Living the Law of Action Show
Hal Elrod - The Miracle Morning
December 8, 2020
I am so excited to share this episode with you. My special guest of the very first show is Hal Elrod. Hal is an International Best Selling Author, Speaker, Success Coach, and one of the nicest and generous men I know. I am blessed to be the narrator for all of the Miracle Morning Books. Today we talk about Hals Journey of where he came from and the path he has been on to get where he is today. , Hal Elrod is a great man, a friend, a motivator. He has survived multiple near-death experiences. He's impacted millions of people through his books, and now he is on a mission to elevate the consciousness of humanity, one person at a time. Today we talk about the origin of the Miracle Morning Book, The International following of Miracle Morning practitioners, and the very soon to be released Miracle Morning Movie, and a whole lot more.