L&D In Action: Winning Strategies from Learning Leaders
Onboarding Curiosity: Crafting a Learning Program that Treats Every New Employee like Your Future CEO
July 25, 2023
There’s a small but significant chance that someone you’ve onboarded at your company… will become its next CEO. Isn’t that the point of hiring, training and developing any employee? To get the maximum value of their skills while helping them become the best version of themselves? To help us craft learning programs that treat all new starters as future CEOs, we’re joined this week by Toby Newman. Toby brings insight from a 20-year L&D career, including his current role where he leads onboarding, wellbeing and learning tech at CH Robinson.
Difficult conversations about management and wellbeing at work are often handled with recycled platitudes. “Speak up if you’re not feeling well.” “Feedback is encouraged and accepted 100% of the time!” “Autonomy is important to employee growth.” But anyone who has ever worked knows that these things are easier said than acted upon. To help us add some actionable nuance to these conversations, we invite Toby Newman as this week’s guest on L&D in Action.

Toby has worked in training and development for 20 years, including a happenstance start as a trainer at Blockbuster. Since then, he has worked in the outsourcing, IT services and logistics industries, in various L&D leadership capacities. As lead of onboarding, wellbeing and learning tech solutions at CH Robinson, it’s Toby’s goal to ensure that every new starter is given the resources from day one that could lead to that individual becoming CEO one day.

Join us as we discuss:

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