Business Mojo and Margaritas
Help Manage Your Anxiety with Systems of All Kinds with Cristin Downs
December 20, 2020
I'm super excited to be talking with one of my favorites, Cristin Downs, on this episode about how she manages her anxiety while leading a crazy busy life. Cristin’s Bio Cristin Downs is a producer, creative, and strategist who pioneers ""theatrical thinking"" by bringing a theatre practitioner approach grounded in collaboration, storytelling, and ""get-er-done-ness"" to organizations and businesses. She founded The Notable Woman in 2016 as a platform to celebrate all the ways women are changing the world, primarily as a podcast but also live show and summit. Discovering women looking for bite-sized women told news stories, she launched Notable News in 2017, which is a daily, weekday, less than 10-minute look at the day's news topics. With her husband Michael, she helps bring creative video strategy to businesses' marketing plans. 2019 will bring her new podcast ""The Dream Maker Podcast"" as well as her book, Mothers Matter More Now: A No-Nonsense Guide for Mamas to Take Back Their Power, Make the World Kinder, and Be a Model for Their Kids. Cristin is an Alchemist, ENFJ, and bookworm. Mama to a tiny toddler mischief maker and pet menagerie, she holds down the fort in NYC.
You’ve landed on my beloved Business Mojo and Margaritas podcast!  At the time of this episode re-publishing the podcast is “retired” but I couldn’t keep this sheer gold under wraps.  
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