Living the Law of Action Show
Hi, I'm Rob Actis. I am the best-selling author of The Law of Action. I love people, and I am fascinated by people's stories of how they achieved success in their lives. The law of Action is about living in balance, moving forward with momentum in inspired Action. As an author, speaker, and professional voice actor, I have been blessed to have crossed paths with so many incredible people, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, athletes, and authors, always meeting new people who are open to sharing their stories. I am so excited to share these conversations with you. My commitment to the show is to inform, motivate, and inspire. I invite you to join me as I explore other people's stories and even share mine. We will celebrate, above all, the challenges and setbacks that ultimately lead to growth and betterment.
Boundaries and more with Sean Douglas
August 17, 2022 • 19 MIN
In today's episode, Rob is joined by close friend, Author, Speaker and Podcaster Sean Douglas. Join them in this candid conversation about how to hold your boundries and know your worth. Reach out to Sean
The power of momentum in your life with Audrey Lawrence
August 10, 2022 • 16 MIN
Join us for a fast-paced conversation about the power of momentum in your life. How important it is to relish in the moment and honor ourselves for what we have accomplished and how far we have come.
Renegotiate your Roadblocks with Audrey Lawrence
July 21, 2022 • 17 MIN
Join us for a fast-paced conversation on how to renegotiate your roadblocks. Disrupt your life and learn how to stop being your worst enemy.
Get unstuck and move in momentum with Sean Douglas
July 14, 2022 • 20 MIN
In today's episode, Rob is joined by close friend, Author, Speaker and Podcaster Sean Douglas. Join them in this candid conversation about how to get out of the rut and get in motion.Reach out to Sean
Success and discovering new opportunities with Sean Douglas
July 6, 2022 • 14 MIN
In today's episode, Rob is joined by close friend, Author, Speaker and Podcaster Sean Douglas. Join them in this candid conversation about how to thrive when an opportunity door closes and what is needed to find and open another door.Reach out to Sean
Elevate To The Next Level with Sean Douglas
June 28, 2022 • 17 MIN
In today's episode Rob is joined by close friend, Author, Speaker and Podcaster Sean Douglas. Diving into the importance of self care and so much more. Reach out to Sean http;//
Burn Out Tips, Setting Boundaries and More with Samara Beth
June 21, 2022 • 17 MIN
In this episode, Samara Beth and I discuss how to recognize if you are on the verge of a burnout and how to make sure you listen to yourself when you need that much-needed break. We talk about setting boundaries and so much more.
Don't Stop Mopping With Samara Beth
June 14, 2022 • 15 MIN
In this episode, Samara Beth and I discuss learning to change direction when we feel trapped in a corner. And she shares a very scary moment in her life when she was in the middle of a bullet flying armored truck about the wrong place, wrong time.
Letting go with special Co Host Samara Beth
June 7, 2022 • 17 MIN
Today, I am joined by the lovely Samara Beth. We talk about the power of letting go of the people in your life that are not in alignment with you and how truly and consciously letting them go allows for new amazing people to come into your life. It's not always easy, however, it sure is worth it.
ACT! The Action Conversation
May 31, 2022 • 16 MIN
In this episode, Audrey Lawrence and I discuss how to take ACTION and how it’s a positive tool in our daily lives.
Plan! The Action Conversation
May 24, 2022 • 16 MIN
In this episode, Audrey Lawrence and I discuss how to plan and how it’s a positive tool in taking action in our daily lives.
Decide! The Action Conversation
May 17, 2022 • 15 MIN
In this episode, Audrey Lawrence and I discuss making decisions and how it’s a positive tool in taking action in our daily lives.
Let Your Heart Shine With Tiger Singleton
May 3, 2022 • 29 MIN
In this episode, Tiger Singleton and I discuss how to relax and let your heart shine in life. This life isn't meant to always be so serious. So if you want to understand that it's not about where you're going but about seeing more of what's true and sharing the love discovered within, tune in now!
Dare To Be Average With Malcolm Bell
April 19, 2022 • 38 MIN
In this episode, Malcolm Bell and I discuss how to unlock action and "dare to be average ". So if you want to learn to take action, form stronger meaningful connections and elevate your life , tune in now!
Communication Is A Tool In Taking Action With Brenden Kumarasamy
April 12, 2022 • 43 MIN
Welcome to the Living The Law Of Action Show In this episode, Brenden Kumarasamy and I discuss how to use communication as a tool in taking action.
Put Your Oxygen Mask On First With Jaime McFaden
November 23, 2021 • 42 MIN
In this episode, Jaime McFaden and I discuss how you are worthy of self-care. So if you want to learn that self-care isn't selfish, how to take action in being your best self, and how putting your own oxygen mask on first can actually help you be there for others, tune in now!
Your Past Is Not Your Future With Darius Ross
November 9, 2021 • 37 MIN
In this episode, Darius Ross and I discuss how your past is not a representation of your future endeavors. So if you want to have a strong mentality in adverse environments, decimate fear, and harness and corral every opportunity, tune in now!
Love Is The Formula For Success With Juan Lee
November 2, 2021 • 22 MIN
In this episode, Juan Lee and I discuss Love and finding the things we have in common instead of looking for the things that divide us. So if you want to learn that Love requires action, that Love is an attitude that protects humanity, and that Love is a choice that can lead you to peace, contentment with your needs met in your life, tune in now!
Practice ACTIVE Patience With Melane Mullings
October 26, 2021 • 33 MIN
In this episode, Melane Mullings and I discuss the importance of practicing active patience in challenging times. So if you want to learn how to practice ACTIVE patience, Surrender to the transformative process of YOU, and gain a spiritual anchor to help you along in your life's journey. Tune in now!
Motivational Check With Terry Tucker
October 19, 2021 • 47 MIN
In this episode, Terry Tucker and I discuss how you can discover your uncommon and extraordinary life. So if you want to discover your extraordinary life, understand that you need to control your mind or it will control you and know that as long as you don't quit - you can never be defeated, tune in now!
Real Change Comes From Taking Action With Dr. Valentina Fomenko
October 12, 2021 • 32 MIN
In this episode, Dr. Valentina Fomenko and I discuss making fundamental changes by taking action. So if you want to learn to start earlier in life to live and breathe action and understand real change comes from getting up and doing vs just talking about it, tune in now!
Imperfect Actions With Adam Lewis Walker
October 5, 2021 • 43 MIN
In this episode, Adam Lewis Walker and I discuss imperfect action. So if you want to learn how to continue taking action on less productive days, avoid the slippery slope of excuses, and know at the end of the day YOU GOT THIS, tune in now!
Unaddressed Emotional Issues With Noble Gibbens
September 21, 2021 • 38 MIN
In this episode, Noble Gibbens and I discuss the unaddressed emotional issues in life. So if you want to understand that unaddressed emotional issues don't get better over time; they compound and learn how to start your emotional growth journey. Tune in now!
Stepping Into The Unknown With Melinda Wittstock
September 14, 2021 • 53 MIN
In this episode, Melinda Wittstock and I discuss how to step into the unknown. So if you want to be willing to step into the unknown, have faith in taking action aligned with your purpose and truth, even if you don't know exactly what those steps are. Tune in now!
Putting Your Mind To It With Chris Caulk
September 8, 2021 • 34 MIN
In this episode, Chris Caulk and I discuss how taking massive action will always result in the best outcomes. So if you want to learn how to take massive action and understand when you put your mind to it, there is nothing in this world you can't do, tune in now!
Live Your Desired Life With Armineh Keshishian
August 31, 2021 • 30 MIN
In this episode, Armineh Keshishian and I discuss how to take action using her 3D concept of Desire, Determination, and Dedication to live your desired life. So if you want to learn how to use desire, determination, and dedication so you can create new opportunities and live your desired life, Tune in now!
Pause Breathe Reflect With Michael O'Brien
August 24, 2021 • 39 MIN
In this episode, Michael O'Brien and I discuss how all events in your life are neutral until you label them. So if you want to become aware of how you label events in your life, Learn to reframe your thinking and build resilience through grace. Tune in now!
Redefine Success With Chris Michael Harris
August 17, 2021 • 35 MIN
In this episode, Chris Michael Harris and I redefine what success looks like and how to achieve it. So if you want to keep the flame lit until you win the battle, understand nothing is too late, and that health is everything, tune in now!
Break The Money-Shame Cycle With Christine Luken
August 10, 2021 • 37 MIN
In this episode, Christine Luken and I discuss how to break the money-shame cycle. So if you want to Understand Money is emotional, not logical, learn to use it to your advantage, and make smarter decisions with your money, tune in now!
In Focus With Sandy Grigsby
August 3, 2021 • 49 MIN
In this episode, Sandy Grigsby and I discuss confidence and how to accomplish your goals. So if you want to get off your rear end, take care of yourself, and find the confidence to do anything and not make excuses, tune in now!
Embrace A Different Career Later In Life With John J Wiley
July 27, 2021 • 38 MIN
In this episode, John J Wiley and I reminisce about our career in radio and discuss how to take action during and after life's unexpected moments. So if you want to learn how to embrace a different career later in life, learn how John took action after getting injured on the police force, and how he started a great life and career in radio and Podcasting, tune in now!
Bulid Your Future Based On Your Passions With Mustafa Ammar
July 20, 2021 • 39 MIN
In this episode, Mustafa Ammar and I discuss building your future based on your passions.
Fix your subconscious programming with Jennifer Horspool
July 13, 2021 • 35 MIN
In this episode, Jennifer Horspool and I discussed the reasons why you're feeling stuck. And why taking action is the only thing that will change your life. So if you want to understand that knowing is not the same as doing, how your unconscious mind is stuck, and how you can fix your subconscious programming so you can be free from your insecurities, doubt and fear.
Lessons Learned and Ethics with Rob Actis
July 6, 2021 • 7 MIN
In this episode, Rob has a direct conversation to you the listener. The show that was here has been deleted and now replaced with this show . The guest felt very comfortable with Rob during the interview and shared some pretty private information. It was definitly a learning experience for Rob and the details and the ethics involved are revealed in the episode. Lessons have been learned.
Be Persistent With Eva La Cuz
June 29, 2021 • 32 MIN
In this episode, Eva La Cuz and I discuss how to be persistent and why you should surround yourself with people who are taking action. So if you want to reflect on your passions, challenge yourself, and not be afraid to start your dreams over if you need to, tune in now!
Live Your Passion With Lori Myren-Manbeck
June 22, 2021 • 31 MIN
In this episode, Lori Myren-Manbeck and I discuss how to live your passion to have a much fuller life. So if you want to learn how to create balance, take chances, and understand that it is far worse to not act than it is to act. Tune in now!
Think Outside The Picture With Stacey Poterson
June 15, 2021 • 38 MIN
In this episode, Stacey Poterson and I discuss the power of being an action taker and the benefits of creating a community of other action-taking entrepreneurs. So if you have been wanting to disrupt an industry with inspired action, listen to your intuition, and not let fear stop you. Tune in now!
Taking Imperfect Action With Brian Anderson
June 8, 2021 • 45 MIN
In this episode, Brian Anderson and I discuss taking imperfect action every day to achieve massive success. So if you want to stop letting your fear of failure get in the way, stop listening to others following a different path, and take massive action, even if imperfect, to achieve momentum. Tune in now!
Being Relentless With Adam Kifer
June 1, 2021 • 38 MIN
In this episode, Adam Kifer and I discuss how to change your mindset to reach success. So if you want to have a vivid vision for your day, understand that excuses are BS, and when people tell you that you are crazy, it means you are doing things right. Tune in now!
Unlock Your True Potential With Sean Douglas
May 25, 2021 • 43 MIN
In this episode, Sean Douglas and I discuss how most people don't take action because they are afraid to fail or don't know what to do. So if you want to listen to your inner spirit, take MASSIVE action that yields MASSIVE results, and elevate your life so you can unlock your true potential, tune in now!
Make It Neet With Ruth Young-Loaeza
May 18, 2021 • 37 MIN
In this episode, Ruth Young-Loaeza and I discuss how to inspire others to believe in the power of visualization. So if you want to be resilient, focus, and have faith in yourself so you can visualize the life you want and move forward in your goals, tune in now!
The Power of Choice with Ian Lobas
May 11, 2021 • 32 MIN
Welcome to the Living The Law Of Action Show In this episode, Ian Lobas and I discuss how to overcome our way of thinking that no longer serves us. So if you want to become more aware , gain clarity , and be more intentional to live more purposefully, tune in now!
Control Your Own Fate With Aaron Maltz
May 4, 2021 • 38 MIN
In this episode, Aaron Maltz and I discuss the unique challenges we all face in life, every single one of us has a great degree of control over our own fate through our choices and actions. So if you want to shed your ego, push yourself to take risks, trying new things every day, and break free of letting others' words or opinions hold us back in life, and See yourself for who you truly are so you can learn how to understand the value YOU bring to the table
Living in Flow with Andrea King
April 27, 2021 • 39 MIN
Today’s guest is a renaissance woman, feng shui geek, and creative artist who has turned her life into an almost constant flow state. Andrea King. Andrea spent decades figuring it out and she wants to share it with you. Her greatest joy is seeing people realize who they are, why they’re here, and how to live their life purpose. We discuss all about flow. So if you want to learn how to unblock your own “flow state”, be in a constant state of flow and live life with a purpose... Download this episode now to get started!
Align Your Spirit With Deborah Peters
April 20, 2021 • 40 MIN
Today’s guest is International Business Coach and Mind-Set Expert, Deborah Peters. We discuss how everyone can become more happy and engage in their growth when they are spiritually aligned. So if you want to learn how to be in alignment with your spirit , engage more in your business/wealth growth , and find that spiritually aligned place where everyone becomes more happy... Download this episode now to get started!
The Generosity Culture With April Shprintz
April 13, 2021 • 46 MIN
In another LIVE on CLUBHOUSE, Today’s guest is Business Accelerator, Founder of Driven Outcomes, Creator of The Generosity Culture expert April Shprintz who will share critical information with you about Generosity. The more you give. The more you succeed.. If you want to do things to take action to get to that next step, have generosity become a guiding principle in life and in business, and learn how to pour generosity into people so amazing things can happen then tune in now! Download this episode now to get started!
Get Unstuck With Elisabeth King
April 6, 2021 • 49 MIN
Recorded LIVE in Clubhouse, Today ‘s Guest is Relationship, Mindset Specialist expert Elisabeth King who will share critical information with you about working to help people get unstuck and overcome those mindset roadblocks in both our personal and professional life.. If you want to overcome mental roadblocks , change your mindset , and get unstuck in both our personal and professional life then tune in now! Download this episode now to get started!
The Power of the Human Spirit with Stacy Robertson
March 30, 2021 • 36 MIN
In a LIVE show on Clubhouse, Stacy Robertson is my guest. She is an activist, influencer, mother of 8 children, Human Behavior Artist and calls herself The Soul Whisperer. She is also my dear friend, and she LIVES in action. Listen in as we share the moments when Stacy was facing a recent life-changing situation. And how trauma in her personal life created an opportunity to make a big difference in this world. She took the reins of her life at a tough time, showed up, took action, and the doors are flying open. Stacy reveals her calling. She embraced it and is now taking MASSIVE action, creating a momentum that feels UNstoppable.
Stop Sidestepping Your Dreams with Lauren Aparicio
March 23, 2021 • 44 MIN
This is another LIVE on Clubhouse. And I have a very special guest. She is an actor, model, host, singer, voiceover artist, clubhouse room creator, she's someone who lives a life of action. Lauren Aparicio. She has become a friend embedded into my life. And I think the reason is, because action takers tend to attract action takers, we move at a very high vibration. And not everybody can hang on. Join us as we talk about how she finally stepped into the light and took action in pursuing her own goals and dreams, how the last five years has been a wild journey for her but she has had many mentors guiding her along the way and how she's overcome the negative that come from always sidestepping her dreams.
Life’s Sequences with Talia Dalton
March 16, 2021 • 40 MIN
This CLUBHOUSE LIVE is a really exciting episode for me. If you're familiar with clubhouse, there's a room and it's called the lullaby club. It is in this club that my guest, Talia Dalton, shares her beautiful talent. She is a passionate singer songwriter. And only 20 years old. She has been writing songs since the age of nine, and playing instruments and singing her whole life. Join us as we talk about her journey into becoming who she is today, how her parents empowered her to keep doing what she loves, and how the lullaby club has played a role in helping her elevate her platform. Come relax and connect with her through her beautiful music and words.
Live your Extraordinary Life with Mark Drager
March 9, 2021 • 52 MIN
In this Episode, back for another Clubhouse LIVE. Podcaster, Brand Strategist, and Entrepreneur Mark Drager. He is all about motivation, transformation, and inspiration. He's just a great guy. We talk about how we get to experience the most remarkable conversations in life. How those pivotal moments can push you past the anxiety and, as Mark would say, start living your "most extraordinary life."
Pushing Forward with Samara Hurley
March 2, 2021 • 35 MIN
Today’s guest is someone who I met on clubhouse. She's the founder and CEO of “ActionistaLIVE”. A true action taker. She lives a life of inspired action. Samara Hurley. Take a listen as we discuss her current work on “The KAM Project”, how she conquered life with a learning disability, and how she takes Action in her everyday life. Overcoming life’s obstacles Samara has shown her ability to not back down from the turmoils in the world. She doesn’t let her past dictate her future.
Mindset Shift with Bryan Green
February 23, 2021 • 45 MIN
I take the stage in my very first LIVE podcast on clubhouse with Bryan Green. He is someone who is fearless, who lives a life of inspired action. Someone who is just absolutely amazing. He has created a must-listen-to podcast called the commercial break along with his dear friend Krissy Hoadley. In this episode, We take a deep dive into life experiences, mental illnesses, therapy, and much more. We discover more about how Bryan shifts his mindset to overcome these challenges to make the best out of his life.
Don’t let your past determine YOUR future with Kelly Kelly Kelly
February 16, 2021 • 43 MIN
Radio Silence isn’t a thing when you have Kelly Kelly Kelly around. Kelly is one of the most heard female radio imaging voice-over talents in the world. Today we talk about the sometimes brutal radio industry machine, the voiceover industry, imaging industry. We also dive deep into something that is really very hard for Kelly to talk about. But, she wants to share with the world because she wants to help people live a life of inspired action and not let their past determine their future. So join us as we take a trip down radio memory lane, talk about “The Dream” of radio, and be there as we deep dive into Kelly’s childhood sexual trauma and how she rose above the pain to live her best life. This podcast is a full spectrum of living a life-inspired action. Don’t let your past determine YOUR future with Kelly Kelly Kelly. ***Sensitive Content*** Please be aware that some of today's episode may be triggering for some people.
The Science behind Taking ACTION with Audrey Lawrence
February 9, 2021 • 42 MIN
Knowing is not enough and in today’s episode, our guest shows us the cliff notes on how to hack meditation, unlock your fear and live the science behind the law of action. Audrey Lawrence is a massive action taker. She's certified in wellness from Yale University. She studied at MIT, the small little school called Harvard, Princeton, Berkeley, Dartmouth, just to name a few. She is a speaker and author of the new book, sea change, the creator of the popular purpose movement, and the sea change method workshops. She overcame her fear. She didn't let anything stop her and she's having tremendous success. She is a true action taker, and she lives a life of inspired action.
Red Dress Moment with Kimmy Seltzer
February 2, 2021 • 33 MIN
Kimmy Seltzer is a Confidence Therapist and Authentic Dating Strategist. With a vast knowledge and experience as a therapist, certified style coach, dating coach, and matchmaker, she has helped people find lasting love and connection in addition to attracting success and build valuable relationships using her unique "confidence makeover" process. Kimmy has been the leading love expert on the traveling live dating show The Great Love Debate and the cable reality dating show, The Romance. And the host of her podcast, The Charisma Quotient. On today's show, learn how to build emotional chemistry. Some great flirting techniques. How to get back into socializing after divorce and shares her Red Dress moment.
Reset your Life every 5 years with Jeremy Vest
January 26, 2021 • 35 MIN
Jeremy is the Chief Marketing Officer of Braille Skateboarding. He’s created a video marketing strategy for several fortune 100 companies and famous YouTubers. His customers have billions of views and millions of subscribers on YouTube. He’s YouTube certified and speaks at Vidcon, Social Media Marketing World, Vidsummit, and writes for Social Media Examiner. He helps video creators Unlock their superpower on video so they can live the life they were born to live. On this show, it is not all about Skateboarding and Video marketing. Jeremy is a real action taker. Listen in as he shares his life experience of an every five-year refresh and how it has brought him tremendous peace and calm, the power of asking, and the wins that come from it—and Living a life with the joy of using your gifts to help others use their true gifts. This is a great show, you can thank me later.
Mindset and the Power of Flow - Travis Greenlee
January 19, 2021 • 31 MIN
Join master lifestyle business mentor Travis Greenlee as we discuss the power of mindset and living a life in flow. How to overcome and prosper in the current stress environment of a worldwide pandemic. Giving yourself permission to cry. Living a life in gratutude and how to block out the daily noise to live a life in inspired Action.
Follow your calling with Lindsay Padilla
January 12, 2021 • 46 MIN
On today's Living the Law of Action Show, The CEO of Hello Audio joins me to share the in-depth story of the trials and tribulations of starting a SAS company during a worldwide pandemic. The steps she takes to overcomes her fear of success and limiting beliefs and digs deep for her mental toughness. Lindsey shares how important it is to follow your calling and not to let fear stop you. She shares her mental toughness and what it took to complete 75 Hard and a whole lot more.
Make your Habits Stick with Debra Kasowski
January 5, 2021 • 40 MIN
Debra Kasowski is a woman of Action and a badass woman at that. She is a best selling author, speaker and executive coach. On todays show, Debra talks about the importance of mindset, how she conquered 75 Hard, the importance of a morning routine, how you must take care of yourself first in order to take care of others, and shares the parable of The Chinese Farmer. You're going to love her.
Say Yes to Opportunity with Evan Carmichael
December 29, 2020 • 16 MIN
It is the third of three lost and now found episodes. Evan Carmichael is an Author, Speaker, YouTuber, Mentor and so much more. Evan talks about making the decisions to "Not hate your life". He shares all the details about starting and selling his software company at 19. Listen in as he shares his secrets to his 10-year climb to overnight success.
Stake your claim with Brian G Johnson
December 22, 2020 • 19 MIN
Another discovered lost episode. Brian G Johnson 2 time #1 best-selling author, product creator, highly successful YouTube creator shares his passion and offers insight for staking your claim. Learn the incredible power of "rituals" as a daily activity. Brian shares how he overcomes his fears to achieve success. And shares the mindset it took to go from zero to 100,000 YouTube subscribers.
Smart, Passive and Fearless An Interview with Pat Flynn
December 15, 2020 • 23 MIN
This is what I consider a "Lost Episode" This was recorded in Oct 2019 at VidSummit. My hard drive crash, and I thought the episode was gone forever. I recently discovered that it had actually been backed up to a different drive. I think that you are going to enjoy this episode. I found Pat, when I was narrating the Miracle Morning audiobook. Pat has a Smart Passive income website, where he shows people how to make Smart Passive income. He's an entrepreneur, speaker, a bestselling author. I think the next few titles are most important to Pat, that of father and husband. Pat talks about how he created a product, filled a need, and had great success on Kickstarter with the creation of the Switchpod. He shares how he did it from the idea phase to the test and design and the launch phase. We talk podcasting, Youtube, and living a life of inspired Action.
Hal Elrod - The Miracle Morning
December 8, 2020 • 37 MIN
I am so excited to share this episode with you. My special guest of the very first show is Hal Elrod. Hal is an International Best Selling Author, Speaker, Success Coach, and one of the nicest and generous men I know. I am blessed to be the narrator for all of the Miracle Morning Books. Today we talk about Hals Journey of where he came from and the path he has been on to get where he is today. , Hal Elrod is a great man, a friend, a motivator. He has survived multiple near-death experiences. He's impacted millions of people through his books, and now he is on a mission to elevate the consciousness of humanity, one person at a time. Today we talk about the origin of the Miracle Morning Book, The International following of Miracle Morning practitioners, and the very soon to be released Miracle Morning Movie, and a whole lot more.
Introducing the Living the Law of Action Show with Rob Actis
November 6, 2020 • 2 MIN
Join Rob Actis as he shares what's to come for The Living the Law of Action Show.