Business Mojo and Margaritas
Welcome to the Business Mojo and Margaritas podcast! This peppy little podcast holds a special place in my heart and talks all things online business for female entrepreneurs in 20 minutes or less. We talk strategy, visibility, marketing, confidence, social media, and so much more! If you are looking for something more than just the same old systems and structures in business, this is the place for you. Innovation is my love language! Hey, I'm Suzanne the proud founder of SuzPro Innovations and I serve online businesses by helping with their marketing strategy, women who seek support and community, and the HR/People Ops Community. Settle into your comfy seat and grab that notebook. Let's get some knowledge droppin'!
How to Determine Where Your Visibility Time is Best Spent
December 20, 2020 • 31 MIN
Join me as I go through some tips to help you figure out where to spend your valuable visibility time.
Building A Business with a Full-Time Gig with Felicia Wright
December 20, 2020 • 22 MIN
Today Felicia Wright - The Social Media Fixer, will be sharing the essential steps to build a business while working at a 9 to 5! Felicia was able to do this with a 9 to 5 and a full time family! So if you are looking to make a side income or eventually leave your job, this is the podcast for you!
How to Use Your Email List as a Tool to Give Your Peeps Exactly What They Want 
December 20, 2020 • 12 MIN
Suzanne dishes today about three different ways to give the people on your email list exactly what they want and boost your sales like crazy pants.
How to Land Your First Tedx Talk and Turn It Into a Million Dollar Message with Lori Granito
December 20, 2020 • 27 MIN
This episode explores the connection between your signature story, now to use it to land your first TEDx talk, how to monetize your message and turn it into a million dollar business. Lori is a 4x TEDx Speaker, 2x Entrepreneur of the Year award winner, professional speaker, and million dollar business builder. She is the founder of Legendary Coaching & the Boss Lady Millionaires Club. Her mission is to help increase the number of women running million dollar businesses (currently 2%) by sharing their message, scaling their businesses and impacting the world. Lori lives in Hong Kong (for 25 years but originally from New Orleans). Her businesses have been featured in publications such as Travel and Leisure, Time, Newsweek, Forbes, Essence, and The Robb Report. Her television appearances include CNBC’s ‘The Winners’, CNN’s Global Office program, a six week run on Bloomberg's Asia Confidential and as a contestant on The Biggest Loser Asia. Find her at
The Top 5 Reasons I See Women Not Attracting Clients
December 20, 2020 • 14 MIN
In this episode, Suzanne talks about the top 5 reasons she sees women not attracting clients and thereby watching their dreams go down in flames.
An Honest Discussion About Running a Business with Chronic Illness with Olivia B Shepherd
December 20, 2020 • 24 MIN
Today Suzanne has some real talk with one of her faves - Life Empowerment Mentor Olivia Shepherd about the challenges of running a business with mental illness and ways to help power through on those days when you just aren’t feeling it.
The Power of Storytelling to Grow Your Business with Christine Blubaugh
December 20, 2020 • 24 MIN
E'rybody is out there telling you to use story, use story, USE STORY...but you either don't know how to do it or you're just plain terrified to put your stories out there. I talk with Christine Blubaugh, a Sales Copyrighter, in this episode about how you can inject story into your own copy and content and start getting that traction you've been dreaming of. Christine's Bio: Christine Blubaugh is a sales copywriter who helps online service providers and course creators to sell out launches and sign more clients with SOULFUL copy that turns readers into raving fans and prospects into (happily) paying customers. Her style of copywriting combines equal parts PERSONALITY & PERSUASION to create messages that win hearts and open wallets - without sleazy sales language or spammy tactics. She’s written campaigns for million dollar program launches, website copy for brand new businesses, and everything in between. When she’s not wrangling words, Christine can be found sipping green drinks, obsessing over Instagram feeds, planning her next travel adventure, and introverting like there’s no tomorrow. Learn more and get access to her free sales copy guide at or follow her on Instagram at for tips and inspiration.
Why I’m Tossing Out 3 Years of Investments and Doing My Own Thing
December 20, 2020 • 12 MIN
In this episode, I talk about why I'm done doing what everyone says to do in the coaching industry and am blazing my own trail.
How Coaches and Consultants Can Use Pinterest Strategically to Drive Traffic and Get Leads with Jana O
December 20, 2020 • 31 MIN
Join me and Jana O in this episode as we chat about one of our obsessions – Pinterest. Get the down and dirty and steps to get started. You don’t want to miss this one! Jana’s Bio: Jana O. is an ultra-organized Content Manager and Pinterest Strategist. She loves supporting online service-based entrepreneurs by helping them shape and consistently distribute messages that attract their ideal clients. Jana received a B.S. in Communications and Marketing from Emerson College, then lived and worked in Boston before re-locating to sunny South Florida in 2010. She's often working, because she loves what she does — and can work from anywhere. But when Jana takes a break from building up brands, you’ll find her re-fueling in independent cafes (okay, she might be working there too)… buying shiny beads to make stretchy bracelets (she has far too many – it’s a problem!)… or spending time with her husband and dog-ter. You can find Jana at
Keeping a Positive Mindset When You Have Chronic Illness + Big Goals
December 20, 2020 • 15 MIN
In this episode, Suzanne gives real talk about running a business with chronic illness, why we struggle, and how to fix it.
Reclaim Your Financial Power with Melanie Claire
December 20, 2020 • 27 MIN
Today I talk with Melanie Houghton about how women can get back their financial power and achieve greatness. Melanie’s Bio: Melanie Claire Create #SustainableSuccess with Less Hustle, More Heart. Facebook: @melanieclaireire Instagram: @melanieclaireire Twitter: @melanieclaireie
When Your Business Exhausts You: Tips to Fall in Love Again and Get Back on the Horse
December 20, 2020 • 20 MIN
In this episode, Suzanne talks about those times when we fall completely out of love with our businesses and are flat out exhausted. But don’t fret….you will leave with guidance on how to get yourself out of that rut and get yourself back in the game in no time!
Help Manage Your Anxiety with Systems of All Kinds with Cristin Downs
December 20, 2020 • 46 MIN
I'm super excited to be talking with one of my favorites, Cristin Downs, on this episode about how she manages her anxiety while leading a crazy busy life. Cristin’s Bio Cristin Downs is a producer, creative, and strategist who pioneers ""theatrical thinking"" by bringing a theatre practitioner approach grounded in collaboration, storytelling, and ""get-er-done-ness"" to organizations and businesses. She founded The Notable Woman in 2016 as a platform to celebrate all the ways women are changing the world, primarily as a podcast but also live show and summit. Discovering women looking for bite-sized women told news stories, she launched Notable News in 2017, which is a daily, weekday, less than 10-minute look at the day's news topics. With her husband Michael, she helps bring creative video strategy to businesses' marketing plans. 2019 will bring her new podcast ""The Dream Maker Podcast"" as well as her book, Mothers Matter More Now: A No-Nonsense Guide for Mamas to Take Back Their Power, Make the World Kinder, and Be a Model for Their Kids. Cristin is an Alchemist, ENFJ, and bookworm. Mama to a tiny toddler mischief maker and pet menagerie, she holds down the fort in NYC.
How to Not Lose Sight of Yourself While You're Building Your Business with Julie Sanford
December 20, 2020 • 24 MIN
Mamas spend their days taking care of everyone but themselves. This is especially Y for entrepreneurial moms who have to juggle a business on top of all their other #momming duties. In this episode I talk with Julie Sanford, creator of Well Fed Families, who will give us some great tips for looking after ourselves, without feeling like it's just another chore on our to-do list. Julie’s Bio Hey! I'm Julie Sanford. Entrepreneur, blogger, mom, know...doer of ALL THE THINGS. I started my business Well Fed Families almost three and a half years ago. My focus is helping busy, stressed out mamas get on a healthier track. Moms (ESPECIALLY entrpreneurial moms who are burning the candle at both ends) tend to let taking care of themselves fall to the wayside. It's usually the first thing we let go actually, when it should be the LAST. My mission is to help these mamas pull themselves up by their bootstraps, and get some nutrients in their face, for eff's sake! That then leads to improved focus, mood, and energy which boosts their badassery in their business and their life.
How to Go From Employee to Entrepreneur with Amy Coats
December 20, 2020 • 25 MIN
Conversation with Amy Coats
Hate Facebook Marketing? Bring People to Your Own Playground
December 20, 2020 • 21 MIN
It's not uncommon for female entrepreneurs to hate Facebook marketing. In today's episode, I talk about doing your own thing and bringing people to you.
Make Money While You Sleep with Tamiko Kelly
December 20, 2020 • 26 MIN
Listen in as Baby Sleep Expert, Tamiko Kelly, shares several tips that will help you get your baby sleeping through the night so you can double your revenue. She also shares why the ""hustle mentality"" will kill your business and what you should do instead. Tamiko Kelly is the founder of Sleep Well. Wake Happy and the creator of The Feel Like Yourself Again Baby Sleep Solution. As a certified sleep consultant and holistic health practitioner, Tamiko helps tired moms feel like themselves again by teaching them how to get their babies sleeping through the night. She has spent over 50,000 hours sleep training babies and many of her clients have called her a ""miracle worker"" as they have been overjoyed after her methods restored sleep in their homes. Tamiko is an international speaker who has shared the stage with Dr. Harvey Karp of The Happiest Baby on the Block and Dr. Jenn Mann of VH1 Couple's Therapy. Tamiko happily shares her advice across her social media platforms where she reaches over 12,000 tired moms. Her sleep advice has been featured on Yahoo Finance,, and she has appeared as a guest expert on Austin's ABC Affiliate TV Show, Studio 512. Tamiko lives in Austin where she jubilantly attends SXSW each year.
Why I Boldly Deleted 4,000 Friends From Facebook
December 20, 2020 • 22 MIN
In this episode, I dish on why I deleted 4,000 friends on Facebook including the positives and negatives and what I’m doing next.
It Goes Down in the DM - Using DM to Build Relationships and Create Leads with Myown Holmes
December 20, 2020 • 32 MIN
In this episode I chat with Myown Holmes about how using direct message can help grow your business and curate relationships. Myown Holmes Bio: CEO, Mother of 4 boys, and wife. Myown uses her education and passion for being social to help small business owners create an omnipresence. After working in the corporate sector, she decided to follow her passion and start her own agency, while giving herself the freedom to spend time with her children, one with autism and another with apraxia. Since building her business she hasn’t looked back, and finds that a nice drink and book after a long day helps to even out her mood!
The Suprising Trick to Creating Hilarious Content (Even If You're Not Funny)
December 20, 2020 • 30 MIN
The marketing landscape is littered with sleazy, man-ick-ulative tools & tactics. As a result, small businesses with soul are turning away from marketing completely, doing a massive disservice to the audience who needs them. Rachael teaches us a surprising trick to taking the stuff you HATE about marketing and turning it into epic, hilarious content your audience loves and positions you as the expert you are. In this episode you'll learn: - Why trying to discover your ""niche"" is the wrong approach - How to create your marketing “alter ego” to inspire content that brings laughs AND conversions - The 6 questions to ask yourself before you create another piece of content Rachael Kay Albers Bio: Rachael Kay Albers is a marketer who hates marketing. As the founder and creative director of RKA ink, a branding, web design, and digital marketing studio based outside Chicago, Rachael has helped hundreds of thought leaders and visionary entrepreneurs all over the world stand out online without selling their soul or playing the manipulation game. Rachael’s clients have used their online platforms to launch bestselling books, five star podcasts, and six figure funnels. When not crafting epic, unforgettable brands for her clients, Rachael hosts Awkward Marketing, a business comedy show blending fun size small business advice with storytelling and sketch comedy, for entrepreneurs who want to create epic, unforgettable brands online. Rachael has been featured in Inc. Magazine and The Huffington Post and been a guest on podcasts like Make Money Your Honey, Marketing In Yoga Pants, and The Entrepreneur Mastermind Show. Rachael lives in St. Charles, IL with her husband, daughter, two troublemaking dogs, and a bunch of old computer cords they’re afraid to throw away. Main website: Awkward Marketing: Giveaway: FB: Insta: YT:
How to Let Go of Guilt and Finally Start Your Side Hustle with Stacey Ogden
December 20, 2020 • 20 MIN
Welcome back to Business Mojo and Margaritas! In today's episode, titled "How to Let Go of Guilt and Finally Start Your Side Hustle," our guest, Stacy Ogden, shares her journey from being a teacher to becoming a successful side hustler. Stacy has experimented with various side hustles over the years and has learned valuable lessons from each one. Her blog, "Creating My Happiness," has been her longest-running project, but she felt the desire for more interaction with her audience. This led her to explore podcasting and coaching, eventually realizing that there is a demand for help and guidance for teachers interested in starting their own side hustles. Stacy's passion for empowering others to pursue their dreams and find alternative career paths drove her to create "Side Hustle Summer Camp." In this episode, she dives into the mindset issues, particularly guilt and self-doubt, that often hold women back from starting their own businesses. She offers insights and advice to overcome these challenges and shares how prioritizing her side hustle actually made her a better mom and teacher. So if you're struggling with guilt or unsure of where to start with your side hustle, you don't want to miss this episode. Tune in for some powerful mindset shifts and practical tips to help you let go of guilt and embark on your entrepreneurial journey. Let's dive right in and unleash that business mojo!
What to Do if the Facebook and Instagram Apocalypse Had Your Business Sidelined
December 20, 2020 • 20 MIN
We all know that feeling of panic when our favorite social media platforms go down, especially if our business relies heavily on them. But fear not, my friends! In this episode, I will not only offer some words of encouragement but also share strategies for diversifying your online presence and ensuring that you're not putting all your eggs in one virtual basket. So grab your margaritas and let's get started on this journey of navigating the ever-changing online landscape. Cheers!
How to Quit and Stay Out Of Your 9 to 5 with Christine McAlister
December 20, 2020 • 37 MIN
Learn how to replace your income and quit (or stay out of) your 9-5 for good with simple strategies & self-belief! Christine McAlister is a business + success coach for high-achieving, motivated women. Her company, Life With Passion, helps women start & grow online businesses out of their passions, so that they can replace their incomes and quit or stay out of their 9-5s for good.
Would You Buy From You
December 20, 2020 • 6 MIN
Suzanne asks her favorite question in this episode and gets real about what your answer means to your business.
Are You Hiding Behind a Fear of Facebook Live
December 20, 2020 • 8 MIN
That fear of Facebook Live is brutal. Suzanne talks about this phenomenon in this episode.
Are Your Relationship Building Skillz on Point
December 20, 2020 • 7 MIN
Strategy and techniques are super important in business but building relationships continues to build momentum on the list of “must dos” for your business. Suzanne talks about relationship building and why it's important in this episode.
How the F Do You Do All of That With a 9 to 5
December 20, 2020 • 14 MIN
In this episode, Suzanne dishes on how she does all of the things while working a 9 to 5.
Are You In Love with What You’re Doing or is it All About the Cash?
December 20, 2020 • 4 MIN
If you are struggling in your business because you are obsessing over making money, this episode is a must.
Are You Magnetizing When You Hit Send?
December 20, 2020 • 4 MIN
In this episode, Suzanne discusses the importance of magnetizing your audience with your content.
Is a Broke Ain’t No Joke Mindset Tanking Your Business?
December 20, 2020 • 4 MIN
In this episode, Suzanne talks about the mindset issue that a lot of people don't realize is crushing their business hopes and dreams - money mindset.
Is Your Marketing Targeted Enough?
December 20, 2020 • 4 MIN
As female entrepreneurs, our inclination is to help everyone. No woman left behind is our motto! Unfortunately, being too broad in your marketing can leave you sans clients and therefore with a bank account full of cobwebs.
My Top 5 Tips for Running an Online Business in 2 Hours Per Day
December 20, 2020 • 9 MIN
In this episode, Suzanne highlights 5 things you should be doing to run your business when you only have two hours per day.
Why Smart Women are Failing Online and How You Can Avoid It
December 20, 2020 • 12 MIN
Are you feeling like a fish out of water in your business and developing a strictly hate relationship with crickets? Listen in gorgeous!
The Easy Route and Lack of Action are Tanking Your Business
December 20, 2020 • 6 MIN
Suzanne gets real in this episode about the self-sabotage we can sometimes engage in when running a business.
When Visibility Feels Like a Contact Sport Without Protection
December 20, 2020 • 12 MIN
Today I talk about when visibility is even less fun than a root canal. Let's get real. It happens.
Visually Branding Yourself for High Paying Clients with Samoa Blanchet
December 20, 2020 • 29 MIN
Learn some helpful tips on branding yourself for those high-paying clients you want with Samoa, the brand and web designer behind Ink'd by Samoa, a branding boutique which prides itself on providing The Ultimate Branding Experience in every interaction!
7 Reasons Why People Aren't Buying Your Offers
December 20, 2020 • 16 MIN
Today I'm having some real talk about 7 reasons why people may not be buying your offers.
Are You Clear on Who You are Talking To?
December 20, 2020 • 11 MIN
Today Suzanne is starting a tough love chat about how fear may be holding you back from getting clear on who your audience is.
The Business Tool That Will Save You 100s and Make Running Your Business Easier
December 20, 2020 • 14 MIN
In this episode, Suzanne talks about the one business tool she could never go without. Landing pages, courses, membership sites, email, webinars, summits and more all in one place!
How I’m Still Collecting Emails In My Facebook Group While Remaining GDPR Compliant
December 20, 2020 • 9 MIN
In this episode, I tell it like it is when it comes to GDPR and dish on how I am still able to collect email addresses from people entering my Facebook Group while still remaining GDPR compliant.
The Secret to Sales: Stop Selling
December 20, 2020 • 20 MIN
Get ready for some tough love in this episode but value bombs and a takeaway that could skyrocket your business!
Owning a Business With a Chronic Illness: 5 Tips to Having a Smoother, Productive Day No Matter How You Feel with Lisa Cipkar
December 20, 2020 • 22 MIN
In this episode, Lisa Cipkar shares sheer gold with her 5 tips for the badass women out there running businesses with chronic illness…because let’s face it….it is NO joke! Lisa is a mom, friend and holistic health coach for those living with Lyme disease and similar chronic illnesses. She is passionate about loving, laughing and living life to the fullest.
Why Using Story in Our Businesses Can Be So Hard and 5 Prompts to Get Started
December 20, 2020 • 14 MIN
Today Suzanne talks about those pesky mindset issues that keep us from engaging in and utilizing one of the most important strategies in our businesses….that would be story. As a special bonus, Suzanne gives 5 prompts…okay maybe 6…to get you started if you are struggling with story topics.