L&D In Action: Winning Strategies from Learning Leaders
Reframing L&D: The Need For Learning Practitioners In An Evolving World
May 9, 2023
In this episode of L&D in Action, we’re joined by Dr. Nigel Paine, speaker, consultant, author, and Presenter of Learning Now TV. Nigel has had an illustrious career in learning and development, including a stint at the BBC leading the digital transformation as Head of People Development. Nigel believes that L&D professionals stand at a pivotal cultural moment that demands a new focus on mobilizing the entire organization to address problems collaboratively as teams, employees and individuals with unique skills.
Nigel Paine believes that we are living in the Century of People. With an industrial past that viewed humans as nothing more than cogs in a machine, we’re still making steady progress toward organizations that treat their employees as people first. In this complex technological moment, It’s Learning and Development leaders who hold the power to maximize the contribution of their companies by activating the full human potential of ALL of their people.

Dr. Paine, our guest today, is a speaker, consultant, author, and researcher. He is the Founder and CEO of nigelpaine.com, a consultancy focused on building more effective workplaces by promoting learning, creativity, innovation, and value-based leadership, as well as the link between them. He passionately advocates for a reframing of learning and development in response to the unprecedented pace of change in this 21st century.

Join us as we discuss:

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