L&D In Action: Winning Strategies from Learning Leaders
The 5% Solution: Prioritizing Learning and Development in a Busy World
April 25, 2023
In this episode of L&D in Action, we’re joined by Simon Brown, Chief Learning Officer at Novartis, to discuss how he and his L&D team have cultivated a thriving learning culture for an organization of 105,000 global employees.
The goal of any Chief Learning Officer is to foster a learning culture that provides employees with the tools and autonomy needed to make learning fulfilling. With a comprehensive ecosystem of educational opportunities that embeds directly in work, Novartis seems to have achieved this goal. Having set a goal several years ago to get all employees spending 5% of their time at work learning, Novartis has developed one of the most impressive L&D systems in the world.

Our guest today is Simon Brown, Chief Learning Officer at Novartis. Simon’s career in e-learning and corporate L&D spans nearly 30 years, the last ten of which have been in his current position.

Join us as we discuss:

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