B2B Breakthrough Podcast
Every two weeks, the B2B Breakthrough Podcast brings you the knowledge, insights and strategies that you need to continue to grow your business. By learning from industry experts, successful e-commerce business owners, and the team at Alibaba.com, you’ll be well on your way to your next big business breakthrough. If you’re facing challenges on your path to success as a small business owner, we’re here to give you the tools you need to break through and reach the next level.
Crowdfunding Success Secrets: LaunchBoom's Strategies for Product Ideation and Marketing with Will Ford
June 18, 2024 • 37 MIN
Join host Sharon Gai in this energizing episode of the B2B Breakthrough podcast as she welcomes crowdfunding expert Will Ford, the President and Co-Founder of LaunchBoom. Together, they explore the world of crowdfunding and how it can revolutionize the way entrepreneurs validate and test new products with less risk. Will shares his expertise in crowdfunding, product ideation, marketing, and fulfillment, offering valuable insights and practical strategies for launching successful campaigns.
How to Simplify your Sourcing on Alibaba.com: Insights from Ciara Cristo
June 6, 2024 • 43 MIN
Get Ready to learn how to drive your business outcomes by leveraging Alibaba.com's services and tools. This special episode of B2B Breakthrough follows a Q&A format between your host, Sharon Gai, and Ciara Cristo from Alibaba.com. They discuss best practices for sourcing, finding the right supplier for your needs, and Alibaba’s Guaranteed, which protects your purchase for delivery and quality parameters.
How Meghan Found Success in Connectivity Through FounderMade
May 21, 2024 • 28 MIN
Get ready to be inspired by Meghan Asha’s journey from the connectivity space to the world of consumer packaged goods and becoming a founder and entrepreneur. Join your host, Sharon Gai, as she talks to Meghan about scaling CPG companies, the future of e-commerce, and the importance of vulnerability and intuition.
Unlocking the Secrets of Wholesale Apparel: Lessons from Superline Wholesale with Eric and Vivek
May 8, 2024 • 32 MIN
Get ready to be inspired by the pioneers behind Superline Wholesale. Join your host, Sharon Gai, as she talks to Vivek Ramchandani and Eric Lee. The duo shares their journey in the apparel wholesale industry and discusses brand building, the role of platforms like Alibaba, and the challenges faced by luxury streetwear brands.
How Samir Pursued Extreme Success in E-commerce
April 23, 2024 • 39 MIN
In this episode of B2B Breakthrough Podcast, host Sharon Gai is joined by Samir Balwani, the CEO of QRY, to discuss effective campaigns, the importance of resilience and problem-solving, and strategies for growing and scaling brands.
The Evolution and Impact of B2B Marketplaces with Mark Brohan
April 10, 2024 • 31 MIN
In this episode of B2B Breakthrough Podcast, host Sharon Gai is joined by Mark Brohan, Senior Vice President of B2B and Market Research at Digital Commerce 360, to discuss the rapid growth of B2B marketplaces. He explains how these marketplaces are meeting the needs of today's B2B buyers, and shares insights into the future of B2B marketplaces and the role of AI in enhancing the user experience.
EXCLUSIVE: Unlocking Alibaba.com's Secrets to Success with Yikun Shao
March 28, 2024 • 29 MIN
In this episode of B2B Breakthrough, host Sharon Gai is joined by Yikun Shao, the Head of Supply Chain for B2B North America at Alibaba Group, to explore how Alibaba.com logistics offers cost-effective and efficient shipping solutions to over 220 countries and regions while maintaining top-notch service quality and leverages AI to enhance the operational efficiency and growth prospects of small businesses.
How to Master Cross-Border Trade: Insider Tips from Alibaba Group's Yikun Shao
March 26, 2024 • 31 MIN
In this episode of B2B Breakthrough, host Sharon Gai is joined by Yikun Shao, the Head of Supply Chain for B2B North America at the Alibaba Group, to share the challenges business owners experience in cross-border trade, his role in connecting global business buyers and suppliers, and Alibaba.com's logistic services that can help support buyers in their purchasing journeys.
How Jules 'nailed' trendsetting in the beauty industry
March 19, 2024 • 33 MIN
In this episode of B2B Breakthrough, host Sharon Gai is joined by Julianna Dahbura, the founder of Deco Beauty, to explore how to build a strong brand, the importance of networking, and why entrepreneurs should focus on long-term goals.
Side Hustle to Success: Scaling Your Business with Stephanie Cartin
March 5, 2024 • 40 MIN
In this episode of B2B Breakthrough Podcast, host Sharon Gai is joined by Stephanie Cartin, CEO of Entreprenista, to discuss why you should consider scaling your side hustle into a full-fledged business, how to build and maintain successful partnerships, and how to leverage social media for business growth.
Building the Future of Footwear with Matt Jones
February 27, 2024 • 34 MIN
In this episode of the B2B Breakthrough Podcast, host Sharon Gai is joined by Matt Jones, Founder of Crease Beast, to explore how Matt revolutionized the sneaker protection game with his innovative foam-based crease protector. They discuss how Crease Beast revives 90s hip-hop and sneaker culture for today's enthusiasts, the importance of building strong relationships with your manufacturers, and valuable advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.
Persistence, Innovation & the Power of Starting with Kia-Shun Voltz
February 14, 2024 • 35 MIN
In this episode of B2B Breakthrough Podcast, host Sharon Gai is joined by Kia-Shun Voltz, CEO and Founder of ShampooTime, to discuss why you should innovate out of necessity, how you can turn personal challenges into business opportunities, and how to successfully launch and grow a product that meets a widespread, unaddressed need.
Embracing Change: Lessons on Adaptability with Jason Feifer
January 31, 2024 • 40 MIN
In this episode of the B2B Breakthrough Podcast, host Sharon Gai is joined by Jason Feifer, Editor in Chief of Entrepreneur Magazine and author of "Build for Tomorrow," to discuss why you should embrace change and seize new opportunities, how you can adapt and innovate in your business, and how to future-proof your career as an entrepreneur.
How to Build and Scale Your E-Commerce Brand with Mike McClary
January 19, 2024 • 34 MIN
In this episode of B2B Breakthrough Podcast, host Sharon Gai is joined by Mike McClary, CEO of Amazing.com, to discuss how to build a successful e-commerce brand, the key strategies you can apply to achieve growth, scale, and profitability, and how you can transform your business.
Managing Supplier Relationships and Communications
September 16, 2022 • 41 MIN
Perhaps there's no more important aspect of sourcing than communication with your suppliers. Good or even great communication can not only lead to great opportunities but also increase the efficiency of your sourcing process.    On this...
Building Teams That Thrive in Ecommerce
September 8, 2022 • 38 MIN
The new world of post-pandemic work offers businesses all sorts of options to expand and grow.   On this episode, host Mike Jackness speaks with , Serial Entrepreneur.   They discuss: - 8:55 Values and skills of great employees.- 17:39 How...
Removing Friction From the Buying Cycle and Supply Chain
August 23, 2022 • 40 MIN
The pandemic accelerated changes that were already happening across buying channels and supply chains. More and more buyers are expecting a seamless experience when dealing with suppliers and, increasingly, companies are taking a customer-centric...
Welcome to the Alibaba.com Ecommerce Academy Podcast
August 22, 2022 • 62 MIN
You are listening to the Alibaba.com Ecommerce Academy podcast. The official podcast from the team at Alibaba.com. Each week on the show, we bring you conversations with industry leading experts who are using Alibaba.com to build and scale their...
Coordinating Complex Orders With International Suppliers
March 23, 2022 • 2233 MIN
The global supply chain model has increased the affordability and accessibility of products manufactured all over the world. Sourcing products in this environment has become a much more complex task than before, and having a handle on the logistics of...
Adapting Sourcing to Technology Trends
March 16, 2022 • 2625 MIN
To attract repeat customers, businesses should source their products according to changing trends.  Tom Samiljan, Editor in Chief of Dealerscope, joined host Mike Jackness, President and CEO of Terran.com, on Alibaba.com Sourcing Insights. They...
Smart Digital Scaling in Sourcing
March 9, 2022 • 1894 MIN
It’s one thing to get a sourcing business up and running. It’s another thing entirely to optimize and scale your business across multiple markets and suppliers.   , Founder and CEO of . comes from a data analytics, supply chain, and venture...
7 Factors to Consider When Sourcing Digitally
March 4, 2022 • 2118 MIN
For every brand that seems to be doing everything right, there are companies behind it, coaching it through every step of the process to get to those best practices.   Adam Weiler is the founder of one of those companies, performance-based...
Wholesale Retailing Fundamentals
February 16, 2022 • 2266 MIN
While there are more opportunities than ever to grow in ecommerce, there’s also a lot of ways to miss the mark when trying to reach new customers.   , Co-Founder and VP of Operations at , is passionate about connecting retailers and...
Getting Started in Sourcing Products
February 9, 2022 • 1690 MIN
Strong product differentiation could be the difference between a hot seller bringing in millions or a dud that just sits on the shelf. , the owner of OFR Brands, has over a decade of experience in sourcing successful products. In this debut episode of...