. Find out why you should be using this special feature to fill the top of your sales funnel with qualified prospects who are excited to talk to you. Let Brynne and Bob walk you through the steps of creating your own event and discover ways you can market it on LinkedIn.
Brent Adamson - It’s Not What You Sell, It’s How You Sell
August 3, 2022 • 38 MIN
Brent Adamson joins The LinkedIn Whisperer Brynne Tillman to explain why the best way to stand out from your competitors in the sales industry is by mastering how you sell your product or service. Listen as he explains how the window of opportunity to differentiate your brand from the rest based on your solution is narrowing and how the wide availability of solutions available to consumers is actually leading them to experience what he calls “paralysis of analysis.” Discover what you can do to stay ahead of the “smartness arms race” in an era where customers start to lack confidence in their own ability to make decisions and on behalf of their company due to the overwhelming overflow of information. Learn about the concept of the frame maker and sensemaking, and how these techniques can help you serve customers better by serving as their guide for making sales decisions. Find out why Brent thinks empathy is crucial in making sales social and why some sales professionals fall into the trap of committing what he calls “indiscriminate generosity.” Listen as Brent and Brynne discuss key questions salespeople need to ask themselves: Where are your customers learning? Are you present where that learning is happening? How are you participating in that learning process? (Are you, in fact, helping when that happens?) You can reach out to Brent on LinkedIn and on Twitter. If you want to learn more about Brent and his current work, you may visit the Ecosystems website.
LinkedIn's Providing Services Feature is Essential for Social Sellers
July 28, 2022 • 12 MIN
Our hosts Brynne Tillman and Bob Woods talk about the feature where you can do your Pitch! Exactly, you read that right. The Providing Services Feature. This feature was just recently rolled out for everyone which is essential for all salespeople and especially social sellers. More excitingly, this feature has been upgraded so that you can now take in requests for your service and you can even reply with a proposal. Listen and learn how you can leverage this feature and start receiving business proposals.
How to Prospect Your Industry Influencers' Followers
July 21, 2022 • 19 MIN
The LinkedIn Whisperer herself, Brynne Tillman, welcomes Talent Retention Sherpa Steven Farber to an engaging discussion about leveraging influencers on LinkedIn. Tune in as they teach listeners how to find those industry influencers that are attracting your ideal prospects and how to start authentic conversations with their respective followers. Listen as Steven talks about the significance of polls when used the right way and why he thinks it’s a fantastic conversation starter. You’ll also discover how you can utilize polls to find influencers that people on your network are following. Learn how he uses hashtags to uncover posts that he can engage on and that he can eventually use to engage with potential buyers. There are quite a number of valuable insights packed into this episode, so make sure you don’t skip this one! To know more about Steven, you may reach out to him on LinkedIn, Twitter or visit his website. You can also send him an email at
Bill Zipp - Grow Your Sales Organizations by Discovering Your “Whys”
July 19, 2022 • 23 MIN
Bill Zipp, the author of "The Ultimate Sales Manager Playbook: Becoming a Successful Sales Leader" is joining the Social Sales Link team for an eye-opening discussion about the importance of knowing your "whys." We are motivated not from the outside in, but from the inside out. Discover formula on how your organization can become a magnet for pulling in other sales reps, especially in this war for talent that all of us are experiencing right now. Visit Bill Zipp's website and you can purchase his book, “The Ultimate Sales Manager Playbook: Becoming a Successful Sales Leader" on Amazon. You can also reach out to him on LinkedIn or watch his Youtube videos.
Leveraging LinkedIn for Referrals
July 14, 2022 • 18 MIN
The Social Sales Link team is diving into LinkedIn referrals and why it is so valuable for your sales process. Learn about the magic of using filters to find connections of your connections and how you can reach out to them in an easy, warm way. Join Brynne and Bob as they talk about networking partners and why they’re considered one of the best opportunities to engage with people. Learn how and where to find those networking partners and what to say to them when you reach out. Lastly, find out why client referrals are, according to Brynne, the game changer. Listen as she walks listeners through the process of seamlessly incorporating that conversation with your clients by preparing ahead of time.
Patrick Boucousis - Needs Are Why We Buy, Value Is What We Buy
July 12, 2022 • 25 MIN
The Sales Natural Patrick Boucousis is joining the Social Sales Link team for an eye-opening discussion on trust and value in sales and more specifically, social selling. Listen as Patrick shares the explanation behind the concept of needs and value when it comes to selling and what salespeople should be focusing on first before anything else. Find out what the formula is for growing trust and why you need to focus less on self-interest if you want to make yourself valuable to your prospects. Visit Patrick’s website at You can also reach out to him on LinkedIn or send him an email at
Janice Gordon - The Scale Your Sales Framework
July 7, 2022 • 26 MIN
The Customer Growth Expert Janice Gordon is joining our hosts Brynne Tillman and Bob Woods to talk about her Scale Your Sales framework and how it has helped companies accelerate their sales by using a customer-centric approach. Listen as Janice shares several mic drop moments about retention, productivity, and attraction, which are the three key elements of Janice’s Scale Your Sales framework. You can reach out to Janice on LinkedIn, send her a tweet on Twitter or visit her business website Scale Your Sales to know more about her proprietary framework on revenue growth.
100% Perfect LinkedIn Sales Features
July 5, 2022 • 14 MIN
Our hosts, the LinkedIn Whisperer Brynne Tillman and the LinkedIn Sherpa Bob Woods are celebrating a significant milestone — the 100th episode of the Making Sales Social podcast! Join Brynne and Bob as they treat listeners to a handpicked topic perfect for such a momentous occasion. Find out what five features on LinkedIn they think are just 100% perfect for salespeople using the platform.
Rapid-fire: New Changes to Linkedin’s Sales Navigator
June 30, 2022 • 21 MIN
Our hosts Brynne and Bob did a rapid-fire session on all the new changes to the LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Find out whether this “LinkedIn on steroids” is the perfect social networking tool for your business as the LinkedIn Whisperer Brynne tackles each of the improvements, such as the new plans, the profile updates, lead search filters, and many more. By the end of this episode, you’ll have everything you need to make that crucial decision for your company on whether to get this amped-up version of LinkedIn.
Robbie Samuels - Developing an Audience Before Establishing an Offer
June 28, 2022 • 26 MIN
Multi-passionate entrepreneur and TEDx speaker Robbie Samuels shares how he established a thriving business as a virtual event design consultant and executive Zoom producer after the pandemic affected his career in networking. Tune in as Robbie explains how it’s possible for people to engage online and build lasting business relationships with them by using the right digital tools and ensuring an event or a meeting is an enjoyable experience for your target audience. He’ll also discuss the power of leveraging your network because, for him, most of the people you need to succeed are already within your reach. It’s all a matter of engaging and deepening the relationships you already have. More inspiring pieces of advice from Robbie are in store for you in this episode, so make sure you listen until the very end!
Who Knows Your Prospects on LinkedIn
June 23, 2022 • 19 MIN
The one and only LinkedIn Whisperer Brynne Tillman is back again with the LinkedIn Sherpa Bob Woods to teach you about finding who among your network knows your prospects on LinkedIn through five different yet highly effective methods. Learn how to navigate through those methods in simple, straightforward steps so you can leverage those connections to get into that sought-after initial sales conversation with your prospects.
Phil Gerbyshak - Demystifying LinkedIn Ads in Social Sales
June 21, 2022 • 25 MIN
Phil Gerbyshak joins the Social Sales Link team to unlock the mystery behind LinkedIn ads and how sales professionals can leverage it to secure more deals. Find out what the best performing ad on LinkedIn is according to Phil and why. He’ll also explain the benefit of LinkedIn ads and whether they’re more effective than other social media ads when it comes to social selling. Tuning in to this episode will also teach you about selecting the right content for your landing page once your target audience clicks your ad and knowing how much to spend on your LinkedIn ads. Visit Phil’s website or reach out to him through Linkedin, Instagram, or Twitter. You can also communicate with him the old fashioned way (via telephone) at 414-640-7445.
5 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your LinkedIn Content
June 16, 2022 • 23 MIN
Our hosts Brynne Tillman and Bob Woods talk about driving traffic to your LinkedIn content in five ways. Learn about hashtags and the number that works best with LinkedIn algorithms. Find out the proper way and time to mention someone or a company on a post. You’ll also discover how you can get a particular content to your prospects’ LinkedIn messaging inboxes as well as share additional content with those who bring up specific topics within conversations.
Dan King - Placing Guardrails for Better Sales Decisions
June 14, 2022 • 20 MIN
Dan King joins the Social Sales Link team to tell listeners about creator CEOs and how he helps them place guardrails to ensure they are making the right sales decisions. Tune in to discover the three-step process Dan uses to direct his clients toward dramatic growth. Listen as he explains why it’s important not to lose track of empathy when it comes to sales interactions and why salespeople have a greater obligation to remember their humanity.
Get Out of LinkedIn Jail (Do Not Pass Go!)
June 9, 2022 • 18 MIN
The Social Sales Link team is out to give listeners the closest thing to a Get Out of LinkedIn Jail card — foresight! Find out what dos and don’ts LinkedIn has on its user agreement so you can avoid being sent to the LinkedIn slammer without your knowledge. And if you do find yourself in that dreaded situation, what are your next steps? Our beloved hosts Brynne and Bob will guide you through the process in a most engaging way.
Virginia Muzquiz - The Alchemy of Referrals
June 7, 2022 • 26 MIN
The Referral Alchemist Virginia Muzquiz joins our hosts to impart her knowledge on utilizing referrals to your advantage. Learn about how she leveraged contribution marketing as well as empathy marketing to achieve her sales goals and why it’s more important for people to know you care than to show them how much you know. Listen as Virginia shares steps on how sales professionals or business owners can grow a network of referral partners without having to give a lot away initially. You’ll learn about how to build avatars for your ideal clients and referral partners to ensure you have a referral group that is aligned with your sales and marketing objectives.
Who To Connect With (and Who Not To) on LinkedIn
June 2, 2022 • 14 MIN
Our hosts Brynne Tillman and Bob Woods are back to give you the lowdown on who to connect with (and not to connect with) on LinkedIn. Tune in as the LinkedIn Whisperer Brynne shares why it’s crucial to engage on your prospect’s content first before requesting to connect with them. You’ll also learn how to spot LinkedIn accounts using automation to reach out and the right way to respond.
James Lam - Capturing Your Genius by Being Your Authentic Self
May 31, 2022 • 21 MIN
Look Ahead Marketing Founder James Lam joins the Social Sales Link team to tell listeners about how he helps entrepreneurs get past that five-figure sales. Discover what it means to “capture your genius” and the difference it makes when you just focus on your authentic self and tell a story straight from your heart. By the end of this episode, James will help you realize the importance of being courageous and removing all the marketing blocks preventing you from realizing the value you provide your clients.
To Follow or Not to Follow (On LinkedIn)
May 26, 2022 • 15 MIN
Our beloved hosts Brynne and Bob return to answer a question on the minds of sales professionals looking to leverage LinkedIn for their social selling goals — to follow or not to follow on LinkedIn? Tune in and see them discuss the difference between a follower and a connection, and what perks and benefits come with each. They will also help you navigate through the process of setting up your profile to be in Follow or Creator Mode.
Kimberly Weitkamp - Developing a Personal Approach to Audience Conversion
May 24, 2022 • 20 MIN
Marketing strategist Kimberly Weitkamp joins the Social Sales Link team to talk about the effectiveness of using a personal approach to converting your target audience. Listen as she touches on several marketing strategies you can immediately use for your sales campaign, from writing personalized, conversational emails to crafting subject lines that make your email stand out from the rest that’s in your prospect’s inbox. You’ll also discover Kimberly’s “welcome series” and how it can significantly boost your email marketing efforts.
8 Mistakes Sales Pros are Making on LinkedIn
May 19, 2022 • 28 MIN
Our hosts Brynne Tillman and Bob Woods take us on another interesting ride into the world of social selling as they tackle eight common mistakes salespeople tend to make on LinkedIn. Learn what engagement strategies you need to be doing instead of committing LinkedIn don’ts such as the “connect and pitch,” the “connect and forget,” the random acts of social, and many more.
Amy Franko - Identifying and Building the Right Relationships as a Modern Seller
May 17, 2022 • 24 MIN
Renowned sales leader Amy Franko joins our beloved hosts at Social Sales Link to jump right into the heart of social selling — identifying and building the right relationships as a modern-day seller. Listen as Amy explains what it takes to become a recognizable sales professional in the marketplace and the importance of being considered as a difference-maker.
Quickfire: 10 (!) LinkedIn Profile Tips
May 12, 2022 • 26 MIN
The LinkedIn Whisperer Brynne Tillman and the LinkedIn Sherpa embarks on a new and exciting approach of sharing LinkedIn profile tips with listeners — quickfire style! Listen as they go back and forth discussing ten highly useful tips in rapid succession, all so you can get a lot of value in such a short amount of time.
John Livesay - The Sale is in the “Tale”: Selling Effectively Through Storytelling
May 10, 2022 • 22 MIN
John Livesay explains to listeners the process of selling effectively through storytelling. Tune in as John shares with us why it’s the best storyteller that gets hired. Learn what various sales problems storytelling can solve and how it can help your prospects remember your pitch, and more importantly, share it with other potential prospects.
How to Convert Lurkers Into Engagers
May 5, 2022 • 15 MIN
The LinkedIn Whisperer Brynne Tillman and the LinkedIn Sherpa Bob Woods walk us through how to turn those “lurkers” absorbing all your content aren’t reacting or commenting, into engagers whom we can develop sales relationships and start conversations with. Listen to our hosts as they help you figure out whether you’re putting content that you want to share and not necessarily content that your prospects want to engage on.
Barry Shore - Finding and Choosing Joy in Sales
May 5, 2022 • 24 MIN
Featured guest Barry Shore, also known as the Ambassador of Joy, takes listeners on a remarkable and truly inspirational ride through the process of finding and choosing to live in joy no matter the circumstance. Join Barry and the team at Social Sales Link navigate through a plethora of life-changing advice on sales and life in general, from learning about the transformational value of sales to focusing on listening and learning the ability to utilize and leverage silence for your benefit.
LinkedIn Recommendations for Sales
April 28, 2022 • 12 MIN
Our hosts Brynne and Bob are joining forces yet again to tackle something that isn’t as appreciated as other LinkedIn features — recommendations. Tune in as they guide you through this “social proof” and how it can help you shorten your sales cycle. They’ll also discuss why it’s not just about getting recommendations, but it’s also about giving them out.
Bonnie Habyan - Starting Slow to Connect Meaningfully, Focusing on Bringing Value to Clients
April 26, 2022 • 23 MIN
Bonnie Habyan joins the Social Sales Link team to share with us the inner workings of social selling from a C-suite perspective. Listen to Bonnie as she stresses the importance of using all the tools available in the social selling toolbox to get to know your clients better, explains why she’s not a fan of cold selling tactics and discusses the power of podcasts in helping her build more connections.
LinkedIn Live and Your Sales Content Strategy
April 21, 2022 • 17 MIN
Our hosts Brynne and Bob introduce a fairly new feature called LinkedIn Live. Join them as they highlight why this is an excellent addition to the list of tools you can use to connect with prospects and initiate sales conversations. Watch as they give you the lowdown on LinkedIn Live and share third-party resources you can use in conjunction with this game-changing feature. By the end of this episode, you’ll have a wider knowledge of the content opportunities a LinkedIn Live can provide, not to mention the kind of engagement you can build with your prospects in real-time.
Patrick Baynes - Using Automation to Work Smarter, Improve Sales Productivity
April 19, 2022 • 20 MIN
Patrick Baynes joins the team at Social Sales Link to enlighten listeners about marketing automation and how it can help salespeople increase and improve their prospecting efforts. Listen as Patrick talks about “lead surfacing,” “lead scoring,” and “targeted follow-through,” from a marketing automation perspective, and how salespeople can bridge the gap between the moment a prospect reacts to a marketing effort and how they respond.
Writing a Powerful LinkedIn About Summary for Sales Professionals
April 13, 2022 • 14 MIN
The LinkedIn Whisperer Brynne Tillman and the LinkedIn Sherpa Bob Woods dive into one of the most important sections of a LinkedIn profile — the About section. Tune in as they share how you can create a compelling moment with your audience that converts them from lurkers to engagers. Learn about the value of resonating and creating curiosity as well as teaching profile visitors something new before leading with your solution.
Bob Burg - Building “Know, Like, and Trust” Relationships
April 12, 2022 • 28 MIN
Our hosts Brynne Tillman and Bob Woods are graced with the presence of Bob Burg, the bestselling co-author of The Go-Giver, who shares the value of creating “know, like, trust” relationships with your prospects. Listen as they explore what it means to cultivate relationships on social media platforms and how it can happen quickly if the timing is right, and as long as you approach it with a long-term perspective. Discover the power of becoming a “go-giver” and what benefits you can reap from shifting your focus from getting to giving, by taking the spotlight away from yourself, placing it on the other person, and providing them with immense value.
5 Ways to Use Video on LinkedIn
April 7, 2022 • 17 MIN
Hosts Brynne Tillman and Bob Woods open up a new perspective on social selling — getting engagement through video. Discover why videos offer a higher response rate than other forms of content you use to engage with your audience. At one point in the session, Brynne will share a list of things you need to ask yourself when considering a video strategy for social selling. You’ll also learn about specific types of videos you can create and share, as well as the different ways you can share your video on LinkedIn, including hacks and Dos and Don’ts on uploading. Join them as they discuss video strategies that will allow you to connect with your prospects in a more personal and highly engaging manner.
Clancy Clark - Selling by Serving: What Makes You Interesting Is to Be Interested
April 5, 2022 • 28 MIN
Clancy Clark joins our hosts Brynne Tillman and Bill McCormick to share what it means to sell by serving and how it is connected to social selling. Listen as they discuss Clancy’s seven steps of Selling by Serving and discover the right process for reaching out to a prospective client, including preparing before engaging, building rapport, and presenting your solution. You’ll see Clancy’s perspective on the value of developing authentic relationships and why it’s all about being interested in your prospect to be interesting to them.
Your LinkedIn Alumni Page
March 31, 2022 • 11 MIN
Our hosts Brynne Tillman and Bob Woods discuss the value of your LinkedIn alumni page when it comes to initiating sales conversations from a warmer perspective. Learn how you can find LinkedIn connections by visiting the pages of the college or high school you went to and how they can be great resources for establishing sales relationships with prospects. Listen as the LinkedIn Whisperer Brynne and the LinkedIn Sherpa Bob walk you through the steps while sharing plenty of useful tips along the way, so you can start building your sales network with ease.
Lou Bortone - Harnessing the Power of Video for Social Selling
March 29, 2022 • 22 MIN
“The Video Godfather” Lou Bortone joins the Social Sales Link team to discuss the powerful impact video has on social selling in this brand new episode of the Making Sales Social podcast. Listen as Lou, an author, speaker, and digital marketing consultant at, shares how he has helped business owners generate more revenue through creative video marketing strategies. Not only does Lou offer valuable insights on creating videos that would help increase your impact, influence, and income, but he also is passionate about helping camera-shy individuals like himself get over their fears and put themselves out there through video marketing. Tune in as he lists down the common mistakes salespeople and business owners make when trying to venture into video marketing and explains why it’s important to not get lost in the technicalities of video creation.
Running Your First “Sales” Call
March 24, 2022 • 18 MIN
The Social Sales Link team ventures into the process of how you should run your first sales call. Listen as Brynne Tillman and Bob Woods help you navigate through setting up that much-awaited call with your prospect and how it’s going to be different from the usual calls people are accustomed to (and tired of) having. Here you’ll learn about what the team refers to as the “insights” call, which is the call where you’ll be offering insights specific to your prospect’s situation, with a goal of bringing value so you can effectively transition into a potential prospecting call without making it feel like a “bait and switch” situation.
Stephanie Sides - Social Listening for Building Relationships That Lead to Sales
March 22, 2022 • 22 MIN
Stephanie Sides joins our hosts Brynne Tillman and Bill McCormick to talk about why the last thing you should be doing on social media is to sell. Join Stephanie as she explains what social listening is and why sales professionals should pay attention to what your people are saying about them and their businesses. Learn about listening points that will help you determine the trajectory you need to take to propel your business’ sales.
Get On Your Prospect's Radar
March 17, 2022 • 16 MIN
Brynne and Bob share several ways to capture your prospects’ attention without being salesy or pushy. Learn how you can separate yourself from the “Always Be Pitching” crowd in order to build relationships and offer value to your prospects before you even reach out to initiate a conversation. So tune in and discover the right way to get pinging on your prospects’ radars.
Erin Hatzikostas - Authenticity Always Wins: How Authenticity Isn’t About You, but the Connections You Create
March 15, 2022 • 24 MIN
Erin Hatzikostas joins the Social Sales Link team to talk about the power of authenticity especially when it comes to building sales relationships. Tune in as Erin shares why it’s all about getting your prospects to trust you by being unexpected. Listen as she talks about stopping prospects from scrolling past your content and connecting with them by exposing who you are when they least expect it.
LinkedIn and Centers of Influence
March 10, 2022 • 13 MIN
Join Brynne and Bob as they talk about searching for centers of influence on LinkedIn whom you can form collaborative relationships with and using them to expand your network and build sales connections. Tune in to discover how you can identify networking partners, thought leaders and allies that you could potentially establish mutual referrals with.
Heidi Solomon-Orlick – Democratizing Sales for Women
March 8, 2022 • 27 MIN
GirlzWhoSell Founder and CEO Heidi Solomon-Orlick joins the LinkedIn Whisperer Brynne Tillman and guest co-host Meshell Baker to discuss social selling tips and strategies in this special episode that celebrates Women’s History Month. Listen as Heidi shares why it has become her mission to promote rockstar women in sales and show how women are dominating the business-to-business sales industry.
Your LinkedIn Elevator Pitch
March 3, 2022 • 12 MIN
In this episode, Brynne and Bob talks about the advantages of having a LinkedIn elevator pitch — a combination of three key features in your LinkedIn profile that when used cohesively, gives your visitors an opportunity to understand the value you bring in a matter of seconds. So tune in to learn how you can increase your chances of converting those connections to conversations with a few tweaks on your LinkedIn profile.
Susan Mann - Building an Ecosystem Around Sales
March 1, 2022 • 21 MIN
In this episode, we are joined by Compass Sales Advisory President Susan Mann, where she stresses the necessity of building an ecosystem around sales and how it will enable you to become a better resource to your clients. Listen as Susan explains why it’s essential to realize that a key part of the sales process is helping your customers advance their business — instead of just connecting and pitching — even when it’s not going to be through you, but through some other resource that you know.
Finding Companies on LinkedIn Where You Already Have a First-Degree Connection
February 24, 2022 • 9 MIN
In this episode, Brynne and Bob talks about new features that were added to LinkedIn’s company search filters that make locating connections both more simple and strategic. So tune in and discover tactics on how to use these new features to your advantage.
Meshell Baker - Igniting Confidence for Sales Success
February 22, 2022 • 26 MIN
In this episode, we are joined by Meshell Baker, the founder and CEO of Meshell Baker Enterprises, where she talks about the significance of having a clear and compelling vision. Listen as the “Master Manifester” stresses the importance of uncovering your reasons for selling in order to sustain long-term success.
Leveraging Content to Start Sales Conversations on LinkedIn
February 17, 2022 • 16 MIN
In this episode, Brynne and Bob will talk about why it’s important to create meaningful content and what types of content we should be putting out there to attract our target audience and help initiate sales conversations.
Tim David - It’s Not What We Say, But What They Hear: The Importance of the Impact of Words on the Human Brain
February 15, 2022 • 22 MIN
In this episode, we are joined by Tim David, professional speaker and best-selling author of Magic Words. Tune in as Tim shares the power of creating deeper human connections through words. Discover the difference between the speaking brain and the listening brain, and how you can take advantage of this knowledge.
Digital Sales Automation: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
February 10, 2022 • 21 MIN
In this episode, Brynne, Bill, and Bob will talk about the pros and cons of digital sales automation. Learn more about the "when, why, and how" of using automation in your sales processes. So tune in and discover why you should hyper-personalize your conversation and what to steer clear of to avoid your LinkedIn Profile from getting shut down.
Tony Morris - Discovering the ASK Philosophy: How to Attract, Solve and Keep Clients
February 8, 2022 • 23 MIN
In this episode, Brynne and Bill are joined by Tony Morris, best-selling author of five books and also the founder and CEO of Tony Morris International. Tune in as Tony talks about the ASK philosophy and why it’s important to understand and focus on your “unique client benefit” to gain a customer.
Five LinkedIn Statistics Every Sales Professional Needs to Know
February 3, 2022 • 22 MIN
In this episode, Brynne, Bill, and Bob share the five LinkedIn statistics that every sales professional needs to know. Discover how many millions of LinkedIn members are in the network and how you can leverage that knowledge to help grow your business.
Aaron Schmookler - Bringing More “I” to the Table: How to Fully Own Who You Are, Your Uniqueness to Make a Full Contribution to Your Team
February 1, 2022 • 19 MIN
In this episode, Brynne and Bill are joined by Aaron Schmookler, co-founder and CEO of The Yes Works. Listen as Aaron talks about "teamification" and shares how this can help you build a stronger relationship with your clients.
Profile Refresh in 2022
January 27, 2022 • 20 MIN
In this episode, Brynne and Bob will talk about all the key things that you need to do on LinkedIn to make 2022 the best year ever, including refreshing your LinkedIn Profile. So tune in and start updating your profile for the new year!
David Newman - How to Scale Your Business From Where It Is to Where You Really Want It to Be
January 25, 2022 • 23 MIN
In this episode, Brynne and Bill are joined by David Newman, founder and CEO of DoItMarketing. Listen as he shares a personalized platform building game plan that can help scale up your level of prospecting, inbound lead generation, outbound lead generation — everything! So tune in, get your pen and paper ready because you’re surely going to need it!
5 Tactics to Engage Your LinkedIn Connections on LinkedIn
January 20, 2022 • 22 MIN
In this episode, Brynne, Bill, and Bob will talk about five amazing tactics you can use to engage your LinkedIn connections so you can earn the right to start a conversation. Tune in and start engaging with your LinkedIn connections.
Neil Andersen - Aligning Your Mission and Vision With That of Your Organization and Your Clients
January 18, 2022 • 24 MIN
In this episode, Brynne and Bill are joined by Neil Andersen, the founder and CEO of A5 Advisory, where Neil talks about the importance of having your own mission and vision as an individual and why you should align them with that of your organization and your clients. So tune in and start writing your personal mission and vision!
LinkedIn Brand Imagery for Profiles
January 13, 2022 • 24 MIN
In this episode, Brynne, Bill, and Bob will talk about LinkedIn brand imagery. We've heard the saying, "A picture is worth a 1000 words." And LinkedIn allows us now more than ever, places where we can have pictures. Tune in and learn how we can leverage this imagery in order to attract and engage the right people that we're going after from a sales perspective.
Sid Meadows - It’s About “Seek to Be Found” Rather Than Seek to Find!
January 11, 2022 • 22 MIN
In this episode, Brynne and Bill are joined by Sid Meadows, a business strategist and high performance coach. Listen as Sid discusses how so many people in sales are taught to go find customers when it’s really “seek to be found,” rather than seek to find. Tune in to know the difference between the two and what type of content we should be producing to be found.
LinkedIn for Networking
January 6, 2022 • 16 MIN
In this episode, Brynne, Bill, and Bob will discuss how you can leverage LinkedIn for networking. They will talk more about purposefully networking with the targeted, exact people that you want to have conversations with. Tune in and start networking through LinkedIn!
John Kunzier - Developing a Go-to-Market Strategy to Narrow the Gap Between Sales and Marketing
January 4, 2022 • 25 MIN
In this episode, Brynne and Bill are joined by John Kunzier, president of Aerial Digital Agency. Listen as John shares the importance of having a unified go-to-market strategy for better conversion rates.
Leveraging LinkedIn Company Pages
December 23, 2021 • 25 MIN
In this episode, Brynne, Bill, and Bob talk about how you can leverage LinkedIn Company Page for brand awareness. Tune in and discover the great value this episode provides not just for huge company owners but also for sole proprietors and for small business owners.
12 Days of LinkedIn | Happy Holidays!
December 22, 2021 • 20 MIN
In this special holiday episode, Brynne, Bill, and Bob talk about the valuable tips in 12 Days of LinkedIn and why they are great gifts for the holiday. Tune in to learn how you can use these twelve gifts to help you build your connections, convert them into conversations, and achieve your business goals on LinkedIn.
Scott Webb - Conversations Equal Conversions
December 21, 2021 • 23 MIN
"In this episode, Brynne and Bill are joined by Scott Webb aka ""The Refluencer."" Find out why Scott thinks conversations are key to social selling and why it's important to get out of sales mode to be a resource for potential clients. So tune in and listen to how his past experience with his restaurant business inspired him to create a framework on how we can have more sales."
5 Ways Non-Creators Can Leverage Content for LinkedIn
December 16, 2021 • 22 MIN
In this episode, Brynne, Bill, and Bob will discuss 5 ways that non-creators can leverage content to attract their ideal and target audience. Content is a huge part of social, even if you're just trying to start a one on one conversation. So tune in and start capturing your genius.
Bobby Martin - Social Selling Is About Cultivating Curiosity, Relating to Your Clients and Understanding Them
December 14, 2021 • 26 MIN
In this episode, Brynne and Bill are joined by Vertical IQ Co-Founder Bobby Martin. Listen as they discuss why it's vital to relate to your customers and to add value in your relationship with them.
LinkedIn and Networking Perfect Together
December 9, 2021 • 21 MIN
"In this episode, Brynne, Bill, and Bob will discuss why LinkedIn and networking go so well together, just like peanut butter and jelly. Tune in to discover the three different ways that can help you when it comes to using LinkedIn for networking."
Keith Reynolds - The Importance of Creating Thought-Leading Content That Connects With Your Audience
December 7, 2021 • 22 MIN
"In this episode, Brynne and Bill are joined by Keith Reynolds, the founder and CEO of Listen as Keith shares the importance of creating content that connects with your audience and why it pays to have an editorial strategy. Discover what kind of content is getting the most views right now."
Sales Navigator vs.
December 2, 2021 • 19 MIN
"Listen as the Social Sales Link team talks about “Sales Navigator vs. In this episode, Brynne, Bill, and Bob discusses the difference between Sales Navigator and the free version of LinkedIn, as well as the benefits of having Sales Navigator and why they believe it’s one of the most powerful sales tools available today."
Nancy Calabrese - How We Can Turn “Cold Calling” to Social Selling
November 30, 2021 • 23 MIN
In this episode, Brynne and Bill are joined by Nancy Calabrese, founder and CEO of One of a Kind Sales. Listen as they talk about matching your tone and voice to that of the person you're speaking to when starting conversations on LinkedIn. Tune in as Nancy shares how creating curiosity during cold calls can lead to more sales conversations.
LinkedIn for Client Referrals
November 26, 2021 • 20 MIN
"""Listen as the Social Sales Link team talks about “LinkedIn for Client Referrals.” In this episode, Brynne, Bill, and Bob will discuss how to get one of the most important thing we want from our clients — getting external introduction."
7 Ways to Show Gratitude to Your LinkedIn Network on Thanksgiving
November 25, 2021 • 18 MIN
"Listen as the Social Sales Link team talks about “Seven Ways to Show Gratitude to Your LinkedIn Network.” In this episode, Brynne, Bill, and Bob will enumerate the seven ways to show how grateful we are to our network, not only on Thankgiving, but also all year long.”"
Carson Heady - Uncovering Blockers in Sales Relationships and Leveraging Social Tools Effectively
November 23, 2021 • 20 MIN
In this episode, Brynne and Bill are joined by Carson Heady, director of health solutions – U.S. Health & Life Sciences at Microsoft. Tune in how you can find success by focusing on the quality and the quantity of outreach, and building a community around what you’re doing.
ABM Prospecting on LinkedIn or ACS
November 18, 2021 • 16 MIN
"Listen as the Social Sales Link Team talks about “ABM Prospecting on LinkedIn.” In this episode, Brynne, Bill, and Bob will discuss why LinkedIn is, in their opinion, the most powerful tool to really optimize your ABM or your ACS for prospecting and finding all the right people."
Jesse Rothstein - The One Thing That When Done Consistently, Would Create More Opportunities, More Conversations
November 16, 2021 • 23 MIN
In this episode, Brynne and Bill are joined by Jesse Rothstein, a global account manager at LinkedIn. Tune in as they discuss the importance of consistency and persistence through time management, and how that can help you as a salesperson.
LinkedIn Training: What We Want from Our Clients
November 12, 2021 • 14 MIN
Listen as the Social Sales Link team talks about the “Five Things We Want from Our Clients.” In this episode, Brynne, Bill, and Bob will teach you how to connect with your clients, and how it’s going to open up avenues of five things that you can get from them.
Simon Elliot - How to Shift From Just Selling What You Have to Sell to Offering Client Solutions That Create Long-Term Partnerships
November 9, 2021 • 21 MIN
"In this episode, Brynne and Bill are joined by Simon Elliott, managing partner and co-founder of 4xi Global Consulting & Solutions. Tune in as they talk about why you should start thinking about how you can change the cultural mindshift of an organization as well as begin demonstrating behaviors that will make a difference."
5 LinkedIn Mistakes Costing Sales People Business and Reputation
November 4, 2021 • 24 MIN
In this episode…Listen as the Social Sales Link Team talks about the “5 LinkedIn Mistakes that are Costing Sales People Business and Reputation”. In this episode, Brynne, Bill, and Bob enumerated and elaborated on: how NOT to set up your profile as a resource and not a resume, connect and pitch, connect and forget, post and ghost, and do random acts of social.
Richard Rothstein - Why It Pays to Be Client-Centric: Providing Value and Letting It Come Back to You
November 2, 2021 • 25 MIN
"In this episode, Brynne and Bill are joined by Richard Rothstein, CEO of Rothstein Consulting. Listen as they discuss strategies on how to provide and lead with value as a sales professional, and why it's all about valuing the people you’re helping and letting that come back to you."
Slow Down Your LinkedIn Outreach, Speed Up Your Sales Outcome
October 28, 2021 • 19 MIN
"Listen as the Social Sales Link team talks about how to slow down your outreach to speed up your outcome. In this episode, Brynne, Bill, and Bob discuss building relationships and being valuable to your audience by bringing in resources. Listen as they explain how a sale will come when the time is right."
Fred Diamond - You're the President of Your Career: How to Establish Yourself as the Go-To Person
October 26, 2021 • 26 MIN
"In this episode, Brynne and Bill are joined by Fred Diamond, president and co-founder of The Institute for Excellence in Sales. Listen as they discuss using LinkedIn to establish yourself as the expert in your industry.
Lead to Your Solution Not With Your Solution
October 21, 2021 • 18 MIN
Listen as the Social Sales Link Team talks about: "How to Lead to Your Solutions". In this episode, Brynne, Bill, and Bob discussed how you can show the value that you bring to the table, and how you can help solve your client's problems and challenges. So when we lead with our solution, and you've provide the right value and the right conversation, the sale will come when the time is right.
Carole Mahoney - Following the “Cocktail Party" Rule: Why Sales Isn't Just a Numbers Game
October 19, 2021 • 22 MIN
"In this episode, Brynne and Bill are joined by Carole Mahoney, founder and chief sales coach of Unbound Growth. Tune in as Carole drops magic nuggets around the behavioral side of sales and discusses why sales isn't just a numbers game but also a mental one."
Treat LinkedIn Like a Networking Meeting
October 14, 2021 • 20 MIN
"Listen as the Social Sales Link Team talks about why it's important to “Treat LinkedIn Like a Networking Meeting.” In this episode, Brynne, Bill, and Bob will teach you the overarching philosophy of treating the person on the other side of the message, the same way we would, if they were on the other side of the table."
Darryl Praill - Playing the Long Game: Know How Your Buyers Buy and How to Provide Value for Them
October 12, 2021 • 23 MIN
In this episode, Brynne and Bill are joined by Darryl Praill, chief revenue officer at Vanilla Soft. Listen as they discuss the importance of adding value to your profile by sharing rockstar content.
Leverage LinkedIn Notifications to Start Conversations
October 7, 2021 • 13 MIN
"Listen as the Social Sales Link Team talks about “Leveraging LinkedIn Notifications to Start Conversations.” In this episode, you will learn about the types of notifications you can leverage to start conversations and realize that as your network grows, your influence, credibility and net worth grow as well, giving you more opportunities for sale."
Mandy McEwen - The Evolution of Digital Marketing and How You Can Cope With the Changes
October 5, 2021 • 23 MIN
In this episode, Brynne and Bill are joined by Mandy McEwen, founder and CEO of Mod Girl Marketing. Listen as they discuss how digital marketing has transformed in the social selling world and how you should, as a thought leader, present yourself.
LinkedIn for Referrals and Permission to Name Drop
September 30, 2021 • 13 MIN
"In this episode, the Social Sales Link team talks about “LinkedIn Referrals and Permission to Name Drop.” Listen as you learn about referrals as an absolute most powerful way to start a conversation with a buyer and use it to ask permission to name drop."
Caryn Kopp - Using Social Media as a Marketing Tool
September 28, 2021 • 22 MIN
In this episode, Brynne and Bill are joined by Caryn Kopp, “Chief Door Opener” at Kopp Consulting. Listen as they talk about using social media as a marketing tool to get to the radar of your targeted decision makers, so that when you reach out to them to start a relationship, you’re not starting from square one because they already know a little bit about you.
Nurturing Your Existing LinkedIn Connections
September 23, 2021 • 14 MIN
"Listen as the Social Sales Link team talks about “Nurturing your Existing Connections on LinkedIn.” In this episode, you will learn how to take inventory by exporting connections, taking inventory by searching, and re-engaging with your first degree connections through video messages and content."
Wesleyne Greer - Cultivating Sales Strategies for Sales Professionals
September 21, 2021 • 20 MIN
In this episode, Brynne and Bill talks to Wesleyne Greer, a certified Gap Selling trainer and CEO of Transformed Sales. Wesleyne will help you cultivate a sales strategy that not only provides leadership coaching but also improves team performance and strengthens communication between your sales managers and their respective teams.
Leveraging LinkedIn Polls to Start Conversations
September 16, 2021 • 14 MIN
"The Social Sales Link team discusses engaging on content, and how to “Leverage LinkedIn Polls to Start Conversations.” Listen as they discuss how polls can be one of the great ways to engage with your audience, in addition to asking specific people the right questions about their point of view. In this episode, you will learn how to create engagement and start getting insights from your buyers about what matters to them."
Jennifer Gitomer - Why Taking Your Audience Along for the Journey Helps You Stand Out From Competitors
September 14, 2021 • 21 MIN
In this episode, Brynne and Bill are joined by Jennifer Gitomer, founder and CEO of Sales in a New York Minute. Jen helps sales professionals and organizations improve their sales programs. Listen as she shares her tips and strategies on this podcast!
Engaging on Content When Social Selling
September 9, 2021 • 12 MIN
"In this episode, the Social Sales Link team, discusses engaging on content, and how to ""Purposefully Engage for Social Selling."" Listen as they cover different engagement approaches, common pitfalls, and usual habits we do when trying to engage people in social media. By understanding these approaches and mistakes, you’ll have a better strategy when engaging in either online or face-to-face conversations."
Liz Wendling - Stop Using "Phrase Grenades" and Start Creating Strong, Solid Connections
September 7, 2021 • 23 MIN
In this episode, Brynne and Bill are joined by Liz Wendling, president of Insights Business Consultants. Liz believes that sales skills are not optional. Listen as she helps you identify a unique approach, as well as determine processes and techniques that feel most aligned and natural to you.
Curating Content for LinkedIn
September 2, 2021 • 12 MIN
In this episode, the Social Sales Link Team discusses four topics related to “Curating Content for LinkedIn.” Discover how sharing content relevant to your audience’s interests and their respective industries can start conversations that will ultimately lead to you sharing valuable information about your industry with them.
Larry Levine - Have People Been Blowing You Off? Learn How to Have Conversational Competence
August 31, 2021 • 33 MIN
In this episode, Brynne and Bill are joined by Larry Levine, where he talks about how sales has always been social and how important it is in today's selling environment to build community by engaging, educating, and being exciting! Larry Levine is the author of “Selling from the Heart” and co-host of the “Selling from the Heart” podcast. Listen as he talks about how he bounced back from being fired at 50 years old with a +25-year sales career, which led to his book, “Selling from the Heart.”
LinkedIn Content for Social Selling
August 26, 2021 • 18 MIN
In this episode, the Social Sales Link team discusses four topics related to “LinkedIn Content for Social Selling.” Listen to learn about the five basic elements of an effective piece of content that transcends from a connection to a conversation.
Liz Heiman - Why Sales Should Not Be a Bad Black Box for Company Owners
August 24, 2021 • 24 MIN
In this episode, Brynne and Bill are joined by Liz Heiman, the chief sales strategist and CEO of Regarding Sales. Liz believes sales isn't magic because when you have a solid strategy, an effective process, and a solid understanding of how it all works, results are predictable.
Social Proximity: Pathways to Your Buyers
July 30, 2021 • 28 MIN
In this episode, the Social Sales Link team discusses “Social Proximity” — the pathway to your buyers. Listen to find out why it’s the best way to gain access to the stakeholders, decision-makers, and the people you’d like to meet.
Darrell Amy - Don’t Be Just a “Nice Idea.” How to Be In the Top 3 Outcomes That Your Prospects or Clients Desire
July 30, 2021 • 34 MIN
In this episode, Brynne and Bill are joined by Darrell Amy, the author of “Revenue Growth Engine” and co-host of “The Selling from the Heart” podcast. Darrell’s amazing experience in both sales and marketing makes this a must-see episode. Listen to Darell as he talks about customers’ outcomes and how you can not only discover them, but also serve them!
LinkedIn Listening Part 2
July 30, 2021 • 18 MIN
In this episode, the Social Sales Link team talks about “Social Listening” and why it is important. The first of this two-part series will teach you how to listen through your eyes by using different platforms.
Jeff Molander - Talking Less About Yourself and Starting More Meaningful Conversations
July 30, 2021 • 24 MIN
In this episode, Brynne and Bill are joined by Jeffrey Molander, a sales communications coach and managing partner at Communications Edge, Inc. Learn how Jeff and his team help those in sales and marketing initiate sales discussions and spark conversations.
What is Social Listening Part 1
July 30, 2021 • 16 MIN
In this episode, the Social Sales Link Team talked about “Social Listening and why is it important?” This two-part series will teach you how to listen using your eyes using different platforms.
Steve Heroux - Authenticity and How Crucial It Is to Make Your First Introduction Memorable
July 30, 2021 • 22 MIN
In this episode, Brynne and Bill are joined by Steve Heroux of Victory Selling! Steve is passionate about sales training, especially when it comes to helping sales professionals adapt to virtual selling. Discover how honesty, integrity, and humility will help us stand out from the crowd.
LinkedIn Profile Tips for Sales
July 30, 2021 • 17 MIN
In this episode, the Social Sales Link team talks about the ‟Value-Centric Profile.” Learn about what it looks like and get some tips on how to make yours look better!
Raj Kapur - The Right Marketing Strategies That Provide a Solid Foundation for Sales
July 30, 2021 • 24 MIN
In this episode, Brynne and Bill are joined by Raj Kapur from &Marketing! Raj is a world-class marketer who combines the best of leveraging traditional marketing platforms with everything social.
5 Pillars of Social Selling
July 30, 2021 • 24 MIN
In this episode, the Social Sales Link team talks about the five pillars of social selling, which are value-centric profiles, social listening, engaging with insights or content, nurturing your existing connections, and prospecting.
Digital Strategies To Grow Your Business with Brynne Tillman & Bill McCormick
July 28, 2021 • 21 MIN
Meet Brynne Tillman and Bill McCormick, your hosts for “Making Sales Social” — find out what making sales social means to them and how they entered into the social selling world!