Living the Law of Action Show
Reset your Life every 5 years with Jeremy Vest
January 26, 2021
Jeremy is the Chief Marketing Officer of Braille Skateboarding. He’s created a video marketing strategy for several fortune 100 companies and famous YouTubers. His customers have billions of views and millions of subscribers on YouTube. He’s YouTube certified and speaks at Vidcon, Social Media Marketing World, Vidsummit, and writes for Social Media Examiner. He helps video creators Unlock their superpower on video so they can live the life they were born to live. On this show, it is not all about Skateboarding and Video marketing. Jeremy is a real action taker. Listen in as he shares his life experience of an every five-year refresh and how it has brought him tremendous peace and calm, the power of asking, and the wins that come from it—and Living a life with the joy of using your gifts to help others use their true gifts. This is a great show, you can thank me later.