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B-Suite Influence: How Middle Managers Can Overcome Chaos and Deliver C-Suite Impact
August 1, 2023
It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with the volume of information we are exposed to these days. Not only the barrage of social media and news updates, but we’re also offered so many new tools and technologies at work that theoretically make our teams better, work easier, and lives happier. As leaders, how do we rise above the noise, and ensure that our impact is not just felt, but recognized? To help answer that question, we’re joined by Rebecca Houghton, founder of BoldHR and 25-year veteran of leadership development.
Middle managers don’t always get the respect they deserve. While they handle a majority of the direct oversight of people in organizations, they seem to end up… stuck in the middle. Mediocre. Middle class. Meh. Nevertheless, these leaders are capable of making as much impact as C-suite executives, provided they control the pace of work that comes through their team, claim the space their role affords, and make the case for their expanded influence.

How can middle managers get there? For starters, Rebecca Houghton advises that we use the term “B-suite” to reflect the high-level impact of managers. Rebecca is a long-time Leadership + Talent expert, founder, and author of the bestselling book Impact: 10 Ways to Level Up Your Leadership. Today on the show, she explains how B-suite leaders can overcome the chaos and lead their teams to victory.

Join us as we discuss:

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