Business Mojo and Margaritas
It Goes Down in the DM - Using DM to Build Relationships and Create Leads with Myown Holmes
December 20, 2020
In this episode I chat with Myown Holmes about how using direct message can help grow your business and curate relationships. Myown Holmes Bio: CEO, Mother of 4 boys, and wife. Myown uses her education and passion for being social to help small business owners create an omnipresence. After working in the corporate sector, she decided to follow her passion and start her own agency, while giving herself the freedom to spend time with her children, one with autism and another with apraxia. Since building her business she hasn’t looked back, and finds that a nice drink and book after a long day helps to even out her mood!
You’ve landed on my beloved Business Mojo and Margaritas podcast!  At the time of this episode re-publishing the podcast is “retired” but I couldn’t keep this sheer gold under wraps.  
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