Living the Law of Action Show
Smart, Passive and Fearless An Interview with Pat Flynn
December 15, 2020
This is what I consider a "Lost Episode" This was recorded in Oct 2019 at VidSummit. My hard drive crash, and I thought the episode was gone forever. I recently discovered that it had actually been backed up to a different drive. I think that you are going to enjoy this episode. I found Pat, when I was narrating the Miracle Morning audiobook. Pat has a Smart Passive income website, where he shows people how to make Smart Passive income. He's an entrepreneur, speaker, a bestselling author. I think the next few titles are most important to Pat, that of father and husband. Pat talks about how he created a product, filled a need, and had great success on Kickstarter with the creation of the Switchpod. He shares how he did it from the idea phase to the test and design and the launch phase. We talk podcasting, Youtube, and living a life of inspired Action.