Humans of CX
Humans of CX is a podcast on a mission to have conversations with the world's leading customer experience experts to help CX professionals humanize their approach, placing empathy at the center of the experience.
Beyond Last-Mile Delivery: The Future of CX in E-commerce with Shilpa Gupta
June 14, 2024 • 28 MIN
Shilpa Gupta, Chief Supply Chain Officer and Head of Customer Experience at HomeLane, joins us to explore the growing importance of CX from the communication challenges of last-mile delivery to the importance of trust, transparency, and predictability in customer delight. Discover how technology and human empathy intersect to create seamless experiences, and gain insights into the future trends shaping the eCommerce industry.
Improving Customer Interactions through Conversational Continuity with Mithila Mahajan
May 3, 2024 • 46 MIN
Mithila Mahajan is the Global Head of Customer Experience at BDx Data Centers, a global data center platform offering secure, scalable, and sustainable digital solutions and infrastructure. She shares her experiences and insights from the world of CX within the data center industry. Mithila touches on the evolving expectations of customers, the role of empathy, and the core values of customer-centricity.
The Importance of Delivering Predictable & Efficient CX with Manish Nachnani
April 15, 2024 • 49 MIN
Manish Nachnani is the Head of Customer Experience at Zuno General Insurance, and he discusses the importance of customer experience in the insurance industry. He shares his insights on topics like seamless services, trust-building, personalization, and the challenges of implementing customer experience initiatives. Discover how a simple and consistent approach forms the foundation of customer excellence.
Achieving CX Excellence: An Ongoing Journey with Ankur Agrawal
March 13, 2024 • 30 MIN
This week we’re joined by CX Expert Ankur Agrawal, former SVP and Head of Customer Experience at Paytm, Ola, MakeMyTrip and Snapdeal. He shares his insights on the importance of understanding customer expectations, analyzing feedback, and combining it with data to enhance the overall experience. Ankur also delves into the impact of AI on contact centers and the role they play as treasure troves of customer conversations. Don't miss this engaging conversation to enhance your own customer experience journey.
The Wakefit Way of Growth with Rachit Saran
February 22, 2024 • 36 MIN
Rachit Saran, VP of Customer Experience at Wakefit, joins us to discuss Wakefit’s three pillars of growth and success, why enhancing employee experience leads to improved customer satisfaction, the company's vision for the future, and how they are using AI and automation to enhance the customer experience.
From Gen Alpha to Gen Z: How to Tailor Your CX to Different Generations with Tanish Mathur
January 30, 2024 • 38 MIN
Tanish shares his insights on the importance of customer experience in the banking and finance industry. He delves into the role of AI, security measures, and global banking and the impact of events like the pandemic. Discover how technology can enhance the customer experience while maintaining a human touch.
Balancing Technology and Empathy with Arvind Singh
December 13, 2023 • 20 MIN
Arvind Singh, Chief Technology and Product Officer and EVP of IT at Puravankara joins us to discuss where customer experience falls in the real estate sector, highlighting the need to place customers at the center of all operations, the importance of balancing empathy and technology, and strategies for meeting customers where they are to ensure a seamless experience.
CX Strategies that Transform Businesses with Suraj Shetty
November 29, 2023 • 45 MIN
Suraj Shetty, Head of Customer Experience and Learning & Development at both Kissht and Ring, joins us to discuss how brands should respond to customer outrage on social media; how working in CX can sometimes affect mental health, and the best ways to respond to it; and how remote working changed the CX landscape forever.
Empathy for the Frontline with Matt Dale
August 24, 2023 • 51 MIN
Matt Dale, Founder of Moxie CX, joins us to discuss the importance of empathy towards frontline CX professionals, the key to focusing on both urgent and important tasks, and how to navigate difficult decisions.
Have You Made a Customer for Life? With April Obersteller
July 17, 2023 • 35 MIN
April Obersteller, VP of Global Experience at woom, joins us to discuss why your employees’ mental health is so important and intrinsic to the customer experience, as well as why she’s so interested in the customer’s journey after the sale.
Customers Want to Talk to You, Not a Chatbot with Adrian Swinscoe
June 23, 2023 • 35 MIN
In this episode, Adrian Swinscoe of Punk CX joins us to talk all about why Adrian likes and writes about CX; why customer service really isn’t all that complicated (even for the bigger brands); and how we can start bringing empathy into CX!
The Rise in Customer Expectations with Mike Aoki
May 29, 2023 • 22 MIN
Mike Aoki, President of Reflective Keynotes, joins us to discuss what it takes to be a CX retention expert and why the employee experience is just as important.
Bridging the Gap Between Customers and Employees with Katie Stabler
May 2, 2023 • 20 MIN
Katie Stabler, Founder and Director of Customer Experience at CULTIVATE, joins us to discuss how to bridge the gap between customers and employees, as well as what it means to be a “comfortable disruptor of the status quo”.
The Power of Prioritizing Customer Success with Alex Farmer
April 17, 2023 • 27 MIN
Alex Farmer, Chief Customer Officer at Nezasa, joins us to discuss what exactly customer success is in comparison to customer experience, as well as why businesses aren’t prioritizing it as much as they should.
Creating Meaningful Experiences in Sales with Ronnell Richards
March 29, 2023 • 36 MIN
Ronnell Richards, author of Shut The Hell Up And Sell, joins Todd to discuss the importance of creating a customer-centric culture to leverage organic marketing. They also delve into their 2023 tour, monthly webinars, public facing events, new courses, and a companion podcast. Join them for an interesting conversation about sales success and celebrity bus rides!
Conceptualizing CX to Maximize Customer Loyalty with Dan Gingiss
March 13, 2023 • 28 MIN
Dan Gingiss, CEO of the Experience Maker, joins us to discuss the importance of conceptualizing the customer experience from the customer's point of view.
Unlocking the Power of Customer Experience with Joey Coleman
February 27, 2023 • 39 MIN
Joey Coleman, the founder and chief experience composer at Design Symphony, joins us to discuss the difference between customer service and customer experience. He says that customer service is just about helping, while the customer experience (CX) is more than that.
The Transformative Power of Customer Feedback with Jenny Dempsey
December 27, 2022 • 28 MIN
Jenny Dempsey, Consumer Experience Manager at Apeel Sciences, joins us to share her thoughts on the importance of listening to customer feedback and how to incorporate it into a company's overall strategy.
Unlocking Agent Happiness for CX Success with Tue Søttrup
December 13, 2022 • 25 MIN
Tue Søttrup, Vice President of Customer Excellence at Dixa, joins us to share his thoughts on the importance of agent happiness in customer service and how technology can be used to create a great customer experience.
Storytelling for CX with Ravi Rajani
November 29, 2022 • 34 MIN
Ravi Rajani, Founder of Ravi Rajani Consulting, joins us to share insights on storytelling for customer experience, common myths around the subject, and how to craft compelling sales content.
How to Create a Frictionless Customer Experience with Shep Hyken
November 15, 2022 • 34 MIN
Shep Hyken, Chief Amazement Officer at Shepard Presentations, LLC, joins us to share insights on creating a frictionless customer experience, the concept of amazement, and customer experience KPIs every company must measure.
Outsource Your Call Center Operations to Grow Your Business with Neal Topf
November 8, 2022 • 29 MIN
Neal Topf, President at Callzilla, joins us to share his thoughts on the role of marketing operations in operationalizing the customer experience.
Customer Understanding: The Cornerstone of a Customer-Centric Organization with Annette Franz
November 1, 2022 • 24 MIN
Annette Franz, CEO at CX Journey Inc., joins us to bring out the key pillars of best CX. Bringing culture and employee experience into perspective, Annette highlights how customer understanding opens new doors for organizations.
How to Create a Positive Customer Experience with Nate Brown
October 20, 2022 • 21 MIN
In our quest to understand how people are driving innovations that result in superior CX, our host Todd Vecca joins Nate Brown, Co-founder of CX Accelerator and Senior Director of Arise. Nate takes us through his exciting journey, highlighting how CX is making people’s lives better. Bringing ‘mission-driven CX’ into perspective, Nate shares insights on building a CX mindset and how that generates loyalty.